Player Profits

This is a new service being offered by Max, the man behind the popular Sport Spread Betting.

Subscription costs £25 per month and is processed through Clickbank, so you can safely manage your membership through them.

A starting bank of 50 points is advised and bets will be for between 1-3 points each.

Markets covered will be for a named player to have Over/Under x number of shots/passes/tackles etc.

These markets are offered by most of the big firms, but can be trciky to find on their coupons. Thankfully, Max does include the price and the bookie he has used in his email, which at least gives you a good starting point. Most bets seem to be found at Bet365, but we’ve had a few from Ladbrokes too. Must admit, I struggled to find the Ladbrokes ones at first and had to ask Max where they were. I had tracked them down to the #GetAQuote page myself but had been unable to find the exact player & stat advised, I had to scroll further down & expand a drop down menu to find it.

Obviously, that is not a criticism of the service, it’s a moan about poor web design by the bookies and a warning to any new members to have a full scout about when looking for selections.

So far, all of Max’s bets have been available at the price he quoted, but I will be recording bets to the price I achieve when placing them myself. I don’t usually test services with real money, but the thought of trying to hunt down the results of how many passes/shots/tackles a player made gives me a headache & it’s well worth paying a couple of bob on a bet to save having to try & find it

I only started the trial last weekend and, sad to say, it got off to a rough start. Friday & Saturday were ok but Sunday was a very tough day. Max is confident he’ll recover that quite quickly.



S/R 30.77%

P/L  -11.98 points



Where is Cryptocurrency going next? The Realistic Trader

A quick update while i am away holiday as it has been a little while since the last post about the Crypto Course from The Realistic Trader.

Since the last post the value of all Cryptocurrencies has dropped quite substantially. If you have not  yet invested is this a good time to get in, or do you feel relieved that you haven’t? For those of you with some investment in this asset class are you anxious, or are you thinking this is amazing and investing further while the costs of these assets is so low? My position has always been to be as informed as i can be. As well as all the course material provided by Siam Kidd (The realistic trader) there is a very vibrant Facebook Group community with regular posts and updates buy both Siam, and the group members.  How does everyone feel at the moment? Well, very mixed is the answer!

If you had decided to invest in December 2017, during record high prices, your portfolio of investment would be 60-70% down now…… requiring a big swing round to get back to break even. There are clearly people in this position who are feeling quite desperate! However, if you had invested about 1 year ago from now you would still be up. This is the volatility of cryptocurrencies, and is why any investor should think about investing risk capital only. Those who got into the market even earlier are still way up on their initial stake.

I have followed many of Siam’s recommendations during the market moves, and while my portfolio has dropped in value the number of tokens/coins i have has risen, which puts me in a better position when the market rallies. I could not have done this without his knowledge.

Many believe that we are currently at the bottom of the market, with many factors all coming together now to allow institutional investment, and Wall Street and co are about to jump in. If that is the case then in a year or two from now the current prices we are seeing could look like chicken feed! Could this be the perfect time to dip your toe in the water before you miss out?

There is a lot of rubbish written about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by people looking to make headlines. However, crypto is here to stay and i read, and research, a lot about it all. I still feel that this crypto course is the most complete i have come across, especially for the complete novice, to inform you enough to make your own decision about how / if / when to invest.

KaratBank – Free Trip to Hong Kong

On 5th September I will be flying to Hong Kong, with my flights and accommodation paid for me, and you could come too, for free, from anywhere in the world.

If you missed out on the KaratBank ICO, or found it far too confusing with all the steps you needed to take in order to get hold of KBC tokens then there is some really good news. In fact, if you didn’t miss out on the ICO and you’re now sitting on a bunch of KBC tokens, there is some really good news for you too.

The KaratBank ICO was a huge success at a time when the general crypto scene has been bearish for months. Having sold all the KBC tokens, the funds raised were used to acquire their own fully licensed crypto currency bank in Miami, with a share capital of 100 million USD, licensed to trade gold from one of the biggest gold mines in Madagascar, which they have also acquired.

The next stage of the KaratBank project is just as ambitious.

They will be launching their own exchange with lower fees and more options than any other, allowing bank wires, credit card and KaratPay payments for all crypto currencies, seamless transfers between fiat, crypto currencies, KaratPay, KCB tokens and gold. They will also be launching an ATM network and a brand new blockchain based crypto phone (the deal has already been agreed with Sony). Plus they will be building their own refinery to process the gold extracted from their own mine.

