Greyhound Back Pro

Week 2: 81 bets (20 wins) for loss of 14.50 points (£-145.00 at £10 per point)

Overall: 137 bets (33 wins) for loss of 25.10 points (£-251.00 at £10 per point)

Top Dog

Week 1: 5 bets (3 wins) for profit of 0.73 points (£7.30 at £10 per point)


eSports Betting Tipster

Week 2: 6 bets (2 wins) for loss of 7.95 points (£-79.50 at £10 per point)

Overall: 12 bets (2 wins) for loss of 16.95 points (£-169.50 at £10 per point)

Loves Racing Royal Ascot Special


This service is given as a free extra to Brett’s subscribers, but is kept separately from the main account.

Like his Cheltenham special, Brett saved his best for the final day. We had: Day 1, -2.7 points, Day 2, -3 points, Day 3, -2.5 points, Day 4, -11 points, Day 5, +74.26 points! And just a short head off a further 14 points. This from 34 bets and an outlay of 50 points, which is impressive.

Advised odds +60.8 points / Achieved odds +32 points / BSP-5% commission +55.16 points.

You will notice the large difference between advised odds and achieved odds, this indicates that subscribers need to act quickly on the emails and if they can’t, would be better backing at BSP. Brett is clearly very good at finding value.

Looks like a missing apostrophe, but there’s the double-entendre, because this Loves Racing refers to the tipster Brett Love!

Now, this one looks reasonably exciting to me. The service is hosted by the Betting School Insiders Club, which is a proper horse racing service which has been around for many years. Darren Power, who runs it, says of the service:

“These results are amazing…  …if I hadn’t seen the proofing mails come in before racing with my own eyes I’d have thought these were made up results. I truly believe that these are the best results I’ve ever seen from a tipster”

That is high praise indeed coming from Darren. Regular subscribers will know how I like a graph that has a 45 degree angle. Well here’s Brett’s:

That money, by the way represents level stakes of £25. Divide that by 2.5 for my usual stake and it’s still looking promising.

Brett concentrates on top class races, so you don’t get that many bets. And while he does advise prices, and advised prices results ARE better than BSP results, even the latter are showing a 61% ROI at BSP.

I’m looking forward to this one. If you are interested…… check it out here

Top Rated Runners

This is my third report on Top Rated Runners a horse racing backing system from the Betting Gods Tipping stable.

I started with a paper bank of £1000 on 23 May and am using £10 stakes

period 13 June 22 June inclusive:-

Tips received 31, 4 of these tips were advised as 1 point each way and a further one at 1.5 points win. There were 5 winners  – so the strike rate declined again down to 16% and this resulted in a loss for the period of £116.30

Opening Bank £444.80

Closing Bank £328.50


This is my third report on Draw Master a football backing system from the Betting Gods Tipping stable and as the name suggests is a tipping service for backing football draws.

I started with a paper bank of £500 0n 23 May and I am using £10 stakes.

During the period 13 June22 June inclusive I received only 4 tips from which I had 1  winner so the bank dropped by £6.60

Opening bank for the period £435.05

Closing bank for the period £428.45

Football Predictor

The Football Predictor is a totally unique tool that aims to enable you to instantly see where the strongest betting opportunities are for any qualifying football match.

The Football Predictor covers over 400 leagues and competitions from all around the world and at all hours of the day.

Selected matches are graded and colour coded, directing you to the very strongest bets of the day. Members are presented with a unique blend of easily digestible stats for each target match, enabling you to fine tune and develop powerful betting strategies of your own.

I will be reviewing the service using the strongest shortlisted selections in the four categories: Match Bets (home or away win); Double Chance; Accumulators; Over/Under 2.5 Goals.

Having had a look at the shortlists, as this service covers over 400 leagues and competitions from all around the world, there are obviously some obscure markets where there is minimal bookie availability and little or no Betfair liquidity (I have already found 3 shortlisted Under/Over bets today with zero liquidity). But it will still give a fair idea as to how well the stats on the site can point to profitable betting.


Currently the doors are shut to new members, and when I give my final review I will ask them if they will reopen, but in the meantime Cash Master subscribers can gain access to the site for 7 days for £1 by going here.

Flat Jockey Profits

It’s not often I’m impressed by a free betting manual but I can point you towards a corker today.

It’s called Flat Jockey Profits and it’s being given away, gratis, by Kieran Ward of The Value Service.

The 10 systems in the manual have produced £16,746.30 profit to £10 level stakes in the last 3 years.

You can download it for free here

Top Dogs

I am looking at Top Dogs, a greyhound tipping service that costs £39.95 per month.

