Gaz Sax Racing

Week 3: Bets 8, Wins 1, Profit -4.25 (£-42.50), BSP Profit -5.74 (£-57.40)
Overall: Bets 32, Wins 9, Profit -3.27 (£-32.70), BSP Profit 1.88 (£18.80)

SJP Golf Tips

Week 3: Bets 9, Wins 1, Profit -5 (£-50.00)
Overall: Bets 38, Wins 3, Profit -40.8 (£-408.00)

The Horse Race Predictor

The juggernaut keeps on rolling, although somewhat subdued this week due to the poor weather.

Day Tosh The Squire method Maker Quads
64 1.66 10 4.1 4
65 7.71 6.29 -3.95 -21.27
66 3.31 0 2.49 2.50
67 12.5 1.8 -5.27 7.5
68 8.05 4.69 1.76 15
69 4.11 5 4.64 16
70 0.74 2.19 -12.67 3
Week 10 38.08 29.97 -8.9 26.73 85.88
Overall 184.84 85.38 75.18 184.11 499.81
    Day Tosh The Squire method Maker Quads
71 -6.64 3.08 0 5
72 0 -6.19 0 3
73 0 0 0 1
74 0 0 0 0
75 0 0 0 5
76 3.1 2.16 7.54 5
77 2.19 2.67 1.36 1
Week 11 -1.35 1.72 8.9 20 29.27
Overall 183.49 87.1 84.08 204.11 529.08

Please note that the odds I am using (BSP) can be different from those that the Guru’s record, putting me on a different strategy with respect to the staking plan. This can lead to different results.

The beauty of this service is there are multiple winning methods. Tosh has been supplying selections that are bet in the place only market, and the idea is that you manually roll these in to trebles. Making these bets on Betfair each winning leg attracts commission, which I have deducted at 5%. The initial bet is £50 for the purposes of this blog, and 100% of a winning leg profits after commission is bet on the next selection.

In the period 5th Jan to 3rd Feb, there were 26 selections, 23 of which won. The longest winning streak is 12, and longest losing streak was 2. Average odds of 1.45. This resulted in 7 winning trebles for an average profit of £97! The overall profit for January, effectively, was £529.

Another nice little earner. I feel, though, that a word of caution is required. Please do not try to follow everything. There are several winning systems on the forum, Lieutenant K also runs successful Triple S. You have to choose one or two that fit your betting psyche and slowly expand to other systems. Take on too many systems too early and this service will be very daunting.

You can get Horse Race Predictor here.

Six Nations

“Try Before You Buy For £1.00”

Have a look at this video by David Ayerst about how to make a decent wedge from the upcoming Six Nations tournament starting tomorrow… even if you have no interest in rugby.

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Six Nations

Quick-fire Betting Profits

“Your little bonus paid out for a nice £6,910” – Alistair

£6,910? Really?

Well, here’s Alistair’s full message…

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As I mentioned last week, this has excellent feedback.

For instance, here’s Chris F, who’s been using the greyhound strategy:

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The greyhound markets are notoriously hard to crack but Andrew’s making someone as much as £30 a day tax-free from them!

Chris F adds: “That one plan is defo worth the price of the whole course so this is a big thank you.”

Well, it’s an even better value option now, as the introductory price is just £1 but only until midnight tomorrow.

Here’s some more feedback.

“I’m making around £35-£40 per day!”

“On a winning run of 7 with your Giant Killing theory and bagged well over £1k. My mates think I’m, crazy putting some of these bets on but your theory is clearly solid – Thanks” – Bruce

“Already decided on 3 strategies I’m happy with and using in a portfolio approach and now making around £35-£40 per day … and using added filters. Some great angles you have there.” – Tim

“For the first time I actually can’t wait to continue with your service. I’ve never emailed anyone back but so far, this seems like the best advice and methods I’ve seen.” – Phil

“Excellent so far with the Sky’s the limit formula and using the going filter. £110 up so far and a great angle!” – G.R

“I just got 3 out of 4 up on the ‘a nice little earner’ plan & collected £266 from William hills! – good work!” – George

As you’ll see, when you’re running 3 or more systems in a portfolio, you get a much more consistent return – just as with any decent financial investment strategy.

You can drop a system if doesn’t suit you anymore, then add another one from Andrew’s betting plans – with TWO every month you will never be short of options.

This really is an excellent way to make a long term income from betting. Check out this message for example:

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Free Football Betting Systems

I’ve got three new free football betting systems for you today from the chaps over at Football Advisor.

Between them they have generated over 300 points profit for less than five minutes work a day.

So if you want:

  • Three, easy to implement, football systems in just a few minutes a day
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  • Common and popular football markets
  • Bookmaker AND Exchange friendly
  • Over 300 points profit in the bank

Then this is where you download them.

But you need to be quick. I’ve been told that the doors are closing on the 1st February 2019. After that, they won’t be FREE anymore.

Banker Bets 2.0

I have a free trial offer for you today from an excellent, low-risk football betting service that I think you’re going to love.

Founder John Baker recently made some significant changes to his award-winning Banker-Bets service, which was relaunched as Banker-Bets 2.0 at the beginning of November.

