Football Index Intelligence

Straight after I posted last week’s update expressing concern about the behaviour of Football Index, I found I had received several emails from people I know in the betting world, including the publisher of our esteemed organ, drawing my attention to an article written by a very well known marketeer and trader. A few days later The Guardian published an article that was also extremely critical of the Index.

I’ve read all of the above mentioned material. I can’t say I agree with everything in them, certainly the suggestion that it’s some sort of Ponzi scheme is way way off. But they do raise several very real concerns.

As I’ve said for months that Football Index has its issues, as the trial has gone on I’ve said it has Major Issues in how it’s being run but I really don’t think there’s anything shady going on. I think it’s almost entirely down to over ambition and poor management.

I received this week’s newsletter from F.I.I. yesterday. They also play down all the criticism, in fact I think they downplayed it a little too much for my taste. There was a little too much “Everything’s going to be fine, this is a great time to invest” for me. They are too quick to blame everything on people bashing Football Index purely to defend and protect Betfair for their own business reasons. I don’t really buy that either. Betfair trading is so different to this.

The truth is that Football Index is a very decent business model but has been poorly run over the last year or so and it remains to be seen if the damage done, and the customers lost, can be reversed successfully by the new boss.

I’ve spent £4,018.25 on the portfolio, it’s currently worth £1,748.83, made £750.12 in sales, and been paid £373.42 in dividends. Meaning an On Paper loss of £1,145.88

My brow remains furrowed, my eyes resemble those of a Quahogian gentleman spotting some suspicious poultry

Bet Sage

Over 560 points profit since December 2019!!

I concluded a three month review of this service in September, and was extremely impressed with the profitable consistency. This is a quick update to report that it has continued in the winning vein, now showing an incredible average of 43 points profit per month, only two losing months in the past year, odds quoted readily available, and with simple staking. Take a look at the graph:

That is my kind of graph! It’s a profit made over 449 bets. Obviously, I’m happy to maintain my recommendation.

You can get a Free Trial of Bet Sage here

HyperFund Global

I got a lot of emails this morning from people not able to log into their HyperFund accounts and wondering what’s going on.

If you are in HyperFund it’s essential that you stay up to date with what’s going on by, at the very least, joining the official HyperCommunity Announcements channel on Telegram. If you don’t have Telegram then simply download the app to your phone or desktop computer, or both, then click on this link:

I have to get you added manually to the Telegram support group, which provides support around the clock no matter what time zone you’re in. This is for paid members only. To join this, please send me your HyperFund Username and your Telegram Username. I have to check that you’ve paid and to do that it will help me to find you in my team if you let me know what size pack you bought. You can find your Telegram username by going to Settings in your Telegram app, Edit Profile and your username is preceded by an @. If you’re looking on your phone, click on the three horizontal lines icon top left, then Settings, and it will show your username under your number.

Anyway, the new HyperFund app was launched yesterday and the integration will take a while to populate throughout the system which means there are glitches and data display issues, all of which will settle down once it’s had the time to integrate fully. So don’t panic, relax, and everything should be in place as per usual by early next week with some cool new features.

Here is the official announcement:


With the data migration officially complete, we’d like to announce the brand-new launch of…


New functions, same ol’ excellence

We have made some big changes to the HyperFund app. It now supports a multitude of functions that members of the community have been clamouring for, and the revamp is guaranteed to improve your experience with us.

On a side note, please take note that some things are still being checked by the team and edited, so please stay patient and give the data time to populate ? If there are any issues, please inform the community managers. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused during the data migration.

Things have been good, but it gets even better now.

Thank you all for your support towards HyperFund and the HyperTech Group. 2020 was a great year for the entire community, and we will strive to make 2021 an even better one.

Web Version:
App Download:

Happy 2021,

HyperTech Group Corporate Team




Members of HyperCommunity,

To ensure that the bugs with regards to certain functionalities can be fully resolved, the HyperFund app will need to undergo an urgent system maintenance at 17:00 HKT (UTC +8).

The time for completion is 24 to 48 hours, and all functionalities and rewards should work accordingly right after.

In the meantime, to ensure that all data remains accurate, members will not be able to access the HyperFund app, nor the web version. However, daily rewards will still be released according to schedule; there will be no missing rewards even during the app downtime.

For more real-time updates, please keep an eye out on the announcement channel. More information will be released once the maintenance is complete.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please bear with us as we continue to improve upon the app, thank you for your patience and understanding.

