Inform Racing

A couple of days ago I wrote praising this comprehensive ratings service and the development of its fantastic new System Builder. As mentioned, it’s the number one supplier of UK Horse Racing Speed Ratings which has been running since 2003, and which we approved in September 2017. The System Builder allows you to quickly research your ideas for backing and laying, and will show you the profit or loss you would have made had you run those filters previously.

I’m not one to over-promote a service but I have received an update today from Ian at Inform, which I feel is worth passing on:

Two more ten year trend winners yesterday

Our Ten Year Trend guru Jerry found us 4 bets yesterday for the ten year trends feature and they gave us two nice winners at 5/1 and 11/4 plus a 14/1 second making it another successful day.

These trends are posted free for all subscribers and whilst there isn’t one every day, there is another at Beverley this afternoon and the highlighted horse for this one is currently at double figure odds.

Latest Lto 1 system

These trend bets are provided for free to subscribers, so just log in and click the trend link on the Noticeboard to get today’s ten year trend bet.

The latest system idea I posted at the weekend is continuing well with a profit now for the year of 296 points profit for the win and 136 points profit for the place. That’s over 430 points in just under four months!

To find out more about this and to read the blog post in full, hit the link below now.

Last Time Out Rating System – 400 Points Profit In 4 Months

Unlike the free card, the full subscription means you can access the cards before 5pm the evening before, often earlier, plus you get unlimited access to the system builder and declarations builder too.

If you are not a full member, don’t you think you should seriously take a look now? Click here

Cleeve Racing – Ten To Follow

I hope you are as excited about the coming flat season as I am, it promises plenty of excitement and chances to bag some profit along the way.

An early season winner is Cleeve Racings annual Ten to Follow guide. This quality guide is always an interesting read and steers clear of the usual suspects to focus on 10 horses which are going slightly under the radar and bound to give you better value.

The best thing is it’s totally FREE so you’re onto a winner straightaway! Download the guide and add the horses to your tracker so you’re alerted every time they run, you can then assess whether they have optimum conditions and are a betting proposition.

Win draw or lose it will add another dimension to your season and once again it’s totally free so get your copy while it’s still available.

Inform Racing

Inform Racing is the number one supplier of UK Horse Racing Speed Ratings which has been running since 2003, and which we approved in September 2017. As somebody who would rather spend as little time as possible in working out my bets, this facility makes the whole process easy.

But now, it has got even better, with the introduction of the Inform Racing System Builder. So from all the categories integral to the ratings (there are around sixty, including all those you would expect, such as class, horse age, jockey, trainer, going, dam, sire, headgear, days since run, etc) you can set up a unique system which will show you results from the past, but also throws up your selections for today. And you can run as many systems as you like. You can do this for both back and lay bets. This service comes with an instruction video and a full, easy to access user guide.

As an example, I received an email from Ian at Inform in March for the Greatwood Gold Cup at Newbury. This is not cherry-picked, this is the only such email I received:

There are a number of races that are run year after year that are not as famous as races like the Grand National or the Derby but you can still use the Inform Racing System Builder to look back at past runnings of these races to see if there are any trends worth following and one of these races is the Greatwood Gold Cup at Newbury today.

(Looking into this race I found it was called the Gold Cup in 2009)

I am looking back at this race by choosing the Course at Newbury and the race title that contains both the totesport Gold Cup and the Greatwood Gold Cup. The data goes back a maximum of 10 years so the date is set to Equal or Greater 2009.

I then played around with the categories for a while and came up with a pretty handsome set of results that have given the winner of this race, five times in 10 years, with a total of 11 selections and a profit to BSP of over 60 points.

Going by the set of rules today, this gives us two out of Paul Nicholls three entries and they are San Benedeto and Warriors Tale, currently at 12/1 and 16/1 and if they both start below 20/1 should be worth a punt.

As it transpired, the advice was worth following because San Benedeto won the race easily at 11/1 ISP, 15.18 BSP.

There are thousands of ways that you can use both the system builder and the new declarations builder and this ‘Ten Year Trend’ method is just one of them that gives you the opportunity of having the information at hand that other punters just don’t have.

Apart from the uniquely calculated speed ratings for every horse in every race, Inform Racing provide:

– Top rated horses highlighted for you
– Pop up form boxes crammed full of all the info you need
– Full easy to read form guide
– Advanced Search Feature, allowing you drill down to the details of a race.
– Read a whole race in seconds
– Find winners easier

Inform Racing delivers all year around, starting with the full jumps season through the Winter including Cheltenham and Aintree as well as the All Weather flat season between November and April. Moving on to the Summer programme with plenty of big meetings including Royal Ascot and Glorious Goodwood, plus all of the evening meetings too!

One subscriber has made over £32,000 over four years by following his own system using the ratings, and sticking obdurately to it over the good times and the losing runs. Last week, Ian at Inform was given permission by that punter to reveal his system to subscribers. It’s a simple system which you can have access to by subscribing to the service.

