LyoFi Cloud Minting

I have another short 6 minute video for you today in which Alessio Vinassa explains how and why LyoFi decided to roll out Cloud Minting services and how the tokenomics work with their LyoCredits. You might want to watch it a couple of times but don’t worry if it goes over your head, what matters for us is that we get paid daily LyoCredits for running these servers and those credits can be instantly swapped into Bitcoin if you wish.

You can find my set up video HERE

The link you need to join is this one:

LyoFi – Cloud Minting

I had a lot of interest in the LyoFi Cloud Minting platform I highlighted over the weekend so today, as promised, I’ve got some more information for you.

One of the most common questions I have been asked so far is why am I so confident in this company given the history of the crypto space.

The video below should give you a good indication of why I believe this to be the best opportunity I’ve come across to date, and why I think this company will outlast 80% of all other companies and platforms in this space, including most of the cryptocurrency exchanges.

In the video Alessio Vinassa, LyoPay’s Business Accelerator Manager, talks about his vision for the company including the necessity for compliance and regulation. He also talks about why he believes there will be a crypto bull run over the next 24 months that will see gains 100x more than that of the dot com boom. You won’t want to miss this.

There is also a brief introduction from their head of compliance, Solandia Jurdi, which shows the lengths they go to to make sure LyoPay will become one of the leading players in this space over the next few years.

You can watch it here:

I’ve created a video showing how to register and purchase one of these minting programs.

The link you need to join is this one:

LyoFi – Cloud Minting

I’ve got something really very special for you today. I know it’s something marketers say all the time, but I’m almost tempted to say this is the best thing I’ve seen in the 15+ years I’ve been reviewing opportunities. In fact, I’m almost sure of it.

Over the last six months or so I have become increasingly despondent with the crypto space for a number of reasons. I mentioned before that I wasn’t going to publish anymore YouTube videos showing my progress testing out various platforms because I simply didn’t want anybody signing up to platforms before I had given them a proper run through first.

That turned out to be a good move. I often get emails or comments from people suggesting I’ve been rather quiet of late, but the truth is I’ve been as busy as usual, perhaps even busier, putting my money into various platforms and watching it go up in smoke.

There are increasing numbers of scams appearing and the unregulated nature of the crypto space attracts them. Even after all these years doing this, I’ve been pulled in by what appears legitimate, with plenty of third-party validation and even apparent licenses, only to discover things are not quite as they seem. Almost all of them have turned out to be scams. Plus, I’ve seen even more that I didn’t even bother with as they were blatant scams from the start.

But it gets worse.

Even platforms that are legitimate and operated in good faith have been falling foul of new regulations coming in and are having to try to back pedal in order to comply with regulations that were not in place when they started up.

If anything, this serves as an important reminder to us all that, no matter what platform we’re involved with, it’s essential that we de risk at the earliest opportunity. Get your money out and then play with your profits.

I know what it’s like. It’s extremely tempting to just keep compounding your profits up and watching the figures go higher and higher, but until you withdraw funds those are just digits on a screen. Meaningless.

Whatever you are doing now, or whatever you’re thinking of doing in the future, please stick with this simple rule. Take your seed funds back out as soon as you are able to, leaving enough in whatever platform it is to enable you to build it up from there, taking regular profits along the way.

So, what’s this platform that I’m so pleased with now?

Well, this one certainly bucks the trend as they’ve been proactive, rather than reactive, with legality and compliance. It was founded by a company that was previously running a B2B Bitcoin liquidity service making €2m+ profit a month but, to their dismay, were shut down overnight due to new regulations.

They had spent a fortune in both funding and man hours building their company only to have it closed down in a day. Following this they decided to start again, but this time with transparency and compliance at the forefront, rather than trying to back pedal later on or, worse, getting shut down again.

They employed a team of lawyers, with the head of their legal department not only being Latvia’s ex Minister of Justice, but who is also currently part of the team now draughting the actual crypto regulations for the EU!

They started rebuilding just over 3 years ago and are now one of the most transparent and legally compliant companies in the crypto space.

They’ve got a fairly robust eco system already, including their own centralized crypto exchange, R&D company, merchant program, defi platform, even their own fully licensed B2B and B2C banking services.

