ITV Racing Tips

Cracking week for this service with winning bets at 40/1, 13/1 and 12/1. I am interested to see when selections are posted during the gap to York Ebor.

Week 2: Bets 22, Wins 10, Profit 55.27 (£552.70), BSP Profit 40.48 (£404.80)
Overall: Bets 35, Wins 16, Profit 55.63 (£556.30), BSP Profit 36.67 (£366.70)

Vision Racing

Another service that had a bad week. Plenty of time to push on though.

Week 3: Bets 19, Wins 2, Profit -13.6 (£-136.00), BSP Profit -15.39 (£-153.90)
Overall: Bets 59, Wins 11, Profit -8.75 (£-87.50), BSP Profit -13.18 (£-131.80)

From The Stables

A disappointing week, under-performing through Glorious Goodwood. Hoping to get some decent weeks soon.

Week 6: Bets 126, Wins 25, Profit -28.11 (£-281.10), BSP Profit -15.66 (£-156.60)
Overall: Bets 735, Wins 16, Profit -153.7 (£-1537.00), BSP Profit -113.91 (£-1139.10)

Racing Odds

A month on from our completed Approved review and anyone that joined this service will be very happy!

They ended July up by +30.66 points with a 32.35% strike rate and the biggest winner was Al Messila in the 20:10 race at Nottingham on the 16th July winning at 11/1 odds!

They have now ended the last 3 months in profit –

  • May 2019 – +22 Points
  • June 2019 – +18 points
  • July 2019 – +30.66 points

These results are based on the safe plan (lowest setting) and they would have been even higher on their higher two plans.

Full results can be seen on their website. You can click on each month to see a full breakdown.

So far, from the ten months they have been running, they have made profit in nine of these, averaging 21.66 points each month, with a 30% strike rate and average odds of 4.75.

You can try Racing Odds here

Genesis Mining

I’ve been mining Ethereum on this cloud mining platform for a full two years now and it’s been paying out daily. To remind you, I bought two years of hashing power for $300 which at the time was worth 1.06 ETH so I needed to mine more than 1.06 ETH in the two years for this to prove profitable (as opposed to spending that money directly purchasing, and holding, Ethereum).

The mining earnings are added to your account on a daily basis and whenever the balance goes over a certain level it gets paid automatically into your personal ETH wallet.

I had these payments sent directly to my Ledger offline wallet:

23.08.17 0.15185324
13.09.17 0.00186129
10.10.17 0.00751102
20.10.17 0.05038692
19.11.17 0.05113582
16.04.18 0.06493971
05.05.18 0.04129927
26.06.18 0.04002293
20.08.18 0.04000965
13.10.18 0.04039400
01.12.18 0.04045342
09.01.19 0.04003385
21.02.19 0.04038111
07.04.19 0.04074680
23.05.19 0.04025342

Total: 0.69128245 ETH

There have only been two payments since my last update six months ago and the last payment was at the end of May as I didn’t accrue enough ETH for a final payout before my contract expired in July, so I’m not sure what happens to the excess but I didn’t get it.

I needed to get another 0.36871755 ETH to break even and so this was clearly an unprofitable venture at this time.

It’s worth noting that cryptocurrency mining across the board has been struggling since the start of 2018 so this is probably a fair reflection of the entire space, rather than Genesis Mining per se.

Also, the values of cryptos are well down on where they were, with ETH going from a high of nearly $1400 right down to less than $100 so there are a lot of factors to consider.

0.69128245 ETH is worth around $150 today so clearly a loss on that front too but even if it were worth more than the $300 I put into this, I still think comparing “ETH in” to “ETH out” is the best way to tell if this is a profitable venture or not and unfortunately it’s not been.

This is clearly a fail and it remains to be seen if crypto mining via cloud based platforms such as this can ever be profitable.

You can try Genesis Mining for as little as $30 HERE

Horse Network Tipster

I am starting a trial of Horse Network Tipster from the Betting Gods stable, a horse racing tipping service that costs £29 per month with reductions for longer subscriptions.

Apparently averaging £374 profit per month to £10 stakes and with a very healthy looking equity curve I am hoping for great things from this service.

Roughly 4 to 10 selections are sent the evening before racing, and contains advice on the number of points and suggested bookmaker. I will record performance using Betfair SP with 5% commission applied. I will not be applying BOG but will apply Rule 4 deductions where required.

ITV Racing Tips

I am going to look at ITV Racing Tips provided by Carl Nicholson. This service analyses every race shown on ITV plus a Nap and Next Best bet each day, usually this means 7 races on a Saturday but will also mean midweek races at the big festivals EG Glorious Goodwood.

