Football Multiplier

We’ve come to the end of another month and the end of this 12-month trial. Please note that the following discussion uses the advised £5 per point rather than the usual Cashmaster standard £10 per point.

Football Multiplier is a tipster service that sends you bet selections each Friday. You get three singles that can easily be placed on Betting Exchanges if you want to keep under the bookmaker’s radar and one to two trixies (a combi bet of a treble and three doubles) which needs a bookmaker account to place the bet.

Looking at the Singles first. 155 bets were made over the 12-month period of which 89 won, a 57.4% success rate. But with average bookmaker odds of 1.657, you need a 60% success rate to break even. I did monitor these bets on the Betfair exchange too; the average odds were slightly higher at 1.684 but the breakeven point, even without commission, is 59.4%. It should be no surprise, therefore, that the bookmaker’s side of this service ended 40.1 points down and Betfair down 35.6.

This demonstrates how hard it is to bag a winner, even when odds-on, in football matches.

The Trixies fared no better. As shown above, the service struggled to predict results in singles so bundling similar predictions into an accumulator isn’t going to produce magic. Note that the accumulator usually uses different predictions than those used in the singles. In the 12 months, I had 87 bets and 45 wins and on the face of it a 51.7% success rate looks brilliant. However, I treat an acca as a win if two (or three) of the three legs won so the trial ended down 38.98 points.

My experience of this service certainly doesn’t square with the hyperbolae on the website. At best, I can only see this service providing some “fun” for the weekend. Whilst I am aware that a couple of full (all three legs) wins on the Trixies would probably bring that back to break even, at odds-on the singles will take a long time to recover.


You can get Football Multiplier here.

AI Football Acca

When I first started monitoring this service three months ago, I was raving about it. After all, what usually happens when I review a service, all the hitherto top results take an about turn and head for losses. After 11 days of AI Football Accas, I was 35 points up with a 50% strike rate which, for accumulators, is ridiculous. I had started to believe – but of course, I was wrong; it couldn’t be sustained. The following 47 bets found just two winners. After three months, the service has just broken even – less the cost of the subscription.

First, a word about AI (artificial intelligence). It’s been the buzzword for a couple of years now, how it’s going to transform the lives of all of us, and I have no doubt that’s true. But it’s not one size fits all, it very much depends on how the writers and programmers develop it for use in any particular service. It’s certainly possible to use it in sports prediction, and the more variables which can be included will make the programme more efficient. I remember in 1996 when Alex Ferguson changed the Manchester United team’s shirts at half time against Southampton because the players complained that they couldn’t see each other properly in grey (maybe an excuse as they were 3-0 down!). They still lost the game, but they won the second half. Whilst most sensible commentators will argue that the shirt colours are irrelevant to results, do we have data to show this? It will be very hard to show one way or the other because there are an enormous number of variables to consider. That’s why we need a computer to crunch the data. And even if you can show by simple stats that Arsenal get better results when they wear red shirts, it doesn’t show that the results are better because of the shirts. AI should be able to tell us the likelihood that the factor of shirt design has any significance in the performance. And further, for the team as a whole, and for individual players. And so it goes on.

I’m rambling. This is because a lot of betting service sellers are using AI to suggest that the service they’re promoting is somehow smarter than a human assessor. But there are many services out there providing data on football, horse racing and other sports which are accessible to us all. We’re not told about the nature of the AI programmes, if the seller has developed them for themselves, if they’re using services which are available to all, or if they’re really using any AI systems.

I think services which claim to use AI for betting suggestions would do well to engage with their subscribers in order that suggestions can be made to improve them. A developer simply can’t think of everything (the obvious problem here is that data for many variables, no doubt including shirt details, just doesn’t exist in one place anywhere. But a lot can be collected and developed over time).

Anyway, to be fair, break even is probably a better result than most of us would have guessed after a three month trial. Here are the numbers:

Total number of bets: 84

Total points staked: 171

Average number of legs per acca: 4-5

Average stake per acca: 2 points

Average odds per acca: 10.25

Average odds per winning acca: 7.23

Wins: 12

Losses: 72

Strike rate: 14.2%

Profit/loss: -0.78 points

ROI: 0%

So a shrug. I would say that there were a few errors on the emails which remained uncorrected, such as 12th January 19:30 – Germany – Bundesliga – Burnley vs Luton – Bet Both teams to score (y) @ 1.21: but it was usually possible to work out what the intended bet was.

