Loophole Trader (LT) – Approved

This is a trading system based on backing horses (mostly short-priced favourites) at bookmakers and laying them minutes later at the exchanges. Unique to LT is that it makes use of two key bookmaker promotion features: the first is BOG and the second you can discover on purchase. It is these two features that enable profits to be made on the vast majority of trades with only a few small losing trades. Indeed, it is these two features that provide the loophole compared to normal trading or normal hedging. LT is actually a form of hybrid trading as it sometimes involves trading within the bookmaker too.

Al Gibbs, the creator of this system, reports that he was able to take advantage of this loophole for 2-3 months (before being gubbed) mainly using just two bookmakers. Using what he called his safe (low-risk) method he made £2093.58 after 275 bets. So an average of £7.61 a trade and practically a straight line up on the graph below. In fact, 97% of these trades ended in profit. He used £250 per bet, but since this is trading that amount is not at risk. The more accounts you have access to, the more profit you can make. For this profit, one would need a starting bank of about £1000-£1100 split into £250 for each of the two bookies and £500-£600 for the Betfair exchange. A larger bank would enable you to stake higher (using more bookmakers) and cover more selections. However, you can begin with as little as £100. Since you’re only paying a one-time fee of £97 (plus VAT) to join, then it doesn’t matter if you only average £1 profit per bet when learning/practicing the system.

One will inevitably be gubbed at the bookmakers making extensive use of the two loophole features. However, if one spreads one’s bets out over a number of bookies, gubbings can be delayed. There are many suitable bookies available to UK punters including (in order of preference for LT): Bet365, SkyBet, Paddy Power, William Hill, BetVictor/Parimatch, Betway, Vbet, Livescorebet, Betfred, Coral, VirginBet, 888, Ladbrokes, BoyleSports and QuinnBet. Two more have been recently added to the LT list (in no particular order): Grovesnor Sports, and Netbet.

There is a step-by-step user guide and a built-in calculator that caters to every possible trading scenario.

You need to be around before each race (at least 15 mins and up to 30 mins beforehand) to place bets. There is currently evening and always weekend horse racing for those unable to use LT during the working day.

Loophole Trader’s one-off payment of £97 plus VAT comes with no subscriptions or extra charges.

I am happy to approve Loophole Trader. Anyone who has access to a couple of the bookmakers listed above should be able to make weekly profits for a couple of months. And if you have the time and access to many of the above bookmakers, you could make £200 per week for several months making you thousands.

Currently, time considerations prevent me from doing an ongoing review. But I have checked the workings carefully and everything is above-board. I fully approve of The Loophole Trader.

You can sign up here.

Systematic Betting

It is difficult to know what to do with this trial. We now have 263 bets and could draw a conclusion. However, the increase in the number of tips per day only started on 20th April, as this is just over a month ago I would like to run the trial for a little longer to give this change a fair review. The service is 36 points down since the change was made.

Another poor month. I hope the increase in the number of tips starts providing more winners soon as the 62-point deficit needs to be fixed. In fairness, May is a tricky month for flat racing and my personal system took a clobbering in May too. I am hoping things will improve through June.

Month 4: Bets 63, Wins 22, Profit -10.47, Betfair -18.18
Overall: Bets 263, Wins 87, Profit -65.27, Betfair -62.24

Football Multiplier

Another month ends with only 51 single bets and 33 Trixies there is not enough data on which to base a conclusion. The next few months are going to be odd ones as the focus will be on the summer football leagues as the main European leagues have either finished their 2022-2023 seasons or are closing soon. I’ll keep this blog going as I’d like to include the start of the 2023-24 season.

A poor month for the SINGLES but better for the TRIXIES helped by an 18.2-point winner where all 3 legs won.

Month 4: Bets 12, Wins 5, Profit -13.2, Betfair -17.4
Overall: Bets 51, Wins 28, Profit -21.2, Betfair -22.76

Month 4: Bets 8, Wins 6, Profit 10.33
Overall: Bets 33, Wins 14, Profit -9.43

First Class Racing

If you’ve been following our reviews for any length of time you’ll know we’ve tested literally hundreds of betting services over the years and seen pretty much every kind of betting strategy going.

