Bank Builder

As I’ve stated in the past, this is a hard service to give updates on as I’m not allowed to give selections, staking info etc. Just updates on how it’s progressing in overall bank terms.

I had intended to use the current International Break period to give as much of an update as possible as Cycle 2 has been having problems since the start, but I held back as the service said they would be prioviding a series of reports as to why performance had fallen off and some added bonus value that would keep us going while the bank recovered.

We’ve now had those reports and bonuses and there’s nothing in there particularly interesting to report. In fact, I’d say one of the “Bonus” ideas is ludicrous and I really hope nobody tries doing it.

The part that does ring true is that anyone following wider European football will be able to tell you that a lot of the big clubs are having a very torrid time lately. As this service is based on aggressive staking on lower odds selections, they’ve been struggling too. I can understand and bear with that, to an extent.

The reason Cycle 1 impressed me, compared to my expectations ( as I mentioned in the last update, I told Graham I expected an early finish to the trial when this went bust) was that they managed to avoid a good few “Dead Cert” priced bets that then went on to lose. This, I reasoned, showed they were using a pretty decent selection process and not just blindly backing shorties. They also kept the odds (bar the last couple final bets) at a fairly sustainable level and they doubled the bank in quick time.

Cycle 2 started off with a loss, recovered well, then hit a really bad run. On top of that run, which could be excused to an extent, (as per comment on big clubs being wobbly at the mo) the odds being selected have, on occasion, been REALLY low. Beyond comfort level LOW. The bank is now using its “Wild Card” method, which is basically a temporary top up which they then aim to build into the Cycle target. It’s a recovery mode by another name.

They seem to have lost the knack avoiding the shocks that they seemed to show in Cycle 1. Maybe that was good luck rather than good planning, maybe it just is a case of almost unprecedented terrible form from the usually realiable big teams, maybe things will click back into gear this weekend and we’ll double the bank after all. Dunno, but we shall see by trial’s end.

Either way, I really do think there should be some sort of price cut off to this or any type of betting. Some sort of risk/reward balance check. There’s a human factor involved in every match. Players/teams have off days, they can do stupid unpredictable things, injuries can happen during the game, referees can make mistakes, or fancy seeing their name in the headlines of the reports on the weekend’s biggest fixture , (**cough** Dike Mean **splutter**) all those factors mean there has to be a point at which the reward isn’t worth the risk.

As stated throughout this trial, I’m limited in what I can & can’t say, but I said something when it went well and they impressed me, so I’m going to say something when my concerns are growing. I would have put this post up earlier but as stated, I was waiting to see what would come with the promised reports etc and I knew I wasn’t risking having more people sign up to it since my last update as you cannot join mid-cycle, you just go on a waiting list to join when the new Cycle starts

The Shortlist

Bank update

I have been recording results since September 7th. My starting bank was £400. This is smallest bank using 1% recommendations, so an each way bet is £2 win/place, and £4 for a win bet. I reset the bank on a daily basis, and place my bets at Betfair SP. Any selection priced at 5.0+ at the time of placing the bet is a win and place bet UNLESS there are fewer than 8 declared runners, in which case it’s a win only bet. If the bank falls below £400, the stakes remain at £2 win/place and £4 win because £2 is the minimum stake on Betfair (there are ways round this but I’m sticking with the minimum).

I have placed 428 bets since September 7th and the bank stands at £512, so an increase of 28%. As you can see from the graph, this is still below the high watermark of £594, and that’s the nature of the beast. It can sometimes feel like one step forward, one step back but it’s actually better than that and after a downturn in week 1, has stayed in profit throughout. The ROI is 5.42, which is acceptable, but with the number of bets it’s more of a portfolio service than an income. Before jumping in, subscribers are advised to look at the overall results from the year. Well into profit, but a prolonged period of over 700 bets from June where the bank was on drawdown. This is a long-term proposition.

The Winning Machine

I have been following The Winning Machine, a horse racing tipping service costing £79.50 + vat per month. Wow, that’s hefty, at that price you’d expect really good results.

For your money you get an email with the selection, odds and bookies where these odds are available. Here is an example:

Racecourse: Newton Abbot
Race Time: 16:10
Racecard Number: 1
Horse: Boko Fittleworth
Advised Stake: 1.5 points win
Current Best Odds: 2.63
Bookmaker(s): 888sport, Betfred, Totesport

So as soon as you receive the email, you place your bet on for the advised stake.