Also, I’m not really enamoured about paid services which use their subscriber database to promote other services for affiliate fees, and this is one of those. 

Would I give this service the thumbs up? Well, I won’t be continuing with it myself, but there’s always the thrill factor when an acca comes up, so I’ll rate this as a neutral. What I take from this mostly, though, is the run of 47 bets with just two winners.

You can try AI Football Acca Here

Second Class Racing

I’m often asked what is the “best” tipping service available and that’s impossible to answer because it entirely depends what sort of betting is suitable for the person using it.

What I can answer though is what my personal favourite is, the one that I use and am successful with, and it is Second Class Racing.

This is a service provided by Mel Gee, via the BetChat betting portal, and is simply superb.

It’s a lay betting service, meaning we are betting on a horse to lose its race, and involves receiving tips via a members Telegram group (or via the members website) at around midday. There are, on average, around five selections a day and we simply lay these selections to, say, £20 stakes (or whatever is appropriate for you) to the odds given in the notification on Betfair. The maximum odds we lay at is 6.0, so there are never any large liabilites like you get with some lay services.

What’s important is that we lay at the odds Mel gives us, and Mel actually publishes a screenshot of his own Betfair screen so there can be no doubts, as below… 

What often happens when you place your bets is that the bets are not matched as the odds have drifted beyond the odds we place them at. But that’s ok. It’s important NOT to take higher odds in an attempt to get matched. Since I’ve been a member of this service I’ve seen various discussions in the members Telegram chat channel where some members are wondering whether it’s better to take higher odds or not, in an attempt to get more bets matched and, hopefully, more profits made. But the advice from both Mel and Josh (BetChat owner) is to stick to the rules… the prices we are laying at are “value” prices and it doesn’t matter whether we get matched or not because over the long term it should mean we make a decent profit.

Of course this means that personal results will vary from the “official” results, depending entirely on what you get matched but in my experience, and from what I can see in the members channel, it seems that members appear to be actually doing better than the official results… because they’re not getting matched on losing bets that the service has.

Which brings me neatly on to the results. I’ve been in this service since it launched on 23rd September last year:

Bets: 177
Wins: 152
Lose: 25
S/R : 85.88%
Points Profit: 41.1
Profit to £20 stakes: £823.26

And if you compare this to the official results you’ll see I’ve clearly done better:

Bets: 252
Wins: 210
Lose: 42
S/R : 83.33%
Points Profit: 23.1
Profit to £20 stakes: £462.08

Now I did miss a couple of betting days when I was on flights, and they were losing days for the service, but the rest of the discrepancy simply comes from not getting matched on bets that went on to be losing bets.

So I think the take home from this is to follow the rules, bet at the odds given, and then just see how you get on. The good news is that everyone that has been in this service for a reasonable amount of time has made decent profits and ultimately that’s what it’s all about.

This really is a “set and forget” service. Bets come out around midday, it takes a couple of minutes to place the bets and then you simply forget about it and either check the results at the end of the day or the next day when you get the next bets. Or, if you’re that way inclined, you can join in the banter on the members chat Telegram group which is very friendly and amusing.

I really like this service. It’s simple, effective, profitable and great fun. I have no hesitation in giving this an Approved rating.

There is currently a massive £199.91 discount on the service until midnight tomorrow, Wednesday 31st January, so if this is of interest to you, it’ll be worth joining right now… And a full money back guarantee too!

Full details here

SparkSwap System

I’ve got something really very cool for you today. This is something that ANYONE can quickly learn how to do regardless of age or background. It’s really that good and that simple to follow. 

Below is a link to an interview carried out by my good friend John Duncan with Andrew Lock, the creator of this tool, where everything is explained and, of course, proof is given as to just how good this is.

Andrew has developed a strategy that he teaches via a superb video course. It’s a hands on teaching process delivered in a way that refuses to leave anyone behind. If you finish this (and Andrew makes it a pleasure to go through) it will show you how to get the total cost of purchase back and a handsome profit very quickly and easily.

And that’s not all, so far, Andrew’s past students have an unbelievable (but totally proven) 100% success record.