Initial results have been outstanding with a 25.55% increase to starting bank and 6.83% ROI over the first 2 months since the restructuring, and beginning on February 1st John will be offering his service for free for a full month!

To register for the trial just follow the link below, then click through to the “free trial” page.

So other than the excellent recent results, why do I recommend you try Banker-Bets 2.0?

It’s a highly regarded service that’s been around since 2014 and has been tried, tested and approved by 8 independent review sites, including right here at CashMaster back in 2015.

A detailed written analysis is provided explaining the reasoning behind every single bet, so you’ll know exactly why it’s recommended.

All bets are recorded at the average odds available, not best, so many members are actually able to take in a bigger profit than that quoted in their “official” published results!

And should you decide you want to become a member when the trial finishes, subscriptions are very reasonably priced.

No need to take my word for it though, just follow the link below then click through to the free trial page to try out Banker-Bets 2.0 free for a full month and see for yourself.

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We tested and approved this horse racing system over eleven years ago and made 171 points during our review with a strike rate of 87.1% which more or less matched the 88% referenced in the name of the strategy.

Steve Davidson has relaunched this manual but it now comes with a fully automated betting bot to place all the bets for you.

I can’t help but like Steve. There’s something about his old school, no-frills approach to video marketing that I find endearing. It’s a good system too!

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Six Nations

I’ve got a splendid money making offer for you today for the Six Nations Rugby Tournament kicking off on 1st February.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to have any interest or knowledge of rugby in order to profit from it.

Phil is a professional rugby trader and does this for his living. He’s put together a full package for a profitable Six Nations including:

  • Full Tournament Preview
  • Individual Team Reviews
  • Predicted Finishing Positions
  • Top Team Try Scorers
  • Weekly Match Previews and Prediction
  • Training Material
  • 10 LIVE Trading Webinars
  • Tipping Service

Target Profit: 100 pts

Cost: £120.00 split into two payments of £60 on registration and then £60.00 on 12th March (after you’ve made profits).

Guarantee: Full refund if no profit made.

There’s also a basic package available if you’re not interested in the live trading webinars.

So if you want to make a profit on the Six Nations (and get a refund if you don’t) then sign up here:

Six Nations

Quick-fire Betting Profits

Here’s a great opportunity for you to get personal coaching – and your own betting portfolio built for you – by Andrew David.

Andrew is a master of low-risk betting systems. He’s been betting for 20 years and built a reputation from helping others follow his strategies.

You might have heard of Little Acorns, which won five Betting Oscars for “best horse racing system” in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Or maybe his Football Bankbuilder or PEM (Price Equalisation Method)….?

With Andrew, you never bet with the herd and you never take the obvious prices set by the bookmaker. He makes money by trading the bookies’ special price offers against each other.

This allows you to place low-risk bets, even WIN-WIN bets, day after day.

  • No big gambles.
  • No chasing losses.
  • No need to win every bet
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  • “I am making £20 nikker per day (average)” – D.H
  • “I average £17-24 every night” – M.C
  • “It’s proving very profitable. £200-£300 a week profit.” – Martin F
  • “3 out of 4 last weekend, winning just under £200 – fantastic!!” – John
  • “Had 6 winning trades on the trot… bagged me £220“ – Anthony.P
  • “Over £150 in just over a week. Definitely the best service I’ve seen” -Steve
  • “Profit tonight equivalent to between £4,500 and £6,000 per year…Works for me mate, thank you guys!” – Chris

I have to say, that’s not only great feedback, it’s remarkably consistent too, with everyone getting roughly £17-£30 or more a day.

That might not sound a lot but £30 a day is potentially £10,080 extra in tax-free income a year.

Remember, this is tax-free and each system takes around 10-20 minutes a day to operate on a “bet and go” basis, so there’s no screen-watching or hassle throughout the day.

So getting Andrew to build up your betting portfolio could be the best betting decision you make this year.

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However, hurry if you want to get a place at this offer price because the doors close next Thursday.

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Racing Exchange

Week 7: Selections: 110; Wins: 34; Points: 41.9; at £10 per point: £410.90

Week 8: Selections: 99; Wins: 23; Points: -2.9; at £10 per point: -£29

Overall: Selections: 741; Wins: 156; Points: -54.56; at £10 per point: -£545.56

SJP Golf Tips

Week 1: Bets 28, Wins 0, Profit -28 (£-280.00)
Overall: Bets 28, Wins 0, Profit -28 (£-280.00)

Gaz Sax Racing

Week 1: Bets 12, Wins 5, Profit 2.15 (£21.50), BSP Profit 6.22 (£62.20)
Overall: Bets 12, Wins 5, Profit 2.15 (£21.50), BSP Profit 6.22 (£62.20)

Russell Blair Racing

Week 1: Bets 11, Wins 0, Profit -22 (£-220.00), BSP Profit -22 (£-220.00)
Overall: Bets 11, Wins 0, Profit -22 (£-220.00), BSP Profit -22 (£-220.00)

The Horse Race Predictor

I spotted an interesting conversation regarding Lieutenant k Quads the other day.


when we have the losing quads that result in the 1pt increasing upto 2.5pts in your experience what % of bank is remaining to carry on with, please?


it depends on what the liability of the losing quad was e.g. say you were doing 1 quad a day and your aim for that quad is £1 if your liability was 14% of your bank you would loses £14 if it lost so your bank would now be £86. Your next aim is 1.5% of the £86 which is £1.29 (I think).  REMEMBER EACH QUAD IS SEPARATE and as such should be treated as a stand alone bet e.g. have its own bank. From past results it seems to take about 10 quads max to recover the loss of a losing quad.