They’ve also got a really interesting Cloud Minting platform that pays daily rewards that are instantly exchangeable into Bitcoin, and they’re also releasing a new service in the coming months, and already have the licenses in place pretty much everywhere to be able to market it and are just waiting for one more before launching it.

I went to Dubai last weekend specifically to meet the team. They have offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, UK, and BVI, and I have to say I was extremely impressed with the transparency of the whole thing. They are actively ensuring that everything they do is compliant both now, and in the future, so that they don’t suffer the same fate they experienced previously. For example, they even have third party audits on their product performance and on their smart contracts etc. The audits are purely for regulatory purposes and not even necessary at this stage, but they spend the money and get them done anyway.

Their KYC is strict too. As well as the normal KYC details you would expect with ID verification, if you deposit crypto onto their platform, they check back through the past 20 transaction of that particular crypto to make sure it hasn’t passed through the hands of illegal entities, money launderers, criminals etc. You can’t even use a VPN, as they want to see where you’re logging in from.

Some people won’t like that, but I think it’s great and definitely the way forward.

It’s really encouraging to see this kind of thing in the crypto space. Their ambition is to build a customer base of 20m-30m people and although they freely admit they’ll never compete with the likes of Binance, they said they don’t need to, they just want to become a well-established and respected brand.

You can check them out here:

Make sure you check out the profiles of the team too!

They also won the Best Crypto Solution of 2022 at the Dubai Crypto Expo in March.

Check out their YouTube Channel here:

I spent an entire day with their Business Accelerator Manager, Alessio Vinassa, and their Global Master Distributor Diego Endrizzi, from 10am to 6pm stopping only for half an hour to grab refreshments:

I was there with a small group of leaders who had all, including me, paid their own way in flights and accommodation for the weekend. We went because we wanted to see this for ourselves. They answered every question we threw at them, and even answered questions we hadn’t asked. By the end of the day, when they asked if we had any more questions, the room finally fell silent. Even then Alessio began to talk about his opinions on where crypto was going and how he has managed his own assets (I went home and immediately sold all my Ethereum, keeping only a small amount for blockchain fees).

We also spent two evenings with Diego, getting to know him as a person, his passions and ambitions and I came away truly believing that this is a company I would like to align myself with.

The main product that I want to share with you today is their LyoFi Cloud Minting Program.

With this we can rent cloud minting servers that pay daily rewards for 900 days until you achieve rewards of three times your purchase price, averaging at around 10% monthly. So, if you purchased a €1,000 minting server, you would get paid daily rewards until you have made €3,000 over 30 months. And you can buy as many servers as you like, as often as you like. You can even use the profits coming in from the servers to purchase more servers, thus exponentially increasing the daily rewards.

When you purchase the server, you sign a contract that states that you are sharing the server with LyoFi. Once it’s running you can see the ID of the machine, the ID of the partition, plus you can see what the machine is doing right now in real time.

You also get the IP address of the machine which you can check on any IP search to see the exact properties of the machine and where it’s located, making it 100% transparent.

Unlike Bitcoin miners that use up huge amounts of electricity to solve mathematical problems in the hope of mining some Bitcoin, LyoFi Cloud Minting severs runs on the Proof Of Space protocol. This creates secure decentralized data storage space for Web 3.0.

You don’t need to understand how this works, or even what it means (I will do a follow up email with more details), the bottom line here is that we get paid daily rewards simply for providing space in the form of cloud storage.

So why are they offering this?

Essentially, we are buying the machine, and paying the maintenance costs and getting rewarded for running it. But when the contract ends, LyoFi get to keep the machine and all coins minted on it going forwards. Unlike Bitcoin ASIC miners that burn out after a year or two, cloud minting machines run for years, as they are basically storage space, and only need power to “prove” that they are online and available, so when our contract ends LyoFi have got the hardware for free.

They’ve created a win/win scenario whereby we can profit from cloud minting without having to have any technological prowess to be able to purchase and set up these servers, as they do it all for you and in return, after you’ve made 3x your purchase costs back, they get to keep the minters for their own profits. This means they are getting thousands of cloud minting units a month producing exponential profits for the company, whilst building out a large asset base in Web 3.0.