That’s right! 100% of the people who have gone through the first phase and testing ground for this remarkable product have all made money from the process. This includes a man in his eighties and a 12 year old!

BUT… there’s a slight catch. And I know this is going to sound like marketing hype but it really isn’t. This product has been promoted recently by John on a special launch price for his subscribers and that deal was due to come to an end this weekend just gone. The deal is ridiculously good. Seriously this sort of product is usually sold as a high ticket item for a few grand but when you see the price you’ll see why it’s only for a very limited time.

I asked John if he could ask Andrew to extend this deal just for a few more days so that my subscribers could at least have a look and see if it’s of interest to them. He said yes, but this deal will end this week at which point it will be sold at the more realistic price in line with similar products. So have a look as soon as you can!

You’ll Receive Instant Access to:

10 x Module Video Training.
Step-by-Step Guides.
Foundation Training for Complete Beginners.
Full Transcripts and Audio Recordings of Every Lesson.

And all of it explained simply and step-by-step, in plain english, Guaranteed. And if you implement what you learn, you WILL be earning a daily passive income, fast!

Got Questions?

Watch the video interview first!

Seriously, please actually watch the interview before asking questions about this because it’s almost certain that your question is answered in the video. If it isn’t, then by all means let me know.

Check it out here

Football Multiplier

As the trial starts its final month, my mind starts to ponder about the final review. It is going to take a herculean effort to see the Singles in profit at the end of January, but it is not impossible.

The Trixies are in a better position as 1 or 2 full wins would see this part of the service back in profit.


Month 10-11: Bets 27, Wins 14, Profit -20.55, Betfair -18.69
Overall: Bets 143, Wins 81, Profit -48.35, Betfair -44.35


Month 10-11: Bets 16, Wins 9, Profit -19.52
Overall: Bets 80, Wins 41, Profit -41.68

Football First

This football tipping service stands out from the huge numbers of offers coming into my inbox, so I thought it was worth a review. Not just because of the claim that it turned a £2k bank into £1.2 million in 3 years (having blogged services for so long, I really take all unverified claims with a pinch of salt), but because the type of service it is (full results are comprehensive, and these are bets available to all). By the way, that £1.2 million was based on a 50 point bank, with staking at 4 points (it says 3, but all the six bets I’ve had so far are 4) and compounding monthly.

The service is run by the Bet Social betting agency, and the tipster is a pro with 20 years experience. It is currently standing at 26 consecutive months profit.

The focus is predominantly on the main European Leagues, UEFA Cup matches and domestic cups. The markets targeted must have value in prices and liquidity on the exchanges. The bets can be struck on the exchanges or with bookies, and I won’t review any service where exchange betting isn’t possible other than accas which can’t be made on Betfair.

Markets covered are Asian Handicaps, Match Odds (1X2), Both Teams To Score and Over/Under Goals. Every bet comes with a short analysis. A suggested Correct Score for the game is also provided, and whilst results for these are also given to 4 points on a 50 point bank, for me this is far too high to start off with, so I will record this to a flat 1 point (though as three of my first eight were correct, I kinda wish I hadn’t!).

Since January 2021, results have given a 664% Return On Capital. So like all successful tipsters/systems, a long-term view is essential.

I have had eight tips so far, with five winning and three lost, and as most are around the even money mark, I’m a couple of points in front. The correct scores are on +31 points already in my first week, but of course that graph will likely head downwards because these wins are few and far between, but they have been profitable over the period.

More info HERE

Inside Track

Inside Track is a horse racing tipping service focusing on South African racing. It is part of the Betting Gods community but, as I write this, is closed to new members. For a monthly subscription, Betting Gods tipsters are often around £27 per month, you get notified of selections for the day. Here is an example:

R2 Vaal, Red Knot

1pt win @ 3.50 888, William Hill, Betway

As you can see you also get staking advice, here 1 point win, and some suggested bookmakers where you might be able to get the quoted price.

As normal for my reviews, I recorded results based on the prices contained in the emails. There isn’t a Betfair component to this review as even if the races were available, the liquidity tended to be poor. Using this service could expose your bookmaker account getting gubbed so you’d have to take steps to prevent that.

