Cleeve’s Cheltenham Yankee

Put your bookmaker to the sword with Cleeve’s free Cheltenham Yankee.

4 winners in Cleeve’s free Cheltenham Yankee returns over 5,000/1

Cleeve are proven Cheltenham experts, last year their free antepost Yankee returned 5 points profit with a winner and two places. This year they’re aiming to do even better.

Cleeve’s 2018 Festival record:

  • 26 bets over the 4 days
  • 4 winning selections (inc. @ 33/1)
  • 7 each way placed horses
  • 42% of bets returned a profit
  • £685 profit to £20 stakes

Download your free Yankee here

Free Betting Angles Make 809 Points Profit!

Not just one resource, but an entire collection of effective reports and video tutorials for profiting on the horses.

For a strictly limited time, you have the opportunity to receive all six of these angles, absolutely free:

  • Which trainers to follow from February onwards to make 245.68 points level stakes profit.
  • The horses to bet against to start winning 9 out of every 10 bets placed.
  • How to generate 158.65 points from National Hunt racing.
  • The four step creation process you can use to build your own profitable betting angles.

Download here

SJP Golf Tips

Week 5: Bets 13, Wins 3, Profit -0.27 (£-2.70)
Overall: Bets 52, Wins 9, Profit -0.07 (£-0.70)

Gaz Sax Racing

Week 5: Bets 12, Wins 2, Profit -5.875 (£-58.75), BSP Profit -6.82 (£-68.20)
Overall: Bets 51, Wins 13, Profit -2.145 (£-21.45), BSP Profit -1.58 (£-15.80)

Russell Blair Racing

Week 5: Bets 11, Wins 0, Profit -21 (-210.00), BSP Profit -21 (-210.00)
Overall: Bets 55, Wins 2, Profit -16 (-160.00), BSP Profit -23.12 (-231.20)

TIG Trading

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a guy by the name of Dwayne Dowman who told me:

“For the past 6 years, I have worked for three of the Uk’s leading FX brokers, leaving as the head of UK business. I ended my institutional career in July 2018 to pursue my own goals of running a successful Forex training group/service. Having witnessed exactly how 96% of retail traders lose money, whilst liaising and working alongside the 4% of winners, there really is no one better placed than me to be able to teach clients how to trade successfully.

I know there is a lot of talk in this world and it is certainly full of both naysayers and also less than straight individuals, which is why I have backed up my claims with a 4 month verified and proofed history of trading my system.

My FX Book

I have witnessed thousands of retail traders blow accounts and use some horrendous techniques whilst trading. I have also witnessed those who know what they are doing return profits consistently. My 3 Phase trading approach creates the foundations necessary to join the elite traders and revoke all common themes of the losing majority.”

I was intrigued enough to arrange a meeting with Dwayne and you can see my short interview with him here:

He is running a weekend training on 23rd/24th March and you can find more details here:

TIG Trading

SJP Golf Tips

Nice win on Phil Mickelson at 25/1.
Week 4: Bets 10.5, Wins 3, Profit 41 (£410.00)
Overall: Bets 48.5, Wins 6, Profit 0.20 (£2.00)

Gaz Sax Racing

The equine flu outbreak is going to have an impact on this service, so I might run this trial for a few extra weeks.

Week 4: Bets 7, Wins 2, Profit 7 (£70.00), BSP Profit 3.36 (£33.60)
Overall: Bets 39, Wins 11, Profit 3.73 (£37.30), BSP Profit 5.24 (£52.40)

Russell Blair Racing

The equine flu outbreak is going to have an impact on this service, so I might run this trial for a few extra weeks.
Week 4: Bets 7, Wins 0, Profit -7 (-70.00), BSP Profit -7 (-70.00)
Overall: Bets 44, Wins 2, Profit 5 (50.00), BSP Profit -2.12 (-21.20)

Gold Standard Bank

I know a number of you are buying enough Profit Packages to get a Masternode this week, as I am, and it occurred to me after various conversations with readers that even if you’re not going for a Masternode or Full node, the Profit Packages alone already have a built in profit as soon as you buy them.

Let me explain.