I will be providing more information over the next few days including videos with the team behind it and a deeper dive into the ecosystem, but for now if you’ve heard enough and want to get started, I’ve created a video showing how to register and purchase one of these minting programs.

The link you need to join is this one:

For me, this ticks all the boxes and gives me what I’ve been looking for years. This is a big picture project and not just another scheme. 70% or more of ALL exchanges and blockchain solutions will not meet the new regulations being introduced, even the big players. Look at OKX, the third largest cryptocurrency exchange and sponsors of Manchester City… they don’t even require KYC to use their services!

LyoPay has spent 32 months proactively putting in place the regulatory framework, legal structures, licenses, and AML (anti money laundering) systems to ensure they will be compliant. They have 13 lawyers on staff, one of which as I said was Minister for Justice for Latvia, and was invited to be one of the panel of lawyers to write the new crypto laws for the EU. They are working with the Central Bank of Brazil to roll out a nationwide payment solution for crypto/fiat using QR codes. They are setting up structures and licenses for India, the biggest potential crypto market in the world. Africa is in play with a focus on Nigeria, Ghana, DRC, South Africa, and Cote D’Ivoire. Australia and the USA is being set up now and the EU is already all systems go.

I will be sharing more about this opportunity over the coming weeks. I haven’t even mentioned the new product they will be launching soon that we were privileged to see in Dubai. It’s going to be an absolute game changer.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Hanbury Racing Tips – After One Month

This is an each-way horse racing tipster that looks for value at high odds. On day three of my review, he delivered with a horse winning at 50/1. Within 10 days, I was up over 90 points. The strike rate has fallen since then, but we are still up 39.8 pts. Over the month, the strike rate is impressive for a high-odds tipster – 19.3 %. Tips arrive on the dot each day at 8.01 am and are occasionally sent out the night before.

Here are the important stats:

Starting Review Date: 10th May 2022

Current Review Period End Date: 9th June 2022

Starting Bank (recommended): 300 pts

Minimum Bank: 300.00 pts (10th May 2022)

Maximum Bank: 393.9 pts (19th May 2022)

Number of Profitable Months: 1/1

Current Bank: 339.8 pts

Number of Bets: 66

Non-Runners: 9

Number of Profitable) Bets: 11

Strike Rate: 19.3 %

Odds Range: 13.0 to 201.0

Profit/Loss: 39.8 pts

Return on Bank: 13.3 %

Time Taken to Place Bets and Check Results each day: 0-15 mins (depending on how many bets there are and how many to check from the previous day). This equates to about 8 mins per day on average.

Subscriptions can be purchased for a two-week trial and also for one, three, six, and twelve-month periods.

You can sign up here

20 Minute System – After Ten Months

In the last nine weeks*, a small loss of £8.81. We still have a very healthy profit of £92.64 to £1 stakes (50p each way).

Here are the important stats:

Starting Review Date: 11th August 2021

Current Review Date: 7th June 2022

Starting Bank: £200

Minimum Bank: £159.14

Maximum Bank: £318.44 (16th February 2022)

Number of Profitable Months: 3/10

Current Bank: £292.64

Number of Bets: 340

Number of winning Bets: 29

Strike Rate: 8.5 %

Profit/Loss: £92.64

Return on Bank: 46.3 %

Time Taken to Place Bets and Check Results each week: 0-60 mins (depending on how many bets there are and how many to check from the previous week). This equates to about 30 mins on average.

*Note one week I was not available to place bets: so this review period covers nine weeks, not eight weeks.

The final update is planned for about eight weeks from the current review date.

You can sign up here

Crypto With Kash After Eight Months

Another poor month for my CWK portfolio with a loss of $268.53. The value slide experienced in April continued during the first half of May, but more or less stabilized during the second half of the month.

As a result of the general fall in crypto prices: three of the coins within the official portfolio (that I didn’t have) dropped below their buy-in levels. So I was able to purchase them.

