Golf Insider

Week 14: Bets 8, Wins 2, Profit 19 (£190.00)
Overall: Bets 120, Wins 10, Profit -43.65 (£-436.50)

SJP Golf Tips – Final

I have been looking at a golf tipping service – SJP Golf Tips; a service that costs £29.99 per month with discounts for longer subscriptions.

At first glance, this looks a very solid service with 1309 points profit over the last 4 years, that’s £13k at £10 per point. The results of the trial have, therefore, been disappointing: only 16 wins in 146 bets. I realise that golf can be like that, and it only needs a winner at 150/1 to completely change the profile of the service, and I extended the review to 20 weeks in the hope that the service would catch a nice winner. Unfortunately, the service has finished down 104.4 points, -£1,044 to the standard £10 per point to the advised odds. Direct comparison with Betfair is not available as the markets differ, especially in the number of places offered in each-way bets.

Tips are received via email around mid-morning Wednesdays. Like any tipster service you need to quickly act on these to get the quoted odds.

A 200-point bank is recommended, so £2k to get the CashMaster standard £10 per bet, so the bank is down 50%.

It would be easy to fail this service, but it remains one good win away from being turned around; e.g. £10 each-way win on 100/1 would return something like 118 points for £1,180 and this would be a very different review. I am, therefore, going to classify this service as neutral.

You can get SJP Golf Tips here

SJP Golf Tips

Week 20: Bets 4, Wins 2, Profit 6.5 (£65.00)
Overall: Bets 146, Wins 16, Profit -104.4 (£-1044.00)

Cleeve Racing – Final

This trial was a re-test of a service we first reviewed back in 2012.

Cleeve Racing is a horse racing tipping service looking at Class 2 or better UK horse races. Costing £40 per month with reductions for longer subscription periods, you get access to a website where each qualifying race is analysed and an explanation as to why a horse is a selection or why there aren’t any selections for that race. You are given a target price and the number of points to bet on each race where a horse qualifies.

As this is for the higher class of races there are many days were there are no qualifying races, but this service is about quality rather than quantity. Averaging 9 bets per week, and that includes Cheltenham, Aintree, and classic festivals (2,000 Guineas, 1,000 Guineas, Epsom Oaks, Epsom Derby) where there are more qualifying races.

I have focused this review on the main selections. There are other services available: Eyecatchers and Highway50 which I didn’t use.

There were 121 bets in the 13-week period with 45 wins for a strike-rate of 37% at average advised odds of 13. You’d probably have to react quite quickly to get the advised prices at a Bookmaker, and I have not used BOG where available.

The service finished 123.91 points up, a massive £1, 239 using the standard £10 per point. The £120 basic subscription for 3 months barely dents this. Even better is 138.62 points: £1,386 using Betfair SP with 5% commission deducted means that this is a tipping service you can use without having your Bookmaker account withdrawn.

With that level of profit I am more than happy to approve this service.

You can get Cleeve Racing here.

Cleeve Racing

Week 13: Bets 10, Wins 5, Profit 46.6 (£466.00), BSP Profit 68.88 (£688.80)
Overall: Bets 121, Wins 45, Profit 123.91 (£1239.10), BSP Profit 138.82 (£1388.20)

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The Horse Race Predictor

As May draws to a close, time for another The Horse Race Predictor update.

Please note that all my bets using this service are wholly off the automiser bot now.

Since the master-class, roughly 2 months ago, it has been a bit of a struggle to say the least. Many systems have seen decent profits wiped out, and more, by a couple of losing days. I hope that we are coming out of this period now and can get back on the road to serious profits. My results are corrupted because of fiddling with settings, forgetting to reset or switch the bot on and some other actions, but here are MY results as they currently stand:

Coupmaster: +17%
Quads: For me a couple of blown banks, however the settings have been amended with the addition of a stop-loss feature, so trying again, -5%. I do need to monitor this as the best stop-loss value has yet to be determined.
Mighty Tosh: Manual may be better way to bet these, but I do them via the bot. Please note that this service only resumed 1st May. +92%.
Dutch Platinum +7%
Top Rated: +62%
Joint Roster +30%
One a day: +25% but this service works differently from the above and is intended as a slow and steady builder.