Happy 2021,

HyperTech Group Corporate Team

Football Index Intelligence

The slightly positive signs mentioned on the last update have to be toned down again this time.

The F.I.I. service guys are taking a break during early January, they did notify members in plenty of time that there would not be any newsletters and subscription payments would not be collected during their “Holiday”

I don’t really have a problem with them doing that, there’s always the Telegram group to contact people and that’s been worth keeping an eye on, even if you don’t want to comment yourself you can see what others are saying. The owners have been on there over the last few days too, even though they are offically on a break.

I usually wait for the newsletter to arrive before I comment on anything to do with Football Index itself, I like to see how this service interprets the information in the offical announcements and combine that with my own understanding of them.

But this time I’m not going to wait for them to come back and comment, Football Index have said they are dropping the In Play Dividends as from early February. They say that they are going to redirect the funds allocated for IPDs into new initiatives to encourage healthier trading environment and put off traders from “refreshing” shareholdings and the effect that has on prices. To be fair, In Play Dividends don’t make up that much of what income we have had, and they expire after 30 days of ownership anyway, but any erosion of what little positive movement our account has is cause for some concern.

There was also talk of realigning priorities etc, the NASDAQ plan had its can kcked further down the road. They have said that new initiatives will replace the In Play Dividends. So we need to see what they are before totally condemning them, but I really don’t like this constant tinkering with rules and promises of future reviews and rejigs etc.

I find myself narrowing my eyes and furrowing the brow a little more every time there’s a new announcement from Football Index.

I feel I need to clarify that my brow remains smooth as silk with regards to the integrity of the guys at Football Index Intelligence, it’s the Index itself that has my poor forehead as crinkly as Keith Richards’ pants plums.

I’ve stated many times, my concern is with the platform not these “Tipsters” but the way things are going, I cannot see this being a viable investment.

I’ve said I’ll keep the trial going until the end of the season and I will. No final decisons made until then. But, and this is a capital BUT, I would 100% reiterate our usual advice about not signing up to services until we give the final verdict.

Current Figures are, I’ve spent £4,018 on our portfolio, it’s currently valued at £1945.16, I’ve made £742.48 in sales, and been paid £347.53 in dividends. Meaning a current On Paper loss of £983.

The Sniper

This is a football accumulator service which was launched on 14th November. My monitoring began on 24th November, meaning I missed out by one bet on a winner. As this is an accumulator service, it’s important not to miss out on the winners! They are relatively rare but the tipster tells us more than make up for the losers because of the prices of the accas.

Selections will be emailed out two to three times a week. With the current football schedule seeing matches played every single day, there won’t be set days for emails, but they will endeavour to get you the selections as early as possible and at least six hours before the first match in the accumulator.

You are also strongly recommended to join the free Telegram group, advised when you sign up.

The bets are sent in the Telegram group too which will decrease the chance of missing one, and you’ll also be able to speak to Josh, the tipster, and the other members should you wish to do so.

This is the pricing structure for the service:

  • You won’t ever pay a single penny for a losing bet and there are also NO renewal payments, as you would get with a typical monthly or annual subscription service.
  • You are will charged £10 for every winning bet at odds of 4/1 or bigger (remember too, the average winning odds of bets is higher, at 13/1). Occasionally they may put out a shorter odds selection and this will be on the house, win or lose.
  • The £10 will be payable two working days after the bet is settled, to give you time to withdraw any winnings. They will automatically take the payment from the card that you signed up with – you don’t need to contact them or make arrangements.

If you don’t place a bet for whatever reason and it wins, you can claim a full refund of the £10 fee, no questions asked. All you need to do is email Josh at the usual address. You can also cancel this service at any time by email.

December update

Since 24th November there were 17 losses and no wins. This might scare a few people off, but it’s very much expected in the long-term P/L expectations, and remember, one win can wipe out that deficit.

Post script

Since writing this, the service has recorded its first winner, albeit a low scorer and non chargeable one as it was under 5.0 in the event. Orginally a 5 match acca, one game was postponed and one was draw no bet (DNB) which was a draw, so it turned into a treble, making a 3.94 profit. A win’s a win!

You can try The Sniper here

Master Football Tipster

Final review

This service is managed by the Betting Gods agency and our review began on September 22nd and ran for three months. As the name suggests, it’s a football tipping service which mainly concentrates on the both teams to score and under/over goals markets.