As the chart shows, the review got off to a poor start and never recovered. The last few weeks of the trial may indicate the green shoots of a recovery but this is not enough to convince me to rate the service as neutral. The trial ended down 52.96 points (-£529.60 using our standard £10 per point) to which roughly £100 of subscriptions need to be added. It would take too many weeks to return to profitability as we have had only 1 part-way decent week and that was for only 20 points (£200).

You can get Inside Track here.

Inside Track

Results from the last 4 weeks ends this 13-week trial. I want to think that the service has turned a corner and is returning to profit.

Week 10: Bets 15, Wins 7, Profit 20.55
Week 11: Bets 18, Wins 4, Profit -12.37
Week 12: Bets 9, Wins 6, Profit 5.27
Week 13: Bets 12, Wins 3, Profit -4.27

Overall: Bets 263, Wins 89, Profit -52.96

The Master Speed Formula

I’ve got a really, really special offer for you today.

Ian over at Inform Racing contacted me to let me know of a ridiculously good strategy one of his subscribers developed using his speed ratings.

I’ve always been a fan of Ian’s speed ratings but check out what this strategy has produced…

  • It can be used all year around on the all weather, flat turf racing, chase races and hurdles.
  • You will be backing horses NOT laying them
  • It provides a rough average of around 5 or 6 bets per day
  • It has made over 1,300 pts level stakes profit for win bets using Betfair Starting Price
  • And a further 700 pts level stakes profit from place bets using Betfair Place Odds
  • Using the staking plan James uses, you could have made over £375,000 from the win bets and a £500 starting bank 
  • Using the same plan and bank for place bets would have made you a further £128,000
  • That’s over half a million pounds profit in 6 years, just copying what James is already doing!
  • The average strike rate for win bets is an incredible 30%. (As I write this the strike rate stands at 31.4%)
  • You would normally associate short priced favourites with a 30% strike rate, not runners at big odds
  • ….yet there have been dozens of double figure odds winners up to 200/1
  • And the average BSP has been close to 7.5, so around 6/1
  • Longest losing run for win bets has been just 20 in 6 years of betting – with a longest winning run of 7 on the bounce
  • Longest losing run for place bets has been just 11 – and a longest run of 19 successful placed horses in a row!
  • The average strike rate for place bets is also very high at over 60%
  • You can copy James’s staking plan, which isn’t level stakes, percentage staking or any dangerous recovery type plan
  • All results and profit claims can be fully verified by you with your downloaded copy
  • And remember, that strike rate of 30% and big odds winners = something very unique, or probably unheard of before!

You can purchase this strategy for a one off fee and it includes a settings file to load into the System Builder tool at Inform Racing that will allow you to get all past results as well as to get any selections for the day at the click of a button.

You will need an active subscription to Inform Racing to use the System Builder tool but this is where it gets even better…

With your purchase you get a special link included in the PDF that gives you £10 off your first months subscription to Inform Racing… but DON’T use that!

No, if you use THIS LINK you’ll get £20 off your first months subscription which means you pay only £15 instead of £35.

Given the profits you’ll be making, and on Betfair too so no worries about gubbed bookie accounts, the monthly subscription to the speed ratings will pay for itself.

So what’s the downside?

This offer is only available until midnight on Sunday, so get on it now or forever regret missing out.

You can get The Master Speed Formula here

VC Crowd – How to double your money by Christmas

I’ve been a member of VC Crowd for a number of years now and have made very significant returns on my money. It’s a completely passive opportunity where you simply pay a monthly membership fee and each month you get given shares to the value of your membership fee (less a small admin fee) in exciting business start ups that are accelerated by the VC Crowd team.

Recently my good friend Paul Hardingham took over the role of General Manager at VC Crowd and I caught up with him for a quick chat about the latest updates and developments there, including an offer available before the end of this month that will effectively double your money by Christmas.

Have a look here:

Join VC Crowd Here

Time Poor Trader Replay

Did you miss the ‘Time-Poor Trader’ Workshop?

Then I’ve got some good news for you…

We’ve just uploaded the full recording here

During the workshop, professional trader Guy Cohen shared:

  • The speedy 10-minute ‘Time-Poor Trader’ routine step by step…
  • How to adapt his time-tested ‘Big Money’ strategy to make it even quicker to use…
  • A demo of the exclusive ‘Time-Poor Trader’ toolkit that helps automate this process, so you can find trade ideas in seconds…
  • Guidance from Senior Trading Coach Jay on making every second of your trading time count…
  • His personal ‘twist’ on the ‘Time-Poor Trader’ routine…

And he gave an inside look at our brand new Platform!

