20 Minute System – After Eight Months

In the last eight weeks, a small loss of £10.19. We also reached a maximum bank of £318.44 at one point.

We still have a very healthy profit of £101.45 to £1 stakes (50p each way).

Here are the important stats:

Starting Review Date: 11th August 2021

Current Review Date: 6th April 2022

Starting Bank: £200

Minimum Bank: £159.14

Maximum Bank: £318.44 (16th February 2022)

Number of Profitable Months: 2/8

Current Bank: £301.45

Number of Bets: 232

Number of winning Bets: 14

Strike Rate: 6.0 %

Profit/Loss: £101.45

Return on Bank: 50.7 %

Time Taken to Place Bets and Check Results each week: 0-60 mins (depending on how many bets there are and how many to check from the previous week). This equates to about 30 mins on average.

A further update is planned for about eight weeks from the current review date.

You can sign up here

The Prince and the Tiger.

I’ve got something for you today that’s not only completely free but also fully automated and potentially extremely profitable.

It all starts with a Nigerian Prince… I’m not even kidding.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a tale about someone trying to get treasure out of another country who needs your help… remember those emails a few years back?

This story is actually true, even if it is laughably unbelievable, but let’s first put things into context.

Although there is no official monarchy in Nigeria anymore, it is still made up of different groups of people and religions who have their own monarchs, and these monarchs are still important. With each king comes a large band of princes and princesses. Not only that, the cousins and second cousins also claim they are princes and princesses too.

So there are many of them running around.

One of these just so happened to attend Huddersfield University in the UK to study statistics.

Stay with me here….

While he was there he met Dale.

Dale writes bespoke betting strategies on BF Bot Manager and sells them worldwide. They got along well as they had a mutual interest in boths stats and betting.

This Nigerian lad had the idea of using his expertise in stats and combining it with Dales ability to write automated betting programs.

He exhaustively researched 17 years of data and asked Dale to somehow convert and use all that information and turn it into automated betting bot.

Dale liked the idea and spent the next six months writing the triggers and finally came up with 70 individual betting strategies that run in several leading football leagues.

He combined the entire portfolio into one BF Bot Manager settings file.

He then turned it on.

Have a look at this:

You can download the full results here

The bottom line is that in just under two months it’s made £1,657.11 profit to £25 lay stakes, with a 49.6% ROI and a 95% strike rate.

Now they want to see how it does for a larger audience and are offering this settings file COMPLETELY FREE until 8th May.

To protect liquidity the file comes with the stakes fixed at just £1.25 and the recommended betting bank for this is £250.

There are just over five weeks left until then end of the football season so whilst you won’t make a fortune in that time with these stakes, it should give you an idea as to how profitable this settings file can be over a full season and with larger stakes allowed.

If you don’t already subscribe to BF Bot Manager you will need to take out a subscription to run this file, and that comes with a free trial too.

You might also want to consider subscribing to a VPS so that it can run 24/7 without you having to leave your computer on, but that’s entirely up to you.

To get this file, including set up instructions, simply send an email to Paul Bent at:

[email protected]

He’ll get right back to you with all the details.

There is nothing to pay, just ask him for the files and instructions and off you go.

If you have any questions whatsoever about this, please email Paul directly.

I’ve just set mine up and have switched it on. Let’s see how it does over the next five weeks!

Oh and the tiger? Well, Dale got invited over to Africa to visit this lads family. It turns out that he actually has a white tiger!

True story.

Consistent Profits

6 wins at an average odds of 4 made for a good winning week.

Week 15: Bets 19, Wins 6, Profit 5.13, BSP 2.12
Overall: Bets 270: Wins 59, Profit 2.74, BSP -17.74

I am wrapping the trial of Consistent Profits after a slightly elongated trial to include the Cheltenham Festival. No prizes then for guessing this is a horse racing service; it is actually a companion to Victor Value which looks for horses at higher odds, this service looks for lower-priced horses in order to generate more bets and, hopefully, more winners. The service costs £19.99 per month.

For the subscription, you receive an email most days with the selections for that day. There is a brief analysis of the selection. All the bets have been placed at 1 point win only.

270 bets were made at an average odds of 5.74; 59 winners for a strike rate of 21.85%. Looking at the website it does appear that my trial has coincided with a loss of form for John proving once again that I am a Jonas to profitable systems! The service ended on 2.74 points up or £27 to our standard £10 per point, which just covers 1 month’s subscription. Betfair has been a disaster at -17.74 points (-£177) and I have to conclude that this isn’t a service for the exchanges. BOG, if you can get it, fared much better with a profit of 16.36 points (£163) but as BOG is a perk I do not use this to evaluate a service.

A slight loss once subscriptions are taken into account. I am initially going with neutral for this service but fully expect the dip in form to be temporary and for the service to fare better in the forthcoming flat season. We will revisit this in a couple of months time to check on its progress.

You can get Consistent Profits here.

Consistent Profits

6 wins at an average odds of 4 made for a good winning week.

