Last month I went to Dubai for the Daisy Limitless 2024 event at the Coca Cola arena.

It was an event that was celebrating the closing of the Endotech AI Trading crowdfund, and the launch of their new project… Blockchain Sports.

For those of you that are not aware of what Daisy does, it’s a crowdfunding platform that uses my pet hate, network marketing, to grow a massive crowd and fund different blockchain related projects.

Their first project was to fund the development of an AI trading strategy for the cryptocurrency market, created by a company based in Israel called Endotech. Previous to the collaboration with Daisy, Endotech was a trading service operated purely for institutional and high net worth individuals, with a minimum trading bank of $1m, a $100,000 annual service fee, and a percentage profit charge.

Needless to say, the collaboration allowed “ordinary” folk the chance to get involved for as little as $100 and upwards.

Unfortunately, whilst there were big developments in the crypto AI, it failed to produce consistent results and ended up losing all it made in the first few months. Obviously there were no guarantees of any profits to be made, as the point of the project was to develop an AI to trade those markets, and the learning curve was steep.

However, Endotech decided to put the AI to work on the Forex markets to see how it would fair on those. Foreign Exchange is a very different ball game to trading on crypto assets, as it tends to move in waves between major currency pairs like USD/GBP etc without the huge volatility we expect in crypto.

The result was quite phenomenal.

Over the following 20+ months the AI hasn’t had a single losing week and managed to achieve a staggering 1400% ROI by fully compounding the returns. 

Upon seeing initial incredible results, the team moved all remaining funds that were in the crypto AI over to the Forex AI and everyone went on to enjoy a fantastic return… myself included!

Withdrawals were available every weekend by clicking a button, and the entire community of 200,000+ members got to enjoy not only weekly profits, but also equity in Endotech itself.

In February the crowdfund for Endotech came to an end and all members were given a choice. They could either withdraw all their profits (if they hadn’t already), including their seed funds, and close their accounts (whilst keeping their equity shares)… or they were welcome to remain in Endotech and continue to receive the weekly profits just as before.

Naturally I chose to stay. Over the last 20 years I’ve lost count of the amount of trading services and strategies I’ve tested and none of them have even come close to the results I’ve achieved with Endotech.

With the crowdfund for Endotech now over, it’s impossible for anyone new to get involved (unless you have $1m trading bank and want to pay the $100,000 a year fee directly to Endotech).

But that wasn’t all that Daisy did.

Over the last four years they’ve crowdfunded two other projects. One was a crypto business launchpad called Uplift. To fund this they sold Daisy Tokens, which subsequently became LIFT tokens. They sold a limited amount at 10c, then more at 25c, then 50c and finally at $1.

Most of us that got involved with this bought at 10c and 25c.

Unfortunately this project turned out to be a damp squib. Like a great many projects over the last few years, they suffered in the crypto bear market, and token value fell to around 2c.

I wrote this one off as a loss, but have kept hold of my LIFT tokens just in case the Uplift platform becomes a success at some point in the future.

However, at the Dubai event last month, there was an astonishing announcement by the Daisy founders.

They said that although Uplift turned out to be a disappointment, they had set aside a chunk of money and put it to work in the Endotech Forex AI. The plan is to refund everyone out of the Forex AI profits, so that ultimately no one will have lost anything on the Uplift promotion.

I’ve never seen this before.

We’re all adults here and we all put our money into things in the full knowledge that it’s at risk of total loss… and especially so in the cryptocurrency arena. They have absolutely no obligation whatsoever to make good on our losses, but the fact that they choose to do so really does speak about the calibre of people involved in this project.

So that was a nice surprise. Obviously they couldn’t say when this might happen but anything is better than nothing as far as I’m concerned so I’m happy to wait and see.

The final project Daisy promoted was a cryptocurrency mining operation called Liquid Mining.This was an outfit that use cutting edge miners that are cooled by a special liquid which enables them to be 25% or so more efficient than tradition mining hardware.

I didn’t get involved with this one as I didn’t know anything about the coins they were mining and wasn’t inspired to do the research required to guess if those coins might have legs or not. It’s still operating but I don’t follow it.

And so this brings us up to date and on to their new business….

Blockchain Sports

The afternoon in Dubai was spent with the Founders explaining this new project. It included the stage getting filled with real live football superstars!

I am not going to attempt to explain it here but I will link to a video presentation and further resources below. To be honest, during the event itself I didn’t really understand what exactly the opportunity was and it wasn’t until I got home and went through the many videos and AMA events that I eventually got it.

And this is one of the reasons I haven’t mentioned it until now….

It seems to me this one really is a “punt”. This project will either be an incredible success, and completely disrupt the world of sports, or the biggest belly flop to date….

So I decided to purchase a Founders Pack for myself which is only available until the project launches in September, and sit on it and see what happens.