One thing I get asked a lot is “what is the best system/service?” and the problem with that is that it depends entirely on what the person asking this is looking for. Are they actually interested in the sport or do they just want something that could make a profit. Are they prepared to put in time and effort themselves or do they want everything done for them. Do they want lots of bets every day to keep them interested or just a few? Are they more interested in high odds winners with the inevitable long losing streaks or do they prefer a high strike rate with the low odds winners that entails?

And of course you have to be careful with the marketing we see with a few services. Some may indeed produce “an average of 10 points a month” but when you sign up you realise it’s because they’re betting  5-10 points per bet on 20+ bets and you need a 1000+ point bank just to get started, or that 8 out of the 12 months are losers!

However, there’s one service that I really like a lot that makes no spectacular claims. In fact, since launching in October 2021 these are the results:

Year 1 October 21 – August 22

To 1 point stake: 11.74 points
To advised stakes: 10 points

Year 2 October 22 to date May 23:

To 1 point stake: 3.37 points 
To advised stakes: 6.02 points

Advised stakes are usually 1 point win with occasional 0.5 win/1 place, or 1 win/1.5 place.

As you can see these sort of results don’t necessarily give you a rush of blood enticing you to sign up immediately and start getting rich. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking this all seems a bit drab.

But you’d be missing something really quite special here if you didn’t take a second look.

This service is simply a delight to be a member of and for the first time in years it’s not just about making a profit from it (which we do) but actually enjoying the racing too.

There are very few bets; only 24 so far this year (since October) so when we get the green light it’s worth sitting down to watch!

And of course with this kind of service you will want to bet “larger” than you may be used to, but the recommended betting bank is only 20 points and that’s never been even slightly dented with around half of the bets winning and at average odds of between 13/8 and 7/4.

The write ups on each bet are superb, in fact the write ups on the bets we DON’T take are superb too, including the reasons why we’re not backing the horse that everyone else thinks is a dead cert (there’s potentially a service there in itself for the lay bettors amongst you).

There’s also a members chat room where we can all celebrate the winners and mull over the losers but throughout there is a real sense of professionalism and humility from Mel, the seasoned tipster who genuinely takes pride in providing what I would describe as possibly the best advice I’ve seen in this industry. He make not make you rich but he can certainly enrich your betting.

There’s a First Class Racing Live Q&A tomorrow at 7pm on Wednesday 31st May.

On it you can find out exactly how he does it.

They’ll cover…

  • Mel’s betting history, including the decades he spent losing money.
  • The specifics of his First Class Racing strategy, including running through a real selection, so you can really understand what separates Mel from other tipsters.
  • His approach to the Cheltenham Festival, which is coming up next month (spoiler alert, Mel’s 2022 Cheltenham results were stellar – more on that in future emails).
  • And then they’ll open up the floor to let you ask Mel any and every question you have about his approach or the First Class Racing service.
  • After that, Mel will share a tip for the upcoming Epsom Derby on 3rd June – usually just for paying members, but yours free on the night!
  • Plus, they’ll also give you the chance to join Mel and his happy members in the First Class Racing community.

Don’t miss this one if you want to make money while the rest of the world seems to be losing it! If you can’t make it tomorrow then they will be recording it and I’ll let you know where that’s posted when it’s ready.

Reserve your free space here

Hanbury Racing Tips (one year on) – Upgraded To Approved

It’s a real delight at long last to report on a super profitable tipster. A huge profit of 404.33 pts for mostly 1 point each way betting with a remarkable return on the starting bank of 134.78 %.

Since the last update six months ago, every month has returned a profit with an overall gain during this period of 367.27 pts. This clearly warrants an upgrade from Neutral to Approved.

Here are the stats for the one-year review:

Starting Review Date: 10th May 2022

Current Review Period End Date: 9th May 2023

Starting Bank (recommended): 300 pts

Minimum Bank: 243.48 pts (15th October 2022)

Maximum Bank: 732.93 pts (27th April 2023)

Number of Profitable Months: 9/12

Current Bank: 704.33 pts

Number of Bets: 750

Non-Runners or Race Void: 81

Number of Profitable Bets: 119

Strike Rate (% of profitable bets): 17.79 %

Longest Tip Losing Run: 20

Odds Range: 6.0 to 201.0

Profit/Loss: 404.33 pts

Return on Bank: 134.78 %

Betting at the standard CashMaster £10 a point (equating to £5 each way) results in a gross profit of £2021.65 and a net profit of £1611.65 (after fees of £410).