If you’ve been struggling to find the time to fit trading into your busy schedule I really recommend tuning in for this one.

The recording won’t stay online forever, so watch it while you can.

Watch the full replay here

The CashMaster Trading Platform

A recent survey by investment firm Morgan Stanley found that 7 out of 10 wealth advisers believe “AI is a game changer for investors and traders”.

And I agree!

Simply put, if you’re not using some kind of AI or automation in your trading you’re wasting time and leaving profits on the table.

That’s why I’m VERY excited to reveal what we’ve been working on behind the scenes with pro trader Guy Cohen ahead of the ‘Time-Poor Trader’ Live Workshop (secure your free ticket here)…

And that’s a bespoke version of Guy’s trading platform especially tailored to the needs of CashMaster readers – that’s you!

The ‘CashMaster Trading Platform’ is BIG news and here’s why…

  • It includes Guy’s automated trading tools for finding ‘Big Money Footprints’ trade ideas in seconds…
  • There are ‘done for you’ Stock Watchlists curated by Guy and some of the other event speakers – these are the exact stocks they love to trade…
  • There’s a full video education suite showcasing many of Guy’s best stock trading strategies, which you can refer to whenever you need a quick ‘refresher’…
  • And – for safety-first – you also get tools to manage your Trade Plan directly on the charts… that means setting out your risk/reward in just a couple of clicks!

That’s not all…

They’ll even be broadcasting directly from the platform itself for the live training…

And demo’ing the brand new ‘Time-Poor Trader’ toolkit that Guy has just released, so you can see first hand how it can save you a SERIOUS amount of time. 

As I say, Guy’s platform allows you to find unique trade ideas – potentially worth thousands of pounds in profit – in seconds instead of days!

So, if you feel like you’re being left behind as the rest of the trading world adopts AI and automated trading tools…

Don’t miss out on this event!

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Hanbury Racing Tips – Eighteen Months On

I’m delighted to report that this approved service continues to deliver profits. Six months on from my last report have yielded an additional profit of 116.98 pts. This brings a very impressive total of 511.31 pts profit over 18 months with a return on the initial starting bank of 170.44 %.

Here are the stats for the eighteen-month period:

Starting Review Date: 10th May 2022

Current Review Period End Date: 9th November 2023

Starting Bank (recommended): 300 pts

Minimum Bank: 243.48 pts (15th October 2022)

Maximum Bank: 829.38 pts (3rd October 2023)

Number of Profitable Months: 12/18

Current Bank: 811.31 pts

Number of Bets: 1131

Non-Runners or Race Void: 103

Number of Profitable Bets: 180

Strike Rate (% of profitable bets): 17.51%

Longest Losing Run: 20 tips

Odds Range: 6.0 to 201.0

Profit/Loss: 511.31 pts

Return on Bank: 170.44 %

Betting at the standard CashMaster £10 a point (equating to £5 each way) results in a gross profit of £2556.55

and a net profit of £1941.55 (after fees of £615).

The graph below follows the bank over the eighteen-month period, starting at 300 pts:

The above graph represents results from the recommended bookmakers (and I mainly used Bet365 which often has the best odds).

I’ve also been monitoring profit/loss over the last six months with a) Bet365 Each Way Extra; b) a small independent bookmaker, and c) Tote (win only).

a) Bet365

Bet365 has a feature called Each Way Extra on horse racing that is not available (that I am aware of) with other bookmakers. It allows one to select up to ten extra places (depending on the number of horses in the particular race). This feature is available in most UK races and some Irish races.

For every tip, I selected the maximum number of places. The following graph shows the bank over the recent six-month period. There was a resultant profit of 26.6 pts. This is a respectable profit for a six-month period and for the standard cash master, £10 (£5 each way) gives an additional profit of £133.

b) Small Independent Bookmaker

This was unsuccessful and led to a loss of 152.96 pts over the last six months. The issue here is not primarily the lower each-way odds, but the lack of an extra each-way place compared to the big bookmakers (Bet365, Paddy Power, etc.) Many times a horse came in 4th with only 3 places available with this bookmaker.

c) Tote

The Tote place odds are so poor that I only placed one-point win bets with it. There was a loss of 166.74 pts during the six months.