I was helping several readers work out what Profit Packages they needed to buy to get enough KCB to get to the magic 1m or 3m KCB number. And as they are buying before the bonus drops on Friday, whichever package they buy comes with a certain percentage of free bonus tokens.

For example, as I write this a €25K package comes with 64% bonus tokens, so you actually get €41,000 worth of KCB tokens for €25K. Now, here’s the clever part…

Even if you were not buying enough for a Masternode and you just wanted to make a quick profit, you will be able to sell your KCB as soon as the Mainnet goes live in September. So you’re looking at a €16,000 profit just on the KCB’s, just from buying a Profit Pack.

But that’s not all… you also get Gold with your Profit Pack. For example, with the €25K pack you get 160g of gold worth around €7000 included which again you can liquidate whenever you like.

Seems like a no brainer to me, even if you just want something to make a good return on this year, at whatever spend level you can afford.

Remember though that the bonus levels drop this Friday so if it’s something that interests you, get in this week to get the maximum profit out of it.

You can buy Profit Packages here (Join as Affiliate)

The K-Phone Launch in Dubai

On 30th March, KaratBank will be launching the world’s first Voice over Blockchain (VoB) Smartphone in Dubai.

Before you e-mail me to tell me there are already blockchain smart phones out there… those are just smart phones with built in crypto wallets. The K-Phone actually makes its voice calls over the blockchain making it decentralised and perfectly encrypted.

This is a world first and they have even patented the technology.

It also includes a removable private wallet to store and move your crypto’s on the move, and is satellite enabled, as well as Wi-Fi, SIM etc meaning you will be able to use it pretty much anywhere on the planet (or in space?).

Of course the profits generated from this phone, which could be absolutely astonishing as telecoms is possibly one of the most lucrative businesses on the planet, will be used to procure more gold to back the GSC (KCB + KBC), which you will own by buying a Profit Pack! At some point every single GSC will be backed with 1g of gold (current value around €44 each). Imagine that!

I will be going to the launch so if any of you have plans on being there, please do let me know as it would be good to meet up and say hello.

You can buy Profit Packages here (Join as Affiliate)

Football Winner

I have been following this service since launch on November 30th. It’s simple advice betting teams to win, sometimes as doubles. The claim pre-launch was a 61% win rate, 17.8% ROI and over £19k profit using £100 stakes in 9 months. Tips arrive for the whole weekend’s matches by email on Fridays.

Looking more closely at this, though, most bets are advised at 5 points staked, with a few at 2.5 points. So if we are to compare the service with others on this blog, we can divide that total by five, making £3.5k profit in 9 months. But that’s to £100 stakes, and we normally report to £10 stakes, so it becomes £350 profit, or 70 points in 9 months, or just under 8 points a month.

So, how has the service performed since launch, just over two months ago? Using the advised 5 point staking, we’re showing a loss of 16 points, which at the headline rate (£19k in 9 months) would be a loss of £1600; but at Cash Master standards, a more palatable loss of £30.

We’ll test this for another month to see how we get on.

You can try Football Winner here



This review began on 9th November. However, the operator moved away from his delivery agent in mid December, at which point we put the review on hold whilst having discussions about the explanation for the move. We are now happy to resume the review which is being delivered by the new agency at Tipster Street.

This is a horse racing backing service from the Tipster Street stable which I am putting through the stats grinder for three months. Here’s what they have to say about it:

Combination of form study data analysis and information to bring you high quality bets for flat and jumps Racing.. We average 1 or 2 bets per day with emphasis on value and aim long term Profit. Many of our horses are well supported in the market and we advise 1 pt win on all occasions. Take your betting seriously by joining us today.

After 72 bets, the service is in profit to advised prices at +7.75 points, and to Betfair SP to +4.25.

The cost of subscription is £9.99 for the first month, then £19.95 for subsequent months.

Full details here

Top Football Tipster

I am having a look at this service from the Betting Gods stable. This claims a profit of 169 points since September 1st, and is simple advice to bet in the football markets. The tips arrive early morning by email, giving the market to bet in, the points to stake, and bookies/prices to take.

