Cotswold Racing

A winner at 10/3, an each-way winner at 13/2, and two more placed couldn’t turn this week into a winning one.

Week 3: Bets 20, Wins 4, Profit -3.97, BSP -3.98
Overall: Bets 63: Bets 15, Wins -14.97, BSP 3.66

MJ Racing

One win at 15/8 and a place at 14/1 came nowhere near covering the other losing bets for a poor week.

Week 3: Bets 24, Wins 2, Profit -19.72, BSP -20.06
Overall: Bets 76: Bets 12, Wins -27.44, BSP -30.13

Rendlesham Racing

An each-way win at 15/2, 4 more placed and a winning 5-leg football acca, this service had a decent week.

Week 3: Bets 14, Wins 6, Profit 4.98, BSP 3.85
Overall: Bets 45: Bets 15, Wins 9.51, BSP 8.73

Crypto Trader’s Academy – Month Six

Cryptos have been in a bullish mood during August and overall my CTA portfolio gained $404.09.

Here are the stats for the first six months of the review:

Acquisition Cost: $1160.14 (Completed on February 11th, 2021)

Starting Bank for Review: $1273.27 (March 1st, 2021)

Minimum Bank: $989.26 (June 22nd, 2021)

Maximum Bank: $2197.55 (May 10th, 2021)

Number of Profitable Months: 4/6

Current Bank: $1651.26 (August 31st, 2021)

Profit/Loss Since March 1st: $377.99

Profit/Loss Since Acquisition: $491.12

Return on Bank since March 1st: 29.7%

Return on Bank since Acquisition: 42.3%

The graph below shows the daily value of the portfolio from March 1st through August 31st, 2021

The values each day are Noon amounts.

During August, there were changes to the portfolio cash and crypto coins distribution, and some cryptos were re-purchased.

Currently, the portfolio is 28 % cash (held as stable coins) and 72% crypto coins. This cash is available for future utilization depending on the direction of the market. In addition one of the crypto coins is now being staked. There are currently 16 crypto coins in the portfolio including the major two: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It is impossible to predict the future direction of the market, but since the acquisition of the portfolio, the bank is up by almost $500 in half a year with a 42% increase in the starting bank. So with a starting bank of $10000, one’s bank would now be at $14200.

One can of course sell one’s portfolio at any time, but I will be following the official portfolio and playing the market cycle most likely for at least a year.

You Can Sign Up Here

Bluebood Racing

A very decent start to the trial for this service.

Most days see only one or two bets, the most I’ve had was three

I have been checking the prices are available at the time of the first notification, usually a text message the night before the meeting. So far, everything has been exactly as laid out in their advice, price and number of places for an Each Way bet have been available.

Staking has been cautious but sensible.

We had a lovely 25/1 winner on Monday, the write up for which was a really interesting and welll thought out read. It was to small stakes but still a fantastic bit of tipping and a promising sign for future success.

So far, both Win bets and Each Way bets have about a 50% Strike Rate of return some money, obviously that can’t last but it’s a very strog start.

We are curently 23.6 Points in Profit, which is £236 at our usual £10 per point stakes.



Bargain Punting

Have you ever heard of “Bargain Punting”? 

It’s a cutting-edge method for profiting from the horses that uses a mathematically proven formula that GUARANTEES you an edge over the bookmaker. 

All is explained in the following video and report. 

After 11 months of proofing this method has generated over 211 points level stakes profit, which increased to an incredible 531 points profit using the “bank builder” staking plan included with the service. Plus, by combining their selections as advised in multiple bets you would have made an additional 803.81 points profit! 

If you do the maths, you can earn a very tasty second income even at conservative stakes. And when you register via the link below right now, you’ll get access for the next 10 days, completely FREE. 

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Rendlesham Racing

One each-way win at 7/1 and an each-way place at 11/1 (1/4 odds) is all this week. The football acca had 10 legs and was let down by West Ham, Brighton, Spennymoor Town and Juventus .

