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As mentioned, Ben is currently giving away THREE FREE racing guides, the most interesting for me is his ‘In The Name Of The Father’ Trainer & Sire guide.

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Away Wins

New Review

This new service claims potential profits of up to £3,672 a month by simply copying their doubles bets.

And it takes just 10 minutes a week.

Steve’s method uses a unique doubles method on away teams to get an edge over the bookies.

For the last 6 months there’s been no losing months and Steve has totalled £15,740 profit with a 43% win rate and a 32.79% ROI.

He’s never lost more than 5 bets in a row and even then you can quickly recover.

Unlike other rogue tipsters who disappear with your money and won’t even reply to your emails Steve’s customers actually like him.

In fact, he’s received 100s of 5-star reviews from real customers for his previous betting systems.

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Away Wins

Inside Track

Just 6 wins this week adding a large chunck to the overall loss.

Week 8: Bets 28, Wins 6, Profit -30.21
Overall: Bets 183, Wins 64, Profit -51.96

Platinum Puck Profits

This week saw three blowouts, where we come to the end of the loss recovery plan and reset. Germany won on the last leg of its loss recovery to put an almost respectable spin on the week’s loss.

Week 7
NHL Bets: 3. NHL P/L: -6 points.
Extraliga Bets: 3. Extraliga P/L: -6.86 points.
Fin Bets: 3. Fin P/L: -14 points.
DEL Bets: 3. DEL P/L: 18.28 points.
SHL Bets: 2. SHL P/L: 9.02 points.
Swiss Bets: 2. Swiss P/L: -13 points.
Total: -12.56 points.

NHL Bets: 14. NHL P/L: -17.83 points.
Extraliga Bets: 17. Extraliga P/L: -27.98 points.
Fin Bets: 19. Fin P/L: -25.45 points.
DEL Bets: 16. DEL P/L: -2.82 points.
SHL Bets: 18. SHL P/L: 33.19 points.
Swiss Bets: 17. Swiss P/L: -25.07 points.
Total: -65.96 points.


This is probably worth signing whether you’re a full time punter or just a hobbyist.

Stop the implementation of betting affordability/financial risk checks

We want the Government to abandon the planned implementation of affordability checks for some people who want to place a bet. We believe such checks – which could include assessing whether people are ‘at risk of harm’ based on their postcode or job title – are inappropriate and discriminatory.

The proposed checks could see bettors having to prove they can afford their hobby if they sustain losses as low as £1.37 per day. We accept the need to help those with problem gambling but more intrusive checks triggered at a higher threshold risks bettors moving to the black market where there are no consumer protections or safer gambling tools. We are concerned there will also be a negative impact on British horseracing’s finances due to a reduction in betting turnover and resulting fall in Levy yield.

Sign This Petition

Goal Profits

Steve Brown from Goal Profits has been doing rather well with a Set and Forget football strategy recently. Have a read below…

Over the past week, I’ve been experimenting with set-and-forget bets.

It’s been going very well, here are some of my winners…

It was very quick and easy to find the bets. I used our Custom Filters tool that instantly narrowed down the full fixture list into a shortlist of potential bets.

I’ve shared the Custom Filters that I used with Goal Profits members, so they can all access the same shortlists with just one click. It’s brilliant!

If you’ve never been a Goal Profits member, our 14-day trial costs just £1 and you’re going to get access to it all.

Once logged in, look for my Trading Blog and see exactly how I picked out these bets. Click on the Custom Filters I shared and try them for yourself this weekend!

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The Outside Edge

You have to see what The Outside Edge has been doing in October. It is one of the best months I have ever seen from any tipster… EVER!

With over 75pts profit and a 130% ROI, it’s no surprise that I’m shocked at what he has achieved.

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Bet Alchemist

Today, I have a special offer from Nicky Doyle over at Bet Alchemist.

Enjoy A full Month of Bet Alchemist Tips for 1 Pound

The Bet alchemist service has been going 11 years strong & has averaged a level stakes profit of 47 points per jumps season (November to April).