You can access over 9,000 races for just £35 a month or 3 months for the price of two.

Try Inform Racing Here

4 ex pip system

Apologies for the delay in any update I have had a few issues which have delayed me reporting back.

I will be posting a full update this week and the research in respect of the last 3 months performance has also now been completed so this will be included and is very interesting.

My first observations are that this can certainly make a very good profit the only downside is the fact that you need to be sat in front of a screen for three hours whilst you watch the price action. I have struggled to do this with other commitments but the back performance will give you an idea of how good this can be. If anyone knows a way of automating how to place trades on a spread betting platform through a bot then this would be the way to go. More detail to come when I get back from Easter

ViewPoint Racing

Week 7: Bets 29, Wins 10, Profit 13.45 (£134.50), BSP Profit 4.33 (£43.30)
Overall: Bets 155, Wins 40, Profit 15.6 (£156.00), BSP Profit -8.02 (£-80.20)

Racing Odds

Week 3: Bets 12, Wins 0,  Safe Profit -201 (£-2010.00), Medium Profit -289.5 (£-2895.00), High Risk Profit -378 (£-3780.00)
Overall: Bets 28, Wins 3, Profit -360 (£-3600.00), Medium Profit -498.75 (£-4987.50), High Risk Profit -637.5 (£-6375.00)

Top Claim

Week 3: Bets 5, Wins 2, Profit -4.95 (£-49.50), BSP Profit -4.21 (£-42.10)
Overall: Bets 24, Wins 7, Profit -24.13 (£-241.30), BSP Profit -23.9 (£-239.00)

CJ Tips

Week 2: Bets 33, Wins 12, Profit -3.95 (£-39.50), BSP Profit -3.67 (£-36.70)
Overall: Bets 64, Wins 20, Profit -12.89 (£-128.90), BSP Profit -8.02 (£-80.20)

AR Tips

Week 2: Bets 36, Wins 9, Profit 13.95 (£139.50), BSP Profit 43.4 (£434.00)
Overall: Bets 106, Wins 25, Profit -22.8 (-£228.00), BSP Profit 32.37 (£323.70)

Golf Insider

Week 8: Bets 4, Wins 0, Profit -16 (£-160.00)
Overall: Bets 66, Wins 9, Profit 104.15 (£1041.50)

SJP Golf Tips

Week 14: Bets 3, Wins 0, Profit -9 (£-90.00)
Overall: Bets 117, Wins 13, Profit -89.9 (£-899.00)

Cleeve Racing

Week 8: Bets 6, Wins 3, Profit -0.25 (£-2.50), BSP Profit -1.31 (£-13.10)
Overall: Bets 75, Wins 27, Profit 28.85 (£288.50), BSP Profit 22.83 (£228.30)

SJP Golf Tips

Week 13: Bets 10, Wins 1, Profit -16.9 (£-169.00)
Overall: Bets 114, Wins 13, Profit -80.9 (£-809.00)

Normally I’d finish a review at 13 weeks, but golf, I feel needs a wee bit longer. So I’ll run this up to 20 weeks as long as the emails with the selections keep on coming.

Golf Insider

Week 7: Bets 11, Wins 3, Profit -5 (-£50.00)
Overall: Bets 62, Wins 9, Profit 120.15 (£1201.50)

ViewPoint Racing

Week 7: Bets 21, Wins 9, Profit 4.6 (£46.00), BSP Profit 3.09 (£30.90)
Overall: Bets 126, Wins 30, Profit 2.15 (£21.50), BSP Profit -12.35 (£-123.50)

Racing Odds

Week 2: Bets 9, Wins 0,  Safe Profit -155.5 (£-1555.00), Medium Profit -204.88 (£-2048.80), High Risk Profit -254.25 (£-2542.50)
Overall: Bets 16, Wins 3, Profit -159 (£-1590.00), Medium Profit -209.25 (£-2092.50), High Risk Profit -259.5 (£-2595.00)

Top Claim

Week 2: Bets 10, Wins 0, Profit -20.5 (£-205.00), BSP Profit -20.5 (£-205.00)
Overall: Bets 19, Wins 5, Profit -19.18 (£-191.80), BSP Profit -19.69 (£-196.90)

CJ Tips

Week 2: Bets 17, Wins 4, Profit -3.47 (£-34.70), BSP Profit 0.1 (£1.00)
Overall: Bets 31, Wins 8, Profit -8.94 (£-89.40), BSP Profit -4.35 (£-43.50)

AR Tips

Week 2: Bets 31, Wins 5, Profit -35.6 (-356.00), BSP Profit -31.37 (-313.70)
Overall: Bets 70, Wins 16, Profit -36.75 (-367.50), BSP Profit -11.03 (-110.30)

Cleeve Racing

Week 7: Bets 4, Wins 2, Profit -2.4 (£-24.00), BSP Profit -2.69 (£-26.90)
Overall: Bets 69, Wins 24, Profit 29.1 (£291.00), BSP Profit 24.14 (£241.40)”