All of the above will generate a huge amount of revenue, 50% of which will be used to acquire and store more gold used to back the KBC token.

On 1st August KaratBank released a new token, KCB, the sales of which will provide the funds needed for these rapid expansion plans. KCB is not another ICO. In effect they are offering private shares in KaratBank at a set price controlled by KaratBank. The current value of each KCB is €0.14 and the value of these tokens will increase directly in line with the value of the company. As the company generates more and more revenue, KCB will increase in price accordingly.

So, if you buy KCB tokens, those funds are used to rapidly develop the KaratBank business. As the business grows, it generates more and more revenue, not just from gold sales, but also from exchange fees, ATM fees, and the crypto phone and of course the profits from the Madagascar mine. A portion of those profits are piled back into acquiring gold to back the KBC token and so it goes on.

As KaratBank acquires more and more revenue, it sets the KCB price in direct proportion to the value of the company, and you will be able to exchange your KCB tokens for fiat currency, gold, KBC or any other crypto currency.

To me this seems like an excellent investment. You can buy ‘shares’ in KaratBank in the form of KCB, for 14 cents now, and in a year or so, once the plans have been put into action and the extra revenue streams are generating a regular income for KaratBank you can either sell your shares for a profit, or exchange them for gold, or CashGold, or BitCoin etc.

You’re investing in a company with a proven track record of delivering on its promises. You are putting capital into funding the bank, the exchange and the mine which already exists. The bank already has $100 million in share capital. Buying KCB increases the value of the actual bank (which owns the exchange and the mine).

The current value of €0.14 cent will be much higher when KCB goes on to its own exchange at the end of the twelve months simply because the value of the bank will be much higher.

Every transaction on the exchange, ATM’s and in the bank will create profit for the bank and increase its value. This in turn increases the value of KCB. Increased profits mean more gold coming out of the ground and into the vault which increases the value of KBC.

The plan is that we are going to be able to earn on every transaction by the bank, on the exchange, from the ATM’s as well as Karatbars gold sales.

Imagine being part of VISA and JP Morgan Chase and getting a portion of every VISA transaction and every bank transaction. Imagine earning on every transaction of a major crypto currency exchange!

You can buy as little as €150 worth of KCB and it’s very easy to do as you can simply buy outright with a credit/debit card if you wish. There are bonus tokens offered for larger purchases too.

On 7th September the first 120 Kilos of physical gold will be deposited in KaratGolds high security vault in Hong Kong and we are invited to attend the event to meet the team, including the CEO Harald Seiz, who will be paying for our flights and accommodation.

In order to qualify for free flights and accommodation you will need to buy either €8000 worth of KCB or buy €4000 worth of KCB and a Premium Package from Karatbars before 31st August.

Now before you think, whoa… that’s a big investment, think about this. If you buy €8000 of KCB you get 57,143 KCBs plus a bonus of 34,286 KCBs (60% bonus). That’s a total of 91,429 KCBs.

In twelve months, if they are valued at just €1 each, you will be looking at a profit of €83,429 plus you had a free trip to Hong Kong! But even if they didn’t increase in value (highly unlikely unless everyone stops buying gold, using exchanges or ATMs), they will still be worth €0.14 each but because you got a 60% bonus, you effectively pay less than €0.09 each, so you’d still be looking at a profit of €4,800 plus a free trip to Hong Kong. Of course that would be practically impossible as KaratBank will be generating substantial revenue from transaction fees from the bank, the exchange and the ATM’s plus the profits from their mine, so it’s likely your profit will be far higher.

But what’s the Premium Package all about?

This is possibly an even better way of doing it. I bought a Premium package myself before they were even doing this offer because I could see the value in it. Basically, if you buy a Premium Package from Karatbars you get a bunch of CashGold (17 pieces), some gold coins, a 1g classic Karatbar, a bunch of 0.1g gold cards and then some bonus stuff. But, more interesting to me, was that you get an automatic monthly profit share in the company, paid directly to your KaratBank MasterCard.

So as the company profits increase, so do your monthly payments. If you did absolutely nothing else but simply bought a Premium package, the monthly profit share payments alone would recover your investment over time. Then all the physical gold you got would be free and your payments going forwards are like a lifetime pension. This is what made me buy it.

But now, until 31st August, if you buy a Premium Package for €4,908 you get €3,580 worth of KCB included. I wish this was on offer when I bought it!

So if I were to take advantage of this offer now I would buy 1 Premium Package and then €4000 worth of KCB. That would get me over 75,000 KCB which would make a very decent profit PLUS give me a monthly income for life.

