Guy Cohen – OVI Workshop

One of the first things I look for when assessing a betting or trading strategy is to see if the vendors selling the method or service actually use it themselves. Often vendors are simply sales websites looking to profit from the sales of strategies rather than from the process of using them.

Now, to be fair, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the strategy isn’t any good, but if the vendor of a strategy is actually using it for themselves then obviously this adds a lot of credence to the method in question.

If the vendor walks the walk as well as talking the talk, then he might well be worth listening to.

Last week I was invited to the home of millionaire financial trader Guy Cohen. This is a person who most definitely walks the walk. You can see a short film of my visit in the video below and I’d highly recommend giving that some serious attention. In fact you might want to watch it a couple of times as there is a lot of useful information to absorb.

Long story short, if you want to go into the next decade with the knowledge, skills and tools to make a full time living from financial trading, with no previous experience required, and only spending ten minutes a day ‘working’, then watch this now:

More information here

P.S. Guy is currently offering a massive discount but this expires this week and you will most definitely kick yourself if you miss the deadline (although it’ll still be worth it at full price).

6pt Plan

OK, only week 2, but both weeks are running at a strike rate of 30%. Obviously returns will be affected by the number of points invested, but both weeks have lost around 5 points.

BSP is affected by a winner this week which was advised at 7, but BSP was 18.57.

Week 2: Bets 18, Wins 3, Profit -5.00, BSP Profit 17.01
Overall: Bets 35, Wins 6, Profit -10.88, BSP Profit 14.75

Horse Racing Predictor – Tripler

Still using 10% of bank (ratchet) and it is a roller coaster for sure. Thankfully only paper trading so no emotional attachment. Bank reduced to £900 before a run of 5 straight wins taking the bank to a new high of £2,538, so my stakes are now £253.80. To be honest, bets of this size are going to be flagged by the bookmakers, thankfully BSP is an option although for roughly half the profit. Stakes using BSP are £194.

Week 3: Bets 21, Wins 11, Profit £ 568.05, BSP Profit £ 197.78
     New Banks: £ 2,188 and for Betfair £ 1,618

Overall: Bets 87, Wins 41, Profit £ 1,188.09, BSP Profit £ 618.36

Double Dutch

Wasn’t able to identify two meetings to bet on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. A tad frustrating to take the time to analyse a racecard and find no bets. I did analyse other races, if available, and still found no bets.

No football bets last week due to the international break.

Week 2
Horse Racing: Bets 26, Wins 20, Profit 7.94 (£79.40),
Football: Bets 0, Wins 0, Profit 0 (£0.00)

Horse Racing: Bets 52, Wins 39, Profit 23.61 (£236.10),
Football: Bets 18, Wins 7, Profit -26.1 (£-261.00)


“Week 1” includes 2 days, 4 bets, from the previous week. A disappointing start.

Week 1: Bets 12, Wins 1, Profit -7.25 (£-72.50), BSP -7.77 (£-77.70)
Overall: Bets 12, Wins 1, Profit -7.25 (£-72.50) , BSP -7.77 (£-77.70)

Pro Form

I suspect the flooding in south Yorkshire and generally poor weather leading to abandoned meetings has resulted in very few bets this week.

Week 2: Bets 3, Wins 1, Profit -0.65 (£-6.50), , BSP -0.66 (£-6.60)
Overall: Bets 10, Wins 1, Profit -3.57 (£-35.70), , BSP -0.66 (£-6.60)

In The Bleak Midwinter

One of the quickest and simplest ways of finding value (and making a profit!) is to spot where a particular set of circumstances are currently being underbet.

If you can see that backing Trainer A under particular circumstances (right track, right jockey, right type of race) has made a profit in the past, you can reasonably assume that that set of circumstances is being underbet and will produce a profit going forward.

That’s what my colleague Kieran Ward has done in his ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ manual that you can pick up today – gratis!

He’s identified three trainers that have made exceptional profits in each of November, December and January – when backed under their ‘optimum circumstances’.

When combined these 9 profit angles have produced 565.05 points profit since November 2015!

That equates to £11,300.89 when backed at £20 level stakes.

Even better than that he’s identified a cautious staking plan which would have increased those profits to £169,389.53 in the same period!

It’s a quality manual that highlights some very profitable angles – don’t miss it!

Get ‘In The Bleak Midwinter’ completely free now.

Horse Racing Predictor

Just seen this in the chat from Lieutenant K, one of the active gurus on Horse Racing Predictor. The statement below is unverified, but I thought it interesting enough to publish to CashMaster audience.