So far on here I have posted 579 winning quads & 25 losing quads


So one can in other words expect to encounter 1 losing quad for every 23 played!


yes and with 10 quads to recover a losing quad thats about 13 winners (if you think at 1% thats 13% for every 23 quads)

while its not mega large its a small amount often.

I was using one bank for all 3 quads, and this is incorrect! So I have reworked the data.

Day Tosh The
57 2.88 2.54 6.37 4
58 0.77 6.4 7.53 6
59 -10.65 -5.27 -4.11 2
60 -9.16 13.05 2.08 -18.83
61 5.53 4.71 0 6
62 2.16 -7.27 3.2 -18.46
63 2.46 2.46 1.4 16
Week 9 -6.01 16.62 16.47 -3.29 23.79
Overall 146.76 55.41 84.08 157.38 413.93

Please note that the odds I am using (BSP) can be different from those that the Guru’s record, putting me on a different strategy with respect to the staking plan. This can lead to different results.

Betting Bounty

Every now and then something happens which has never been seen before, and today is one of those days!

The Race Advisor are doing something that most vendors avoid.

They’re going to show you live videos of them making a profit over the next 20 days.

They have a service which has only had two losing months in four years, and they’re inviting us to watch how they do it AND they’re recording themselves placing the bets so you can see it happening in real-time.

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely going to be watching this.

If you’ve ever wanted to see:

  • A virtually guaranteed profit
  • LIVE VIDEO proof that it can be done
  • The ability to ask questions

Then THIS is what you’ve been waiting for!

The next twenty days is going to be interesting, and I’m looking forward to watching it happen alongside you.

Check it out here.

2 Minute Trader

This strategy has made over £3000 profit since we first tested it and continues to deliver regular weekly profits.

You can now try the strategy for 30 days completely free, giving you plenty of time to decide if it’s for you or not (and to make enough money to more than cover your subscription should you wish to continue).

You can try 2 Minute Trader for free here

GeeGeez 4 Week Free Trial

There are a lot of betting sites out there. Literally thousands.

But which is the best betting website?

Well, if you’re a racing fan, you might think it’s or or maybe even

But there is another site, not a ‘big brand’ one, which is quietly becoming the real racing fan’s favourite.

In fact, this site has just won the coveted BEST BETTING WEBSITE of the year award…


There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Heck, you might even have checked it out. And if you’re already a Gold subscriber, you don’t need me to tell you about its quality.

But if you’re not a member of that excellent site, they’ve made it even more accessible than ever by inviting everybody to celebrate their Best Betting Website award with a four week free trial. That’s whether you’ve tried Gold out before or not.

This is a limited time offer, and it’s obviously a fantastic one, especially in a month where funds can be a little tighter than normal.

This offer ends on Blue Monday, 21st January. That apparently is the year’s most depressing day. Don’t make it worse by missing out four weeks’ gratis Gold.

So go here now to claim your free four week trial of the magnificent Geegeez Gold race cards and form tools service:

Geegeez Free Trial

Russell Blair Racing

I am going to have a look at Russell Blair Racing. The service has tiered monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions, with the monthly subscriptions costing £39.99 per month.

From the website:

Russell Blair Racing has been at the top of the tipster game for a number of years now. Russell aims to beat the bookies each and every month with a barrage of big priced winners and boasts an impressive return on investment of over 30%.

The uk’s premier horse racing tipster, making an average of £340 per month from £10 bets. Winner of three major online tipster competitions.

Over the past Three years Russell Blair has averaged 37 points profit per month and achieved an impressive return on investment of 30%. He has recorded over 100 points profit in a single month on 5 separate occasions

Tips are received via email the early evening before racing.  I suspect that you’ll need to act quickly to get the advised odds.

I will be using the standard £10 per point but note that a 200-point bank is recommended, so would require a £2k bank if I was using real money.

All bets are win singles, and I’ll record results to the advised odds and Betfair SP with 5% commission. I don’t adjust for BOG or other offers or apply Rule 4 deductions.

You can get Russell Blair Racing here

Gaz Sax Racing

I am going to have a look at Gaz Sax Racing. The service has tiered subscriptions, with £29.99 per month for the basic subscription.

This service is based on National Hunt (Jumps) and takes a break over the summer flat racing season.

A 100-point bank is recommended, and, as usual, I’ll be using £10 per point CashMaster standard.

Tips are received via email the evening before racing.

I’ll record results using the advised odds without BOG or other offers that can easily be withdrawn, and Betfair SP with 5% commission for single bets. Where multiples are advised this will use advised odds and Industry SP. I won’t include Rule 4 deductions.

You can get Gaz Sax Racing here