Here are the all-important stats:

Acquisition Cost and Starting Bank for the Review: $1005.31 (September 29th, 2021)

Minimum Bank: $358.24 (May 27th, 2022)

Maximum Bank: $1428.41 (November 25th, 2021)

Number of Profitable Months: 3/8

Number of Losing Months: 5/8

Number of different crypto coins in the official portfolio: 25

Number of different crypto coins in my portfolio: 24*

*This is less than the official portfolio as I joined after the start and some coins had already increased in value above their recommended buy range.

Current Bank: $424.78 (May 31st, 2022)

Profit/Loss:  – $580.53

Return on Bank: -57.75%

The graph below shows the daily value of my portfolio from September 29th, 2021 through May 31st, 2022:

Currently, you can snag quarterly membership at £199.97 or yearly membership at £599.97.

You Can Sign Up Here

PGA Profit

This, as the name suggests, is a golf focused tipping service.

Offered by the Betting Gods stable of tipsters, subscription costs £47 per month with a 15 day trial available for £1.99 and a 3 month membership is available for a discounted £127. A stating bank of 250 points is advised, meaning a bank of £2,500 for our usual £10 per point format.

Tips arrive on a Tuesday morning, giving you plenty of time to get bets on before that week’s tournament begins on the Thursday. The emails are well put together, easy to understand and come with a really decent write up. Bets have, so far, been each way win bets with the price and number of places you should try to get clearly stated. He also includes a minimum acceptable price for each bet. So far, all prices and places quoted have been easily available.

I know absolutely nothing about golf except for the facts that; every 70s BBC sitcom had the main character’s boss playing golf, the sport seems to encourage the wearing of silly trousers, and I got mildly addicted to Tiger Woods EA Sports game on the PS 2, but that was when he was still content with a hole in one…not fifteen… I digress.

Due to the nature of golf betting and the big prices available, we decided to give this a 6 month trial rather than the usual 3 months.

They had an extremely profitable tine last year but, sadly, we have caught them during a fallow period.

We didn’t hit an outright winner until the start of this month when Max Homa brought us a 84 point win.

It’s the fact that we remain another 86 points down that knocks all the fizz out of the champagne.

We’ve had a few decent priced Each Ways but nowhere near enough to warrant extending this any further.



Double Betting Tips

This service has been put on hold while the owner is having some health issues.

They got off to a reasonably good start, but a run of losses brought about a change.

From just a straight Double bet, they changed to most days being two singles and an Each Way double.

They then added a few days of more exotic bets. like Lucky 15, Trixy, Patents, etc.

They landed a monster of a Patent bet and won around 220 points in the one day.

Not long after that the selections stopped coming and I was informed the service was on hold.

I was slightly surprised to see this service being recommended in an email from one of the other betting information sites. Please be wary of signing up to this one as it stands, the email I received made much of the big winning day but failed to mention it was on hiatus, nor did they mention that there were very few winning days other than that biggie.

We’ll give our verdict once the service resumes

Banker Bets Over 1.5

Although it is fiendishly difficult to decipher from the title, this is in fact an Over 1.5 tipping service offered by the long established betting brand, Banker Bets.

They claim a strike rate north of 85% during the 4 months of testing they conducted before launch.

It was an interesting ride as the staking plan they suggest is very aggressive. It’s basically just a 10 point bank, and they strongly suggest a ratcheting element, where you increase stakes as the bank increases but do not drop down after a loss, you just stay on the same stake until your bank start to grow again. I’d call it….. brave?

I’m sad to say Banker Bets Over 1.5 hit a very bad run of results and its starting bank was lost.

To his credit, the owner fully acknowledged the fact and, having gone back over all his results, decided to start again but this time aiming at First Half goals.

Sadly, this didn’t work out either and the bank was lost again.

The service has returned to its roots as a 1.5 angle, but I think it’s time we bow out.

I may well revisit it in the future to see if they have turned it around but for now this must be filed as a FAILED trial


Crypto Trader’s Academy (CTA) – 14 Months On

An up and down period since my last report: the main portfolio rose to a worth of $1149.52 by end-March, but then fell back to $944.38 by the end of April.

The first of the airdrops fell and I now have some free new crypto coins.

