Bookie restrictions

Another one bites the dust! When you see all those offers on Sky Sports, they are only looking for mug punters. Like the tobacco industry, they need a constant supply of fodder for the flames!


BitClub Network

I’ve been asked in the past to provide some proof of my mining earnings from BitClub Network so I’ve recorded a video showing inside my account.

Two years ago I was told I had missed the boat with BitCoin (it was $215 at the time). At the beginning of this year, some friends of mine decided they had definitely missed the boat as BitCoin was $1000.

Today, I’m still hearing the same mantra from people telling me they’ve missed the boat now it’s at $8000.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

You can see my video here:



You can join BitClub Network HERE

Britannia’s Gold

For shareholders in Britannia’s Gold Ltd…. Update just released


Over the past week the team have made good progress at site helped by good weather conditions and excellent equipment reliability. The initial uncovering and breaching of the top deck did however uncover a shipwreck in total disarray below decks! An accumulation of poor quality rivets used at time of construction, the torpedo strike, sinking impact damage and 100 years of decay has meant the internal decks have shifted within and collapsed upon themselves. Adding to this is the vast volumes of silt which had built up within the wreck over the many decades; subsequently the team decided to remove all accessible deck plating and bulkheads in the vicinities of the cargo locations; this is now all but completed which leaves us with a huge amount of compacted cargoes mixed within the hardened silt, a great deal of wood used at the time for packing and many other items of overburden.

Having dual capabilities with our tooling and ROV’s has assisted greatly in our efficiency with this difficult shipwreck; we are currently breaking through the materials by means of remotely operated grabs and powerful suction dredge units, keeping extreme vigilance at all times on the lookout for the desired cargoes.
The weather is due to turn against us in the coming days which will put us on stand-by until it passes by. We will take this opportunity to conduct maintenance on all the equipment and have everything in a state of readiness to dive the moment the wind and sea state allows.”

Will Carrier Chief Operating Officer.

The Value Hunter

Final review

The email tips from this service have stopped coming and communication has stopped, in spite of my appeals, so it’s time for a final review a week or two earlier than planned.

Obviously with the admin failure I’m not going to recommend this service. Had it not been for that, though, I would have awarded this a neutral rating with a view to extending the trial. Because although the service lost overall, there is plenty to like about its potential.

So – this is a horse racing backing service where tips are provided by email on the night before racing, with simple one point wins. It must not be confused with The Value Hunter Service from the Betting Gods. Cost is £24.50 a month, and in the lead up to the review, the service claims to have made over £11k profit in 8 months to £50 stakes, with no losing months. The vendor offers to add the length of paid subscription free in the event of a losing month. Unfortunately, all the months of the trial were losing months, which is perhaps why he’s disappeared. However, the losses haven’t been huge and, as I say, there’s much to admire about the service.

First off, I would say it’s strange to call this a “value” service. Results are recorded to BSP less commission, so even though current odds are given at the time of the tips, it is unusual to claim any value at BSP which, after all, is supposed to be the best indicator of a horse’s chances.

But there are many punters out there (me!) who are very keen to find a service (Holy Grail) which wins consistently at BSP. And I can say that the recorded results since the test began are absolutely spot on, so I have no reason to doubt the earlier claim of profits.

The trial started on August 30th. There have been 215 bets at an average price of 8.55 BSP. 27 wins (inc 1 dead heat), 12 non runners and 176 losers for a 13% strike rate. All three months were losing months, with an overall loss of 31 points and ROI of -15%.

I’m disappointed with the non communication. To me this looks like a service that could profit long-term and is much more attractive than one which fires in the odds-on tips at 5 points every bet, even if it shows more short-term profit.

Nevertheless, the only option for me here is to FAIL this trial.

You can try The Value Hunter HERE


My Bitcoin Bot

My BitCoin Bot is an EA that runs on Metatrader, so it’s a fully automated trading strategy that trades BTC/USD.

I actually started testing this back July so I’ve got roughly four months worth of experience with this and since my current broker has now stopped offering BTC/USD (with no notice) it seems a good time to wrap this up.

The sales page, as we’ve probably come to expect now, is covered with screenshots, testimonials and claims of ‘boatloads of money’ for no effort. I think we all take this sort of thing with a pinch of salt now, but I decided to test this bot out anyway.

