Back Lucrative

We tested and approved Back Lucrative nearly five years ago when it made £1,262 profit to £10 bets during our trial.

Since then it’s continued to make a half decent profit every year and has made a total of £16,600 profit to £10 stakes since it’s been in service.

Like all horse racing services it has good and bad runs but overall it’s pretty decent if you have the discipline to stick through lean patches.

For this week only they are offering two weeks free access to the service. Of course, you can’t judge its profitability in two weeks, but it should give you a good idea if it’s the sort of betting that would suit you.

You can get two weeks free access here

On The Tour

Nice 5th place by Bryson de Chambeau covered the losses by the other 3 bets. It is the nature of golf betting that you hope to bumble along at roughly break-even whilst waiting for a good big win.

Week 4: Bets 4, Wins 1, Profit 4 (£40.00), BSP -2.39 (£-23.90)
Overall: Bets 28, Wins 4, Profit 99.1 (£991.00), BSP 70.1 (£701.00)

RM Greyhound Tips

A small losing week easily absorbed in the profit of the first 2 weeks. Hopefully, just a little blip on the road to decent profits.

Week 3: Bets 11, Wins 3, Profit -3.63 (£-36.25)
Overall: Bets 38, Wins 17, Profit 47.63 (£476.25)

The Bookie Smasher

Up to weekend, this service was having a good week at +3.51 points. Then 16 losses in 22 bets resulted in the second largest losing week.
Week 8: Bets 47, Wins 20, Profit -8.69 (£-86.90)
Overall: Bets 416, Wins 220, Profit -22.1 (£-221.00)

Ed Culham Tips

Roughly 3 weeks to Cheltenham were we should see an increase in the number of bets. Unfortunately no wins this week, in fact, only 2 places so far.
Week 3: Bets 3, Wins 0, Profit -4 (£-40.00), , BSP -4 (£-40.00)
Overall: Bets 15, Wins 2, Profit -12 (£-120.00), , BSP -11.52 (£-115.20)

The Wizard Of Big Odds

Not worried that this week is a losing week. As this service targets higher odds there will be a fair few losers.
Week 3: Bets 13, Wins 1, Profit -8.67 (£-86.70), BSP -4.36 (£-43.60)
Overall: Bets 58, Wins 9, Profit 20.13 (£201.30), BSP 33.94 (£339.40)

RF Racing Tips

Only a slight loss this week. I am hopeful that this service will return to profit as the weather improves.
Week 3: Bets 9, Wins 2, Profit -1.5 (£-15.00), BSP -4.58 (£-45.80)
Overall: Bets 30, Wins 8, Profit -8.7 (£-87.00), BSP -16.7 (£-167.00)


No wins this week. Thankfully we had, and still have, a very healthy points balance which could absorb this.
Week 13: Bets 6, Wins 0, Profit -6 (£-60.00), BSP -6 (£-60.00)
Overall: Bets 139, Wins 31, Profit 42.03 (£420.30), BSP 4.3 (£43.00)

The Target Man

Last week I lost some emails, so this weeks report covers the races I missed. 12 wins from 17 makes for a great week.

Week 5: Bets 17, Wins 12, Profit 46.8 (£93.60), BSP 34.8 (£69.60)
using Stake Plan: Profit 74.05 (£148.10), BSP 60.57 (£121.14)

Overall: Bets 67, Wins 34, Profit 94.55 (£189.09), BSP 52.63 (£105.26)
Stake Plan: Profit 209.64 (£419.28), BSP 142.2 (£284.40

Statman Daily

Unfortunately, 3 days were lost due to cancelled racing. The 17.6% strike rate is well below the average for this service, so I am hopeful, weather allowing, that the service will get back in to profit.
Week 7: Bets 17, Wins 3, Profit -8.53 (£-85.30), BSP -9.18 (£-91.80)
Overall: Bets 233, Wins 75, Profit -11.33 (£-113.30), BSP -7.57 (£-75.70

CD Racing

A good week making a significant recovery.
Week 3: Bets 8, Wins 4, Profit 9.25 (£92.50), BSP 0.32 (£3.20)
Overall: Bets 36, Wins 7, Profit -12.95 (£-129.50), BSP -23.36 (£-233.60)

Russell Blair Racing

We tested and approved this service last year and it finished the year with a very decent 376 points profit, or £3,760 to just £10 a point. This now takes the overall total since 2015 to over 2000 points.

