From The Stables

I have been looking at From The Stables, a horse racing tipping service costing £30 per month.

An easy service to operate; login to the website after 11a.m. and bet on the stated selections. However, I did mess this up by betting on all the tips from up to 15 stables; this service isn’t designed to be used this way. Bets are placed on the NAP, Next Best (NB) and for Ken’s tips occasional third best.

The headline figure is 0.98 points profit (£9.80 using our standard £10 per bet). However, this is not a good way at looking at this service.

Please note that I used each-way where advised odds where 5/1 (6) or higher. There isn’t any advice on the website to do this but I was more comfortable using the tips this way.

Looking at the breakdown for the source of each selection we get a different picture:

Week Admin
Overall 30.415 -21.35 5.375 -19.62 6.16 0.98

Admin NAP returns 30.415 points (£304 using £10 stakes), and even if three months subscription are deducted these tips returns a healthy overall profit. The other tips are not so good, but you could add more tips if you have a mind to. I’d certainly keep an eye on all these tips as I’m sure that they will turnaround.

As a bonus, you get selections from up to 15 stables, which can be used when analysing the race card to produce your own bets.

I also recorded results to BSP with 5% commission.

Week Admin NAP Admin NB Ken 3rd Ken NAP Ken NB Overall
Overall 36.18 -31.97 5.46 -22.33 12.08 -0.58

Results are broadly the same as getting the advised prices, so using the exchanges appears to be a valid option.

If you are selective, and not bet on every selection, this service returns a healthy profit, hence this service is approved.

You can get From The Stables here.

From The Stables

A break-even week for the main service (Admin Nap) but a good week for the Ken’s Tips service.

WeekAdmin NAPAdmin NBKen 3rdKen NAPKen NB
16/09/2019 – 22/09/20190.19-7835

The overall results are:

WeekAdmin NAPAdmin NBKen 3rdKen NAPKen NBOverall

This is week 13, so here this trial ends. I’ll write up my summary shortly.

Vision Racing

A break-even week with wins at 11/1 and 6/1 wiping out the losses. Nicely in overall profit.

Week 10: Bets 19, Wins 2, Profit 0 (£0.00), BSP Profit -0.60 (£-6.00)
Overall: Bets 191, Wins 42, Profit 52.25 (£522.50), BSP Profit 27.25 (£272.50)

Horse Network Tipster

Another excellent week putting this service firmly in overall profit.

I read that there was a question about whether this service works at SP. Looking at the BSP, there is a very significant difference in the profits, so this is a service where getting the early price is key.

Week 7: Bets 64, Wins 10, Profit 36 (£360.00), BSP Profit 18.96 (£189.60)
Overall: Bets 399, Wins 51, Profit 43.04 (£430.40), BSP Profit -25.45 (£-254.50)

ITV Racing Tips

I suppose it had to happen, a losing week, but only just! Overall profit remains very healthy.

Week 9: Bets 8, Wins 2, Profit -5.1 (£-51.00), BSP Profit -5.15 (£-51.50)
Overall: Bets 102, Wins 46, Profit 92.17 (£921.70), BSP Profit 68.16 (£681.60)

Top Dogs

Unfortunately we have hit a period where the results are poor. I am hopeful that this will turn around before this review ends.

Week 6: Bets 14, Wins 2, Profit -41.48 (£-414.80),
Overall: Bets 57, Wins 17, Profit -45.97 (£-459.70), )

Fight Back Trader – Month 3 Final Review

Tested and Reviewed by Ian

Fight Back Trader is an update to a system that was previously launched but then failed as market conditions changed. Mark Rose has changed some of the parameters and then collected impressive results for 18 months. It requires the user to logon to the recommended broker between 7:05-7:50am, place the trade as instructed from the members area of the website, which includes the take profit target and stop loss. The other requirement is to make sure that any positions that are open are closed before 9pm each night. (Once your 30 day trial finishes and if you continue, then the signal service that calculates each day’s signal, target and stop loss, costs £5.95 / month. But you are also provided with the information as to how it is calculated and therefore you can easily do it yourself, should you so choose).

The claims when the trial started are that from Feb 2018 to Jun 2019 your account would have grown just under 476% using this methodology with just two losing months.

August completed the 3 month review of Fight Back Trader. It started so well and the prospects were great, given the history, and the potential returns. However, August was another down month. Against the £10/pt staking, August was down for me -£1,366.40. The official record was -£1,404. This month at least the number for my returns are vitually the same as the official record.

As stated in July, Mark made a change to the system and removed Monday as a trading day. This has altered the results and made big difference to the comparison of how I performed versus the official record on the website, affecting both the June and July performance data.

June Mine +£1,462 Mark £+2327
July Mine -£911 Mark -£128
August Mine -£1,366 Mark -£1,404

At least this month our results do match. The difference in the June numbers is that Mark has removed Monday’s trade results which boosted his returns. As mentioned last month, there were also trades taken on Monday’s for the first part of July, before the change was introduced. This accounts for part of the difference in July, with the other large difference due to a trade that was stopped out on my account, versus a different entry price for Mark, which just held the stop loss.

One could look at Mark’s results and say that things were not too bad given what have been extremely difficult market conditions during the last 6-8 weeks. On my results it is a loss over the three months and a failure.

To explain, this is really a trend following system. What it is not suited too is volatile markets that are responding to overnight events. What we have seen is, during the overnight period, as referenced by UK GMT, between 1:30am to 6:00am there have been large swings in prices during the Asian market trading times. Prices have opened often a long way from the previous close, but then there has been no follow through in the desired direction. Basically trend-less choppy markets with wild swings.