That’s impressive & even more impressive is Nicky’s special Offer for the current jumps season.

It usually costs £30 per month so this is a 97% discount on offer!

The £1 offer is available only for a few days & ends this Saturday, 4th November.

During the 2022-2023 jumps season the Bet Alchemist service won +45.56 points to level stakes. All tips are usually 4/1 or higher, so you get value priced tips and no short-priced favourites.

Value prices is the secret sauce in the Bet Alchemist winning recipe ?

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Profits of +100 points to level stakes have been won so far in 2023. Members betting to £20 per point stakes are up £2,000 for the year.

Nicky wants to show you how a patient approach allied with value betting form analysis, can give us punters the best chance of making tidy profits over time.

If you want to improve your betting and profits then I really do recommend you check out the Bet Alchemist service. It’s a steal for 1 pound!

Nicky is one of the good & honest tipsters out there.

Racing Price Monitor

If you’re looking for useful tools to help you find winners, or losers, on both horse racing and greyhound racing, then check out these two web based bits of software from the Steve Davidson stable…

This cloud software monitors the racing prices leading up to the race start and allows direct betting without leaving the website.

Super fast bets, covers UK, Ireland, Australia, NZ, South Africa, USA, France and Singapore.

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Inside Track

A winning week is a winning week no matter how small and is most welcome.

Week 7: Bets 28, Wins 13, Profit 1.63
Overall: Bets 162, Wins 60, Profit -31.3

Platinum Puck Profits

There is a pronounced glitch in the matrix; 5 bets on NHL and 4 won. A quiet week with few matches being played so no blowouts this week but both the Czech Republic and Germany are on their last chances. Only the SHL is consistently in profit at the moment.

Week 6
NHL Bets: 5. NHL P/L: 12.17 points.
Extraliga Bets: 2. Extraliga P/L: -8 points.
Fin Bets: 2. Fin P/L: -5 points.
DEL Bets: 2. DEL P/L: -8 points.
SHL Bets: 3. SHL P/L: 2.52 points.
Swiss Bets: 2. Swiss P/L: -5 points.
Total: -195.4 points.

NHL Bets: 11. NHL P/L: -11.83 points.
Extraliga Bets: 14. Extraliga P/L: -21.12 points.
Fin Bets: 16. Fin P/L: -11.45 points.
DEL Bets: 13. DEL P/L: -21.1 points.
SHL Bets: 16. SHL P/L: 24.17 points.
Swiss Bets: 15. Swiss P/L: -12.07 points.
Total: -53.4 points.

Football Multiplier

Another month ends and we look at where we are at.

The Singles managed a respectable 6 wins from 11 but still had a losing month.

On the final weekend the horrendous attack on the Lyon bus by Marseille “fans” meant that one of the trixies became a double. But a lot of wins this month for a nice profit; remember I class a win if only 1 leg of a trixe fails.

Month 9: Bets 11, Wins 6, Profit -5.5, Betfair -4.65
Overall: Bets 116, Wins 67, Profit -27.8, Betfair -25.66

Month 9: Bets 7, Wins 5, Profit 23.49
Overall: Bets 64, Wins 32, Profit -22.16

Inside Track

Another frustrating and losing week. Part of the problem is the low winning odds which means a higher strike rate is needed to counter a loss. We are roughly halfway through this trial now and a turnaround is needed soon otherwise the losses will be beyond the scope of this trial to recover.

Week 6: Bets 23, Wins 6, Profit -9.05
Overall: Bets 134, Wins 47, Profit -33.02

Platinum Puck Profits

Week 5

Given its popularity, you’d think that the bookmakers would be able to price up NHL team odds correctly. Instead, the NHL powered its way to a full loss, negating two SHL wins. So, after a little ray of hope in week 4, the deep dive continues.