The service looks straight-forward, you receive an email with the selections, and you place the bet. As you can see in the sample below, there is a Minimum Target Odds recommendation, so I will use that and Industry SP to monitor performance.

I can’t see any advice on bank, so I will go with 100 points and therefore will start with a £1,000 bank so I can use the Cash Master £10 per bet standard.

This is an example of the selections you receive:

Track: Crayford
Race: 19:07
Trap: 6
Dog: Shotgun Bullet
Stake: 3 points win
Minimum target odds: 1.8

You can get Top Dogs here

Greyhound Back Pro

I am looking at Greyhound Back Pro. This is a tipping service where the selections are delivered by an app after 8:30 a.m. UK time. The software only runs in Windows environments.

With the software you can save the selections for import in to The Bet Engine, BetSender or BF Bot. I have set up The Bet Engine to follow these selections, with a single pass 10 seconds before the schedule race start using 10p stakes.

The service has tiered pricing, but the minimum subscription is 3 months at £34.99 but if you use a betting bot, then their subscriptions need to be factored in, and for the sake of this trial I will add £12.50 per month for The Bet Engine starter license ( 2 tabs).

Some of you may now that I am a professional programmer, and I have a (very) minor niggle with the software. I should be able to leave the bot running, hit scan and get today’s selections. Actually, having previously selected export to The Bet Engine option, this should happen automatically when today’s selections are available. Instead, I have to close and restart the software.

There doesn’t appear to be any advice on bank size, so I will arbitrarily choose 100 points, so I will start with a bank of £1000 as this starts me at the £10 per bet Cashmaster standard. Betfair is the recommended bookmaker, so profits are adjusted for commission. I am using The Bet Engine’s result export function to record the race results and profits.

You can try Greyhound Back Pro HERE

One Trade

The very fact that you’re reading this website puts you in with the small minority of people that are actually prepared to do something to improve your situation or move yourself towards a goal. And over the years, we’ve found some amazing products and services that have helped Cash Master readers do just that!

Whether it’s learning to trade on Betfair to make a bit extra income around the day job, or learning to trade the financial markets full time, or investing in business opportunities and cryptocurrencies or pulling a full time income from trading the gold markets, we’ve found something that works well to suit almost anyone willing to learn how to do it.

My own personal preference has, over the years, leaned more and more towards passive earning strategies. By that I mean, I want to earn money with very little time input required. This is a deliberate goal because I want to free up more and more time to spend doing the things I want to do, rather than the things I have to do.

So whilst I’ve paid my dues learning how to day trade the financial and sports betting markets, I know this isn’t something I want to do into my retirement, and so I went on to learn strategies that only took an hour a day, then half an hour a day, then once a week and then only once a month!

My income now derives from strategies that take around once a month to implement and that suits me perfectly but last summer I learned a strategy that, amazingly, requires a few minutes per YEAR!

Actually, it’s even a bit less than this because it works out at an average of 0.6 trades per year!

So what’s so special about this particular strategy?

Well, apart from the fact it ticks my ‘earn loads for little effort’ box, the incredible thing about this is that it hasn’t had a losing trade in the last 35 years!

I learned this strategy as part of a two day trading seminar I attended last year. It was an expensive, four figure, seminar but you can now get a DVD of this seminar for a greatly reduced price here:


eSports Betting Tipster

Week 1: 6 bets (0 wins) for loss of 9.00 points (£-90.00 at £10 per point)

Here is an example of the advice you receive in the email:

League of Legends LoL Pro League
Invictus Gaming v LGD Gaming
LGD Gaming (Match Winner)
1pt @ 8.00 Leonbets, Oddsring, SkyBet

Premier Football Investments

Premier Football Investments – second review.

This is the second review of this service. In the first review (HERE) Dave stated, “The service has hovered around the break even mark, finishing a few points below”, nothing has changed as this statement summarises this trial too.

A simple service, you get an email containing the (odds-on) selections, which you then place at the best price you can. The quoted prices are usually available, but not for long, so you need to react to the email quickly. The service bets on football world-wide using Asian Handicap, Over/Under and Match Odds betting markets.

Asian handicap betting can be somewhat hard to get your head round, so if you’re not familiar with it, there’s a handy explanation HERE.

From the profit graph, you see that the service can work, weeks 1 through to 3 and 5 through to 10 demonstrate this. The problem is week 4 and weeks 10 through to 13 undo all the hard work. Further, as good as weeks 5 to 10 was, this made 6 points!

With the six months of the original review and three months of this review, in nine months the service has not made a profit. OK, apparently the selection process has been changed, the results, however, haven’t. Whilst, like Dave, I can see the potential, unfortunately, the original categorisation of failed remains.