Just to reiterate, these are MY results, other folks may have done better or worse depending on their bot settings and the systems they are following.

Not following these gurus, but their results show:
Method Maker +55% (since May 9th)
The Squire is really slamming it with +149% (also since May 9th).
Lieutenant K Triple S is also steaming hot with +123%, and this service is going to be reset to £1000 withdrawing some £500 of profit.

There are other systems on the forum that I am not reporting on in this post.

So some services have hit their monthly target (Triple S, The Squire). a couple on target to meet, or get close to, their targets (Method Maker, Mighty Tosh, Top Rated).

You’d need very deep pockets to, say, put £500 on each system. You really just want to select one or two that fit your betting profile. I keep saying this, honestly, do NOT bet everything. On the bot, most of the systems are still on test bets, I only have a real bank on two systems and I am very happy with the way bank is growing again now, it was a test of my resolve for a while.

For me, this service still retains its approved status.

You can get The Horse Race predictor here.

Race Advisor Pro

For a decade, Michael, over at the Race Advisor, has been developing tools to make a profit from betting. He got in touch a few weeks ago to share with me what he’s been working on for the last year and… he has been busy.

He’s put everything you need to make a profit from your betting in one place. It’s quite literally the ultimate membership club.

There’s some of the most ground-breaking software available, race cards, horse history, trends, stats, tips, artificial intelligence, tissue odds lines and live Betfair odds.

There’s a betting course which makes learning how to bet profitably, as simple as following the steps.

A quick start strategy gets you using the software within minutes of joining, as well as a full series of training videos to maximise your profits.

New betting strategies guide you step-by-step through finding winners, even if you’ve never placed a bet before, and the well-known Dark Horses guides, released every season, with the undercover horses you should be following.

Plus they cover the twenty one major racing festivals every year with stats, trends, analysis and selections.

There’s also a knowledge bank of content for members, updated with two high quality micro-angles, hidden trends and betting advice every single month and, as a member, you get open access to see exactly what new features are being added and when.

Also there’s a forum filled with like-minded bettors, all helping each other to make a profit, and Michael checks it personally and replies to threads. Just a quick browse shows members sharing their advice, approaches, and selections.

And of course, in true Race Advisor fashion, they have one of the best support desks and they’ve improved on it by adding live chat support.

Sometimes you can even catch Michael himself sharing advice on live-chat!

Have a look here

Britannia’s Gold

The gold salvage project continues to get ever more exciting. Yesterday Will Carrier was on national Irish television giving a lot more details about the salvage operations.

This news report clearly indicates that the team will be very active with worldwide media when they bring back the gold and as I have said before on previous emails I think there will be a frenzy to pick up the last remaining Britannia’s Gold dividend units as more and more people start to realise this is a very genuine project and there is potentially a lot of money going to get paid out to shareholders. Remember, this is not a one-off project but the first of many over the coming years and even decades.

That is why I also recommend if you haven’t done so yet, you upgrade your membership with the Angel Business club to get as many Britannia gold dividend units as possible, as soon as you can I.e. today!. Once all of the dividend units have been allocated there will be no more to issue, ever!

So there are two options here. Firstly if you are an existing Angel Business Club member you might want to upgrade your subscription payments. To do that just login to your members back office and click on payment methods and you can change your subscription level there. it is possible at the moment to get another 73 Britannia’s Gold a dividend units as a top-level subscriber to the club.

Secondly, if you are not yet a member of the Angel Business club I recommend you join today and you will get your first Britannia’s Gold dividend units within 48hrs.

Go to this page for more details of how to join and the different membership levels available for you:

Britannia’s Gold

Festival Winners Circle

Festival Winners Circle is a horse betting service created by Mathew O’Malley and hosted by Best Systems Bets. Mathew’s approach is quite novel in that he bets on every race at major festivals. The service has been around for four years and has attracted a small but loyal following. 