As well as The Main Porftoflio, CTA now also advises on staking; airdrops, and short-term trades. Consequently, I have divided this report into four areas: The Main Portfolio, Airdrops, Staking, and Short-Term Trades.

The Main Portfolio

A loss of $51.2 over the latest two-month period.

Here are the essential stats for 14 months:

Acquisition Cost: $1160.14 (Completed on February 11th, 2021)

Minimum Bank: $874.89 (Feb 12th, 2022)

Maximum Bank: $2197.55 (May 10th, 2021)

Number of Profitable Months: 7/14

Number of Crypto coins in the portfolio: 17 (includes one stable coin)

Current Bank: $944.38 (April 30th, 2022)

Profit/Loss Since Acquisition: -$215.76

Return on Bank since Acquisition: -18.6 %

The graph below shows the daily value of the portfolio from March 1st, 2021 through April 30th, 2022:

The values each day are Noon amounts.


Six actual airdrops occurred during the last two months (including May 1st). Of these, I was qualified to receive two. For two of them, I did not qualify because certain of my crypto-holdings were too low; but other members did. The value of all four of these free coins is currently less than $10. I will provide updates on their future growth (if any).

The remaining two airdrops were only applicable to members that have been heavily involved in certain crypto-protocols or for a period longer than my CTA membership

Another new potential airdrop was advised, which I initiated bringing my expenditure on airdrop preparations to $100.00.


A total of ten coins are currently being staked plus an additional four minor coins (outside of the main portfolio) associated with airdrops. I will be reporting on the outcome of such staking in four months’ time.

Short Term Trades

None were recommended in this period

The next update will be in two months.

You Can Sign Up Here

MIni Glossary:

Airdrops involve crypto projects sending free tokens en masse to their communities in a bid to encourage adoption.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that attempt to peg their market value to some external reference like the U.S. dollar.

Staking cryptocurrencies is a process that involves committing your crypto assets to support a blockchain network and confirm transactions. Staking can be a great way to use your crypto to generate passive income especially because some cryptocurrencies offer high-interest rates for staking.

Hanbury Racing Tips – New Review

This is a horse racing service from the MEGAtipsters tipster stable specializing in finding big-priced winners with value on a regular basis. It consists of a simple betting strategy with a win or each-way bet being placed. Each tip comes with a race analysis and the reasoning behind each selection. The service claims 1306.69 pts profit since June 2020 with average selection odds of 33/1 and 68 tips per month. And a strike rate (for wins and places) of 18.3%. A starting bank of 300 pts is recommended.

Tips are sent out the evening before or more usually at 8 am on the day of racing. His biggest winner to date is Freewheelin Dylan, advised at 150/1, the Winner of the Irish National in 2021.

The tips are generated by Richard Hutchinson, the mastermind behind winning the Tote Ten To Follow Jumps competition in 2020. He bagged the £10,000 March monthly prize and also the £177113.52 first prize, so in total a whooping £188113.52 for his syndicate!

Away from racing Richard is a Qualified Chartered Builder. He has always enjoyed sports, particularly table tennis, where he was ranked in the Top 20 in England at the junior level and has been a multiple Suffolk County Champion at all levels. Richard still plays for the County Vets side. He was also English Ping Pong Champion in 2013 and played in the World Championship of Ping Pong at Alexandra Palace and was live on Sky Sports for about 5 minutes! His competitive character should certainly help him succeed as a top tipster.

Subscriptions can be purchased for a two-week trial and also for one, three, six, and twelve-month periods.

You can sign up here

Crypto With Kash After Seven Months

A poor month for my CWK portfolio with a loss of $355.35

Here are the all-important stats:

Acquisition Cost and Starting Bank for the Review: $1005.31 (September 29th, 2021)

Minimum Bank: $693.31 (April 30th, 2022)

Maximum Bank: $1428.41 (November 25th, 2021)

Number of Profitable Months: 3/7

Number of Losing Months: 4/7

Number of different crypto coins in the official portfolio: 25

Number of different crypto coins in my portfolio: 21*

Current Bank: $693.31 (April 30th, 2022)

Profit/Loss:  – $312.0

Return on Bank: -31.0%

*This is less than the official portfolio as I joined after the start and some coins had already increased in value above their recommended buy range.