I tracked performance against the advised odds and Betfair SP.

The trial has ended 17.20 points up (using advised prices), that is £172.00 using Cashmaster standard £10 stakes. Subtract 3 months subscriptions, I make this £286, and we have lost £114. We had 250 bets with 88 winners at average odds of 3.01.

Betfair odds actually blew its bank as Betfair odds are significantly lower than the advised odds (average odds of 2.83 before 5% commission is deducted), so this is a bookie only service.

I am going to rate this as neutral. If you used £25 stakes, as suggested on the sales page, you’d have a small profit £144 after subscriptions. Whilst in nett loss, the loss is small enough that a few good wins could easily turn the results around. Although, for close to £100 per month subscription, you would expect a much better performance.

You can get The Winning Machine HERE.

Fightback Trader

Two weeks worth as I was away last week without internet access.

Week 10: 5 bets (2 wins) for profit of 11.00 points (£110.00 at £10 per point)

Week 11: 5 bets (3 wins) for profit of 38.69 points (£386.99 at £10 per point)

Overall: 52 bets (20 wins) for loss of 135.90 points (£-1359.00 at £10 per point)

Draw Profits

Two weeks worth as I was away last week without internet access.

Week 8: 19 bets (8 wins) for profit of 6.27 points (£62.70 at £10 per point)

Week 9: 12 bets (5 wins) for profit of 3.60 points (£36.00 at £10 per point)

Overall: 207 bets (69 wins) for profit of 14.63 points (£146.30 at £10 per point)


Two weeks worth as I was away last week without internet access.

Week 10: 6 bets (4 wins) for profit of 0.57 points (£5.70 at £10 per point)

Week 11: 1 bets (0 wins) for loss of 0.50 points (£-5.00 at £10 per point)

Overall: 126 bets (45 wins) for profit of 51.45 points (£514.50 at £10 per point)

The Winning Machine

Two weeks worth as I was away last week without internet access.

Week 12: 26 bets (10 wins) for profit of 6.36 points (£63.65 at £10 per point)

Week 13: 27 bets (7 wins) for loss of 2.97 points (£-29.70 at £10 per point)

Overall: 250 bets (88 wins) for profit of 17.20 points (£172.00 at £10 per point)

Trends Expert

Did you get the Cesarewitch tricast up yesterday? Trends Expert subscribers did. With an outlay of 210 points (7 horses combination tricast) they hit the jackpot of £3973.60. So a £21 overall stake (10p per bet) would have seen a £376.26 profit. I’m not one to post up cherry-picked results when they happen occasionally, and admittedly this is one of TE’s best, but it’s certainly not unusual, and I think you might fancy a visit to the website where you can view all the results and details of how you can join them You can try Trends Expert here

Trends Expert

When I stumbled across this website, I had to sit up and take notice. Claiming £870 average monthly profit to £20 per point stakes since inception in September 2016 with a 50% strike rate and 24% ROI, it demands a second look.

Described as an advised staking service, it examines the relative strengths of horses in a race according to trends as opposed to form. As such, the trends expert doesn’t have access to the usual fingertips data and spends many hours trawling through data to come up with his selections. As he says about today’s targeted races:

The 3.15 York currently comprises 20 runners. Our Trends Expert filters the runners using 28 separate criteria. The data for each runner has to be found, entered and then analysed and this is all performed manually. Therefore, for this race, 28 x 20 = 560 separate items of data have to be dealt with manually.

The 3.40 Newmarket is a monster of a race. That analysis comprises 42 separate criteria across 36 runners (including two reserves) which means that 1,512 separate pieces of data have to be manually found, entered and analysed.

So overall, that’s 2,072 separate pieces of data to be dealt with across just two races.

Having analysed the data, the Trends Expert advises variable staking for each runner on the shortlist depending on the strength of the trends and the forecast odds.

With such time-intensive analysis, the targeted races are not a daily occurrence (The Trends Experts service provides selections in 10-12 races per month, with multiple bets per race with an average 50% win strike rate on races), and he advises clients well in advance (for the month ahead!) which races he is going after.

