G999 GS Partners Event

If you hold G999 you may be interested in a live Zoom event taking place tomorrow, Saturday, at 7pm GMT/ 8pm CET/ 2pm EST.

If you’re interested in becoming a promoter for Gold Standard Bank and making commissions from promoting their products then you should DEFINITELY take an interest in the event.

I was invited to a pre-launch zoom meeting for Karatbars leaders last week to get a sneak preview of everything happening with GSB and to say I’m optimistic is an understatement.

One of the products that particularly interested me was the GSB debit card. Imagine having a Visa debit card that you can load up with your crypto assets from your GSTrade Exchange account and spend anywhere. I’ll certainly be ordering one and I think it’ll be an extremely popular product. But imagine recommending that card to others and getting a commission whenever that person uses their card! As you know, whenever you use a debit or credit card, the retailer has to pay fees to the bank, and occasionally the card holder pays fees for cash withdrawals etc. What if a portion of those fees are paid to you for recommending the card in the first place. For every transaction, for life? Would that interest you?

This is just one of the products that will be available from Gold Standard Bank so if you have any interest in becoming a promoter then I’d highly recommend joining the zoom tomorrow.

Here are the details:


Saturday NOV. 28th 2020




Password: Partners

Betting Gods

Black Friday Deal

Betting Gods have officially gone live with their Black Friday deals for 2020 and it looks to be their best yet!

Every day from Friday through to Monday they’ve got three unique offers for their top performing, expert tipsters.

You can save £100’s in fees but you need to act fast!

The offers for each day EXPIRE at midnight so you need to get a move on to avoid missing out.

If you don’t grab one of the three deals and the clock strikes midnight then you’ll have missed out and there will be no turning back.

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Angel Business Club

Fancy bagging an instant 115% gain? Keep reading…

It’s getting close to that time of year again and to kick off the celebrations, the Angel Business Club have just announced their 2020 advent calendar. This years calendar is incredible value and will give you an instant 115% gain. You need to hurry, there’s only 94 left!

Each calendar costs just 99 euros (£90 GBP, $117 USD) but contains 215 euros worth of shares (£193 GBP, $254 USD).

Fully paid members of the club have the first chance to buy so if you’re not yet a member join today:

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Once you’re a member, you can buy advent calendars here:


Merry Christmas!

Racing To Profit

Are you a jump racing enthusiast?

Do you like following profitable tips but also enjoy finding your own winners and cheering them home?

Do you want access to unique trainer stats, big race trends, weekly review notes, engaging video content and much more?

Would you like to enjoy this jumps season with a community of like minded people, all wanting to win and have fun along the way?

Do you want to be a successful winning punter long term?

If your answer to any of those questions is a big YES, I’ve got something just for you.

A couple of weeks ago Josh over at Racing To Profit opened the doors to his unique Members’ Club for the winter Jumps season. Many of his loyal readers jumped at the chance to see what all the fuss was about with his 30 day free trial.

Now it’s all settled down, Josh has opened the doors to a few more trial spots.

You get a full 30 days to see if Josh’s daily jumps content adds to your enjoyment of racing and your profitability.

** UPDATE** – Josh’s new daily tipster is banging in the winners. Starting on Nov 1st, pro punter Adam Norman is now +41.5 points in profit.

That’s +£415 to just £10 bets. No wonder Josh’s free trialists are happy.

“Brilliant tipping Adam, many thanks, what a start for the new look site!”

“Fantastic Adam, what a start you’ve had. All 3 today at very decent odds as well”

“Has this Adam geezer got a crystal ball or what?”

So, what do you get when taking your risk free, 30 day trial?

The perfect jumps portfolio?

Josh thinks his Members’ Club is the perfect racing home for jumps enthusiasts this winter. There’s a mix of opinion & tips you can just follow, part ‘magazine subscription’ with plenty of great content to read, watch and absorb, but also stats, trends and previews that will help you solve the puzzle yourself. There’s also the RTP community, and many a shrewd comment to ponder. This is your chance to become part of this community.