Odds availability: odds are advised by email at 8.01 am or very shortly afterward (plus sometimes late Friday afternoon). One needs to be ready at 8 am as some of the odds can fall quickly. I used the following bookmakers mainly: Bet365, Paddypower, and BetVictor. Plus others: Betfair Sportsbook, William Hill, Betfred and BetUK. By far the best bookie for this tipster is Bet365 which has Best Odds Guaranteed at this time in the morning and frequently the best odds.

It is important to note that the email tips are sent out automatically at 8 am, but they are prepared around midnight until 2 am. So some of the odds in the email are no longer available. All my results are from the odds that are available at 8.01 am or very shortly afterward when the email arrives.

The graph below gives the bank over the one-year period, starting at 300 pts:

As one can see from the graph above, there was a very long losing streak of 180.45 points over 218 tips (from Tip Number 118 to Tip Number 336) covering almost four months. This explains why the initial six-month review only garnered a neutral rating. Given the average odds (about 34.0) of the tips, long-losing streaks are inevitable.

Nevertheless, this is the best tipster that I’ve ever reviewed and achieves an obvious pass. However, a strong caveat: this service is not for the novice gambler or the faint-hearted. It’s best for semi-professional or professional gamblers. The downfall in the graph lasted over 14 weeks and if one had signed up for a 6-month period at the start of the downturn, placing £5 each way bets, one would have been out of pocket by £1127.75 (including fees). This is, however, why we have a starting bank of 300. If the starting bank was 300 pts at Tip Number 118, it would have fallen to 119.55 pts at Tip Number 336: so the bank was still well intact.

Given also the size of the profit, the service would return profits (albeit reduced) for almost all, if not all, bookmakers posting early prices.

Always remember that past performance is not always indicative of future performance.

You can sign up here

Football Multiplier


All the bets have now played out so I can post the results for April. Similar to the Singles, I don’t have enough data to draw a conclusion so I’ll keep going through May.

2 wins and a partial win where two of the matches won have made for a great month pulling the Trixies back on track.

Month 3: Bets 8, Wins 3, Profit 40.16
Overall: Bets 25, Wins 8, Profit -19.76

Football Multiplier

There are still open bets on the trixies so this is a report on the singles for April only.

April netted quite a few wins matching the strike rate and returning a profit. I am sorry, but I just spotted that my summary formula in Excel was utter tosh so below are the amended figures.

Month 1: Bets 15, Wins 8, Profit -8.75, Betfair -7.66
Month 2: Bets 12, Wins 7, Profit -2.6, Betfair -2.12
Month 3: Bets 12, Wins 8, Profit 3.35, Betfair 4.42
Overall: Bets 39, Wins 23, Profit -8, Betfair -5.36

I have 3 months of results and the trial would normally stop here. 39 bets are not enough data on which to base a conclusion so I will keep going.

Systematic Betting

Here are the results for April, and we are still going in the wrong direction. There has been a change in the nature of this service; from an email on the 20th, “It’s time to get the winners flowing again. I must admit I’ve been really reducing the number of bets lately and sod’s law always means the ones I exclude are winning and the ones I go with end up losing.

I’ve monitored this for a couple of weeks and I’ll loosening [sic] the reigns slightly so please expect more bets from today onwards”.

This month has seen more bets (63) than the first two months combined (57), 47 of these bets have come since the 20th. This means that I may collect enough data to form an opinion sooner than anticipated when this trial started.

We are at the 3-month mark, and normally we’d be looking to bring a trial to a close. With only 77 bets before the change to the service, and only 10 days since the change, I do not feel that I have enough data to give this service a fair review and we’ll keep going for at least another month.

Month 3: Bets 63, Wins 22, Profit -19.52, Betfair -16.25
Overall: Bets 120, Wins 44, Profit -38.53, Betfair -36.13

GeeGeez Gold

Do you want to know more about the races you’re betting on, while spending less time than you do now? Are you ready to take your racing betting to the next level and have a lot more fun along the way? If you do, and you are, then what follows could transform your punting.

Geegeez Gold is the eleven-time award-winning racecard and form tool software preferred by casual and professional players alike, for a plethora of reasons.

And, for the next 72 hours, you can ‘steal’ a seriously heavy – and unlikely ever to be repeated – discount.


Here’s a quick recap of what you’re going to get with Geegeez Gold, and why you need it:

Comprehensive data: Access to extensive UK and Irish horse racing data, including form, ratings, and stats, so you can level up your betting decisions with confidence and have more fun trying to predict the winner.