There can be a lot of bets in each race. For instance, in today’s two races he is outlaying 14 points on 7 runners in one of the races and 15 points on 8 runners in the other. Each runner is advised at points outlay depending on price and strength. So at £2 per point, you would be investing £58. And there’s more. You are further advised that covering the forecasts and tricasts for each race, and when there is more than one race in a day, such as today, cross multiples, has proved to be lucrative. For today that would mean a further 56 each way bets for the cross doubles, plus 252 forecast/tricast bets for one race and 392 forecast/tricast bets for the other race. Even at just 10p per point you would be putting in a further £11.20 (cross doubles) plus £64.40 (forecasts/tricasts). So today’s overall layout would come to £133.60 and from which there’s a very real chance of zero returns. You could also go down the Exacta/Trifecta route instead of backing the forecasts and tricasts, I’m not sure what the long-term effects of this would be, but referring to today’s Cesarewitch you would have been 71 points better off on the Exacta compared with the SFC, but 996 points worse off with the Trifecta compared to the tricast, which is obviously a huge difference and so worth consideration.

However, I think at 50% strike rate, low-risk bettors could start without the extras, and with 24% ROI you could pick your own comfort zone and build from there. Based on past results, as the cost of the service is £29.99 per month, you would need to stake 70p per point without forecasts/tricasts/cross multiples to break even. I will report back and see how we get on.


So you’re dying to know how we got on, targeting two ‘impossible’ races: 3.15 York – Coral Sprint Trophy Handicap 3.40 Newmarket – Cesarewitch Stakes Handicap. The trends suggested around 100% was covered in the Coral, and around 80% in the Cesarewitch. As it happened, we got 2nd and 4th in the Coral, and 1st/2nd/3rd in the Cesarewitch.

So, we had one non runner in the Cesarewitch and one in the Coral. The tricast paid £3973.60, forecast was £139, cross doubles came to +83.82 points at ISP, so overall if you had bet the wins only (each way advised where a runner is around 20/1) you would have lost 12.5 points on the Coral, and made 18 points on the Cesarewitch at ISP for an overall profit of 5.5 points (the price on the winner was advised at 2 points higher than the ISP, and BSP was more in line with this). But with the addition of extras, the 3972.6 points on the tricast, the 138 points on the forecast you could very well have been celebrating this evening!

You can try Trends Expert here

Scottish Football Income Booster

We reviewed this service last year and gave it a resounding approval. Our reviewer, Liam, had this to say about it:

“I’ve long thought, and discussed with punting pals, that if you could find genuinely dedicated to their patch tipsters, specialising in Scottish lower league and/or English non-league betting, you would never look over your shoulder again. Niche areas where actual knowledge or nouse outweighs stats…

I think this deserves its place on our APPROVED list… The fact that you can check it out risk free for the first month is very reassuring, as is the ease of contact and support available from the service.”

Well, the service has kicked off to a great start this season, with only one losing weekend from eight so far, and a profit of 28.18 points already. Also, as an added bonus, the subscription has been dropped from £47+vat to £37+vat.

If you want to guarantee yourself a winning football edge for the rest of the season, have a look here:

Scottish Football Income Booster

Cleeve Racing

Free Guide

Always eagerly awaited, the guys at Cleeve Racing have released their annual Jumps Ten to Follow guide today so it’s available to you now and it’s FREE!

It’s a quality publication that contains 10 horses that can pay their way over the coming Jumps season. As always it tries to avoid the ‘Usual Suspects’ like Altior and Samcro to pinpoint horses that are flying slightly under the radar that should provide you with much better value.

It’s 15 pages of top-class analysis, including optimum trip and going conditions for every horse, and season targets where already indicated by connections.

You can download it here

Fancy a chat with Matt?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in a cave on the moon this past week, you’ve probably seen or heard something from Matt Bisogno about either Trainer Track Stats (TTS) or Geegeez Gold.

As well as giving away TTS, Matt’s just re-opened Geegeez Gold with a very special offer.

Not only is he heavily discounting subscriptions to Gold, voted the best betting website for the past two years in a row, but he’s also offering fast movers the chance to have a one to one consultation with him.

In case you don’t know, Geegeez Gold is a comprehensive racing and betting package that comprises state-of-the-art racecards, form tools, reports and a lot more.

It’s easy to navigate, easy to use, and is almost certain to move your betting up a notch.