Week 2: Bets 13, Wins 2, Profit -5.61, BSP -7.93
Overall: Bets 31: Bets 9, Wins 4.53, BSP 1.58

MJ Racing

Five wins, the headline being a winner at 17/2, for a small profit this week

Week 2: Bets 26, Wins 5, Profit 1.88, BSP 0.69
Overall: Bets 52: Bets 10, Wins -7.72, BSP -10.07

Cotswold Racing

2 wins, an each-way win and a place for a tidy profit and a much better week.

Week 2: Bets 13, Wins 4, Profit 6.15, BSP 23.61
Overall: Bets 43: Bets 11, Wins -10.85, BSP 8.22

Blueblood Racing

A quick update to yesterday’s introduction to this trial.

I mentioned that I had contacted them to add my mobile phone number but had not received any replies.

I have now been informed that there has been a bereavement within the family of a person involved in that side of the business.

I think it important that, with the way the world has been recently, we cut people a fait bit of slack when things happen. There but for the grace etc.

Admin side will only be assessed and commented on at the end of the trial.

Blueblood Racing

I’m going to be reviewing the performance of Blueblood Racing over the next 3 months.

Subscription costs £34.99 per month with discounts available for longer sign ups.

The sales page info says that a 150 point bank is recommended, the welcome emai you receive on joining says it’s 100 points. I’ll go with 100 and £10 a point as per our usual habit.

The sales page says that you receive seections via a text message the evening before racing and that those are backed up by email, and then a detailed email goes out the next day with write ups explaining the selection.

I have now emailed them twice to supply my mobile number but am yet to recieve a reply, but I have been receiving emails in the evening and during the following day.

The emails are clear, easy to follow, and the write ups are interesting.

As usual, I will publish results on the same spreadsheet I’ve used here on Cash-Master for years but I have added a new column to record the number of places paid on any Each Way bets advised. I have no idea why I didn’t do that before now, it does not mess with any of the calcs I have written and saves me having to go back to selection emails when checking results.

I will publish that next week, so far the results for this service have been mixed. From 10 bets, we’ve had 2 wins, 1 E/W Placed, and 7 losses. The bank started at £1000 and now stands at £1000.60. But that’s less than a week’s results, so not worth taking any view on as yet


Rendlesham Racing

2 outright wins, 2 each-way wins (at 20/1 and 10/1) and 4 placed for an excellent start.

Saturday also saw a football 5-fold acca where 2 legs failed 🙁

Week 1: Bets 18, Wins 7, Profit 22.14, BSP 27.78
Overall: Bets 18: Bets 7, Wins 22.14, BSP 27.78

MJ Racing

One win at 10 and 4 placers to start, which didn’t return a profitable opening week.

Week 1: Bets 26, Wins 5, Profit -9.6, BSP -10.76
Overall: Bets 26: Bets 5, Wins -9.6, BSP -10.76

Cotswold Racing

8 horses placed and 1 each-way win wasn’t enough to return a profit. Still, an encouraging start where just a little more luck could have seen a very different story.

Week 1: Bets 30, Wins 8, Profit -29.15, BSP -27.2
Overall: Bets 30: Bets 8, Wins -29.15, BSP -27.2

Scottish Football Income Booster

We tested and approved this service in 2017 and gave it a resounding approval. Our reviewer, Liam, had this to say about it:

“I’ve long thought, and discussed with punting pals, that if you could find genuinely dedicated to their patch tipsters, specialising in Scottish lower league and/or English non-league betting, you would never look over your shoulder again. Niche areas where actual knowledge or nouse outweighs stats…

I think this deserves its place on our APPROVED list… The fact that you can check it out risk free for the first month is very reassuring, as is the ease of contact and support available from the service.”