I have just been checking my results so far this year for the Favplacer, Dutching (on forum), Place Diamond, Joint Roster & All Quads (on forum) and they show combined % of +1,888.53% which makes me feel a lot better.

Which is an average of 6% profit per day just on these.

You can get Horse Racing Predictor here


This Tote Scoop6 service run by David Leslie is going great guns. To remind you, David won a share of the largest jackpot ever paid… a staggering £3.2 million, so you can see exactly why he is so qualified to run PlayScoop6. The Club focuses exclusively on the Scoop6, and places just one bet a week – a syndicate style perm on the Scoop6.

Since my last update they have had 2 jackpot wins and 16 Place Fund wins from their last 37 entries including 6 Place Fund wins from their last 7 entries.

Their selections have also produced a 55% race win strike rate over the period.

Share buyers also receive, for free, their Scoop6 Plus selections which is all their shortlisted selections and they often produce 5 or all 6 winners plus some high paying tricasts so you could even have a punt on these separately if you felt so inclined.

Club membership costs absolutely nothing, and something that I think is a nice touch… there is no obligation to play every week, just when you are feeling lucky!

You can play Scoop6 here

Top Dogs Review

I am sometimes a kiss-of-death for services, which seem to hit an unusual poor performance period just as I start following. I have said this before, I should be paid to stay away from some services!

Anyway, Top Dogs, a greyhound tipping service that costs £39.95 per month.

We were asked to trial this service again as the first review hit an unusual poor period, only for this to happen on this second time with a very poor September. Take this poor month away and profit would look much better.

However, if I look at the monthly profits over the past 2 years, we can see that, long term, this service does make a tidy profit of £3,275 (327.5 points at £10 per point); an average of £136 per month.

This trial ended 11.36 points down (-£113.60 at £10 per point) to which another £120 of subscriptions need to be added.

The service is straight-forward, you receive an email with the selections around 10 to 11 a.m. and you place the bet. As you can see in the sample below, there is a Minimum Target Odds recommendation, I just used the ‘Current Best Odds’ to monitor performance. Betfair is an option but I didn’t track Betfair prices.

This is an example of the selections you receive:

Track: Central Park

Race: 19:18

Trap: 4

Dog: Laughill Scott

Stake: 0.5 point win

Current Best Odds: 5.5 (9/2)

Bookmaker(s): Coral

Minimum Target Odds: 3.75 (11/4)

Bookmaker(s) currently offering odds: Generally Available

I would normally fail this service based on this trial. However, as the service does make a profit when I am not trialling it (!) I am going to give this a neutral rating.

You can get Top Dogs here

Football ATM

Using no science, I randomly select matches to try and get 4 to 5 matches in a rolling 2 hour period. There 8 losing scorelines this week, and I found 6 of them! This obviously scews the profit/loss. International break, so I’ll have a think about this strategy; perhaps I should choose matches with high goals-per-match. I’ll restart the trial if I do change strategies.

There won’t be a summary next week as no matches in the leagues I am following for 2 weeks.

Week 2: Back Bets 33, Back Wins 27, Back Profit -£ 220.52,  Lay Bets 16, Lay Wins 10, Lay Profit -£ 156.04.
Overall: Bets: Back Bets 63, Back Wins 55, Back Profit -£ 174.40,  Lay Bets 32, Lay Wins 24, Lay Profit -£ 100.32.

Top Dogs

Interestingly, started and ended well; it’s the bit in the middle which was disappointing. This is the final week of the trial for this service.

Week 13: Bets 12, Wins 5, Profit 16.26 (£162.60)
Overall: Bets 126, Wins 41, Profit -11.36 (£-113.60)

Pro Form

2 bets which placed, but neither were in profit so I am showing no wins. A limp start.

Week 1: Bets 7, Wins 0, Profit -2.92 (£-29.20), , BSP -2.44 (£-24.40)

Double Dutch

There is no science behind the Football bet selections. As there isn’t any football for 2 weeks due to the international break, I’ll reconsider this with a view to selecting matches where few goals are expected. Either way, there wont be any football bets in next week’s summary.

Nice start on the horses.

Week 1
Horse Racing: Bets 26, Wins 19, Profit 15.67 (£156.70),
Football: Bets 18, Wins 7, Profit -26.1 (£-261.00)

6pt Plan

Two 3 point winners this week for a weak start.