2020 had racked up over 50 points already, but this was DOUBLED last Saturday:

  • Warwick 3.50 FORTUNATE GEORGE 12/1 2pts – WON
  • Newbury 3.35 SIR VALENTINE 16/1 3pts – lost (by a length)
  • Wolverhampton 8.00 MICKEY 10/1 3pts – WON

That’s another 51 points in just one day.

They normally offer a 50% discount on the first month of your subscription but if you use the link below you’ll get 100% discount… yes, it’s completely free!

You’d be mad not to give it a go.

Try for free here

On The Tour

No joy this week. Dustin Johnson was in with a chance going in to Sunday but carded a +6. Ryan Fox came second but was a win only bet.
Week 3: Bets 8, Wins 0, Profit -16 (£-160.00), , BSP -16 (£-160.00)
Overall: Bets 24, Wins 3, Profit 95.1 (£951.00), , BSP +72.49 (£724.90)

The Bookie Smasher

Finally, a winning week from a 63% strike rate.
Week 7: Bets 49, Wins 31, Profit 3.95 (£39.50)
Overall: Bets 369, Wins 200, Profit -13.41 (£-134.10))

RM Greyhound Tips

Three high-odds ante post bets, which all won, put an even better shine on this week, was around +13 points even without them.
Week 1: Bets 17, Wins 8, Profit 32.19 (£321.85)
Overall: Bets 27, Wins 14, Profit 51.25 (£512.50)

Ed Culham Tips

Until Cheltenham, this is a Saturday only service. A break-even week, with the “win” from a 16/1 place at 1/5th odds.
Week 2: Bets 3, Wins 1, Profit -0.4 (£-4.00), BSP 0.15 (£1.50)
Overall: Bets 12, Wins 2, Profit -8 (£-80.00), BSP -7.52 (£-75.20)

6pt Plan Review

This is a unique horse racing service where you get an email mid-morning containing 3 bets, one for 3 point stake, one for two points and one for one point, so your total outlay each day is 6 points. There aren’t any selections on a Sunday. The email contains suggested odds and the bookmakers where you might find them and are win only bets.

I recorded performance using these advised odds without BOG and to Betfair SP with 2% commission deducted.

The service costs £24.99 per month with a reduction for a quarterly subscription.

During the trial I hit a 17% strike rate, a bit removed from the 22% claimed on the website, so this review could have hit a patch of poor performance; I am aware of a significant number of second places, which is frustrating.

To advised stakes the review ended -56.70 points, blowing the advised 50-point bank, BSP ended -2.22.

Blowing the bank is almost an automatic fail. BSP performance at a tad under break even is the only saving factor. I dislike failing a service where I feel there is a genuine attempt to provide a winning service, and as the service is managed by BetInfo24 it will have undergone tests before going to market. I am going to Fail this as even the BSP performance is nowhere near covering the subscription and I have to concentrate on the results I have recorded.

You can try 6pt Plan here.

6pt Plan

I was hoping for a decent final week, but instead got another poor one.
Week 13: Bets 18, Wins 1, Profit -£ 25.00, BSP Profit -£ 24.20
Overall: Bets 219, Wins 38, Profit -£ 56.70, BSP Profit -£ 2.22

The Wizard Of Big Odds

Two wins and a place for an (just) losing week. This service is going to be like this due to the high odds they are hunting.
Week 2: Bets 18, Wins 3, Profit -2.2 (£-22.00), BSP -3.81 (£-38.10)
Overall: Bets 45, Wins 8, Profit 28.8 (£288.00), BSP 38.3 (£383.00)

RF Racing Tips

A poor week with only a place in the win column. Only second week, so plenty of time to generate some momentum.
Week 2: Bets 6, Wins 1, Profit -9.8 (£-98.00), BSP -9.92 (£-99.20)
Overall: Bets 21, Wins 6, Profit -7.2 (£-72.00), BSP -12.12 (£-121.20)