Since I’ve already got the Premium Package I’m just going to buy the €8000 worth of KCB which will guarantee my free trip to Hong Kong, but will also highly likely make me a very decent return in the next twelve months, plus it will also increase the value of the 3 million KBC coins I hold too.

Don’t worry if this is out of your budget. You can buy KCB for as little as €150 and still profit from the growth of KaratBank in twelve months time. Who knows, you could make enough to fund your own trip to Hong Kong.

If you want to buy a Premium Package you go to the Karatbars website, register for an account (open an affiliate account) and then purchase under the dropdown menu Product Purchase> Business Package> Premium Package here:


If you want to buy KCB using a credit/debit card, or BitCoin etc. you can simply register for an account (open an affiliate account unless you already have a Karatbars account in which case you can just use the same logins for this site) and purchase under the dropdown menu Product Purchase> KCB Token here:



1) I already bought KBC’s; do I need to buy these too?

Nope. This is simply another opportunity to invest in the KaratBank Company. The value of your KBC’s are determined by the amount of gold KaratBank acquires to back them so the quicker KaratBank grows the more revenue it generates and the more gold is acquired. The value of KCB’s are proportional to the value of KaratBank itself, like owning shares in the company, so by buying KCB’s you are not only investing in a company that is growing rapidly, you’re also helping the value of your KBC’s increase quicker.

2) Isn’t this just another ICO to get more money out of us?

No, this isn’t an initial coin offering. That was KBC. This is an ongoing coin sale, the purpose of which is to raise funds for the rapid expansion of the KaratBank business. The ICO raised enough funds to purchase a gold mine and a bank. Sales of KCB will help fund the launching of the exchange, the ATM network, the crypto phone, the refinery and the extraction of gold from the mine. These will all happen regardless but by selling KCB they will happen a lot quicker, which is better for everyone.

3) Do I have to buy €8000 worth of KCB?

No, you can buy as little as €150 worth so this is open to everyone. However, if you do buy €8000 worth, or buy a Premium Package and €4000 worth, you will qualify for a free return trip to Hong Kong with accommodation from anywhere in the world.

4) What will be my return on investment?

The price of KCB is set by KaratBank International and is based on the total value of the company. The company will be expanding rapidly over the next twelve months, with revenue generated from gold sales, bank, exchange and ATM transaction fees, and the crypto phone so your return on investment will be determined precisely by how much the company grows and what revenue it generates.

In the past 24 hours the top exchange has turned over €1 billion Euros. The 12th one has turned over €153 million. The 50th biggest exchange has turned over €572 million in the past thirty days and four of those exchanges are less than twelve months old!

KaratBank are launching an exchange where people will be able to convert fiat currency to gold, to crypto with card and bank wire facilities and all with lower fees. The plan is for it to go live in October, which is less than two months away.

Also, the fees from KaratPay and CashGold will be substantial as there are gold traders in Asia that will be using it to trade millions per month.

5) How do I cash in my investment?

You will be able to sell your KCBs and KBCs on the KaratBank exchange, either for fiat currency or exchange for physical gold, cash gold, or any number of crypto currencies.

6) I like the idea of Hong Kong… can we meet up?

Absolutely! I’ll be there for at least two nights so if you decide to invest and qualify for the free trip, let me know and let’s hook up while we’re out there! There are some fabulous restaurants and bars so if you want to join me for dinner or a drink, or even just want to say hello, we can do it.


Week 2: 7 bets (3 wins) for profit of 1.89 points (£18.90 at £10 per point)

Overall: 16 bets (7 wins) for profit of 0.56 points (£5.60 at £10 per point)

Fightback Trader

Week 2: 5 bets (0 wins) for loss of 102.60 points (£-1026.00 at £10 per point)

Overall: 8 bets (0 wins) for loss of 175.50 points (£-1755.00 at £10 per point)

Draw Profits

Week 2: 13 bets (4 wins) for loss of 0.50 points (£-5.00 at £10 per point)

Overall: 27 bets (7 wins) for loss of 4.78 points (£-47.80 at £10 per point)

eSports Betting Tipster

Week 8: 7 bets (4 wins) for profit of 22.55 points (£225.50 at £10 per point)

Overall: 54 bets (20 wins) for profit of 32.92 points (£329.20 at £10 per point)

Greyhound Back Pro

Week 9: 54 bets (19 wins) for profit of 10.00 points (£100.00 at £10 per point)

Overall: 509 bets (143 wins) for loss of 37.30 points (£-373.00 at £10 per point)

The Winning Machine

Week 4: 14 bets (5 wins) for loss of 5.45 points (£-54.50 at £10 per point)

Overall: 54 bets (21 wins) for profit of 3.00 points (£30.00 at £10 per point)

Top Dog

Week 8: 3 bets (2 wins) for profit of 2.25 points (£22.50 at £10 per point)

Overall: 31 bets (15 wins) for profit of 0.43 points (£4.39 at £10 per point)


Whether you’re new to cryptos or a seasoned crypto maniac, you need to be using Wirex.