Now there is nothing to say this will not continue ad infinitum. But history would show this is not normally the case in markets and a more “normal” trading environment will likely emerge, especially as July and August are holiday months and market depth is usually thinner, thus exaggerating some of the moves.

So where do I stand on this? I still like the premise, but I would view it as a system that can experience significant drawdowns and therefore taking it on face value and the proposed use of minimum funding is not for me. If however, you have the funds and can scale the account size to ensure you have enough spare cash to accept two or three months of negative performance, like I’ve seen, and you can hold with it, then it may well come good. As those disclaimers always state, past performance is no guide to future performance and it just so happened with this trial that market conditions shifted.

I will likely continue to the end of the year and see if the final months can see a turn around and pull performance back. Two or three good months would make a huge difference and I do believe that is entirely possible.

I would rate this as Neutral, despite my own results.

You can take a 30 day risk free trial here.

From The Stables

Using an Excel pivot table, I have isolated the NAPs and Next Best selections from the previous 11 weeks. There are two groups: from the Trainer Daily Insights and another group form tipster Ken Pitterson. Ken sometimes has a 3rd best bet, so I have included those too.

Below is the pivot table and it includes this week. This table uses the advised odds.

I can take a couple of points from this table: just using the Trainer Daily Insights NAP returns a good profit (£302.25 using £10 stakes), and the other NAPs aren’t running as efficiently and therefore the overall picture (£-108.10) isn’t brilliant.

This coming week is the final week for the trial.

Vision Racing

Another profitable week keeps the overall profit going in the right direction.

Week 9: Bets 13, Wins 4, Profit 6.25 (£62.50), BSP Profit 1.2 (£12.00)
Overall: Bets 172, Wins 40, Profit 52.25 (£522.50), BSP Profit 27.85 (£278.50)

Horse Network Tipster

A decent week that continues the recovery nicely. Indeed, back to overall profit now, if only just!

Week 6: Bets 30, Wins 4, Profit 10 (£100.00), BSP Profit -3.35 (£-33.50)
Overall: Bets 335, Wins 41, Profit 7.04 (£70.40), BSP Profit -44.41 (£-444.10)

ITV Racing Tips

More or less break-even this week.

Week 8: Bets 13, Wins 6, Profit 4.6 (£46.00), BSP Profit 1.75 (£17.50)
Overall: Bets 94, Wins 44, Profit 97.27 (£972.70), BSP Profit 73.31 (£733.10)

Top Dogs

A bad week, apparently not unusual at this time of year. Hopefully back to form soon.

Week 5: Bets 14, Wins 2, Profit -26.75 (£-267.50),
Overall: Bets 43, Wins 15, Profit -4.49 (£-44.90), )

From The Stables

Folks, many, many apologies, but I have been using this service incorrectly and therefore the results I have been recording are invalid.

I have been backing every quote from every trainer and this is not really the best way to use FTS.

The quotes are there to help subscribers make personalised decisions about their race card selections on a day to day basis. They are not meant to be treated as pure tips.

The only real ‘tips’ that come from the service are the NAP and NB selections.

It will take a little while to adjust the results, I will try to get this done over the next few days,

L7 Trade

I’ve started a new review on this free Cryptocurrency Arbitrage service and to make things simple I’ve recorded a video to explain how it works.

Apparently it’s possible to double your money in 17 days with this, fully automated, so I’m keen to see how it does, although my gut instinct is telling me all may not be as it seems.

Have a look here:

And you can see the site here:

L7 Trade


5 Million DGTX Giveaway

To celebrate the upcoming launch of their public testnet, Digitex will be distributing a whopping 5 million DGTX tokens to the lucky winners of their waitlist competition.

All you have to do is join the waitlist and you’ll be given a unique link that you can share with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E-mail etc. which allows them to join the waitlist too. The more people you refer, the more chance you have of winning tokens of between 1000-50,000 DGTX.

It’s entirely free of course. All prizes will be airdropped to user’s accounts on the Digitex platform at mainnet launch.

Digitex should prove to be a popular platform as they don’t charge ANY commission on trading. So traders everywhere will be able to engage in fast, frequent transactions without handing over a percentage of their profits to the house.

This means that your free DGTX tokens could be worth quite a bit when the platform launches next year.

Sign up to the waitlist here

Top Dogs

A good win on Sunday rescued this two week period. Hopefully just a blip.

The service provider provided this update, “August’s performance figures ended up at a 46.43% winning strike rate and 24.61 points profit – the 9th winning month on the bounce“.

Week 3 & 4: Bets 14, Wins 6, Profit -2.01 (£-20.10),
Overall: Bets 29, Wins 13, Profit 22.26 (£222.60), )

ITV Racing Tips

This service continues it’s excellent performance over the past two weeks and overall.

Week 6 & 7: Bets 15, Wins 8, Profit 24.83 (£248.30), BSP Profit 25.08 (£250.80)
Overall: Bets 81, Wins 38, Profit 92.67 (£926.70), BSP Profit 71.56 (£715.60)

Horse Network Tipster

Still limping along at around break-even, both over the last two weeks and overall.

Week 4 + 5: Bets 61, Wins 9, Profit 3.04 (£30.40), BSP Profit -11.71 (£-117.10)
Overall: Bets 305, Wins 37, Profit -2.96 (£-29.60), BSP Profit -41.06 (£-410.60)