I began following the service on 1st February, and am +4.33 points to the good with 16 wins from 25 bets. This is based on Betfair prices -5% commission. My results won’t be the same as official results, firstly because I do bet in the Betfair market, though I can usually achieve at least as good odds as quoted; and secondly because as a cautious bettor, instead of a lay bet I back the double chance for the same stake, so the risk is lower but the return for a win is lower (ie if the lay is the home team, I back away or draw) but in reporting I will give the official results which currently stand at +3.5 points.

Occasionally there may be obscure markets – a bet in the Iranian league was not available on Betfair, but so far the service is looking reliable. We’ll give this three months and see where it takes us.

More information here.

The Horse Race Predictor

A tad early because of the equine flu outbreak but I have enough data to form a view of this service: this will be approved and is possibly the best service I have reviewed in over 10 years!

That is some statement!

Let’s delve a little deeper.

There is a lot of information on the site so be prepared for information overload. Don’t expect to jump straight in on day one, take some time to feel your way in to this,

The first place you are going to start is “Daily Use”, and then the FI (Financial Independence) Club. You need to read and understand the articles here, especially how to use the HRP Platinum Staking Plan.

Next, I recommend you select and follow one of the “Club Betting” gurus. Each guru has a unique set of rules about how to use their selections, and you definitely need to understand each guru before adding another system.

The Club Betting gurus has formed the basis of this trial so let’s look at these in turn. However, before I start there are a couple of caveats: first: I used BSP the Gurus post they odds they took, and this means we had different results and profits; secondly whilst the points total is interesting you NEVER use flat stakes for any of these systems, you MUST use the HRP Platinum staking plan or other staking plans as advised. This second observation does make direct comparison with other Cash Master services somewhat difficult!

Method Maker

Turned £1,000 in to £3,048. Technically 98 points (£980 at a flat £10 per point) so would be a recommended service on its own.

The Squire

Turned £1,000 in to £2,732 or 88.98 points.

Might Tosh

Turned £1,000 in to £6,071 for 187 points!

These 3 do need you to be at your computer during racing. Although I think that Betfair 3rd parties that offer excel triggered betting may be able to handle the staking plan but there will be a cost to hire a developer.

Lieutenant K

Firstly this service can be handled by bots such as TheBetEngine, as can Triple S and systems on the forum.

Turned £1,000 in to £6,004 for 218 points. However, this is a bit generous. For me, the “forty” quad was very poor and the “coloured” quad benefited from the loss recovery staking. Here you are going to start with just one type of quad and Coloured is by far the best performer, followed by combined then forty.

There are several other profitable systems that I didn’t blog: Lieutenant K Triple S and several systems on the forum. Might Tosh also does a “key odds” system that you play in the place only market. You have to manually run the trebles as there may be a few days between selections but this turned £250 in to £1,540 in a month!

I don’t want to influence you but going forward I am using Mighty Tosh both for straight bets and the Key Odds selections.

One last note, I have used £1,000 as my base bank, but the service work equally well off £100 base banks.

However, just to reiterate, take some time to learn and understand each system you use. There is the ability to ask questions if you are confused.

Starting with a bank of £4,500 (remember you can use £450) and ending with a massive £19,395, 431% increase, approved is the only outcome of this trial.

One final note, there is a Masterclass event coming that you can pre-register for. There’ll be some goodies at the event and also explanations of how to use this service. More details to follow as we get them.

You can get The Horse Racing Predictor here.

The Horse Race Predictor

What with snow last week and equine flu this week, and as we are at week 12 I think I have enough data to call this, so I’ll post my final review presently. Yet another winning week!

DayToshThe Squiremethod MakerQuads
Week 124.091.8813.991433.96

Six Nations

With the equine flu shutting down UK racing until at least the middle of next week, why not have a look at making some money from the Six Nations tournament?

I mentioned this service last week and here are the results from last weekends games:

Package 1: 17 points profit.

Package 2: 28.56 points profit!

It’s safe to say that members had a fantastic Week 1 and with England beating Ireland, Phil’s pre tournament tips are looking seriously good and returning BIG profits.