You can sign up for Premier Football Investments HERE.

Premier Football Investments

Week 13: 8 bets (3 wins) for loss of 2.78 points (£-139.00 at £50 per point)

Overall: 123 bets (71 wins) for loss of 3.07 points (£-153.75 at £50 per point)

Top Rated Runners

This is my second report on Top Rated Runners a horse racing backing system from the Betting Gods Tipping stable.

I started with a paper bank of £1000 on 23rd May and am using £10 stakes

For the period 3 June 12 June inclusive:-

Tips received 27 -winners 5 – a strike rate of 19%% which resulted in a loss for the period of £55.20

Opening Bank £500.00

Closing Bank   £444.80


This is my second report on Draw Master a football backing system from the Betting Gods Tipping stable and as the name suggests is a tipping service for backing football draws.

I started with a paper bank of £500 0n 23 May and am using £10 stakes.

During the period 3 June12 June inclusive I received only 6 tips and they all lost so the bank dropped by £60

Opening bank for the period £495.05

Closing bank for the period £435.05

eSports Betting Tipster

I am going to look at eSports Betting Tipster, and I must admit, this is a new one for me: betting on professional gaming leagues!

From the website:

With the rise of online gaming and the dawn of professional, competitive gaming it’s no surprise than an opportunity exists for betting fans to capitalise on these new markets.

Competitive odds and tips sent every morning mean that regardless of your interest in gaming, such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Dota 2 and CS:GO, you will enjoy this exciting opportunity to make additional money at the bookies

Usual Betting Gods tiered subscription, starting at £20 per month with discounts for longer subscriptions.

Tips come through between 8pm and 9pm, and bets are placed with a recommended bookmaker. A word of caution, I have seen recommendations for bookies such as ScandiBet and Bethard, so you may need to open new accounts which may not be UK Betting Commission regulated. Betfair do offer some markets, but I doubt there will be much liquidity.

A 100 point bank is advised, so I’ll start with a virtual £1000 bank as this is the cashmaster standard £10 per bet.

When publishing the results I will assume that the odds in the email are available, and I will use the best odds quoted.

More information HERE

Draw Doubles

Draw Doubles

This service began as a free trial for everybody on Jan 3rd and has now moved into paid service. Before the free trial, the service had made 109 points in 3 months and comes with the usual excellence in delivery from John Baker, well known to us at Cash Master. Great service alone is obviously not enough, we need profit to recommend any service. Results since the trial began haven’t reflected the pre-trial promise, but as we have faith in John from his other long-standing services, we felt it would be expedient to extend the Cash Master review, and so this is an update of that position. I updated this just over a month ago, and no great strides had been made. However, June has been a different matter entirely, with over 57 points profit accrued over singles and doubles combined. And after 5 months since the review began, we are only +9.55 points on the singles and a tad under 18 points down on the doubles, and certainly not yet in the realm of a recommended service, but I am giving it until the end of the World Cup, by which time we should have a clearer view of its potential.

Brought to you by the man who has two Cash Master recommended services to his name, Banker Bets and Value Picks, Draw Doubles is offering you a free trial right up until February 14th (paid service begins February 15th).

Draw Doubles utilises a highly sophisticated, software-based selection algorithm to identify the highest value opportunities to back the draw in football matches from leagues around the world.

Selections can be bet profitably as singles or divided into sets of 3 with bets placed as doubles to maximise the profitability of random clusters of winning bets.

Beginning on October 14th, 2017, Draw Doubles has now provided combined profit of 109.42 points betting the selections as singles and doubles from a 200 point starting bank with an ROI of 17.04 per cent!

To take join the service, sign up here. Once you are signed in, you can download the results so far for a taste of what to expect.


Race Reader

We are currently reviewing Race Reader but I thought you might like to know they are temporarily offering a free trial for a limited time, with no payment details required, simply enter your e-mail address to get on the service.

Race Reader is the flagship service on the Value Rater platform from CEO and founder Matt Mitter. It concentrates on one word, QUALITY. By concentrating on the race of the day in depth the service can go deep into form reading and members see inside the mind of a pro gambler and race reader and see how a bet is decided.

By utilising private handicap figures, Race Reader finds the big value bets like MASAR @16/1 in the Derby that others miss and the service concentrates on a long term value approach. Members learn many classic lessons and rules and its aim is to make all members more informed bettors in all their betting, not just with this service.

There are also bonuses such as extensive paddock notes from all of Race Readers field trips to the big meetings and this service is for any punter who takes learning about the game and long term profits seriously.

You can take a completely free trial here