The one to one chats with Matt will go quickly, so if you’d like the chance to speak with him about your betting, Gold, or whatever (within reason!), follow the link below right now.

As well as Geegeez Gold, Matt’s delivering four ‘improve your betting’ webinars for subscribers over the course of the next month; and you can try his service out for as little as one pound.

I’m not sure how long this offer will be open for but what I do know is that, when it closes, he’s increasing his prices by 20%. That’s not a marketing tactic – quite the opposite – but it is a fact.

So if you’re serious about enjoying your betting more, *and* making it pay, you owe it to yourself to check out Geegeez Gold and this very special offer.

Go here to find out more


If you have been watching the official Karatbars Facebook page you will see that CEO Harald Seiz is in the USA meeting a potential multi million dollar investor… $200 Million! There is a lot of big money and interest now coming into the company.

All good news for us going forward.

Free KCB Coins Offer Ends This Week

It has been decided by management that the offer of free KCB in Karatbars packages will end this Friday 5th October at NOON/MIDDAY CET and not 31st October as previously planned.

If you are thinking about buying a business package do not miss this opportunity.

The prices below are the maximum cost of a package (including vat for European clients). The price of your package may be 20% less.

Just look a how much free KCB you get with each package:

For example, if you buy a Bronze package for £145 you get €125 worth of KCB tokens included. You will be able to sell those KCB tokens on the Karatbank exchange when it opens in the next few weeks. Or you can hang on to them and sell them later when they go up in value. That way you could cover the entire cost of the package.

I bought a Premium Pro package for £8808. Included with that is a load of physical CashGold and a monthly profit share payment whereby you get paid a portion of the whole company profits, a bit like a dividend, every month for life. I saw the value in this package even without the KCB offer, so I got no KCB when I bought that. But if you buy it now you get an incredible €7236 worth of KCB included for free.

And again, you can sell those on the exchange to pretty much cover the cost of the whole package, or sell them later when they increase in value to not only cover the cost of the package but make a profit too. Then you’ll be effectively getting all the physical gold AND the monthly cash payments for life for free!

This offer is only available until Friday so don’t hang about!

You can buy your package here (choose Affiliate)

Profit Squad

We’re all looking to bring in a few extra pennies each month but how about if you could make over £1,000 a month using 4-5 different strategies that only took an hour or so a day?

Sound good? Well, it’s true and as hundreds of people are doing it, it’s perfectly achievable for anyone!

ProfitSquad currently help hundreds of members make hundreds and even thousands of pounds each month. If you want proof, just look at the ‘motivation’ thread on their forum where members post how much they’ve made each month. In July, members were posting profits of £1,354, £2,656, £4,788 and even £14,400! Take a look for yourself!

So how is it done?

Primarily, ProfitSquad are a matched betting site. You’ve probably heard of matched betting and it’s the process of generating a profit from free bets given by bookies whether they win OR lose. There’s still A LOT of money to be made from matched betting but ProfitSquad provide so much more than that.

ProfitSquad not only provide members with every matched betting offer available, they are also home to a number of other money making methods along with being the first to discover loopholes in betting offers. As a result, their dedicated members make a lot of money and you can too!

How much does this cost?

You can try ProfitSquad for 14 days for just £1 which gets you access to all matched betting offers, a number of money making tools, step-by-step guides on how to generate a profit from them and you’ll also be joining a community of money-making individuals who help each other generate a profit from methods which have worked for them.

Click here to try ProfitSquad today for just £1

Fightback Trader

Week 9: 5 bets (1 wins) for loss of 55.29 points (£-552.99 at £10 per point)

Overall: 42 bets (15 wins) for loss of 185.60 points (£-1856.00 at £10 per point)

Draw Profits

Week 8: 19 bets (8 wins) for profit of 7.72 points (£77.20 at £10 per point)

Overall: 154 bets (51 wins) for profit of 10.48 points (£104.80 at £10 per point)


Week 9: 15 bets (4 wins) for loss of 1.89 points (£-18.90 at £10 per point)

Overall: 119 bets (41 wins) for profit of 51.38 points (£513.80 at £10 per point)

The Winning Machine

Week 11: 28 bets (6 wins) for loss of 17.57 points (£-175.70 at £10 per point)

Overall: 197 bets (71 wins) for profit of 13.80 points (£138.05 at £10 per point)