Here’s a few general points about the service…

  • It started in the 2015/16 season, with information sourced from a private betting syndicate analyst who is based in Scotland (so he knows the markets at grass-root level).
  • Most bets are framed around the weekend fixtures, and are released on Wed/Thu/Fri via SMS text alert and email.
  • The average number of bets per weekend will vary, usually it’s around 4-6 spread across the four divisions. 
  • Bets are advised in the 1X2 market (Team A to beat Team B) as well as Double Chance and Draw No Bet.
  • The stakes advised are from 1-3 points, with each member deciding their own monetary value for each point.
  • Results since SFIB started are HERE, currently 11.52% ROI – which I don’t think you’ll find bettered by any other football tipping service (tell me if you do!)
  • In terms of a betting bank, the advice is to have an absolute minimum bank size of 50 points, and quite possibly something nearer the 75-100 point mark – to cover any drawdowns
  • The strike rate on all bets is 42%.
  • Bets can be placed with all the usual “High Street” outlets, as well as the exchanges such as Betfair, Smarkets and Matchbook. 

That’s about the size of it. Oh, and it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee too.

Give it a go here

Rendlesham Racing

I am going to follow a horse racing tipster, Rendlesham Racing.

Tips are sent via text  8:15 am – 8:45 am with email backup. Each selection is supported by a full write-up and also recommended staking and advised odds.

Although a 100-point bank is recommended I will just record point profits using the odds advised in the email and Betfair SP. Betfair will have 2% commission deducted and I don’t apply BOG.

I notice from the web page that MJ has been a massive boyhood Ipswich Town supporter who likes to think he’s very up to date and knowledgeable when it comes to football so I am to expect that the odd football tip to be put up.

You can get Rendlesham Racing here.

MJ Racing

I am going to start a trial of MJ Racing, a horse racing tipster.

I am expecting each-way and win bet advice between 9 am and 9.30 am. The email will contain write-ups on the selections as well as advised odds and recommended betting amounts.

I will be recording point values but a 150 point bank is recommended to convert points to a monetary value. I will record the advised odds on the email without BOG and to Betfair SP. I do not use BOG as this is a bookmaker perk that is easily withdrawn. Betfair will have 2% commission deducted where applicable.

You can get MJ Racing here.

Cotswold Racing

For the next 13 weeks, I am going to be blogging a horse racing tipster, Cotswold Racing.

Full write-ups on all selections along with reports, recommended betting amounts, and general betting advice are provided. Tips are sent between 8 am – 9:30 am each morning via text message; an email is also sent as a backup as quickly and efficiently as possible after the text has been sent.

I am expecting a mixture of each way and win bets. Although a 100 point bank is recommended I will just be recording the points total. I will use the advised prices in the email and will exclude BOG as this is a bookmaker perk that is not available to everybody. I will also record results to Betfair SP with 2% commission deducted.

You can get Cotswold Racing here.

HAV Trading – Price goes up on Monday

Following on from my post this week about HAV Trading, Mark put out this final update before the price increase on Monday:

Sorry to be contacting you again but time is limited on this opportunity and there are a couple of important things I thought you should know.

First is a glimpse at my open positions right now on HAV Trading:

That’s £1,411.15 of profit!

If you’d like to join me on these simple trading signals, please just click on the link below.

But perhaps you have more questions, which brings me to my second reason for contacting you.

I’ve had a few queries for more information on the workings of the HAV Trading system, so I wanted to outline the important stuff. HAV Trading is my once-a-week trading system, that’s been churning out profits for me since 2013 (with a track record going back even further!)

It involves running through a simple 3-point checklist each weekend, looking for some simple technical signals (no guesswork – signals are a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’). I’ll also email you at weekends, just for confirmation, so you can be sure you’re on the right track.

We trade 9 major indices, including the Dow Jones and the FTSE, along with 9 major Forex pairs.

This is seriously low-effort trading – we place, on average, around 4 or 5 trades a month, and only check on them once a week (on a Monday morning or Sunday evening – whichever is most convenient).

And this very simple habit, as achieved these spectacular results:

Looking forward to having you on board. Don’t forget, this comes with a cast-iron 60-day guarantee, so you can test out these signals for the next 60 days, without taking any risk.

Join me


P. S. This is the final time HAV Trading will be available at current prices. After the 16th August, this offer must close – so please act promptly.

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