The bot costs $297 per year, or $39 per month. I had quite some trouble getting set up initially. He recommends two brokers, so I went with the first one, deposited my funds and attempted to run the bot. It didn’t run. I went back and forth with the vendor, attempting to get it working, and eventually he just said to try the other one, FX Choice, which I again funded and set up.

This one worked, and soon enough I was trading at 10p a pip. The bot seemed to work smoothly, with some nice winning trades up to 167 pips and losers that were generaly no more than 25 pips, which seemed a good risk/reward ratio to me. After a couple of weeks, I was happy that it was running well with profits coming in so increased my stake to £1 per pip. I checked with the vendor first and he told me that stops were generally around 25 pips, so I figured a £25 risk on a £1000 bank was perfectly fine as it’s 2.5%. Again, the bot worked well, with profits coming in nicely.

Then it happened.

I logged in on the Monday morning, 3rd August, to an open position showing a loss of -£547.12.

Here’s what had happened. Over that weekend, the price of BitCoin shot up but for some reason I didn’t have a stop in place. So instead of getting stopped out at -£25, my position continued further and further into the red and didn’t look like turning back.

I contacted the vendor to ask what was going on and he said my bot should have closed the position at -£25 and had I not got the members e-mail the previous week about updating the EA to the latest version. I said that I hadn’t received any e-mail from him and what was I supposed to do now?

After investigating he realised that since he had given me a review copy of the bot, I wasn’t on the members e-mail list, and therefore didn’t get the e-mail about updating the EA.

Harsh, but I accepted this explanation despite the fact I had wiped over half my trading bank. I closed my position at a loss, upgraded to the new bot and started again.

Since the bot won’t trade more than a certain percent of bank I had to go back to trading at 10p a pip unless I wanted to deposit more funds into my account. Given the previous disaster, I decided against this and was happy to continue at 10p a pip knowing full well that it would take ages to recover the lost funds but at least I’d have the results data for this review.

By the end of August, however, it seemed that the vendor started using much larger stops, no doubt due to the huge volatility we see with BitCoin, and that meant my bot wouldn’t trade at any more than 2p a pip.

At this point I decided to just leave it running for another three months at 2p a pip and report on the pips profit as it would be easy enough to work out rather than trying to work out the pips on all the variable stakes I was getting during August.

So the results in total were:

Jul: 603 pips
Aug: 1 pip (not including my personal 547 pip loss)
Sep: 58 pips
Oct: 41 pips
Nov: 40 pips (to 8th Nov)

As you can see, July was a great month but the rest have been pretty unexciting. I noticed that my bot had stopped placing trades after 8th November and I asked the vendor what was going on. He said to contact FX Choice, my broker, who confirmed they were no longer offering BTCUSD due to liquidity issues.

The vendor has since offered me another broker to go with but I’ve decided not to bother. For 40-60 pips a month, I need to be trading at £10 a pip to make it worthwhile and, given my previous experience with the bot not closing my trade, I don’t have the confidence to trade with a £10K bank with this.

Obviously, had I not had that experience I would no doubt have a different view on the matter but I have no way of knowing if that loss was indeed unique to me or not.

Because of that, and the hassle of needing to set up three different brokers, I’m going to rate this service as Neutral.

You can see a video of my trial here:


You can try My BitCoin Bot HERE

The Bet Engine – an apology

I do try to get the content of my reviews correct, but I have messed up in two of my recent reviews.

I configured The Bet Engine as per instructions from the system vendors, but the instructions were not correct which led to The Bet Engine not working as I had hoped.

I wish to make it clear, The Bet Engine worked, the configuration instructions didn’t. I checked, double checked, and checked the configuration of The Bet Engine multiple times more, but what I didn’t do was check with Alistair or on The Bet Engine forum, if I had I would have soon found the settings required. As I wasn’t reviewing The Bet Engine I didn’t make this link in my head,

So very sorry to Alistair and the folks at The Bet Engine for my error and for any inconvenience caused.


Scottish Football Income Booster

I’ve been following results for Scottish Football Income Booster since the start of the new season in August.

The first two months of the service were absolutely great but October and November have been a little disappointing in comparison. I think there’s a very clear reason for that, the number of international breaks and domestic cup competitions has limited the number of suitable bets.

Given the whole idea of this service is one of gaining value from bets incorrectly priced by the bookies, it makes sense that there are only going to be a few bets per week when the leagues are in full swing. The service is currently 27.5 points up since the start of the season. A strike rate of 53% with average odd of 2.55 is very encouraging.