There are tiered subscriptions, but £19.99 per month or £99 for 6 months looks best value.

As Glorious Goodwood is this week, I should get a few selections, and I think that York Ebor festival will fall within the trail period.

Selections are received by email that night before racing and contains advice on odds, bookmaker and number of points. I will also record performance using Betfair SP with 5% commission deducted. I will not be following BOG offers as bookmakers can withdraw this perk, but I will apply Rule 4 deductions where necessary.

Each Friday Carl will tip in every race for one evening meeting and these tips are available for free here.

Festival Winners Circle

I have been following this service since March, during which time there have been 21 GB and Irish festivals. I was planning to update before, but for various reasons was unable to do so. Therefore, to keep it simple, I have added up the total for all the festivals so far, and then I will update regularly over the next three months. Results of all 21 festivals are available on request. The Ascot King George Weekend is coming up on the 26th July, Galway Races Summer Festival starts on 29 July, and then Goodwood follows, so I will report back after those.

Results for 21 festivals between March-July 2019:

Bets: 376; Winners: 129; Points: 102.23; at £10 per point: £1022.23

Golf Insider

I have been looking at Golf Insider, a golf tipping service that costs £44.40 per month.

What you get is, usually, a couple of emails per week; one each for European Tour and PGA. The email contains details on the competition, and selected bets with number of points to invest and suggested bookmaker.

In this trial I assumed that the advised price was available, and I didn’t monitor Betfair prices. Golf betting is achievable on Betfair but they offer different place-win markets making it difficult to compare with Bookmakers.

I pushed the trial to 21 weeks to cover The Open.

Past few weeks the service has been unlucky with high-odds place market selections just failing to win by just 1 stroke. Even so, the service finished 109 points up, with 17 winners from 185 bets. A bet was counted a win if it returned a profit. That is £1,090 to the Cashmaster standard £10 per bet.

Golf betting will go on long losing runs but will land occasional high-odds winners and the 10.9% strike rate confirms this. The best win in this period was at 80/1.

With such a handsome profit I have no hesitation in approving this, but please make sure you can handle the drawdown periods.

You can get Golf Insider here.

Vision Racing

This “week” is actually last 10 days due to when the trial started. This service looks for higher odds winners, and this week, the average advised odds were 7.46.

Week 1: Bets 21, Wins 3, Profit -4 (£-40.00), BSP Profit -6.26 (£-62.60)
Overall: Bets 21, Wins 3, Profit -4 (£-40.00), BSP Profit -6.26 (£-62.60)

From The Stables

Only a small loss this week to advised prices. This week’s average odds is 11.98.

Week 4: Bets 123, Wins 34, Profit -9.495 (£-94.95), BSP Profit 3.92 (£39.20)
Overall: Bets 476, Wins 28, Profit -75.84 (£-758.40), BSP Profit -42.69 (£-426.90)

Golf Insider

That was some Open Championship! Congratulations to Shane Lowry. Unfortunately, no winners in the spread of bets :(.

Week 21: Bets 15, Wins 0, Profit -43 (£-430.00)
Overall: Bets 185, Wins 17, Profit 109.35 (£1093.50)

Karatbars Scam

I’ve received a number of e-mails over the last week or two about the latest developments at Karatbars, and concerns over rumours circulating about it being a scam.

I’ve been hearing this ever since I first got involved with Karatbars, and indeed, Karatbars has suffered such rumours its entire history.

The problem with the internet is that there just isn’t the level of fact checking we’d expect from the likes of, say, the BBC before a report is published and, just as with mainstream media, bad news always sells more than good news.

More often than not people will make assertions that are personal opinions based on misinformation, and express them as if they are facts. Once this is published as ‘fact’, this then holds weight, even if there is no evidence to back it up.

This has become a global issue now, and no doubt will be something historians will write about for future generations, how social media algorithms have created an enforced cognitive bias that moulds the very society we are now seeing develop.

I am genuinely disheartened by the growing number of online communities arising that embrace Flat Earth, Hoax Moon Landings, Chem Trails, Anti-Vax, Alternative Medicine etc. as well as an increasingly extreme and divisive political environment, most of which I believe is at least aided by the positive reinforcement social media algorithms perpetuate. Critical thinking seems to have given way to lazy acceptance of whatever our media feeds are telling us.

And it’s not good.

The problem is that these ‘scam’ articles and videos stick around. For example, in 2014 the AMF in Canada, (like our FSA), claimed Karatbars was a scam. Karatbars took them to court over it and won in 2016, and they apologised. This apology and retraction never made the news of course and if you Google Karatbars you can still see the ‘Banned in Canada’ stories.