Clearly, place returns are vital for the profitability of the service. So stick with bookmakers that offer the same number of places indicated in the advised tips.

Hanbury Racing Tips remains my all-time favourite personally reviewed Tipster at CashMaster.

Try Hanbury Racing Tips here

Time Poor Trader – FREE Workshop

Just a quick one from me…

I’ve organised a free workshop at 7pm on Wednesday 22nd November with my good friend and professional trader, Guy Cohen. 

It’s called the ‘Time-Poor Trader’ Live Workshop…

And as the name suggests, it’s specifically for traders who just don’t have countless hours to spend trading.

Not only will Guy be showing you a speedy 10-minute daily trading routine that you can use to follow the insiders…

But he’ll also show you how to AUTOMATE it, so that you can find trade ideas in just a few seconds!

Here are some recent trade examples that his strategy uncovered…

  • 90% in 60 days on Overstock (OSTK)…
  • 92% in 245 days on General Electric (GE)…
  • And 100% in 45 days Nio Inc (NIO)…

So, if you’ve been struggling to find the time to fit trading into your busy schedule I really recommend tuning in for this one.

Reserve your free spot now

Narrowing The Field

[Special Offer] Trial Narrowing The Field for the next 7-days

The National Hunt game clicks up ANOTHER gear this weekend and Cheltenham’s Paddy Power Gold Cup meeting has a feast of juicy races for you to get stuck into…

Ben Aitken at Narrowing The Field will be covering all three days of this Cheltenham meeting as part of his full members service and he’s inviting you to road test his methods in the live environment, to see EXACTLY what his service is about…

Over the next 48-hours Ben is opening the doors on a one-week trial basis for those who want to get a feel for the full NTF service…

He’s had a huge amount of interest over the past week from people who are new to his work, who are interested in signing up for a season ticket, but would like a bit of a trial period first, just to confirm that what he has to offer is for them…

And that’s exactly what he’s offering you today…

>>Secure YOUR place on NTF for the next 7-days

You can sign-up for a week ticket to NTF for only £10, receive ALL analysis Ben delivers over the next 7-days, then get the opportunity to continue your NTF journey for the rest of the season with your £10 discounted from the sign-up price (the trial week is a one-off payment, it’s not a recurring payment, if the service isn’t for you, you don’t need to do anything once the week is up)…

What you will get during your trial period…

Detailed Race Trends coverage and in-depth Race Analysis guides for the main races over the three-day Cheltenham Paddy Power Open meeting…

Access to the highly sought after NTF Stats Sheets, a number of which will be posted during your subscription, highlighting Prime Condition horses, Trainer Angles, Last Time Out Winners, First Time Angles, and more…

Exhaustive weekend notes looking back at the weekends racing just past [available as soon as you sign-up] as well as the next copy of Weekend Notes [sent to you on 20th November]

p.s. I think you’ll love what Ben produces…

I know a lot of you are intrigued by Ben’s analysis and the methods he uses on NTF to attack the National Hunt game… but are not willing to spend your hard earned on a service you don’t have any experience of [and that is more than fair enough, I totally get that… Ben totally gets that]…

So, THIS is your chance to road test NTF for a week for precious little outlay…

>>Grab your NTF trial slot here

Platinum Puck Profits

Platinum Puck Profits is an ice hockey based system that you can purchase for a one-off free. For this you get a booklet that describes how to select the two teams from the same league that are bet as a double, and a simple Fibonacci-based loss recovery staking plan.

As you are betting doubles, this is a bookmaker-only service. It could be possible to do this on an exchange if the result from match 1 is known before match 2 starts; however, Betfair doesn’t always have the matches you are interested in. There is the little problem of being awake at 3 am to place the NHL bet which also makes exchanges unfeasible.

You have to find the selections for yourself and I used for this. I concentrated on the leagues mentioned on the website.

The trial was split into two components as I started looking at Platinum Puck Profits in February, just as the leagues were concluding the 2022-23 season. As I only managed to collect five weeks of data I decided to restart in October, when the leagues were starting their 2023-24 campaigns.