As stated in all my previous updates on this service, you have to move quickly to get the prices given in the emails. I always check and they have always been available but they shift really fast. That’s why it’s such a good idea that the service give what they calculate the value price to be in the email. It allows you to make a decsion as to whether you want to take the bet.

Subscription costs £56 per month payable by credit card or Paypal and the first month comes with a money back guarantee.

I think this deserves its place on our APPROVED list, but I will be keep an eye over the next few months and will have no hesitation in changing that if need be, I really don’t think it will be though. The fact that you can check it out risk free for the first month is very reassuring, as is the ease of contact and support available from the service.

Full Results HERE



The Syndicate

This is a long overdue update on The Syndicate service.

The summer flat racing part of the service has now finished and we’ve now moved on to the National Hunt season being supplemented by the Winter All Weather Flat service.

I did ask about how to work the change over with regards to betting bank. They say that they use the same bank for all the services, so I have kept it going as the one main bank but I’ve also produced a complete record sheet for our time with the summer flat selections and have now started ones for the Jumps and for the All Weather services.

With regards to performance, if I were just judging the service on what we’ve seen so far, ie the Summer Flat season, it’d be a no brainer of an Approved rating. It made 61 points of profit during our test period from the latter part of July through to the very start of November. I have, as usual, made sure that I’ve taken note of all applicable R4 deductions and have always applied the correct Each Way terms.

The only difficulty in writing this up is that the service I can attest to has now finished. The National Hunt service has got off to a quite rocky start and is yet to unearth a winner, it’s currently around 11 points down. The All Weather service has been much more successful in its first week or so, it’s recorded a profit of almost 7 points already. It should also be pointed out that while the summer season saw lots of selections and around 100 bets per month on average, both the National Hunt and the All Weather are less intense and less action on the cards.

So, the flat service gets APPROVED but the rest of the service remains on trial as we’ve only just started. With a full 30 day Free Trial available and then monthly subs of £50, this is a service that I’m very keen on and look forward to seeing how we get on over the winter.

Flat results HERE

Overall results HERE

You can get a free trial HERE

10X Method

According to the webpage, ‘Matt’ has taken a £100 starting bank and turned it into £1,000 in 18 days or less. He’s attempted it 10 times before and has achieved it 9 times. The one time he didn’t manage it after 18 days his £100 starting bank still ended up more than £200 in profit.

The problem, of course, with claims like this is that there is simply no evidence to back it up so we’re left to decide whether to take a punt on it or not. What was clever about Matt’s marketing for this service was that he encouraged you NOT to bet on the first run of £100-£1000 so that you can see what he can do without risking your own funds, and then you join in on the second run.

He also offered a 60 day money back guarantee (via Clickbank) if you were not satisfied with the result.

The first run broke the bank pretty quickly.

I then discovered I was getting multiple marketing e-mails for other services from ‘Matt’, as well as ‘other’ service providers. When I clicked on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of these marketing e-mails it became immediately apparent that these were all, in fact, from the same e-mail list… 10X members. So not only was I getting promotional e-mails from ‘Matt’, I was also apparently getting e-mails from other websites using ‘Matt’s’ e-mail list. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to work out this is the same guy peddling multiple services.

Anyway, I couldn’t unsubscribe from these annoying e-mails because doing so would have taken me off the members list and I wouldn’t have got anymore tips for the 10X service. So I patiently deleted these while the second attempt of £100-£1000 went off.

I must admit, I did bet with real money on the first run as I do like to have a punt and I was prepared to risk £100, but I didn’t on the second as I had already started to suspect, due to the plethora of spammy e-mails I was getting, that this whole thing was probably a marketing scheme to enable ‘Matt’ to get a load of new e-mail addresses to spam.

Needless to say, the second run bombed too and I stopped receiving any tip e-mails towards the end of last week. I do still receive all the marketing e-mails though and ‘Matt’ doesn’t respond to any e-mails anymore.

So whilst I had hope that this one might be different to the usual £100-£1000 schemes that have come and gone over the years, it’s just confirmed my belief that there are marketers out there that have absolutely no concern about their customers, so long as they make sales.

Since ‘Matt’ isn’t responding to e-mails anymore it would be prudent for anyone on this service to claim their refund directly from Clickbank. Just dig out your e-mail with your order number on it and ask them to refund it.

