Golf Bets Gold – Free Masters Preview

You’ve probably already heard of Cleeve Racing. They’re well-known for their racing tipping prowess and over ten years of consistent profit. However, did you know that they also run a successful golf tipping service?

GolfBetsGold has been quietly generating profit for a select bunch of clued-up punters since going live in 2019.

When setting up GolfBetsGold the guys at Cleeve Racing used their extensive contacts and industry credibility to secure the services of a proven golf expert, Martin Colwell.

Golf is a sport driven by stats. There is an incredible amount of profit on the table for those who can analyse and decipher the endless data available.

With a background as a qualified accountant and auditor, and a real passion for the sport of golf, Martin has proven over the years that he really knows how to keep his nerve up the 18th and bring home the profit time and time again!

Martin has put together a comprehensive 2021 Master Preview and it’s yours free of charge.

Martin gives his expert opinion on all things Augusta, including:

  • In-depth course analysis
  • What type of player will suit this iconic course
  • Which players actually have the current form to win
  • A look at the outright betting markets
  • A look at more exotic markets
  • A list of ‘Players to Watch’ including two value shots at a juicy 25/1 each

It’s an excellent read and will really whet your appetite ahead of the first of golf’s four major championships to be held in 2021.

That’s not all, there are also two bonus guides available (How To Win Money Betting On Golf and Five Golfers To Follow In 2021) that will really have a positive impact on your golf betting profits.

Get it free here

Super Sports Capper

This service continues to impress.

After a tiny mini-slump (mainly due to Aussie Rules) of 4 losing bets, we’ve now won 14 of the last 15 advised bets.

We have started to receive selections for NRL matches. Rugby League is my guilty pleasure, and the NRL is the absolute pinnacle of the sport. I would seriously urge any sports fans to give the games a watch, plenty of them are covered on weekend mornings on Sky Sports. Do yourself a favour and get into it now so that you are well versed in it in time for the utter madness that is The State of Origin games starting in June.

We’re at the half way point in the trial and, so far, it has been extremely good.

You can get a 15 day trial for just £1.99 or an extended 105 day trial for £39.


BETS 106


S/R 67%

AV ODDS 1.90

P/L +47.74 PTS (£477.40 to £10 a point)



A Racing First

2 wins and a place this week for a positive return.

Week 6: Bets 7, Wins 3, Profit 3.63, BSP 3.25
Overall: Bets 84: Bets 29, Wins 14.41, BSP 14.37

Text Winners

A decent clutch of winners for a nice return this week.

Week 7: Bets 10, Wins 5, Profit 5.35, BSP 11.7
Overall: Bets 88: Bets 33, Wins 21.1, BSP 28.55

Cheek Pieces

Wins at 6.5 and 4.5 and a place at 9 combined to return a small profit.

Week 7: Bets 12, Wins 3, Profit 2.4, BSP -0.31
Overall: Bets 100: Bets 17, Wins -4.76, BSP -1.69

Donkey Lays

Plodding away with another profitable week.

Week 8: Bets 19, Wins (Win Market) 0, Wins (Place market) 13, Profit 5.17
Overall: Bets 145: Wins (Win Market) 2, Wins (Place market) 94, Profit 24.25

NSH Racing

A poor week. We are treading water with the service.

Week 8: Bets 25, Wins 6, Profit -4.23, BSP -5.76
Overall: Bets 198, Wins 62, Profit -1.64, BSP 13.96

Daisy – Due Diligence – Dr Anna Becker Shows the Binance Trading Accounts

This is my referral link:
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Pyramid Racing

March update

Like month one of this review, month two of this horse racing tipping service has not been very promising! The 75 point bank was busted at both ISP and BSP by six weeks in, and changing from each way to win only has stemmed the losses only because the staking is lower.

ISP has seen another 38 points disappear down the swanee in March, with virtually no respite. So we’re down over 100 points since the start of the review, and it obviously has a lot of work to do in April to prove itself, and this is no easy feat on the jumps/flat crossover.

Previous results from September 2020 to the start of this review have shown a 36% ROI on BSP, so maybe this has just been an exceptionally poor review thus far, as happens with many profitable services. So, benefit of the doubt, let’s see if they can pull it back.

You can try Pyramid Racing here

Betting Gods – Free Tips

Betting Gods have decided to start providing free tips every weekday from a selection of their services. They send them to me but I won’t be emailing these every day as we all get too much email into our inboxes these days.

Instead I’ll just post them every day onto the blog here. You can take them or leave them as you see fit.

If you want to take advantage of these every day then it might be an idea to bookmark my blog in your browser and just check it daily.

Here are todays though:

Free Tip #1

NRL Rugby League – Gold Cost vs Canberra
Gold Cost Under 19.5 Points
Advised @ 1.92 / Available @ 1.02

Provided By Super Sports Capper

Free Tip #2

ATP Miami – Bautista vs Sinner
Sinner to Win
Advised @ 2.04 / Available @ 2.04

Provided By Game Set & Profit

Crypto Traders’ Academy – Month One

The Crypto Traders’ Academy is ideal for those wanting to trade the cryptocurrency markets by following an expert trader, Michael, that has successfully traded the last four crypto cycles and made 50 x returns in the last cycle.

I joined as a reviewer for Cash Master with the intention of allocating $1000, real money. My actual cost was $1160.14 ($1047.35 crypto and $112.79 deposit/exchange fees) copying Michael’s portfolio allocating the same percentage to each of the cryptocurrencies. I will be providing an update each month.