First Trial.
NHL Bets: 25. NHL P/L: -72.12 points.
Extraliga Bets: 7. Extraliga P/L: 8.24 points.
Fin Bets: 7. Fin P/L: -22 points.
DEL Bets: 10. DEL P/L: 19.93 points.
SHL Bets: 12. SHL P/L: 37.29 points.
Swiss Bets: 8. Swiss P/L: 12.61 points.
Total: 56.07 points.

The first trial ended rather nicely with good returns on the Czech Republic (Extraliga), Germany (DEL), Sweden (SHL) and Swiss, but a large deficit for the NHL.

Second Trial
NHL Bets: 19. NHL P/L: -36.83 points.
Extraliga Bets: 17. Extraliga P/L: -27.98 points.
Fin Bets: 19. Fin P/L: -25.45 points.
DEL Bets: 16. DEL P/L: -2.82 points.
SHL Bets: 18. SHL P/L: 33.19 points.
Swiss Bets: 17. Swiss P/L: -25.07 points.
Total: -84.96 points.

Performance through the second trial has not been as good with only Sweden (SHL) in profit, and NHL performing poorly again.

Overall, NHL is down 109 points, the Czech Republic (Extraliga) is down 20 points, Finland is down 47.5 points, Germany (DEL) is up 17 points, Sweden (SHL) is up 70.5 points and Swiss down 12.5 points for an overall loss of 29 points.

I am going to fail this service for the following reasons.

As it is bookmaker-based there is always the risk of getting gubbed; yes, you can use other bookies but the results above assume you are getting the best price. Profitability will be further reduced by taking lower odds making the service far less attractive. The second comment about being bookmaker-based is scalability, you are never going to be able to play these doubles at £500 per point, you may be able to get £25.

The website hasn’t been updated for 2 years and is, therefore, promoting itself with out-of-date data. This suggests that even the vendor has little interest in this service.

And, finally, the performance is just not there unless you remove the NHL from your list; you get a huge 109-point surge in overall profit to make roughly 80 points overall. I feel that the £800 profit, using our standard £10 per point, does not mitigate the concerns above, especially as £705 of this profit is just from one league (SHL) and if the wheels come off that …!

You can get Platinum Puck Profits here.

Inside Track

The week started well but 1 win in 13 bets on Saturday saw that off. A bad case of seconditis where at least 2 selections were only beaten by a neck, but, they still lost.

With only 3 weeks to go, I doubt that this service is going to get back to breakeven before this trial ends.

Week 9: Bets 26, Wins 5, Profit -10.18
Overall: Bets 209, Wins 69, Profit -62.14

Platinum Puck Profits

With the European leagues on a break, the only game in town was the NHL. It didn’t win and suffered yet another full stoploss.

I am bringing this trail to a conclusion.

Week 8
NHL Bets: 5. NHL P/L: -19 points.
Extraliga Bets: 0. Extraliga P/L: 0 points.
Fin Bets: 0. Fin P/L: 0 points.
DEL Bets: 0. DEL P/L: 0 points.
SHL Bets: 0. SHL P/L: 0 points.
Swiss Bets: 0. Swiss P/L: 0 points.
Total: -19 points.

NHL Bets: 19. NHL P/L: -36.83 points.
Extraliga Bets: 17. Extraliga P/L: -27.98 points.
Fin Bets: 19. Fin P/L: -25.45 points.
DEL Bets: 16. DEL P/L: -2.82 points.
SHL Bets: 18. SHL P/L: 33.19 points.
Swiss Bets: 17. Swiss P/L: -25.07 points.
Total: -84.96 points.

AI Football Acca

When I began this review in mid October, I was astonished by the success of the accas. This hit 5 successful bets out of the first 10, with a high of 34 points profit.

In his mail-out, Graham suggested that, with bets like these, the wheels could fall off. Well, they haven’t exactly done that, it is still in profit by 6 points. However, we’re on a losing run of 16 bets, and in his daily emails, the promoter talks about ‘strange results’ and ‘promises’ a win will turn up in a few days – which is a bit of a concern.

I’m still in profit, but there will be those of you who signed up after that initial burst of success thinking this is like one of those services which invent magnificent results and find that once you’ve parted with your money, the results go downhill. This isn’t one of those, and of course an accas system is always going to have losing runs, but I would advise very low or zero stakes while you’re still in the Clickbank guarantee period (30 days).