Wirex gives you more crypto for your cash than anyone else. They’re the only platform that lets you buy Bitcoin, Litecoin and XRP instantly, no hidden fees.

Look at this chart that shows the results of purchasing £100 of BTC by debit/credit card on 27/07/2018 at approximately 17.45. Based on the true cost of a GBP-to-BTC purchase including all fees and commissions charged by the three companies:

Wirex is the cheapest place to buy Bitcoin because they do not charge any fees or commissions. Unlike their competitors. They charged an additional 3% (Blockchain) and 3.99% (Coinbase) in commissions – making the overall purchase of BTC more expensive.

Also Wirex is also the only company that allows you to spend your crypto anywhere using the Wirex Visa card:

Great exchange rates, no hidden fees
Use anywhere Visa is accepted
Earn Cryptoback™ (their unique rewards programme that gives you 0.5% back in BTC on all in-store purchases)

Open a free account here

Match Day Profits

The Premier League kicks off on Friday when Man Utd take on Leicester.

But will it be another title for Pep?
Will Man City become the first team to retain the title since Utd did so in 2009?
The market thinks so. But perhaps more importantly where is the value?

And how can you make money and have some fun following your bets as events unfold?

Paul Ruffy of Match Day Profits addresses all this and more in his ante-post guide.

It’s totally free and you can download it right now.

Inside you’ll find:

The best value single bets for the ante-post outright markets.
Premier League, Championship, FA CUP, League Cup and Champions League all covered.
Three to follow and Three to avoid!
Who are the most reliable BANKER bets in Europe?
AND a Season four-fold Acca across all four English Divisions @ 21/1!!

Paul has done really well from Antepost betting over the last three seasons and is hopeful this will land one or two nice priced winners.

Download here now

Tip ‘n’ Mix

Arthur is starting a new review on an interesting looking service that claims to compile the best selections from the best services in the UK into one affordable package.

Apparently it produces an income of £200-£550 per week.

The idea is that you get access to tips from services that normally cost £2k-£5k a year, but only pay one monthly fee of £39.95.

As usual we’ll be putting it through its paces to see how it actually performs.

The first month is £20 and comes with £140 worth of bonuses.

More information here


Only one winner since my last update, a double returning £118.13 although I only got £42.50 at Hills, so I’m now £396.22 in the red.

Bets: 57
Wins: 2
Strike rate: 3.5%
Total staked: £705
Returns: £569.63
Official Profit: -£135.37

My profit: -£396.22

I’m going to allow a 200 point bank for this so we could do with some winners soon.


Week 1: 9 bets (4 wins) for loss of 1.33 points (£-13.30 at £10 per point)

Overall: 9 bets (4 wins) for loss of 1.33 points (£-13.30 at £10 per point)

Fightback Trader

Week 1: 3 bets (0 wins) for loss of 72.90 points (£-729.00 at £10 per point)

Overall: 3 bets (0 wins) for loss of 72.90 points (£-729.00 at £10 per point)

Draw Profits

Week 1: 14 bets (3 wins) for loss of 4.28 points (£-42.80 at £10 per point)

Overall: 14 bets (3 wins) for loss of 4.28 points (£-42.80 at £10 per point)

eSports Betting Tipster

Week 7: 6 bets (2 wins) for loss of 6.00 points (£-60.00 at £10 per point)

Overall: 47 bets (16 wins) for profit of 10.37 points (£103.70 at £10 per point)

Greyhound Back Pro

Week 8: 48 bets (13 wins) for loss of 7.90 points (£-79.00 at £10 per point)

Overall: 455 bets (124 wins) for loss of 47.30 points (£-473.00 at £10 per point)

The Winning Machine

Week 3: 14 bets (5 wins) for loss of 3.29 points (£-32.90 at £10 per point)

Overall: 40 bets (16 wins) for profit of 8.45 points (£84.50 at £10 per point)