Delivered via a daily blog post, you get full access to:

  • Daily Tips/Insight from Adam Norman (pro punter, occasional RTV pundit – he was also interviewed by Simon Nott at Star Sports as part of their ‘Betting People’ series with over 6000 views so far) Adam’s Tips are +13.5 points profit after week 1, or +£135 to just £10 bets.
  • Big Race previews/thoughts/tips from Josh, usually looking at a couple of the big Saturday handicaps and the spring Festivals. These previews will help you find your own bets also.
  • Daily Trainer stats / systems / starting points – Josh’s main ‘Jumps Profiles’ qualifiers are +17 points in profit this season so far, using his unique ‘star ratings’.
  • Weekly Big Race trends/ stats /trainer pointers for at least 2 feature handicaps a week, and all out for The Cheltenham Festival. A decent resource for the puzzle solvers out there
  • Videos – big race previews, weekend reviews and stats research from Josh, and much more.
  • ‘Notes From The North’ Exclusive access to the track side notes of a pro punter. Adam’s exclusive notes are like nothing else you’ll read and full of gems for the future. Members’ have already read his extensive notes from October, and you’ll get full access to these and future bulletins.
  • The RTP community – which is one of the best bits – enjoying racing and the journey together. A friendly place in which to have some racing company, even if just online. Josh has an active comments section with plenty of great insight and chat.

As you can see there’s plenty going on for you to pick and choose as you please, flicking through what you want. You can just follow the tips, the stats angles or delve much deeper, using all content as a ‘way in’ to help find your own winners – which can be the most satisfying.

Josh and Adam do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Expert insight saving you time and giving you every chance of making money this winter.

Long term profit is always the goal and they’ll be working hard to achieve that, but Josh wants you to enjoy the journey also, otherwise what’s the point. It’s an entertainment sport after all, and the best hobby around.

I think there’s plenty of value to enjoy, but that’s for you to decide. It’s the perfect jumps racing home for the recreational punter, whatever level you’re at.

You’ve got a full 30 days to trial Josh’s Members’ Club. A Jumps service like nothing you’ll have tried before. You won’t regret it and you’ve nothing to lose. Take your jumps racing experience to a new level and join today.

Don’t miss out, take your FREE trial right now, here

From The Stables

We tested and approved FTS last year but they have now finally launched their new and improved platform.

It has taken twice as long and cost twice as much as planned, but this new platform has been built with you very much in mind. They’ve consulted customer groups every step of the way and have taken on board detailed feedback and suggestions.

By far the most requested feature was email alerts for the quotes. No longer do you have to keep logging into your account to see the quotes. They will be emailed directly to you every day.

For those of you that have never come across FromTheStables before, they’ve been going since 2010 and give members the chance to get in behind the stable door and be privy to top quality daily trainer insight.

This is daily information that comes direct from the trainers themselves.

It really is a “must have” for any serious punter tackling the days racing.

They currently have 16 yards on the books and they’re BIG NAMES too!

Members get daily ‘behind the stable door’ info from Kim Bailey, Warren Greatrex, Micky Hammond, Shaun Keightley, William Knight, Charlie Longsdon, Charlie Mann, Brian Meehan, Hughie Morrison, Fergal O’Brien, Ben Pauling, Nicky Richards, Oliver Sherwood, Ali Stronge, Harry Whittington and Ian Williams.

FromTheStables is actually two services in one; an information service and a tipping service.

Information: By 11:00 every morning the trainers provide their expert opinion about all the horses they have running that day. You’re then free to use this information to work out your betting strategy for the day.

Tipping: You will also have a wealth of experience to tap into with former Daily Telegraph racing editor Tony Stafford at the tipping helm. Tony’s contacts and racing knowledge mean his daily NAP and NB quote selections are not to be missed. Between 12/08/19 and 08/11/20 Tony’s NAP and NB selections made a profit of 139.33 points using BOG bookies. Giving a total profit of £1,393.30 at £10 per point. Full results available on the website.

Most services offer very short trials, usually only a week, but the trainers over at FromTheStables like to break the mould at every opportunity.

They’re so confident in the quality of their service that they’re happy to give you four weeks unlimited access for £1.99 so you can see for yourself just how much profit you can make when you have a direct line to the people who actually train the horses you’re betting on.

£1.99 for 28 days. 30 day money back guarantee. Cancel anytime. No contract. NO BRAINER! 🙂

Get it HERE

US Racing Expert

5 wins frm 20 wasn’t quite enough to make this a profitbale week.

Week 10: Bets 20, Wins 5, Profit -4.93 (£-49.30)
Overall: Bets 238, Wins 51, Profit -16.72 (£-167.20)

The Horse Conqueror

3 wins from 10 returns a small profit.

Week 10: Bets 10, Wins 3, Profit 0.4 (£4.00), , BSP 0.17 (£1.68)
Overall: Bets 107, Wins 20, Profit -11.58 (£-115.83), , BSP -13.57 (£-135.72)

The Bookies Enemy

Only 1 win in 17 puts the service in to the red overall.

