The Outside Edge

No, not a cricket tipster service, this is a horseracing tipster service looking for higher odds runners (hence ‘outside’) to belie their odds, and is another service from the excellent Betting Gods stable. There are short odds selections too, where Darren feels that, even at the price, there’s value in the bet.

I’ll be monitoring this service for the three month period beginning July 1st. With average odds of 10.5 thus far, you can expect long losing runs and losing months too. However, for those punters with patience, the service has averaged 20 points profit per month since proofing began last December. Outlay per bet varies from 1-3 points.

Tips from Darren are sent Monday to Sunday between 8.00am and 9.00am, plus 6.00pm and 7.00pm. Darren recommends a 150pts starting bank to keep your money protected. He has grown this by 95.81%! Darren sends around 80 bets per month via email, the mobile app and through the members’ area.

July update

Better than average profit for July, with a profit of 39.48 points. This was in spite of a 20 bet losing run at the end of the month. That represents an ROI of 16%, not too shabby. The results do rely on taking early odds and bookies’ extra places, but I have also calculated the BSP results which are a very interesting +27.41 points. The place profits aren’t as good as the bookies but some of the higher odds wins can do better than the bookies.

So all in all, a decent start.

You can try The Outside Edge for £1.99 here


We tested and approved this service back in February when it made £420 profit to £10 bets.

They now have an exciting offer available for the month of August… ImRigged is giving his tips away for free for the entire month.

The service has just celebrated its one year anniversary and in that time it has generated 137.55pts profit with an ROI at an outstanding 33.28%.

It has had only one losing month, the first one back after lockdown, but rebounded back in fine style with 35pts profit in July.

There is a sign up form on the ImRigged page here

Lay To 5K

I’m going to be recording results for Lay To 5K and the trial should last the 3 months in which they plan to complete the massive task of turning a £50 starting bank into a £5000 end target.

They are going to be using Lay bets only, covering both football and horse racing.

I’m sure we’ve all seen these sort of claims before, but not that many of them are willing to let us run the rule over them and report our findings in full, fewer still will offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee backed up by Clickbank, so I’m willing to give it a go. Nothing ventured etc…

When Graham & I were discussing starting this trial he asked me how long it would last, and said his bet was 3 weeks. My guess was 2 weeks tops. We’re 6 days in and the bank is lost.

I already placed this review on the back-burner due to performance and communication issues.

Those issues have not improved, emails still go unanswered, performance hasn’t pick up much

I think it’s time to pull the plug

You can sign up for LAY TO 5K HERE

Basketball Geek

July update

Another profitable month for July, with a profit of 13.24 points to one point level stakes. This is below the monthly average but a decent profit to £10 stakes after subscription costs. Strike rate was 64% of 222 bets, so average winning odds quite a bit lower than June, with an ROI of 5.9%. Longest losing run was 8, and longest winning run was also 8.

I am grateful to Cash Master subscriber Gerry, who does use Betfair for these bets, and made the following observation:

If you wait say half hour before the game starts and check on Betfair, often things change. Sometimes the over points drop with the same odds, which of course is in your favour. It gives you an idea of how the game might go. Betfair are obviously getting updated info on the teams. I think Betfair have the most efficient odds compared to bookies. I know for a fact a lot of bookies wait till they see what Betfair odds are.

If the goalposts are moved prematch, maybe there are some trading angles to exploit?

You can try Basketball Geek here

Each Way Tips

There quite a difference between the official performance in July and what I have recorded. I don’t get email every day, and I tend to assume that there aren’t any selections for that day. I will investigate this further.

Week 5: Bets 13, Wins 3, Profit -9.9 (£-99.00), , BSP -7.92 (£-79.22)
Overall: Bets 60, Wins 15, Profit -0.6 (£-6.00), , BSP 4.89 (£48.93)

Bankers & Jackpots

Last week I said that it would only take one winning accumulator, and turns up for a nice profit this week. The single bets had a slight loss.

Week 5: Bets 40, Wins 8, Profit -3.35 (£-33.50), BSP -17.6 (£-176.01). Accumulators:£251.67
Overall: Bets 251, Wins 58, Profit -1.26 (£-12.55), BSP -25.37 (£-253.73). Accumulators:£151.5

Racing Intelligence

Another slight loss, hopefully we’ll get back to winning ways next week.