Easy to use: Simple and user-friendly interface with quick navigation and efficient research, so you can find the information you need fast and enjoy a seamless betting experience.

Ratings: Advanced ratings that help identify runners likely to perform well in upcoming races, so you can make more profitable bets and have more fun cheering for your chosen horses.

Stats Stats Stats: In-depth analysis of trainer, jockey, horse and sire performance, highlighting key trends and insights, so you can make smarter decisions when betting on horses trained, ridden or sired by specific individuals and have more fun tracking their progress.

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Form tools: Tools to analyse the form, including graphical representations, to help identify patterns and trends, so you can spot value betting opportunities and have more fun watching your picks outperform expectation.

Instant Expert: Our unique tool provides a summary of each horse’s strengths and weaknesses, making it easier to assess their chances of winning, so you can make more accurate predictions and have more fun betting against other horse racing enthusiasts.

Pace and Draw Analysis: In-depth analysis of how pace and draw can impact race outcomes, so you can make more informed bets based on track conditions and have more fun strategizing your plays.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s inside Geegeez Gold.

Let me be frank, if you’re not using this sort of information, how are you going to compete with the growing number of players who are?

Right now, you have a very limited time window to get everything inside Geegeez Gold for the flat season (and beyond) at a rate lower than it’s been for more than SEVEN years.

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Match Day Profits (MDP) – Update

This will be the only update following the service’s approval in February 2023. It covers the period 16 February – 4 April 2023 (just under seven weeks). During this period, I placed 192 bets which included matched qualifiers and free bets placed on value tips. I made £271.03. For paying subscribers that would equate to a net profit of £244.40.

Due to account restrictions, I made use of some bookies not currently utilized in MDP such as BetUK, Zedbet, Highbet, Vickers (Free Bet Club), and Fitzdares to generate some of the free bets.

During the same time period, MDP officially made £362.63 with only 135 bets. A person who had access to the following ungubbed accounts – Betfred, Paddypower, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Midnite, and Betfair Sports Book – would have been able to make very close to this amount if putting in the appropriate effort. There may have been some loss of value (up to 5%) if some of the bets were not placed immediately. The time taken would be about 20-30 mins a day on average, this includes record keeping. MDP does provide a spreadsheet to assist in record keeping.

Overall, I have made £3004.24 (after players’ subs) after almost 34 months, almost entirely with one set of bookie accounts. It is worthwhile to learn how to place mug bets as they, in my experience, do lengthen bonus opportunities in many bookies. Mug betting is covered in MDP. The graph below shows my bank movement over the seven weeks. One can see that there are losing periods – as unlike a typical matched betting approach it does not move upwards in a near-straight line.

The service remains strongly approved.

The cost of MDP is £67.00 for three months or £197 for one year.

You can sign up here.

Systematic Betting

Due to poor health, I wasn’t able to post the results for last month last weekend.

With 12 wins from 34, this service isn’t firing on all cylinders as yet. Hopefully, now the flat season has started, we will see a rise in profitability.

Month 2: Bets 34, Wins 12, Profit -12.99, Betfair -11.66
Overall: Bets 57, Wins 22, Profit -19.01, Betfair -19.88

Football Multiplier

Sorry folks, I have been very poorly and today is really the first day where I could post the results for last month.

The singles did manage 7 wins from 12 bets but with average odds of 1.65, this did not result in a profit. The results here are to £5 stakes.

Month 2: Bets 12, Wins 7, Profit -113.25, Betfair -96.4
Overall: Bets 27, Wins 15, Profit -228.05, Betfair -204.69

The 3 wins from 7 bets this month were all partial wins where 1 leg of the Trixie lost. I have yet to see a Trixie where all 3 matches win. Here the results are to a bet total of £5.

Month 2: Bets 7, Wins 3, Profit -19.45
Overall: Bets 17, Wins 5, Profit -59.92

I am aware that £5 is not the CashMaster standard stake, but these are the stakes advised in the emails. I will make the necessary adjustment when I write the summary for this system.

The Challenge

1,000 points profit in a year is asking a lot, and when I got sight of the methodology it was no surprise that this involves accumulators. It was either that, or high points staking.