Week 10: Bets 17, Wins 1, Profit -12.2 (£-122.00), , BSP -13.18 (£-131.81)
Overall: Bets 162, Wins 27, Profit -12.1 (£-121.00), , BSP -13.38 (£-133.82)

Tee and Serve Tips

A poor week with just the 1 win and taking a big slice out of the overall profit.
Week 10: Bets 8, Wins 1, Profit -13 (£-130.00),BSP -16.96 (£-169.60)
Overall: Bets 132, Wins 49, Profit 15.28 (£152.80), BSP 8.43 (£84.28)

A better week with some winners but still losing overall.
Week 10: Bets 24, Wins 6, Profit -21.5 (£-215.00), BSP -22.06 (£-220.63)
Overall: Bets 264, Wins 67, Profit -95.03 (£-950.25), BSP -103.04 (£-1030.35)

NHL Betting Master

Second week with no wins :(. Given the average odds for this service (2.55) it is unlikely to see a turnaround before the end of trial. At these average odds the strike rate should be be way better than 32%.

Week 10: Bets 4, Wins 0, Profit -18 (£-180.00), , BSP -18 (£-180.00)
Overall: Bets 37, Wins 12, Profit -15.25 (£-152.50), , BSP -56.91 (£-569.08)

Cricket Betting Tipster

Cant argue with 100% this week.

Week 10: Bets 3, Wins 3, Profit 1.83 (£18.30), , BSP 1.88 (£18.82)
Overall: Bets 42, Wins 21, Profit -4.13 (£-41.28), , BSP -2.97 (£-29.65)

The Pay Your Bills – VIP Maximum Profit Strategy

Last weekend HRP hosted a live webinar demonstrating the power and profitability of their service and all available spots were snapped up.

I know a few people were unable to attend but fortunately Gav recorded the webinar and has now opened up five more places for the lifetime deal… pay once and receive lifetime membership.

The recording is only 25 minutes long but could turn out to be one of the most lucrative 25 minutes you’ve spent all year.

Watch it on demand here

HyperFund Global Review

HyperFund Global is a completely passive income opportunity which pays between 0.5% – 1.0% daily on your membership pack, until it has returned three times your cost.

Membership packages start at the equivalent of $300, paid in USDT (ERC-20), and go up to $1000, although you can buy as many as you like so there is no limit.

Once your daily rewards have reached $50, you can withdraw or reinvest it to compound the returns.

I bought a €1000 pack and in just three months turned that into a five figure return. Needless to say, this gets an Approved from me.

You can see it here:

And you can watch my other videos, including how to deposit funds in this opportunity here:

HyperFund Videos

Sign up for free here

Crypto Performance – Why I’m buying CPC coin.

A new, easy way of buying cryptocurrency has become available enabling anyone, in any country, to buy crypto quickly, easily and securily using just a debit card.

But what’s really exciting is that this platform has it’s own native fee coin with a difference. And I’m buying it. A lot of it.

If you missed out on my promotion of Bitcoin back in 2015 when it was just $235 (it’s now $16,000) and are kicking yourself that you didn’t get involved back then don’t worry, this might just be your second chance.

Have a look here:

You can buy CPC here

US Racing Expert

I have six reviews running and not one returned a profit this week, This service had a poor week along with the others with only 3 wins in 24.

Week 9: Bets 24, Wins 3, Profit -16.88 (£-168.80)
Overall: Bets 218, Wins 46, Profit -11.79 (£-117.90)

The Horse Conqueror

Two wins and a place in 21 bets results in yet another losing week.

Week 9: Bets 21, Wins 3, Profit -8.13 (£-81.25), , BSP -8.62 (£-86.17)
Overall: Bets 97, Wins 17, Profit -11.55 (£-115.45), , BSP -13.3 (£-133.02)

The Bookies Enemy

1 win from 17, and a very poor week wipes out the accumulated profits to date.

Week 9: Bets 17, Wins 1, Profit -12.67 (£-126.70), , BSP -12.23 (£-122.27)
Overall: Bets 145, Wins 26, Profit 0.1 (£1.00), , BSP -0.2 (£-2.01)

Tee and Serve Tips

Small loss this week.
Week 9: Bets 18, Wins 7, Profit -2.81 (£-28.10), , BSP -2.88 (£-28.75)
Overall: Bets 124, Wins 48, Profit 28.28 (£282.80), , BSP 25.39 (£253.88)

Hmm, another losing week, just can’t get connected. I know golf is not an easy market and does have long losing runs but this service really needs a few winners now.
Week 9: Bets 23, Wins 5, Profit -13.6 (£-136.00), , BSP -14.17 (£-141.72)
Overall: Bets 240, Wins 61, Profit -73.53 (£-735.25), , BSP -80.97 (£-809.72)