Week 8: Bets 23, Wins 9, Profit -6.42 (£-64.20), , BSP -23.42 (£-234.20)
Overall: Bets 159, Wins 53, Profit 18.79 (£187.90), , BSP -34.9 (£-349.00)

Inform Racing

Like me, you probably roll your eyes when a service hits a big winner and decides that is a good time to put out a marketing push, based on that winner. But of course, you should never sign up to anything based on a winner, or a recent winning period. When I see a service showing a 40% ROI in the last two months, I want to know what the ROI is over a year, rather than the cherry-picked terms from the service provider.

Having said that, I make no apologies for posting this result from yesterday’s 3.55 at Pontefract. Inform Racing is all about speed ratings; after all, it’s the fastest horse on the day which wins the race. Obviously you can’t take speed alone as the measure, there are many other variables such as weight, course, jockey, going, etc etc. But I use Inform’s class pars as my first port of call. Notice in the above example, the class pars for this race are 76 and 85. So that’s 76 as the average par necessary to win a race of this type, class and age group. That doesn’t mean that any runner which has achieved that par will win the race, it just shows that it has achieved that par previously for the type/class/age group of a race. Equally, any runner which has failed to achieve that par previously can of course improve, and win the race (though I wouldn’t personally back anything which hasn’t made the class par). The 85 is the highest rating achieved for that class.

So, spotting Monsaraz in that race yesterday, I could see there was a hotpot odds-on favourite, and the market was giving Monsaraz no chance. I do take notice of the market, it’s a huge factor in the probability of how the race is likely to pan out. However, the class pars were enough to tell me that it was a race I shouldn’t be investing in, as they were so at odds with the market. But at a big price, I will always chuck in a minimum bet of £2, so I backed Monsaraz at BSP for £2 and also £2 on the extra place (4TBP). And I actually forgot about it, and it was only when I could see my Betfair balance had been bolstered that I checked back to see Monsaraz had won at a BSP of 60, and I had won £115.64 after tax for my £2 stake, plus £8.43 place for the same stake. Checking back to the race, the horse won easily by nearly 2 lengths. The second horse, Hammy End, had also achieved the average class par, and the hot favourite, Pleasure Garden, at 1.75 BSP only made third place. At 77, it had the same highest class par as Hammy End.

Now, I’m definitely not suggesting this particular method is a surefire way to make profits. But it’s one of the many great aspects of Inform Racing which can be used to build your own picture of how a race might unfold. It also has a system builder, so that you can interrogate past results in any angle of your choosing, and create profitable back and lay systems. When you have found a system you think might be a goer, you save it as a file, and by using the declarations builder, you can see the qualifiers of your system for today’s races in seconds. Inform Racing don’t rest on their laurels, the site is in constant development, and the latest facility is the Betting Tissue Tool which allows you to price up a race depending on those aspects of previous form which you want to emphasise. There is also a blog by the owner on the site, as well as a lively Twitter account

For the price of a pint of beer a week, I wouldn’t be without it. You can sign up to Inform Racing here.

Each Way Tips

Can’t be anything other than a bad week when you don’t even get a place, let alone a winner. I’m sure this is just a blip.

Week 4: Bets 9, Wins 0, Profit -13 (£-130.00), , BSP -13 (£-130.00)
Overall: Bets 47, Wins 12, Profit 9.3 (£93.00), , BSP 12.81 (£128.14)

Bankers & Jackpots

profit from the Bankers was offset by the loss on the accas :(. Only needs 1 of these accas to land!

Week 5: Bets 40, Wins 11, Profit 18.95 (£189.50), BSP 21.99 (£219.94). Accumulators:£-16.11
Overall: Bets 210, Wins 50, Profit 6.1 (£60.95), BSP -3.77 (£-37.72). Accumulators:£-100.17

Racing Intelligence

Bit of a correction this week making a dent in the overall profit. let’s hope next week gets back to winning ways.

Week 7: Bets 17, Wins 6, Profit -15.65 (£-156.50), , BSP -15.82 (£-158.20)
Overall: Bets 136, Wins 44, Profit 25.21 (£252.10), , BSP -11.48 (£-114.80)

Each Way Tips

A small profit this week keeps the overall profit ticking in the right correction.

Week 3: Bets 11, Wins 3, Profit 7.1 (£71.00), , BSP 7.29 (£72.87)
Overall: Bets 38, Wins 12, Profit 22.3 (£223.00), , BSP 25.81 (£258.14)

Bankers & Jackpots

A lot of oh so nearlies, but a poor week in the end. Plenty of time to pull this around.