I joined a free trial just before the Cheltenham Festival and since then Mathew has made 93 points over 10 festivals, making a profit in 8 of them. It goes without saying that I am delighted with the results. I asked Mathew if he was interested in a service trial and he jumped at the chance.

Therefore, I will put Festival Winners Circle to the test over the next three months to see if Mathew can keep up the good work and build on the points already accumulated. The next festivals are at Epsom (2 days) on 31 May and Ascot on 18 June, so I will report back after each one.

Click here for more information

ViewPoint Racing

Week 12: Bets 22, Wins 8, Profit 23.25 (£232.50), BSP Profit 8.17 (£81.70)
Overall: Bets 274, Wins 79, Profit 91.27 (£912.70), BSP Profit 30.57 (£305.70)

Racing Odds

Week 8: Bets 8, Wins 3,  Safe Profit 19 (£190.00), Medium Profit 22.5 (£225.00), High Risk Profit 26 (£260.00)
Overall: Bets 76, Wins 46, Profit 48.32 (£483.20), Medium Profit 47.65 (£476.50), High Risk Profit 46.98 (£469.80)

Top Claim

Week 8: Bets 7, Wins 4, Profit -1.65 (£-16.50), BSP Profit -0.79 (£-7.90)
Overall: Bets 65, Wins 22, Profit -50.59 (£-505.90), BSP Profit -44.94 (£-449.40)

CJ Tips

Week 7: Bets 29, Wins 10, Profit -4.3 (£-43.00), BSP Profit -3.18 (£-31.80)
Overall: Bets 189, Wins 70, Profit 2.19000000000001 (£21.90), BSP Profit 19.12 (£191.20)

Golf Insider

Week 13: Bets 9, Wins 0, Profit -44 (£-440.00)
Overall: Bets 112, Wins 8, Profit -62.65 (£-626.50)

SJP Golf Tips

Week 19: Bets 4, Wins 0, Profit -8 (£-80.00)
Overall: Bets 142, Wins 14, Profit -110.9 (£-1109.00)

Cleeve Racing

Week 12: Bets 3, Wins 0, Profit -6 (£-60.00), BSP Profit -6 (£-60.00)
Overall: Bets 111, Wins 40, Profit 77.31 (£773.10), BSP Profit 69.94 (£699.40)

Britannia’s Gold

We are extremely close to the gold now. They’ve seen the storage crates!

It’s not too late to get involved, but you are cutting it fine. The doors are closing very soon and you will see this splashed all over international news channels and kick yourself if you missed out.

Watch the update here

Panacea Investments

In November last year I told you about the closing of the Fixed Return Ventures client list and that is now closed on a ‘one out, one in’ policy whereby if a space becomes free then another potential client on the waiting list can be offered a place.

Today I have some excellent news about a new product they are offering which is FCA regulated and also comes with a much lower entry requirement which will make this attractive to smaller investors. There is also the option of investing with your pension funds which is something I’m particularly happy about.

I visited Ken Sunter last year and you can see my full interview with him here.

Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of this opportunity and can’t recommend it highly enough.

This is what Ken Sunter had to say about it in his last newsletter:

As you will know, we formally closed the list to any new clients joining our Fixed Return Ventures in November of last year. This is still the case, however, new clients can now join the Fixed Return Investments, we now offer via our new FCA platform.

The website is fully signed off by compliance and is live and the Development Bond Documents and brochures are all ready. I know some clients had an early look at the investments we are now offering, to both the Retail and High Net Worth Investor markets. The rates for these Bonds, depending on term and payment frequency, range from between 4% and 10% per annum, which is slightly above industry standard, with this type of opportunity.

I guess our unique selling points are track record in the business and also that we are the actual developer, delivering the sites, rather than a third party company, then engaging a contractor to build, which does give up some control. A great deal of early interest, which is great to see and we have a wide range of marketing and events planned, over the coming months, to really launch our Bonds in to the market.