I’ve been getting great feedback from people that joined the live webinars and these results are just the start of what they aspire to achieve by the end of the tournament.

The £1.00 trial is still available for Week 2, however the profit guarantee can no longer be offered (understandably).

Also, they have now dropped the prices accordingly:

Package 1 is now £48.00

Package 2 is now £96.00.

The next LIVE Webinar is tomorrow, Saturday, and they have released the Weekly Tips today.

You can join here.

KaratGold – Profit Packages

I was quite surprised at the response to my e-mail on Monday about Masternodes as I’m aware it’s only really suitable for those with a reasonable amount of disposable income.

In fact one of the most common questions I got was about how to buy the higher priced packages with a bank transfer as they are beyond most credit and debit card limits.

To that end there is a video explaining exactly how to do that below. Please bear in mind that the bonus KCB amounts drop every month with the first drop happening on 14th February (next Thursday) so if you are interested in acquiring a lifetime residual income that will likely increase each year, then get this done before next Thursday:

Also, for those that have perhaps given this a miss because they feel it’s out of their depth, either financially or even because they feel it’s too complicated and don’t understand it, I would encourage you to watch this short video recorded by my good friend John Duncan. In it he shows how you can get involved for as little as £135, quickly and easily, and how that small investment can be cashed in for a very healthy profit:

You can buy Profit Packages here (Join as Affiliate)

Racing Exchange


Week 9: Selections:114; Wins 35; Points: -14.29; at £10 per point: -£142.9 0

Week 10: Selections: 106; Wins 23; Points: 9.87; at £10 per point: £98.70

Overall: Selections: 799; Wins 214; Points: -58.98; at £10 per point -£589.80                                                                         

KaratGold – Masternode

Over the last couple of years I’ve received numerous e-mails from readers that are absolutely over the moon with certain opportunities I’ve highlighted that they had the good judgement to get involved with themselves.

Sadly, I’ve also received a number of e-mails from people kicking themselves that they hadn’t got involved earlier.

I know it’s a bold statement but, of all the opportunities I’ve come across, I genuinely believe this is the best I’ve ever seen in my 51 years on this marvellous blue planet.

Many of you are already involved with this and enjoying the ride, and even if you are, you should read this carefully as things are just about to go to the next level. If you’re not yet involved, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

I’m talking of course about KaratGold International.

There’s a lot going on at the moment with the rise in the price of KBC, the new crypto phone, their ATM’s, CashGold, their digital payment system, digital stock exchange and now their latest opportunity with their Masternodes, which are all creating a huge amount of excitement.

What’s this about Masternodes?

Have a look here:

Why would you want a Masternode?

If you accumulate 1 million KCB and acquire a Masternode you will be paid 15% per year in KCB.. Paid weekly! In other words 150,000 KCB per year!

If KCB remained at €0.14 that’s €21,000.

If you accumulate 3 million KCB and get a Full node you will earn 25% per year again paid weekly! That’s 750,000 KCB per year.

If KCB remained at €0.14 cents that is €105,000 over the year!

You can take this out as a weekly commission in your own currency if you like!

All previously accumulated KCB also count.

*Note that only 1000 Masternodes are available and 100 Full Nodes!

Truly Passive Income

With the current bonuses in place you can see how easy it is for bigger investors to get to the 1 million or 3 million KCB needed.

It is also a great opportunity for affiliates to reach 1 million or 3 million KCB though sales!

This is a limited opportunity and Masternodes/full nodes will be allocated on a first come first served basis!

You can buy KCB individually or from Karatbit but these don’t give you the highest amount of KCB for your money.

The best way is by buying profit packages because not only do you get the business, the gold etc but you also get the KCB bonuses.

Rather than you trying to work out how to buy them here is a video explaining exactly how to reach the 1 million KCB target needed to aquire a Masternode:

You can get Profit Packages here

Russell Blair Racing

Week 3: Bets 11, Wins 2, Profit 64 (£640.00), BSP Profit 56.88 (£568.80)
Overall: Bets 37, Wins 2, Profit 12 (£120.00), BSP Profit 4.88 (£48.80)