As you probably know, I set up CashMaster precisely to get the facts about products and services so that we don’t have to rely on snazzy sales pages or dubious forum posts to be able to form a more reliable opinion on something based on the data itself.

And this has been the case with Karatbars, as with all other products and services we review.

I have seen videos online, created by people that have never been involved with Karatbars, never met the CEO Harald Seiz, or Josip Heit, or Ovidiu Toma and literally don’t know the bare basics of the business development structure, nor the milestones achieved to date, nor the plans in progress for the future, yet they feel qualified to give an accurate assessment of the intentions of the company.

I do note, of course, that creating a YouTube video with the word ‘scam’ in the title, or indeed a blog or forum post, will receive a lot more traffic than normal, and so I’m always slightly suspicious of the true motivations of the people creating them… as more often than not they are simply using ‘click bait’ to increase their own exposure. (Yes, I know I used it to encourage you to read this post… see, it works!)

Well, I have met and spent time talking with Harald Seiz and Josip Heit in person, and I’ve spent probably close to an hour chatting with Ovidiu Toma who created KaratNet which is going live in October.

I’ve seen everything they planned happen, on time, and I’m also aware that some information is kept private purely for commercial protection as what they are attempting to build here could also be achieved by other, much bigger well established corporations.

Of course there will always be conspiracy theorists who take this lack of transparency in certain areas to mean they have something to hide. Well, it’s true; they do have commercial secrets, like any other big company. That’s why ‘garden leave’ was invented.

But yesterday things changed.

Over the past couple of weeks the ‘Karatbars is a scam’ rumours have been spreading, fuelled by sponsored advertisements on Facebook by someone with an axe to grind. The current attacks seem to be centred around trying to say Karatbars head office doesn’t exist, Karatbars has no access to mines, the Miami and German companies don’t exist, no one stole any KBC coins and Karatbars has not fulfilled its promises in the whitepaper.

A lot of this stuff Harald didn’t want to reveal due to operational reasons and because he didn’t want to give the competition too much commercial information.

He has, however, decided to take on these people and has released the following document which answers every question head on.

You can read the full 30 pages of facts at here:

Karatbars Statement

Everything is there including official company registration documents and certificates from the mine in Madagascar as well as details of a prosecution he is taken regarding stolen KBC coins that scammers have been dumping.

It’s worth noting that Karatbars have been in business for eight years now. They work with MasterCard and FedEx both of whom have strict due diligence procedures in place. In that time every customer has had every gram of gold delivered and not one commission payment has been wrong or late in the history of the company.

My Opinion

Now, quite a few people have asked my personal opinion on how I think this will all play out. Please remember, this is my opinion. I’m not stating facts (unless I know it to be a fact) because, as I’ve just explained, I think too many people express their opinions as if they were facts and it doesn’t help anyone.

First of all, anyone that invested in the KBC ICO can sell their coins now and make at least 600% profit, and that’s even now after the KBC price has fallen following the coin dump. (Fact).

I actually sold a few myself when the price hit 10c, but only a small amount to test the trading and withdrawal mechanism at Karatbit.

Secondly, a lot is happening over the next six months. In September the ‘Hardfork’ of KCB and KBC into the new mainnet coin happens, and in October the mainnet or KaratNet goes live (Fact).

This is a massive achievement as this will be the fastest, most technologically advanced blockchain in the space, on which everything will run including KaratBit, K-Merchant, K1 Phone, and future projects soon to be announced.

So I’m holding onto the vast majority of my KBC until the end of the year. In fact, I’d be perfectly happy for KBC to remain as low as possible before the merge with KCB in September as then I will get more of the new KBC. If the KBC price is at 14c in September then I’ll get 1:1 for my KCB holdings. But if it were close to the spot price of gold, I’d only get a third of the new KBC for each KCB. Even better, if KBC remains at today’s low rate then I’d get 3 of the new coin for every 1 KCB!

Additionally, they apparently have gold traders in Hong Kong lined up to trade gold on KaratBit when it launches on mainnet. This should provide a lot of liquidity and therefore the price of gold (univals) on KaratBit could very quickly begin to reflect the global spot price, as the traders will be making best use of any differences! And if that happens, KBC should then mirror the UNV price as again, any arbitrage opportunities would be quickly absorbed by traders.

At the same time K-Merchant and the K1 Impulse Phone will also be running on the mainnet, making KBC an actual useful utility token as opposed to simply a speculative asset as it is now, and this too should drive up the price as people will need KBC in order to use these products.