Week 15: Bets 19, Wins 6, Profit 5.13, BSP 2.12
Overall: Bets 270: Wins 59, Profit 2.74, BSP -17.74

Victor Value

I have been looking at Victor Value, a horse racing tipping service that costs £24.99 per month with a reduced subscription for quarterly or yearly.

The setup is simple, you receive an email with an in-depth review of the selection and often threats to the selection together with staking advice and advised odds. As normal with such a service getting the bets on as soon as you get the email is advised, however, the selections tend to be at larger odds so the price is unlikely to shorten all the quickly.

Rather than reproduce here, if you follow the link below you’ll see an example of the advice you receive. It is very obvious that John is a very knowledgeable and committed tipster.

I ran the trial to include the Cheltenham Festival. Unfortunately, John didn’t do so well, but it was a tricky week with big odds winners and horses falling at the last when in a clear lead (grrr). The trial ended with 37 wins from 281 bets (13%), I am not too worried about the strike rate as the bets tend to be at larger odds; the mean odds are 10.6. The result is a profit of 11.7 points, or £117 using our standard £10 per point, which leaves a small profit after subscription costs are deducted. However, Betfair is 36.09 points up (£360) and has to be considered as an option; the mean odds is a tad under 11. If you can get BOG then this is 46.3 points (£463).

I am happy to approve this service based mainly on the profits made on Betfair.

You can get Victor Value here.

Victor Value

2 wins at 12/1 weren’t enough to make this a winning week.

Week 13: Bets 40, Wins 2, Profit -13.5, BSP -5.28
Overall: Bets 281: Wins 37, Profit 11.7, BSP 36.09

Crypto Trader’s Academy (CTA) – One Year On

One year on and my crypto portfolio is currently worth $995.58, which is a loss of $164.56 (14.2% down) since acquisition. This is disappointing, although not surprising given the recent impacts of covid-19 and the Ukraine conflict on markets in general – not only in the crypto-sphere.

The longer-term outlook for crypto is still looking very positive with increasing widespread interest. Recent examples of this include mainstream hedge funds pouring billions of dollars into crypto; some of the top US Universities (MIT, Stanford, Columbia, Princeton) now having dedicated crypto centres; and The White House issuing a recent ‘Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets’.

It is important to point out that this service is mainly geared for gains over the period of a market cycle (3-4) years and this is drummed into participants at almost every weekly CTA broadcast. So it would not be appropriate to give CTA a verdict (pass/fail or neutral) at this stage.

Some general comments on CTA as a service: this is a very active service and trade and market updates are given generally two to three times a week, and the Facebook Group Admin is very supportive of members helping their crypto journey forward. The site has been revamped recently to enable easier surfing, and now includes a detailed section on keeping your crypto assets secure.

As well as The Main Porftoflio, CTA now also advises on staking; airdrops, and short-term trades. Consequently, I have divided this report into four areas: The Main Portfolio, Airdrops, Staking, and Short-Term Trades.

The Main Portfolio

A very tiny gain of $14.57 over the month of February.

Here are the essential stats for Year One:

Acquisition Cost: $1160.14 (Completed on February 11th, 2021)

Starting Bank for Review: $1273.27 (March 1st, 2021)

Minimum Bank: $874.89 (Feb 12th, 2022)

Maximum Bank: $2197.55 (May 10th, 2021)

Number of Profitable Months: 6/12

Number of Crypto coins in the portfolio: 17 (includes one stable coin)

Current Bank: $995.58 (February 28th, 2022)

Profit/Loss Since March 1st, 2021: -$277.69

Profit/Loss Since Acquisition: -$164.56

Return on Bank since March 1st, 2021: -21.8 %

Return on Bank since Acquisition: -14.2 %

The graph below shows the daily value of the portfolio from March 1st, 2021 through February 28th, 2022

The values each day are Noon amounts.

During February, two more coins were sold, leaving 16 in the official CTA portfolio. plus one stable coin.


CTA members have been given easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions for setting up wallets and exchanges for currently eight potential airdrops.

I managed to set up all airdrops for $91.10 which included exchange deposit fees, exchange currency conversion fees, transfer fees between exchanges (representing about 75% of the total fees due to gas fees on the ETH network), activation fees, and staking fees. So one is punting just under $100.00 for a high potential return. Any airdrops and their value will be reported in future updates.


A total of nine coins are now being staked plus an additional two minor coins outside of the main portfolio associated with preparing for potential airdrops. I will be reporting on the outcome of such staking in six months’ time.

Short Term Trades

An official (admin advised) short-term trade in Ethereum was initialized on January 22nd,2022, and closed on February 1st, 2022. This resulted in a return on investment of 9.98% on the sum invested.

The next update will be in two months.

You Can Sign Up Here

MIni Glossary:

Airdrops involve crypto projects sending free tokens en masse to their communities in a bid to encourage adoption.

A Blockchain is a system in which a record of transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency is maintained across several computers that are linked in a peer-to-peer network.

Gas fees are the transaction fees that users pay to miners on a blockchain protocol to have their transactions included in the block.