The premise is that you take a successful tipping service with a strong track record, and you use some of the profits from these to place on accumulators. The suggestion is that you should wait for the profits to arrive before embarking on the acca placements, so when the challenge is to accumulate 1000 points in the year AFTER the stated bank of 500 points is achieved, it isn’t clear whether the challenge began when people signed up for the service at the end of February, or if it begins when the profits of 500 points are in place. For our testing run, I’ve assumed we already have the profits, the suggestion is a 500 points bank and stakes at 1%. So my trial is based on 1 point stakes for both the individual bets and the accas. As the accas are based on each way doubles, patents, lucky 15s and lucky 31s, the outlay can be as high as 62 points plus the 10 points, because effectively we’re backing the singles twice; once for our basic singles tips, and then for the acca bets, except in the doubles. Personally I will leave the singles off the accas, so my Lucky 15 will be a Yankee, my Lucky 31 a Canadian, etc. We back the singles anyway. But my results will be recorded as the suggested bets (other than when we have two selections in the same race, see below).

This system is based on the Value bets from the Lucrative service. These are high odds bets that, according to the tipster, represent value (ie, the actual chances of a runner winning its race are better than that reflected by the odds offered). Obviously, the maths of this idea are correct; over a period of time, if you always manage to bet on something where the odds offered are bigger than the true chances of winning, you will come out in front. Value in the case of horse racing is obviously based on opinion (as opposed to the tossing of a coin, if you’re offered 51% on it landing on heads, you will win in the end, value is here based on fact). So, how do we know that a tipster’s opinion represents true value? Well, the results are the best indicator (but unlike fact, opinion means what happened in the past may not continue to happen in the future).

So, because the odds are high, there are obviously long losing runs (one of 18 last year without a placed horse), and the bank advised is based on this. So if you’re going to assign a 500 point bank to this service, you need to be prepared for a large chunk of that disappearing before you see an upturn. This is the reason the service advises you back the singles and only back the accas when you are well in front from the singles.

When these promotional emails go out, everything looks hunky dory and easy profit making; but in action the psychology is a lot harder, and most of us have a natural defence mechanism which is averse to watching our hard-earned going down the pan. There’s a free trial with this but it’s only 7 days, and that’s not going to test your psychology. So you have to ask yourself, if you have a 500 point bank, and that bank goes to 300 points down, would you continue with it? You know how it works: you pull out and the very next day there’s a 300 point acca winner!

I’ve been in this game for a long time, and worked with a lot of people, tipsters and bettors, and my view is that most people are not comfortable with this type of long losing run betting. But if you do have the long term mindset, it can be very lucrative.

Promoters will typically crow about best case scenarios, but for me, I always want to look at the worst case scenario of past results. In the case of Value tips, they went from 3rd March 2017 to 25th January 2018 with 735 bets and no increase in the bank. Just think about that for a moment. BUT, they always stayed within the bank, and eventually came back with a bang. However, at £37 a month subs you would have paid £370 in that time without moving forward. How many of would have persevered? And with The Challenge, which promises free access if it fails to make the aim of 1000 points in a year, there could be a feeling of gullibility about the subs already paid by then.

You probably didn’t come here to listen to a homily, and I know many of you are, like me, long enough in the tooth to know these things already. I will mention a couple of other things about this service which I see as somewhat problematic. When there is more than one runner in a race, we’re advised that where the acca is concerned, we should take the highest priced runner. To me, this is a bit random (I don’t know what that means other than the conventional sense, but my kids use it, so I thought I’d throw it in). For example, on day one of my trial, there were two in the same race, but they were exactly the same price. So just choose one? But more than this, how painful is it going to be that you pick the higher priced horse, and the lower priced horse wins? I can’t have that, so what I’m doing is splitting my stake, so in this case I placed two half point ew patents. That may or may not work out to be more profitable, but it’s the possibility of missing a winning bet which I struggle with.