So my opinion, based on my personal experience with Karatbars, is that this is an astonishing opportunity that will be extremely successful. I don’t, of course, have a crystal ball and it may not work out the way I foresee, but that’s the same for everything that I choose to get involved with.

I was told back in 2015 that BitCoin is a scam and a ponzi scheme. Back then it had already just lost 80% of its value (From $1000 to $200), and people were bailing out as I bought into it. Last year I was told BitCoin is a scam as it lost 80% of its value ($20,000 down to $4000). Today it’s at around $9000 and I genuinely believe it will hit $100,000 before the end of next year (hint… if you don’t have any you may want to consider acquiring some). Of course, if it ‘crashes’ from $100,000 down to $20,000 after that then I wouldn’t be surprised, and of course I’ll be told it’s a scam.

Karatbars have been in business for eight years. You can visit the head office in Stuttgart if you like. So far they’ve done everything they’ve said they would do and I genuinely believe the next two years we will see some incredible things happening following the launch of mainnet.

Over those years there have been people claiming it’s a scam, and I suspect over the next eight years there will be people claiming it’s a scam.

Just like Bitcoin.

The current offers on the K1 Impulse phone ends tomorrow, Thursday 18th:

€2500 K1 pack gets you a K1 phone and €5000 worth of KCB.
€5000 K1 twin pack gets you 2 K1 phones and €10,000 worth of KCB.

You are effectively getting paid to receive a state of the art, Voice over Blockchain satellite Smartphone!

Full details available here

Easy Horse Race Lays

I’ve been given access to this horse lay service and will be reporting back on progress during the trial.

Called Easy by the vendor, and it really is. So much so that you could call it a passive income. You sign into the software via your Betfair account in the cloud (developed by the master of gambling software, Nigel Dove)… and that’s it. If all goes according to plan (and follows past trends), just siphon off some winnings from time to time.

Easy Horse Race Lays targets all UK racing and applies specially developed ratings along with other filters to derive the daily selections. In order to make sure the latest possible information is used in the process the final choices are made late on the morning of racing and then loaded to the Betfair approved betting bot directly. No need for emails or logging in to the website – your daily bets are placed just before the off. All you need to do is to ensure your Betfair account is funded to cover the betting and even here it is simple as there will only ever be one selection live.

Odds for the selections range from 3.00 up to 9.99. Thus far the system has seen a longest losing run of 3 and the most successful sequence is 24. Full results are detailed on the website and these are updated regularly. The system is successful with either flat rate or liability staking. And because the selections tend to be at the top of the market, liquidity is not usually a problem, the bets being placed by the bot when activity is at its peak.

Between January 2016 and March 2019 an average profit of 8.82 points per month has been achieved with a strike rate of 84.27%.

A betting bank of 100 points is recommended with level staking at 1 point per selection.

The cost of this service is £39.95 per month – and they offer a 14 day free trial to allow you to see how it all works.

Check Out Easy Horse Race Lays Here

Vision Racing

I am looking at a Betting Gods product, Vision Racing. A Horse Racing tipping service that costs £39 per month, with tiered subscriptions for quarterly and yearly subscriptions.

From the Betting Gods website:

About Vision Racing

Mark, with his Vision Racing service, focusses on generating big wins at long odds. It’s why an average selection from Vision Racing has average odds of 11.76. It’s certainly paying off in the long run!

Admittedly, the lower strike rate might put off the average punter but for those willing to put the time and effort in, the rewards are there for the taking… To the tune of £150.55 per month with £10 bets.

As per normal, I will record odds using the advised odds in the email, which is received between 7-9am, and Betfair SP with 5% commission. I will not apply BOG or other bookmaker offers, but will apply rule 4 deductions where necessary.

You can get Vision Racing here.

From The Stables

A much better week, been a poor start. However, with odds often 10/1 or higher, the highest so far was 150/1 and the average is 12/1, we are not going to see a plethora of winners, but when one of these lands the picture will soon change!

Week 3: Bets 121, Wins 31, Profit -12.75 (£-127.50), BSP Profit 0.43 (£4.30)
Overall: Bets 353, Wins 28, Profit -66.345 (£-663.45), BSP Profit -46.61 (£-466.10)

Golf Insider

Technically at the end of the trial, but it is The Open next week, so I have to give this one more week!
Last week we got two 9th places, just one stroke away from getting placed at 45/1 and 200/1. This week we had another near miss, again 9th and also at 200/1. As it is we landed Henley, 2nd in the John Deere, at 125/1.

Week 20: Bets 9, Wins 1, Profit 19 (£190.00)
Overall: Bets 170, Wins 17, Profit 152.35 (£1523.50)