The service has been proofing to Betting Gods for nearly eight months and has made a profit before subscription of 48 points. There is an advised bank of 75 points, around 40 tips per month sent by email at average odds of around 2.0. It’s Betfair friendly, and odds quoted are freely available at bookies.

When I began monitoring this in September, the service was riding high on over 60 points. Unfortunately I seem to have again put the reviewer’s mockers on this one, as you can see from the graph, it hasn’t spent long in profitable territory since then. I can only judge this on the trial period, and although I’m putting it into Room 101, it is clearly a service which requires a long-term mentality and the advised bank has never been at risk.

Bets: 129

Wins: 61 Losses:67 Postponed:1

Average odds: 1.9

P/L: minus 16.64 points

ROI: -13%

So I’m going to fail this, based on the past three months results, but I wouldn’t write it off as a long-term football betting investment.

You can try it here

Predictology Free

I wanted to share with you today something I feel is one of the best free resources for profitable football bets anywhere online.

These are not just any random football tips either. They are currently tracking at over 39% return on investment.

In fact, just last month, they provided five recommendations and all five won – at a whopping 33/1 combined odds!

I’ve honestly never seen such consistent and profitable tipping from a free resource – in fact, many paid sources don’t even come close to this!

Sign up for free here

iosBio Free Shares

“Out of adversity comes opportunity.”

This is your last chance to lock in your spot and get free shares in an amazing, tiny British biotech company that’s developed a COVID19 vaccine, in a PILL

This is an absolute game changer and could be just want the entire world needs as we enter 2021.

This company has recently signed a deal with a multi-billion dollar U.S. drug company and they are now well placed to be the massive winner of 2021.

And you can get free shares.  Here’s a short video which explains how it all works:


I’ve had lots of people ask me what I think these shares might be worth 12 months from now and it’s a fair question. Obviously it’s very difficult to say because no-one has a crystal ball and can see into the future, but here’s some of my own calculations.

See if you agree with me…

  1. Half the world will need vaccinating in the next 12 months. That’s 3.5 billion people.
  2. If this company gets 1/10th of the market, that’s 350 million pills.
  3. If each pill sells for £5 (which is substantially cheaper than the cost of injections), that’s £1.8billion in sales.
  4. With a valuation of 25x revenue, this becomes a £45billion company.
  5. At the moment the company is only valued at £35million. 

That’s a potential 1,286x increase in 12 months

So, in conclusion, I highly recommend you join the club and get your free shares now!

A*TIPS – Month Two

A slight loss of 3.77 pts during the second month of my review.

The strike rate during month two was 23.8% (5 wins, 16 losses, 1 non runner)

I’ll get straight to the stats for the two month period:

Starting Date for review: 29 October 2020

End Date for review (month two): 28 December 2020

Number of calendar days: 61

Number of tips: 54 (plus 3 non runners)

Winners: 16

Losses: 38

Void: 3

Strike Rate: 29.6 %

Starting Bank: 100 pts

Profit: 46.98 pts

Current Bank: 146.98 pts

Bank Increase: 46.98 %

Despite a small losing month, this tipster still has a healthy profit of approx. 47 pts. over the first two months of the review.

Goal King

A third losing week on the bounce for this new service. The excellent start we made seems to be a fading memory now, as the bank has gone into negative territory.

It is disappointing to note that the “Full Results” on the sales page have still not been updated since the downturn began, the very profitable first week was recorded but nothing has been updated since the 6th of December.

Still, we are barely a month into a 3 Month full trial so no decision will be made yet.


WIN 19

S/R 54%

P/L -5.95pts (-£59.50 at our standard £10 a point)



Football Index Intelligence

A slight bounce back in share prices over the Christmas period has been a rare bit of good news for this service.

I’m afraid this is just going to be a repeat of pretty much every update I’ve given on this service; I like them, I think they know what they’re doing and they are good at it, we’re making decent money on dividends, the Index itself is letting customers down with poor decisions and even poorer methods of implementing those decisions, we’re losing money due to poor trading conditions and trader confidence.

Things do finally seem to be turning a little though, after a few really tough weeks the prices finally seemed to head the right way.

The figures are still pretty ugly but I do think there is reason to be a bit less glum about its prospects over the next few months, we shall see.

I’ve spent £4,018.25 on purchases, the portfolio is currently valued at £2,030.36, I’ve made £699.64 in sales, and been paid £327.87 in dividends.