The graph below shows the daily value of my portfolio from September 29th, 2021 through April 30th, 2022:

Currently, you can snag quarterly membership at £199.97 or yearly membership at £599.97.

You Can Sign Up Here

Loves Racing

I’ve got an opportunity for you today to try one of the hardest working tipsters I know, for free.

His hard work pays well for his own bets and for the members of his tipping service.

The service I’m talking about is one we have reviewed and approved and one that I follow to this day.

Brett Love’s Loves Racing shines at all the big festivals but really comes into its own during the Classic’s season.

And to celebrate the first Classics of 2022 Brett is offering a free trial of his Loves Racing service.

The chart below shows his profit from Newmarket Guineas to Doncaster closing every year since 2018 when he started proofing.

And it has been profit all the way. 

Of course there are losing runs, Brett’s average price is 16/1 and he’s had multiple winners at 50/1 but mixed in with those big priced winners are plenty of bread and butter winners at single figure odds.

If you want to try a tipster that doesn’t tip the obvious and is a master of uncovering the dark horse then Brett is the answer.

We’ve got a short priced favourite for this afternoon’s 2,000 Guineas.

How many times do you think the favourite has won the 2,000 Guineas in the last 25 years?

The answer is six.

And the favourite has started at 11/8 or shorter  just five times and only one has won! 

Brett has a selection in the big race and no prizes if you guessed that it’s not Native Trail.

Brett’s selections for Saturday include one at 25/1 and one at 12/1 among others. 

Don’t miss out any longer, take a free trial today and you’ll get all of Brett’s selections for the Newmarket Guineas meeting as well as all his selections for next week’s Chester Cup meeting.

This is a zero risk proposition, with the likelihood of a big upside as your betting year becomes a profitable one.

If you want to take a free trial of Loves Racing take action now and get the maximum value for your free period.

You can sign up here

Yield Farm Expert – The Seminar

It was absolutely fantastic to meet so many CashMaster subscribers last Saturday at the Yield Farm Expert seminar in London.

You can watch a short two minute clip of the event here:

The training day was superb with some really astonishing moments as the penny dropped and we realised just what was possible if you do this properly. I think Lee deliberately under promised and over delivered on this, but I’m not going to be spoiling any surprises except to say that the returns he suggests are achievable are, in reality, the absolute minimum you should expect and that the actual possible returns are… well, I’ll leave you to find out!

Lee has just announced five more course dates available over the coming months in various locations around the UK including, due to popular demand, two live remote events via Zoom for those who can’t attend in person.

The coaching program runs for an entire year and includes the initial one day seminar, either in person or via zoom, followed by monthly ongoing zoom update sessions.

Full details available here


Leading football betting and trading experts Predictology are celebrating their 8th birthday this week.

To make the occasion, they’re offering you full access to the Predictology suite of betting and trading software and tools FREE FOR SEVEN DAYS!

But wait, it gets better…

You’ll also be entered into a free prize. With one lucky winner walking away with all this:

  • 1x £1,000 cash prize
  • 1x Predictology annual subscription (worth £267)
  • 1x BF Bot Manager annual subscription (worth £119.95)
  • 1x Premium Portfolio (six strategies) ready to be automated with BF Bot Manager (includes full system rules and automation strategy files worth £767)
  • 1x Art Of Betting and Trading eBook (worth £75)


There’s no commitment to continue beyond the free trial.

You can cancel at any time during the trial without charge and still be entered into the prize draw.
A total no-brainer of an offer…get yourself in the draw here!

Flat Flyers – Free Tips and Win £1000 Cash.

The 2022 flat season is getting into full-swing and to celebrate, Lucrative Racing have a fantastic offer to share with you.

Here’s what you get…

 – 7 Days Free Access To Ultra-Profitable Flat Racing Tips…

 – Breakdown Of The Selection Method In Video And PDF Format…

 – Your Chance To Win An Annual Membership Plus £1,000 IN CASH To Bet With…

Yes, you read that last bit correctly! …

When you sign up today, you will automatically be entered in the prize draw to win an annual membership to their “Flat Flyers” service, plus a £1,000 bankroll paid directly to your bank or Paypal account…

GO HERE To Sign Up And Enter The Prize Draw

Daisy Update – April 2022

A lot has been happening with the DAISY opportunity over the last few months and the below video covers everything very nicely.