The same is true for the minimum odds. We’re advised not to back a horse lower than minimum stated odds, because it therefore doesn’t represent value. I will disregard that advice. A winning horse is a winning horse: whether the sp is 7/1 or 8/1, I’ll still be happy. But if I left it off an otherwise winning acca, I would miss out on a big pay out. You do wonder, where a lower priced horse of two in the same race wins, or where one wins but is below minimum odds, how the results will be recorded. For example, on 9th March, Taskheer, a horse running at Lingfield, won his race. The price suggested by the service was 12, the minimum odds given for value was 9. I managed to get 7, the SP was 11 and the BSP 12.5. I took the 7, believing it was a steamer. Wrong decision, but at least I got a return. At the time of placing my bets, I would have left it off if I had followed the guidance. On March 21 there was a Lucky 15 where three of the four selections were placed. I achieved none of the minimum odds for these (I acknowledge I didn’t get in quickly enough and may have done better if I had been able to get on earlier) but I still made 10 points profit. On 25 March, there was a patent with two horses in the same race. The shorter odds horse won the race (Elvis Mail, Kelso 3.35). It should not have been in the acca if the recommendations had been followed. So it should be recorded as an 11 point losing patent, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t mentioned as a winning patent. On 28 March, there would have been a winning double – except that there were two runners in the same race, and the winner was the lower odds of the two, and so if you followed the advice, it would have cost you 150 points. I wonder if this will be claimed on the official results!

This is a paid for service, and so transparent results should be assumed. Certainly it’s a service where subscribers’ results could vary significantly from official results. The trial continues.

Try it here

Betting Mastermind

Back in the black with a profit of £120.31 at £10 stakes across all five strategies after just over three months:

It’s worth noting that Stuart has decided to discontinue the Lay the Draw strategy following a prolonged period of poor performance. In his words:

“I have removed the Lay The Draw strategy until at least the start of the new European season as this strategy has been performing poorly since last year, without it the service would be massively in profit to the tune of 102.55 points since September 2022 and this year to the tune of 64.25 points.

After a ridiculously poor month in February the service has recovered well and the exclusion of the lays (my least favourite method anyway) should mean the big swings we see when these were losing are further avoided.

Two big months left of the European seasons where I see the service getting back to previous years successes, however, I do still have selections on the summer leagues so the service is year round.

I am also now looking at an under 2.5 goal strategy and running this in the background, again automated via BF Bot Manager, I am monitoring this for the next couple of months to make sure the live results mirror what I expect and this, pending positive results will be added to the portfolio.”

More details here

Inside Man

Join pro football bettor Adam Cheng for the Inside Man Live Q&A at 7PM on Tuesday 28th March to discover…

How ‘The World’s Best Football Bettor’ made £817,617 and 28p from football betting in the last 9 years – and bumper profits for his Inside Man members!

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Here’s some of Adam Cheng’s – ‘The World’s Best Football Bettor’ – greatest betting hits…

  • Personally made £817,617 and 28p over the last 9 years betting against the bookies full time…
  • Including pocketing £73,000 in a single month
  • Made members of his Inside Man service 150 points in 38 months (an ROI of 12%), which to £100 stakes is £15,000
  • Supported his wife and two kids 100% from betting for the last five years (even longer if you include his time as a bookmaker!)…
  • Made money in one way or another from the betting markets since he was a teenager – so for the last three decades!

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Bet Sage – Cheltenham Festival Offer

Bet Sage has proven over the past 3 years that he is the ONLY Tipster that you need onside in order to make it a profitable Cheltenham Festival, and Bet Hub are once again offering free 14 day trials to his excellent service.

Subscribe to a full 14 Day Trial – BET SAGE 14 DAY TRIAL

It was another good Cheltenham for Bet Sage last year, as he tipped a MASSIVE 50/1 WINNER!

He sent GLOBAL CITIZEN out as an Antepost Bet on the Monday… this was his exact email:

Cheltenham 4.50 (Grand Annual Chase)

I have one at a big price for Wednesday, which could just go better than most expect. He has run a couple of decent races since his wind surgery, and that run behind Tommy’s Oscar in the Unibet Hurdle was decent and ran OK the last day behind Goshen, although beaten a long way. I thought they might go the County Hurdle route with him, but it is interesting that they are heading back over fences and I think he is pretty well in here. Not exactly sure that Cheltenham suits him but well worth taking a chance at the prices, because at his best, he is definitely capable of playing a part.

Advice: Global Citizen – 0.5 points e/w at 50/1 (General – 6 places)

Bet Sage has had an unbelievable last THREE Cheltenham Festivals, with a profit of +83.01 points profit made in 2020, +95.43 points profit made in 2021, and +24.68 points in 2022. An amazing +203.12 points profit across just 12 days over the last three festivals.

Cheltenham Festival 2020: +83.01 points
Cheltenham Festival 2021: +95.43 points
Cheltenham Festival 2022: +24.68 points

If you are not already Subscribed to this Service for Cheltenham, you should really consider giving it a go. It could be the difference between a losing and profitable Cheltenham for you.