Meaning we have an “On Paper” loss of £960.38. As I’ve tried to explain before, this figure can’t really be called a loss as it is more akin to being the value of Current In-Play Bets, but we must also bear in mind that we would have paid close on £300 in subs so far

Although it seems a long way down a very dark hole, we own so many shares in lots of different players and if/when Football Index do sort themselves out (new CEO on the way etc) I don’t think it would take all that long to make the figures look more respectable. We jumped over £200 up in the last week after a fairly small overall increase in our prices.


Crypto Traders Academy – Free Masterclass

I first starting investing in Bitcoin and the crypto markets in 2015.

Back then most people thought I was crazy (“it’s a fad!”… “it’ll never take off!”).

At the time a single Bitcoin was just $235… today it’s valued at $27,000.

That’s an 11,489% return from a single asset. And CitiBank now predict a single Bitcoin will be worth over $300,000 by the end of 2021.

So what next?

I believe the crypto markets (not just Bitcoin but also certain other key crypto assets) are just getting warmed up and have the potential to be the most profitable opportunity of 2021.

That’s why I’ve arranged a free Bitcoin and crypto trading masterclass for you with one of the most successful crypto traders I’ve ever come across.

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Do take a look at this. With the right approach I believe the returns from this could be far greater than gold, commodities, the stock markets, Forex… in fact any trading, betting or business opportunity out there.

As we saw in the last cycle in 2017 many of these trades skyrocketed in a very short space of time.

2,122%… 11,900%… 19,785%…

And those were the so-called ‘safe bets’.

All the signals now suggest that we are at the start of the next cycle.

I want to make absolutely sure you understand the scale of this opportunity and exactly how you could profit from it.

That’s exactly why I got in touch with my contacts over at Home Trader. They have a world class crypto trader on their team who has kindly agreed to give us a free online masterclass on these markets:

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What I love about this is that you can just place a small selection of trades and then do nothing.

You just wait. There’s no need for constant monitoring… or trading back and forth… or worrying about whether you’re reading the market right…

12 – 24 months down the line they could have risen in value exponentially.

Time it right and the returns from this have been eerily consistent.

And this is something that a few people in the know have been making incredible profits from over the past 9 years.

During the last cycle the expert you’ll hear from in this masterclass made 50X returns trading this.

To find out how he did it and more importantly how you could profit from the next cycle click here:

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Every marker on our expert’s checklist confirms we are at the start of the next cycle.

The skill is knowing where to spread your bets, when to get in and then to hold firm.

In your masterclass he’ll cover:

· How he made 50X returns from this in the last cycle alone (and why he expects even greater returns this time around)
· Why there could be the potential to make 10X… 30X… or even 100X returns from this cycle, thanks to the current conditions
· He’ll also reveal his biggest bet in these markets right now during the webinar (you do not want to miss this!)

Here’s that link again:

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Please do take a look at this, timing is absolutely key here.

Merry Christmas

I wanted to personally wish you a happy Christmas and thank you for being a CashMaster reader.

It’s an honour to have you as a reader, which is why I want to share with you a special Christmas gift that the Race Advisor has put together.

They’re sharing a portfolio of micro-systems, created by Patrick, that has made +2351 units profit.

Every month Patrick checks all the systems, and adds in a new one.

This isn’t some kind of stagnant portfolio, when an angle stops working he removes it, and he’s constantly adding more to make sure that it’s always growing.

And today… you can get access from just £1.

But you’ve got to be quick, because there are limited copies available at that price.

Get it Here

Have a great day.

Free Trading Method

Ryan from Exponential Bet just released a FREE trading guide including a walk through explaining how to use one of his pre-race trade techniques.

This is a straightforward back to lay strategy that’s very easy to learn and can be placed using some automation using Hedger Pro, going race to race manually, with or without software, and requires no subscription or purchase necessary.

Anybody can access the guide via the registration page below:

Free Trading Method

Goal King

Unfortunately Goal King haven’t been able to keep up their great start to the trial.

You may remember from my first update, they recorded a brilliant 7 out of 8 winning bets over their first week of operation, making a staggering 22 points of profit. The following few weeks haven’t been anywhere near as good.

It’s not a disaster as we’ve only really just started the trial and we are still (just) in profit, but we could certainly do with getting closer to that epic first week again once in a while

The current figures are:

Bets 27

Wins 15

S/R 56%

AV Price 1.76

Profit +0.9pt

ROI 0.6%