There will also be the option soon, of placing investments in to the Bonds from and ISA, SIPP and SASS, which will enjoy all the tax benefits of these investment vehicles. For those that have not seen the information yet, I have attached the website link below and also an example of one of the Bond documents.

Bond Offer Document

“I doubt very much if there’s an investment profile that delivers anything like that provided by Ken Sunter. After 4 years with him, I have the utmost confidence that my money is not only secure, but also that the returns on my projects continue to be exceptional, and always prompt. They continue to be a true blessing in these times of uncertainty.”
Malcolm Yates, Conwy, U.K.

“I have been investing with Ken since July 2009 – 8 years. Ken has been hugely helpful, and communication excellent. Both profit and, when necessary, return of capital, paid out on the nail every time, so that I have happily reinvested as soon as I was in a position to do so.”
Vivien Sale, U.K.

“Since 2009 I have invested in more than 20 joint projects with Ken Sunter. In that time all profits have been paid in full on the date specified without issue. Highly recommended.”
Grahame, London, U.K.

“For the last six years I have invested with Ken Sunter and interest is paid and capital returned on time, every time. It’s a pleasure doing business.”
Michael Tasker, Edinburgh, U.K.

“I have invested in different projects on and off with Ken Sunter since about 2003. He has always done exactly what he proposed and is a pleasure do business with.”
Lucy Wilding, London, U.K.

“We (my wife and I ) have invested with Ken, continually for the last 8 years, with returns on our investments paid on time, every time without fail.”
Mr & Mrs J.E and B.M.Banner, U.K

“I have had a continual rolling investment with Ken Sunter for over 6 years.The returns are always paid on time without fail. My investment with Ken Sunter has been truly life changing for me and my family, giving my daughter access to essential brain rehabilitation services that I would otherwise not be able to afford and she is making great progress as a result.”
Steve Smith, London, U.K.

“I have invested with Ken since 2008 on an ongoing basis. During that time I must have had at least 70 contracts completing and every single one of those has paid out promptly without any delays. Everything Ken has promised he has delivered. He has kept me informed throughout the process and is meticulous with administration, and he always responds to calls and queries immediately. I have total trust in Ken and I wouldn’t invest with anyone else.”
Christina Bloomfield, U.K

If you want more information you can contact Ken here:

Ken Sunter
Panacea Investments
Phone: 07748763236
1 Royal Crescent
G3 7SL

Quote: CashMaster and Ken will also add you to the Fixed Return Ventures waiting list, which is by private invitation only.

Inform Racing

Recently I wrote praising this comprehensive ratings service and the development of its fantastic new System Builder. As mentioned, it’s the number one supplier of UK Horse Racing Speed Ratings which has been running since 2003, and which we approved in September 2017. The System Builder allows you to quickly research your ideas for backing and laying, and will show you the profit or loss you would have made had you run those filters previously.

Today I have received an update from Ian at Inform, which I feel is worth passing on:

Another ten year trend winner – now 59 points profit in under a month

Our Ten Year Trend guru Jerry found us 4 bets yesterday for the ten year trends feature and they gave us two nice winners at 5/1 and 11/4 plus a 14/1 second making it another successful day.

Using the Inform Racing system builder to look back at past races, subscriber Jerry has been in banging form recently, finding some excellent winners that he is very kindly sharing with subscribers. In under a month he has given us 13 winners from 54 bets, a whacking 24% strike rate and a profit betting win and place on Betfair of over 59 points. Today he selected two in the 4.55 Nottingham and came up with the 6/1 winner and the 9/1 3rd.

These trends are posted free for all subscribers and whilst there isn’t one every day, there is another at Beverley this afternoon and the highlighted horse for this one is currently at double figure odds.

To find out more about this and to read the blog post in full, hit the link below now.

Last Time Out Rating System – 400 Points Profit In 4 Months

Unlike the free card, the full subscription means you can access the cards before 5pm the evening before, often earlier, plus you get unlimited access to the system builder and declarations builder too.

If you are not a full member, don’t you think you should seriously take a look now? Click here