Week 4: Bets 41, Wins 7, Profit -22.5 (£-225.00), BSP -24.86 (£-248.56). Accumulators:£-32.17
Overall: Bets 170, Wins 39, Profit -12.86 (£-128.55), BSP -25.77 (£-257.66). Accumulators:£-84.06

Racing Intelligence

A very pleasing week with winners all round. 50% strike rate is not to be sneezed at.

Week 6: Bets 22, Wins 11, Profit 30.63 (£306.30), , BSP 26.77 (£267.70)
Overall: Bets 119, Wins 38, Profit 40.86 (£408.60), , BSP 4.34 (£43.40)

Mining City

I’ve now been mining Bitcoin Vault with Mining City for four and a half months and have done really well so far.

If you remember from my introduction to this service, which you can read here, Bitcoin Vault has built into it an accelerated mining rate for the first three years so that it can catch up with Bitcoin. This means essentially means that mining at this time will produce far more coins than ‘normal’ and by renting the hash power from Mining City we should be able to make a decent profit, at least for the next year or two.

The Mining City facility is based in Kazakhstan where mining power costs are very affordable so making a profit over the mining costs is, at the moment at least, very achievable…

Given that I’ve made a very healthy profit already and I still have years left on my mining contract, I’m more than happy to approve this for now.

The usual caveats apply of course. There are no guarantees of returns so only risk what you can afford to lose.

You can purchase a mining plan for as little as $300 here

Karatbars Update

After six months of not much happening, Karatbars have shifted up a gear in preparation for the completion of the hard fork and the implementation of the new road map.

I’ve done a video update that should, hopefully, cover most of what is happening but please be aware that even if you don’t have the time (or inclination) to watch the full video, please watch the first eight minutes as that contains important information that you need to take action on now.

Here’s the update:

I will do another video with a walk through of the V999 website and how to use it once that is fully up and running next month (and I’ve learned how to do it myself!).

You can see my Kinesis video here

You can login to KaratBit here

Lay To 5K

When Graham & I were discussing starting this trial he asked me how long it would last, and said his bet was 3 weeks. My guess was 2 weeks tops. We’re 6 days in and the bank is lost.

I’m in two minds as to how to proceed. The obvious course of action is to bin it and move on. The loss of bank is one thing, but I’ve also sent two emails asking questions about selections and am yet to receive a reply. These weren’t moaning emails, they were genuine questions, one was “Please let me know the odds you advise on this bet, you left it off the email”, the other was “Please let me know how far odds are allowed to drift before you deem it a no bet.”

On the other hand, the members’ area is updated daily with a general review of the previous day and he has fully acknowledged the terrible form and promised to turn it round, even if it takes a little longer than the planned 3 months. To be fair, the football selections have, on the whole, been relatively unlucky in that they were statistically reasonable bets. Nothing earth shatteringly clever and not screamingly obvious “Sure Thing” tiny odds affairs.

Given the poor form and, more importantly, the lack of response to emails I am unlikely to give this Two thumbs up, even if it turn the performance in the near future

I think what I’ll do is to just keep an eye on this in the background and see what happens, rather than running an active trial on here and giving regular updates.

I’ll still be watching, but with slightly narrowed eyes, pursed lips, and my hat a considerably less jaunty angle than before.

Trading Prophet

Trading Prophet is a full portfolio of football and horse racing betting and trading strategies that are bundled together into one package and fully automated via a third party betting bot (BF Bot Manager).

Once set up, it can be left running indefinitely without further intervention and it will automatically download each days selections and bet on them according to the parameters of each strategy that is running.

In total there are 29 separate strategies and each one is profitable over time so we have effectively got a fairly substantial portfolio of strategies in one bot allowing us to profit from all of them.

Given that there are so many strategies, the recommended minimum bank is £2000 which covers all of them. Of course you don’t have to use all the strategies so if you wanted to use a smaller bank you could choose a few and build it up from there.

I’m running the bot on a VPS so that it is always on and doesn’t require me to leave my own computer running.

I’ve recorded a short video that shows how it works, including a couple of days worth of results, here:

You can get Trading Prophet here

On The Tour

The final week of the review ends with another winning week thanks to Charlie Hoffman placing at 1/5th of 200/1!

Week 13: Bets 4, Wins 1, Profit 33 (£330.00), BSP 8.68 (£86.80)
Overall: Bets 73, Wins 10, Profit 174.1 (£1741.00), BSP 88.4 (£884.00)