Week 1: Bets 17, Wins 3, Profit -£ 5.88, BSP Profit -£ 2.26

Horse Racing Predictor – Tripler

I am using a straight 10% of bank, calculated each day, with ratchet (never reduce stakes). This very aggressive strategy almost blew the bank this week. If this strategy does blow the bank, I’ll recalculate using 5%, probably. As you can see from the chart below for week2, the bank made quite a nice recovery in the end.

Week 2: Bets 21, Wins 9, Profit -£ 448.09, BSP Profit -£ 89.32
Overall: Bets 66, Wins 30, Profit £ 620.03, BSP Profit £ 420.58

A comment on last week’s summary asked me about one-a-day. This uses the Horse Race Predictor Platinum staking plan. I have run the results through this plan using a £1,000 start bank and 75 points bank, a target % of 10% and maximum points of 10. At no point were the odds high enough to consider a split stake. I realise that unless you know the Platinum plan, this will not make a whole lot of sense to you.

As my records only has 22 selections, just over 3 weeks worth of data, it is far too early to make a conclusion. However, you can see a whole lot of “Loss”. Putting this in to the stake plan, the 10 point stop was hit on 5th November for a loss of -£406.40. Starting a new plan, adjusting the start bank to acknowledge this loss, I am at 6 points for a further loss of -£68.78.

With such a low sample I draw no conclusions from this, but I will keep an eye on this in future summaries.

Tee and Serve Tips

This is another golf tipster from Betting Gods with an excellent looking profit graph:

This service is currently running at an average monthly profit of £621.90 to £10 stakes and a total profit of £4,975.20 to £10 stakes since April this year!

Again, you can get a completely free trial to this service here:

Tee and Serve Tips

Pro Form Racing

I’m also going to look at Pro Form Racing from BetInfo24, a new tipster for 2019. This service costs £27.99 with a reduction for a quarterly subscription.

Selections are sent by email the evening before racing; having said that, I have had only 1 email so far and that was 23:30, long after my bed time!

The email contains advised odds, but I won’t be using BOG and other bookmaker offers as these can be withdrawn. I’ll also record results using BSP with 2% commission now that this is generally available.

Selections are either straight win bets or each-way, and I’ll follow the stake plan recommendations in the email.

Looking forward to this review as it appears to have a consistent and high strike rate.

You can get Pro Form Racing here.


Tipping Gurus have added a new horse racing tipster – ImRigged, and I am going to have a look at this.

Selections are sent out each evening and are always 1pt win or 0.5pt e/w. An average of 1 or 2 selections are sent each night although of course some days are busier than others.

A betting bank of 100pts is recommended for the service.

The service costs a hefty £60 per month, so we are going to need a good strike rate or return on investment to cover this.

I’ll record results using the advised prices. I don’t use BOG and other bookie offers as these can be withdrawn. I’ll also record results using BSP with 2% commission as this is now generally available.

You can get ImRigged here.

Double Dutch

This service is an offering from Steve Davidson.

The video above explains the service, but in short, you put the runners and their odds into an Excel  spreadsheet, Excel then calculates the stake, and these are then bet. Both odds and bets use Betfair, so I’ll record results with 2% commission.

There is an option for UK and Irish races to select 1 to 2 meetings and load these up using different tabs and recording the results later in the day. As you’ll be at your computer afternoons and most evenings unless you use this option, I am going to arbitrarily select 2 races per day as this helps those folks who are working during the racing. My intention is 1 jumps and 1 all-weather, otherwise the meeting starting first and the meeting starting latest. As you want to the profits to accumulate to get the best return, I’ll run each Excel tab to “round” 7, i.e. for 7 races.

The manual, and especially the videos, are really helpful. I recommend that you watch the videos if you buy this product.

The spreadsheet has a one-off cost of £34.97, or £89.94 if bundled with Easy Bet Bot. You don’t need Easy Bet Bot if you are already using a betting bot (Gruss, Bet Angel, Geeks Toy, I think you could use TheBetEngine with a little more effort, and the like). I’ll be reviewing Easy Bet Bot in a few days time and I am going to use Easy Bet Bot for this review.

You do need Excel, but you can get copies of older versions on online markets (eBay, Amazon, etc) for under £20. However, an online option is also available that doesn’t need Excel.

The spreadsheet can also be used for football correct score dutching. As each workbook allows up to 8 matches to be followed, again I’ll arbitrarily select 8 matches using major European leagues (EPL, Championship, Germany, Spain and Italy). I will use “cups” matches too (Champions League, FA Cup etc). There’ll be no science behind which matches are selected. You can run multiple copies of the workbook, so you could run a copy for each league, but I won’t be doing that for this review.

You can get Double Dutch here.