I’d also highly recommend unsubscribing from his e-mail list. I very much doubt that ANY of the services he is promoting are legitimate so click the link at the bottom of his e-mails and unsubscribe. If you do get any more marketing e-mails, report him to GetResponse, who manage his e-mail list.

Sequence Lays

I have been looking at Sequence Lays from the Pro Betting Club stable, a horse racing tipping service for laying horses. The service normally costs £39.50 per month or £89.50 per quarter but is currently running a 50% off offer.

The service is very simple, you lay the selections, stopping at a winning bet, recovering losses from losing bets resetting at the end of the day. Whilst I had 5 losing days, 4 of these were from Sundays with only 2 selections for the day, and I suppose I could have rolled the loss in to Monday, if Monday had 5 or fewer selections. To go say 8 selections and lose all 8 would put a big hole in the bank, so you need to be sensible if do roll losses forward.

It is very simple to operate, you get the selections and put them on, using Betfair, so I recorded prices to BSP.

I finished at 32.64 points up, this is a profit of £326 using our standard £10 per point. From this 3 months subscriptions need to be deducted, leaving a total profit of £208, but if you take the 50% offer per quarter you can significantly improve this.

The website recommends a bank of 100 points, so £1000 to run at £10 per point.

85 wins in 152 selections is not brilliant on the face of it, but 5 losing days in 91 days gives a fairer view. The average odds were 2.58, so your stakes could easily escalate. The largest liability I had was 34.59 points at 2.63, a £563 liability.

I am happy with the profit made here so a cautious approval, with the caveats: get a working bot to make sure you are always matched, a losing day could severely hit your bank.

More info HERE.

Sequence Lays

Week 13: 10 selections for a profit of 7.00 points (£70.00 at £10 per point)

Overall: 138 selections for a profit of 32.64 points (£326.40 at £10 per point)

Platinum Winners

I have been looking at Platinum Winners from the Pro Betting Club stable, a horse racing tipping service for backing horses to win. The service normally costs £39.50 per month.

There is a staking plan with this service, which increases the points to be bet until the 8th consecutive loss, whereupon the cycle resets.

It is very simple to operate, you get the selections and put them on, using Betfair or Bookies, so I recorded prices to BSP.

I finished at 32.92 points down, this is a loss of £329.20 using our standard £10 per point. From this 3 months subscriptions need to be deducted, leaving a total loss of £447.70. The website recommends a bank of £800 to operate at £10 per point, well actually it say £8000 for £100 per point. So, with subscriptions included, we have lost nearly 50% of the bank.

34 wins in 151 selections, so the win rate is 23% and the average odds were 3.64.

Losing 50% of the bank is not great, but there does appear to be signs of life in this service. Roughly 6 winning weeks and six losing weeks, one week more or less even, the damage, so to speak, is unlucky wins just after a reset. Therefore, I am going to categorise this a neutral.

More info HERE.

3 Picks

This is a trixie service which covers football, horse racing, tennis, darts and snooker and potentially other sports too. There’s one trixie a day, prices are usually around the evens mark, so a successful trixie makes around 16 points profit. Obviously there are 4 points outlay a day and going on what we’ve seen so far where all 4 points are lost (0 or 1 win), it probably needs 4 trixies up a month to make a profit.

Having made a great start to November, the service has fallen back again and is losing 8 points for the month.

Overall, the update is, we’re minus 37 points since the trial start on 23rd September.

If you want a short cheap trial, you can try the 7 day trial for £1.50 HERE

Racing Revolution

Quick update on the four systems. Heavy Hitters has now had a few qualifiers, with a decent winner yesterday at 23.0 and the bank is 16 points to the good. Lay Lucrative had another loser on Friday and the bank stands at around minus three points. Bank On That, a backing system, has had 3 winners, 15 losers for around -7.5points. And Whatever The Weather, an AW backing system is around 1.5 points up, so overall going in the right direction, and very early in the trial.

The last time Michael at Bet Lucrative launched a system, I tested it for a whole year and failed it, after it made a small profit but not enough to pay subs. So why am I back, you may well ask, to test the grandiosely titled Racing Revolution?

The truth is, what Michael is trying to do is exactly right – find winning strategies with the help of Horse Race Base, test them without money, then with small stakes and, after a period of time (maybe 3 months) if the profit is building, you invest properly. This can be done on Betfair SP, so available to nearly everybody who has access to the exchanges.