But it’s not something I’m comfortable to promote or recommend for two reasons. Firstly, there are far too many unknowns with this project. Since it’s never been done before anything could happen. As I said, it could be a phenomenal success and my Founders pack could produce a passive income for years to come…. or it could end up being a dismal failure. And even if it is a success, it’s impossible to predict what sort of returns it’ll produce.

The second reason is more personal.

Getting involved with crypto projects can be complicated and over the last few years I’ve promoted platforms where the level of support required was well over and above anything I was expecting. I always try to help people when I can, but I’ve found over the last year that I’m simply worn out with having to constantly repeat myself in order for people to understand what it is they’re supposed to do.

It seems some people are just not cut out for the complexities involved with this space and I’m not cut out to spoon feed people every single button that needs pressing on their computers for them to get involved.

So for these two reasons I decided to just purchase a pack for myself and not mention this opportunity to my wider audience.


In one of the recent announcements about Blockchain Sports, the Daisy founders offered something that really blew me away….

As I mentioned before about their plan to repay people that lost money in Uplift with their trading profits from the Endotech AI trader, they came up with a similar astonishing offer for Blockchain Sports…

The deal is this:

If you were to refer two new members to Blockchain Sports, and they purchased at least a $500 Founder pack each, then the entire cost of whatever Founders pack you have will be refunded in full, again using the Endotech trading AI to generate the revenue for the refund.

And it doesn’t matter what size Founders pack you have either. You could have the $100,000 pack and the full amount will be refunded.

They will do this by taking 25% of the money you spend on the pack and putting that in the Endotech Forex AI. Once that has generated 400% return they will refund the cost of your pack in full.

Given that the Forex AI has produced 1400% profit in 20 months, then assuming it continues to perform at the same level, your pack “could” be refunded pretty quickly.

With this offer in place it reduces the risk factor on this opportunity immensely. Of course, it still relies on the Endotech AI continuing to perform but even so, this completely changes the opportunity as far as I’m concerned.

But wait…. what if you don’t want to refer new people into this?

Well, that’s the beauty of this platform. Since it’s all done in exactly the same way it was done with Endotech… using a Tronlink Wallet to fund and withdraw on smart contracts… with no KYC… there is absolutely nothing stopping anyone from setting up two new accounts underneath themselves, using their own referral link, by using additional wallets within TronLink.

And so, if you had no interest in promoting Blockchain Sports, you could still qualify for this full rebate on your main account.

Of course, in this situation, the two sub accounts you have underneath you wouldn’t qualify for the rebate, so those would still be “risk” funds, but at only $500 each, it seems to me to be a good way of getting some “insurance” if you like, on your main Founder pack if you were thinking about going large on that one.

When I saw this offer I just knew that there would be people on my mailing list that understand the significance of this and might therefore want to have a look at this when otherwise they might not have.

Also at the end of this month the prices of the Founders packs are increasing by 10% and they will increase by another 10% every month until Blockchain Sports launches in September.

So if this is of interest to you then I’d recommend going through the materials below and getting involved before Monday, to get the best price.

If you were a previous Daisy member then it couldn’t be easier as you connect using the same Tronlink wallet you used for that.

If you were never involved with Daisy before now but would like to have a punt on this then you’ll need this link to register:


I would like to reiterate a couple of points I made above…

1) I see this as a high risk opportunity with the potential for total loss of funds with the exception of the Rebate Offer. I’m very confident that the Rebate will be a success assuming the Endotech AI continues in its present form, in which case risks are potentially mitigated

2) I cannot offer support on this opportunity. There are Telegram groups and YouTube channels set up specifically for this with announcements and chat groups etc (linked below), so if you choose to get involved, please do the work to educate yourself. After all, nobody should be more interested in your money than you!

And so with that said, below is the information you need to get involved. When you watch the presentations you will see why there is so much excitement around this opportunity. If this does pan out to be successful, this really could be life changing for Founder pack holders. I hope it is and wish you the best of luck!

Below is a summary of key videos:

 Official Videos

 9 min Overview

 8 min Pay Plan Explained

 Soccer Legends Give Support for BCS

Highlights from Feb Dubai Event

 Crowd Tycoons Videos

 Blockchain Sports (BCS) Overview

 Pay Plan Explained

 Simplified Summary of BCS

 Key Fundamentals For Success in BCS

 Strategy for building BCS

 How to register with BCS

 How to claim BCS Rewards

 AMA March 14

 Other Videos

 AMA BCS Blockchain Ecosystem March 7

 March 15 AMA Sports Sciences

 Social Media Channels

Crowd Tycoons Telegram Channel:

Crowd Tycoons YouTube Channel:

Blockchain Sports Telegram Announcements:

Limitless Telegram Channel:

Daisy Official Telegram Channel:

Best of luck with this one. Hopefully in a couple of years we’ll all be making a nice passive income from this, or at least have recovered our seed funds anyway.

Here’s the link again, if you’re not already a Daisy member