Platinum Puck Profits

In hindsight, this was the wrong time to start the trial on this system: all the European leagues I was following are in play-offs now and the NHL will be starting their play-offs in a few weeks. I have recorded too few bets in order to form a summary; however, it is obvious that NHL isn’t performing and NHL results make the largest contribution to the overall profit/loss. I know it’s a fudge but the European leagues had a total of +56.07 points. Just how normal this is I cannot say.

So, I will park the trial until next Winter when I will restart from zero across the board. I like to give each league a match or two to settle down, but more on that closer to the time.

Week 5
NHL Bets: 5. NHL P/L: -19 points.
Extraliga Bets: 0. Extraliga P/L: 0 points.
Fin Bets: 2. Fin P/L: -3 points.
DEL Bets: 1. DEL P/L: 15 points.
SHL Bets: 3. SHL P/L: 37.72 points.
Swiss Bets: 1. Swiss P/L: -2 points.
Total: 28.72 points.

NHL Bets: 25. NHL P/L: -72.12 points.
Extraliga Bets: 7. Extraliga P/L: 8.24 points.
Fin Bets: 7. Fin P/L: -22 points.
DEL Bets: 10. DEL P/L: 19.93 points.
SHL Bets: 12. SHL P/L: 37.29 points.
Swiss Bets: 8. Swiss P/L: 12.61 points.
Total: -16.05 points.

You can get Platinum Puck Profits here.

Crypto Trader’s Academy (CTA) – Two Years On

At the end of February 2023, marking Two Years On, the bank stands at $551.56: a loss of $608.68 since the review started. Clearly, a very disappointing performance after a considerable time. Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine caused a bear run on markets in general and our crypto portfolio in particular. The collapse of one of the major crypto exchanges, FTX, and continuing economic recessionary tendencies led to a further bearish trend in the crypto market.

Crypto has undergone some recovery since my last update five months ago; and macroeconomic indicators (which crypto now tends to follow) are more positive. Michael Mac (Director, CTA) maintains we are currently in a crypto accumulation phase with a bull run expected later this year. The fundamental big picture (ever-improving technology and widening of crypto applications) looks excellent.

On the advice of The CTA, some of the cash (stablecoin) part of the main portfolio was used to purchase more of two main crypto coins in mid-January, 2023. Because these coins are considered to be in value territory for long-term gain. Furthermore, in early February some of the portfolio Bitcoin was sold for more Ethereum.

Three coins have been cashed in and removed from The Official (Main) Portfolio. Two of these coins I had at FTX and their loss (relatively very small) has been factored into the results.

Here are the latest stats and developments:

The Main Portfolio

A gain of $29.36 over the last five-month period.

Here are the essential stats for 24 months:

Acquisition Cost: $1160.14 (Completed on February 11th, 2021)

Minimum Bank: $410.67 (Jan 1st, 2023)

Maximum Bank: $2197.55 (May 10th, 2021)

Number of Profitable Months: 11/24

Number of Crypto coins in the main portfolio: 14 (includes one stablecoin)

Current Bank: $551.56 (February 28th, 2023)

Profit/Loss Since Acquisition: -$608.68

Return on Bank since Acquisition: -52.47%

The graph below shows the daily value of the portfolio from March 1st, 2021 through February 28th, 2023:

The last 240 days indicate an Accumulation Phase.


Five new airdrop-free tokens were reported. Unfortunately, I did not qualify; members of management qualified for all five as they have much bigger crypto investments.

There are also a total of 5 coins being staked that are associated with potential/acquired airdrops. Yearly rates for these coins are 4.7% to 66.3%. One coin, CRBRUS, was being staked but is now defunct. Total gains from this staking are $6!


A total of six portfolio coins are currently being staked. The total profit to date from portfolio-staked coins is $21, equal to 3.8% of the overall portfolio value, $551.56. The annual interest rate on portfolio-staked coins varies from 3.4% to 13.6%.

Short Term Trades (Buying and Selling the same crypto coin)

None reported.

The next update will be in three to four months.

In general, the best time to sign up for a crypto service is at or near the bottom of a bear market as this is the time when the coins are at their greatest value for long-term growth. So now is a good time. Here are the results of two additional portfolios that I have set up recently. The first portfolio utilizes the three main CTA crypto coin holdings (Bitcoin, Ethereum and one other) and the second portfolio is the first plus two other CTA recommended coins. They were set up using Dollar Cost Averaging (see The Mini Glossary) over a period of about 10 weeks. The graphs start at the date when the 10-week set-up periods were completed. The green lines are the highest reached values and the red lines are the lowest reached values.