What you get with Racing Revolution is a brief introduction to Horse Race Base and how to create your own system. This is certainly something I would thoroughly recommend. Even those of us who don’t want to do all the research, just want to be told what to bet on – once you’ve had a go at this and found your strategies, for a meagre £10 a month HRB will tell you what to bet on – even to the point of automated emails. However, Michael’s how-to videos are far too brief, and I would recommend going to Horse Race Base’s own YouTube channel where you’ll find all the help you need.

Included in the subscription cost of Racing Revolution are four of Michael’s tried and tested systems, and I’ll be keeping an eye on these over the coming weeks, and reporting back here.

You can try Racing Revolution HERE

Platinum Winners

Week 13: 6 selections (1 wins) for a profit of 29.38 points (£293.80 at £10 per point)

Overall: 150 selections (34 wins) for a loss of 32.92 points (£-329.20 at £10 per point)

Target Tips

I have been looking at Target Tips from the Pro Betting Club stable, a horse racing tipping service for backing horses to win. The service normally costs £39.50 per month or £89.50 per quarter.

It is very simple to operate, you get the selections and put them on, using Betfair or Bookies, so I recorded prices to BSP.

There is a staking plan with this service, which increases the points to be bet until the 8th consecutive loss, whereupon the cycle resets.

The trial finished 71.94 points down, a loss of £719.40 using the cash-master standard of £10 per point. From this a further £89.50 for three months of subs needs to be deducted taking the loss to just over £800. The website recommends a £4000 bank to bet at £100 per point, so £400 for £10, so at £10 per point the bank has been blown, twice, if you factor subscriptions as part of the bank.

The win rate is 30% but the average odds were 2.91, but remember there is a loss recovery system in-use here so this may be acceptable long-term..

Website says longest losing run is 12, but in the last 2 weeks I have had 14 straight losers and 15 straight losers. No slight on the reporting here as the results for November will not have been posted yet.

This service has to be categorised as failed on the basis of this trial. The website does show impressive profits though, just not seen them here, and I might just have experience an unlucky run.

More info HERE.

Target Tips

Week 13: 14 selections (2 wins) for a loss of 71.69 points (£-716.90 at £10 per point)

Overall: 271 selections (82 wins) for a loss of 71.94 points (£-719.40 at £10 per point)

Sports Spread Betting

Week 12: 13 selections (8 wins) for a profit of 6.80 points (£6.80 at £1 per point)

Overall: 138 selections (71 wins) for a profit of 778.90 points (£778.90 at £1 per point)

The Profit Plan

Week 2: 26 bets (2 wins) for Advised: loss of 25.80 points (£-258.00 at £10 per point); for BSP: loss of 22.32 points (£-223.20 at £10 per point)

Overall: 42 bets (6 wins) for Advised: loss of 27.26 points (£-272.60 at £10 per point); for BSP: loss of 29.86 points (£-298.60 at £10 per point)

OVI Smart Traders Workshop

Next Saturday Guy Cohen will be hosting his OVI Smart Traders Workshop in London.

Interestingly, just FIVE of his home-based students have made a combined Million Dollars in profits, by purely trading the OVI.

Their experience can literally change your life if you’re willing to follow simple guidelines. I’ve previously mentioned one student, Roger, who has now made over $450,000 trading the OVI, but there are others like Kedsey from California and Ryan from Oregon.

Quickly after discovering the OVI, Kedsey made $81,497 and Ryan made $120,000.

They achieved these results in just three months, Kedsey in the summer of 2013, and Ryan in early 2015.

Kedsey and Ryan don’t actually know each other, but they share a similar trading journey.

–  Both spent years scrambling around for a reliable way to trade,
–  Both then discovered the OVI; and
–  Both of their results and outlooks were transformed for good.

And the results are no flash in the pan.

The OVI cured Kedsey from some terrible habits AND helped her make $250,000 in profits.  She is now a controlled and successful trader.

And then there’s Sheldon who made over $120,000 with his son, and Abraham who turned $10,000 into $140,000 in just two years. 

You can learn how to do this at Guy’s OVI Smart Traders Workshop or you can attend this event remotely from the comfort of your own home wherever you are in the world, AND watch the recordings, AND receive all the same privileges and extras that the physical attendees will be receiving!

The early bird offer actually finished on the 15th but I’ve just checked the page and the payment button for the discount offer is still working as I write this so if you’re interested, get in quick before Guy updates the page!

More details HERE