NHL Bets: 3. NHL P/L: -18 points.
Extraliga Bets: 2. Extraliga P/L: -7.63 points.
Fin Bets: 1. Fin P/L: -8.64 points.
DEL Bets: 2. DEL P/L: -12 points.
SHL Bets: 2. SHL P/L: 3.76 points.
Swiss Bets: 2. Swiss P/L: -8.19 points.
Total: -50.7 points.

NHL Bets: 6. NHL P/L: -24 points.
Extraliga Bets: 12. Extraliga P/L: -13.12 points.
Fin Bets: 14. Fin P/L: -6.45 points.
DEL Bets: 11. DEL P/L: -13.1 points.
SHL Bets: 13. SHL P/L: 21.65 points.
Swiss Bets: 13. Swiss P/L: -7.07 points.
Total: -42.09 points.

10 to Follow 2023-2024 Jumps Season Guide

Download the King of the Picks 10 to Follow guide for this jumps season.

This FREE GUIDE includes horse names you most likely will not recognize. There are 8 Ex Irish Point to Pointers included.

Last seasons 10 To Follow guide hit the jackpot twice, highlighting future Grade 1 winners Tahmuras who won the Tolworth Hurdle while Marine Nationale landed the Cheltenham Festival Supreme Novices hurdle!

See what 10 horses Hugh has picked for you this season by downloading the guide here:

10 To Follow

AI Football Acca

22 point profit in my first week

There has recently been a plethora of betting services which claim to offer selections generated by AI (artificial intelligence). I have subscribed to a couple of AI horse racing services only on the basis that they sell their subscriptions through Clickbank, meaning there’s a cast iron 30 day money back guarantee. The idea during this period is that you would be advised to paper trade, or use very low stakes. Where the marketing tells you that, with the guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose by signing up, that is only true if you don’t back the selections using real money. It is very obvious from both these services that the pre-signing up results are in very stark contrast to the results after subscribing, and as I’m not naming them here, the conclusion anyone would come to is that the earlier results were made up.

I had an agreement with another AI service, AI Football Accas, to run a review of their results for Cash Master. I started receiving their bets a week ago, and thus far it’s been impressive. The very first acca I received was 5 legs at 6.41, and ALL OF THEM WON. I have also received 2 winning trebles and a four-fold. So in one week, I’ve received nine accas and four of them have won, at average odds of 6.6. They claim to have some successful monster accas generated by the system. Bets are easy enough to get on with any bookie. Those of us who are gubbed can usually find one or two bookies who will take our money, and of course, bookies love accas because they profit greatly from them.

Two of my successful accas were yesterday, where there was one unsuccessful acca, with only one game out of the ten letting it down – and had a VAR decision not gone against us in the losing bet, it would have been a 100-1 acca.

22 points profit in one week certainly keeps me interested, and I will be reporting back on this after the three month review.

Try it here

Second Class Racing

Did you miss the Second Class Racing Live Q&A?

Then I’ve got some good news…

They’ve uploaded the replay:

In the recording you’ll see Josh…

Break down Mel’s Second Class Racing strategy track record so far…

Tell you why this is NOT like other lay betting strategies or services out there…

And then bring on Mel, who answers everyone’s questions – about the strategy, lay betting in general, and how he stays looking so youthful!

They also give you the chance to join Mel’s new service, Second Class Racing, where he’ll be sharing his tips for this strategy…

And at a special discounted launch price before it goes up to its normal price at midnight on Wednesday 25th October….

Watch the replay now

Second Class Racing

Horse racing tipster Mel Gee has a BIG confession to make…

Click here or on the image below to watch it now… 

Join Mel for the Second Class Racing Live Q&A at 7PM on Wednesday 18th October to learn all about his new lay betting strategy that’s made £1,421 to £10 stakes in 24 weeks…

And has a strike rate of 85%

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Inside Track

A winning week as 6 out of the 7 wins this week passed the post first, the other win was a place.

Week 5: Bets 17, Wins 7, Profit 7.92

Overall: Bets 111, Wins 41, Profit -23.97