I report on the first full calendar month of activity, March 2021. The portfolio currently has 17 different cryptos.

Acquisition Cost: $1160.14 (Completed on February 11th ,2021)

Starting Bank for Review: $1273.27 (March 1st, 2021)

Minimum Bank: $1273.27 (March 1st, 2021)

Maximum Bank: $1644.13 (March 20th, 2021)

Current Bank: $1561.00 (March 31st 2021)

Profit/Loss Since March 1st: $287.73

Profit Since Acquisition: $400.86

Return on Bank since March 1st: 22.6 %

Return on Bank since Acquisition: 34.6 %

The graph below shows the daily value of the portfolio during March 2021:

Membership is not cheap: £527 + VAT for three months; or £1997 + VAT for a year. There is a one month free trial. Note, the minimum recommended starting bank for this opportunity, is $500 and one would only buy about five cryptos. Most people have invested at least a couple of thousand pounds as their starting bank and some a lot lot more.

For the price of membership, one gets a) the moves of a professional trader knowing when to buy and sell crypto; b) simple step by step instructions for setting up accounts, and buying and selling crypto; c) regular bulletins and webinars explaining the reasons behind the moves; d) user-friendly videos that demystify the world of crypto trading; e) Mac’s portfolio showing the percentage of his trading pot for each selected cryptocurrency; and f) a highly supportive Facebook Group with Michael in regular attendance.

Full Details Here


Check it out here

I’ve got something rather special for you today.

It’s called Daisy, which stands for Decentralised Artificial Intelligence System, and it’s likely to become rather huge over the next few weeks and months.

In a nutshell, this is a crowdfunding initiative that runs entirely over smart contracts on the Tron blockchain, with the goal of raising half a billion dollars with which an incredibly smart computer will trade on the financial markets, hopefully making incredible profits for all who participate.

If your eyes have glazed over because you have no idea what that means then fear not, as usual I have plenty of videos for you walking you through the process.

You can get involved with as little as $100 and all profits are paid automatically, and instantly, into your personal Tron wallet. It’s completely automated, decentralised and cannot be interfered with by humans (so nobody can run off with our money).

You will be hearing quite a bit about this from many different sources over the coming weeks as many are predicting an onslaught of over one million people joining this in the first month alone. This is because early adopters benefit from something called ‘spillover’ whereby they can automatically earn extra income from people that get involved after them, without ever having to refer anyone.

Of course there will be the usual suspects complaining that this is a scam (to drive traffic to their monetized websites) but fortunately the company behind this are completely legitimate with a great history of trading profits for institutions and will have their trading records fully audited every three months by one of the top four auditors in the world. So complete transparency assured in both trading activities and fully verifiable blockchain smart contracts.

Although there is a generous referral program developed specifically to explode growth, there are absolutely no requirements to promote or recruit anyone as the AI trading engine aims for 300%-400% gains per year, and you get to keep 70% of the trading profits, paid instantly into your wallet at the click of a button. This makes it a potentially excellent passive income opportunity for those looking to diversify.

There is a real early mover advantage to this too. I joined Daisy in the beta launch in January and so far have referred only three others. This means that the first people to join using my link will benefit from the spillover of all the people that join after them, and there will be a lot of people joining. This means you can benefit not only from the trading profits, but also from referral income without having to refer anyone.

Daisy opens for new registrations at 9pm (BST) this evening.

Anyway, I’d encourage you to take a look. By all accounts, this could be a phenomenal opportunity so I’m very keen to see what happens over the following months.

Check it out here

This is my referral link:
For more information, go here:

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A*Tips – Month Five

A disappointing loss of 25.65 pts during month five with a poor strike rate of only 15.0 % (3 wins, 17 losses, 2 non-runner or race void).

Stats so far:

Starting Date for review: 29 October 2020

End Date for month five: 26 March 2021

Number of calendar days: 150

Number of tips: 119 (plus 15 non runners or races void)

Winners: 25

Losses: 94

Non runners or races void: 15

Strike Rate: 21.0 %

Number of winning months: One of Five

Starting Bank: 100 pts

Profit/Loss: – 26.02 pts

Current Bank: 73.98 pts

Bank Movement: -26.02 %

After a very promising first month of over 50 pts profit, A* Tips has gone into free-fall and we are now in the red. One more month of the review to go. There is still time for redemption, but it will require a good month like the first one for this.

Rugby Knowledge

A decent month with a 50% strike rate and going a good way to recovering from last month.

Note that Six Nations tournament bets placed last month have now been settled.

Month: Mar: Bets 28, Wins 14, Profit 10.5, BSP 20.38
Overall: Bets 50: Bets 26, Wins -8.32, BSP 4.14

A Racing First

Not many selections, but what quality selections they were! 5 wins from 7 bets with a 33/1 bet being placed and a 16/1 winner being highlights.

Week 6: Bets 7, Wins 5, Profit 17.1, BSP 13.47
Overall: Bets 77: Bets 26, Wins 10.78, BSP 11.12

Text Winners

A cracking each-way winner at 12/1 advised and 24.03 on Betfair is the highlight of an excellent week; 4 winners from 9 bets.

Week 6: Bets 9, Wins 4, Profit 6.86, BSP 11.43
Overall: Bets 78: Bets 28, Wins 15.75, BSP 16.85