3 Coin Portfolio covering the period from Dec 5th, 2022 until March 5th, 2023

5 Coin Portfolio covering the period from Dec 29th, 2022 until March 5th, 2023

As is evident in the above two graphs, there have been recent big gains in the last several weeks, but Michael Mac indicates that we are not out of the woods yet and markets obviously are not going to be climbing in a straight line up from here. Price action often corrects/pauses after big gains. Patience & discipline pays. But he thinks that the most likely scenario is we’ve seen the bottom of the crypto markets and he expects 2023 to see sideways accumulation for a while then at some stage later in the new year, a new bull market will start. Life-changing gains in crypto are made by investing low and riding the next big wave up.

Note membership in CTA includes many introductory how-to guides. As well as primers on Crypto and Tax; Crypto Security; and Dollar Cost Averaging. In addition, there are spreadsheets to monitor portfolio performance, airdrops, and compounding.

You Can Sign Up Here For Full Membership

Important Addition: CTA has recently been offering a 5-Day Challenge for just seven quid (as Graham posted), where one can learn the basics of crypto trading in easily digestible chunks one day at a time. This includes setting up an account at an exchange, purchasing the core cryptos, understanding the crypto mindset, purchasing an altcoin, and how to stake coins. Currently, there is a waiting list for the next course. To join this waiting list, click here.

Mini Glossary:

The Accumulation Phase typically happens before an uptrend. The Accumulation Phase is over when the market sentiment moves from a negative stance to a neutral one. During this phase, a lot of money is both entering and leaving the market at the same time.

Airdrops involve crypto projects sending free tokens en masse to their communities in a bid to encourage adoption.

Altcoin. If the entire cryptocurrency universe expanded from a single point, sort of like a big bang, that point of singularity would be Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency. Ethereum introduced another region to the blockchain universe: one that allowed for innovations such as smart contracts and decentralized applications (dapps) to flourish. An altcoin is every cryptocurrency that’s not either Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Dollar-cost averaging is the practice of systematically investing equal amounts of money at regular intervals, regardless of the price of a security. Dollar-cost averaging can reduce the overall impact of price volatility and lower the average cost per share.

NFT stands for “non-fungible token.” At a basic level, an NFT is a digital asset that links ownership to unique physical or digital items, such as works of art, real estate, music, or videos. Non-fungible more or less means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else. For example, a bitcoin is fungible — trade one for another bitcoin, and you’ll have exactly the same thing. A one-of-a-kind trading card, however, is non-fungible. If you traded it for a different card, you’d have something completely different.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that attempt to peg their market value to some external reference like the U.S. dollar.

Staking cryptocurrencies is a process that involves committing your crypto assets to support a blockchain network and confirm transactions. Staking can be a great way to use your crypto to generate passive income especially because some cryptocurrencies offer high-interest rates for staking.

Platinum Puck Profits

The NHL has been very disappointing with only 2 wins in the 20 bets placed. The Finnish ice hockey is not much better with no wins in their 5 bets.

Czech Extraliga has started its playoffs so there will be no new bets on this league for the remainder of this season. I suspect that the other leagues are closing in on their playoffs too which will terminate this trial early. This service may be better reviewed next Autumn/Winter.

Week 1 to 4
NHL Bets: 20. NHL P/L: -53.12 points.
Extraliga Bets: 7. Extraliga P/L: 8.24 points.
Fin Bets: 5. Fin P/L: -19 points.
DEL Bets: 9. DEL P/L: 4.93 points.
SHL Bets: 9. SHL P/L: -0.43 points.
Swiss Bets: 7. Swiss P/L: 14.61 points.
Total: -44.77 points.

Football Multiplier


With average odds of 1.65, a strike rate of just under 50% isn’t good enough on the singles. A turnaround is possible but we are going to need a longish winning streak.
Month 1: Bets 15, Wins 8, Profit -114.8, Betfair -108.29


The 2 wins were both partial wins where one of the legs was a loser. It is the nature of this type of bet that a full win will be relatively rare but will be a big correction in the overall profit/loss.
Month 1: Bets 10, Wins 2, Profit -40.47