The trading results for the first year have been disappointing but since this is a three year development project, we need to take a long term view and they have certainly achieved a LOT over the last twelves months.

I’m really encouraged by all the latest developments and think this could turn out very well indeed.

How to sign up and deposit video here

More videos on Daisy here

This is my referral link:

WinnerOdds After One Month – Review Terminated

There are two parts of the service being reviewed here, Tennis and Soccer:

During March, Soccer gave a good solid return of 163.7 points for a 1000 point starting bank (16.4% profit). This is from 106 bets with 58 wins and a strike rate of 54.7 %.

During March, Tennis returned a slight loss of 13.42 points for a 1000 point starting bank (-1.3% loss). This is from 148 bets with 93 wins and a strike rate of 62.8 %.

It was my original intention to reach 2000 bets for each part over a six-month period, but a dearth of available tips over a viable time period caused me to reduce my targets to 1000 bets per part for the review. WinnerOdds indicates that 1000 bets are sufficient to ensure long-term profits dependent of course on a sufficient starting bank to cover service fees.

I ended up spending one hour a day on this service which is far more than I intended. And that time period was still increasing in order for me to reach long-term bet number targets.

One problem is that only a fraction of the bookmakers monitored by WinnerOdds is available to UK punters. Only 13 out of 40 for Tennis; and only four out of 12 for Soccer. Actually now down to three out of 12 for Soccer as Marathonbet is closing its UK operations. I was forced to chase after value bets (on UK bookmakers not listed in the service) using two odds checking sites in order to get value bets on and this was time-consuming.

WinnerOdds looks promising, particularly the Soccer. The most important UK bookmakers I found to be were: Bet365, William Hill, Dafabet, Ladbrokes, Coral, and 888sport.

To make optimal use of WinnerOdds, UK punters need to be glued to their mobile and/or computer for long hours to get on odds quickly; and have access to a Bet Broker to get more bookie options. Furthermore, soccer bets are mainly on obscure markets and this will ultimately lead to bet restrictions, especially if one can not spread tips out amongst numerous bookies.

Unfortunately, after the end of March, WinnerOdds attempted to interfere with the Review Process. They tried to a) stipulate a minimum bank size (and that is the role of CashMaster to determine this for profitability); b) stipulate the minimum number of bets that have to be placed per month, which is not indicated on their website (and that is the role of CashMaster to determine this for profitability and time requirements); c) indicating which bookmakers one should be focused on (despite indicating on their website that one should spread out bets amongst bookmakers to avoid being limited); d) stating that 1000 bets would bring profitability and then claiming I wasn’t placing enough bets despite the fact that I was fully committed to reaching 1000 bets per service; e) apparently not understanding the review process or CashMaster, and worst of all, f) refusing to discuss any issues or concerns with the reviewer. It is because of these reasons that the review was terminated and if they don’t have confidence in this review procedure, how can I. So it’s a fail.

You can try Winner Odds here

Crypto With Kash After Six Months

Crypto worth started to pick up during March and my CWK portfolio gained $194.24.

Here are the all-important stats:

Acquisition Cost and Starting Bank for the Review: $1005.31 (September 29th, 2021)

Minimum Bank: $747.28 (February 24th, 2022)

Maximum Bank: $1428.41 (November 25th, 2021)

Number of Profitable Months: 3/6

Number of Losing Months: 3/6

Number of different crypto coins in the official portfolio: 25

Number of different crypto coins in my portfolio: 21*

Current Bank: $1048.66 (February 28th, 2022)

Profit/Loss:  + $43.35

Return on Bank: 4.3 %

*This is less than the official portfolio as I joined after the start and some coins had already increased in value above their recommended buy range.

The graph below shows the daily value of my portfolio from September 29th, 2021 through March 31st, 2022:

Two new coins have been added to the official portfolio during the month.

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