A Market Cycle is a recurring price pattern in a market triggered by underlying fundamentals such as innovation or regulatory changes. For example, policymakers banning combustion engines might start a new market cycle for alternative propulsion methods such as electric cars. As a result of the policy change, more money will flow into the development of electric cars (and probably other methods), which should spur growth in this sector.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that attempt to peg their market value to some external reference like the U.S. dollar.

Staking cryptocurrencies is a process that involves committing your crypto assets to support a blockchain network and confirm transactions. Staking can be a great way to use your crypto to generate passive income especially because some cryptocurrencies offer high-interest rates for staking.

Cotswold Racing – Cheltenham Special

Cotswold Racing is probably one of the most profitable horse racing services we’ve reviewed to date with 14 out of the last 14 months in profit and an INCREDIBLE 360 points profit to Betfair SP.

That’s right! For those of us with restricted bookies accounts, we can make a huge profit with this using Betfair.

Cheltenham is not a festival to miss with a tipster who is at the top of his game and signing up to his Cheltenham Festival Special includes any Ante Post bets sent out so far and also between now and the Festival, as well as every single day of the festival itself.

The Cheltenham Festival Special Package is just for £18.99 for 4 days access and you can get that here

Or if you’d rather subscribe to the full service, you can join here

Victor Value

It is Cheltenham festival week and fingers-crossed for some winners. This will probably be the final week of this trial.

A winner at 20/1 is the highlight of the two wins this week; the other was a not to shabby 8/1. A very profitable week indeed.

Week 13: Bets 10, Wins 2, Profit 8.00, BSP 22.69
Overall: Bets 241: Wins 35, Profit 25.2, BSP 41.37

Consistent Profits

Three wins and so nearly a winning week. I am hoping that the service picks some nice winners during the Cheltenham festival. I intend to bring this trial to a close next weekend.

Week 14: Bets 15, Wins 3, Profit -1.25, BSP -2.01
Overall: Bets 251: Wins 53, Profit -2.39, BSP -19.86

Cleeve Racing – Cheltenham Special

Andrew, the founding Cleeve tipster, has been proofing all of his bets to Cleeve and produced 400 points profit in the past 10 months!

Cheltenham is one of the most challenging weeks of the tipping season but Andrew has delivered impressive profits in four of his last five years.

Cleeve members banked a total profit of over £1,500 to £10 stakes!

This year Cleeve is offering an extra free week on top of their already excellent value £10 trial.

This will give you full coverage of the Cheltenham Festival AND the Grand National meeting at Aintree…ALL FOR JUST £10!

What you get for your £10:

  • Full members selections for a month PLUS a free bonus week
  • Full coverage of the Cheltenham Festival
  • Full coverage of the Aintree Festival
  • Full access to the Cleeve Race Ratings service
  • Full access to the Cleeve Bet Tracker

Get all this for £10 here

Bet Sage – Cheltenham Special

If there is ONE Service you want to be with for this year’s Cheltenham Festival, it is the excellent Bet Sage.

Probably the best horse racing tipster we’ve ever seen here at CashMaster, he has been unbelievably impressive over the last two festivals, showing a profit of +83.01 points in 2020 , and bettering that in 2021 with a magnificent profit of +95.42 points over the 4 days.

Last year he tipped Heaven Help Us (40/1), Flooring Porter (16/1), Put The Kettle on (9/1) and Tellmesomethinggirl (7/1), as well as many others placed at big prices.

His overall profit for March 2021 was +130 points, so this really is the month to get involved, and he has started off 2022 in exactly the same fashion.

Just 9 days into March and profit is already +41 points, with 7 winning bets from 9 selections so far.

What more could you want? A genuinely profitable service that thrives at the big meetings, especially Cheltenham.

All selections will be supported by detailed analysis – none of this booming 5/4 shots that you’ll be getting with these ‘Premium’ Telegram groups.

Best of all, you get to trial it for 14 days absolutely free of charge. So if you sign-up today, this will cover you until the end of the Festival. If you decide it is not for you, cancel any time and pay nothing.

Start your FREE 14 day trial here

Predictology – Free Football Tips

Want to get free profitable football predictions in your inbox multiple times a week?

And… when I say free… I really do mean free!

No tricks! No hidden surprises! No payment details required!

Just enter your name and email address here…and the lovely freeness is yours…forever!

Predictology is the world’s leading football betting system builder and analyser, covering 68 major global leagues, with over 400,000 matches maintained in their database!

They’re sharing – FOR FREE – selections from some of their most profitable in-house models.

Enjoy free winning football bets all year round from top leagues, including:

  • English Premier League (15.60% ROI)
  • English Championship (5.90% ROI)
  • Brazilian Serie A (6.60% ROI)
  • Norwegian 1st Division (5.40% ROI)
  • Sweden’s Superettan (7.20% ROI)
  • Major League Soccer (18.10% ROI)
  • Japanese J-League  (13% ROI)

What are you waiting for?

This is a TOTALLY FREE opportunity to see for yourself the positive impact Predictology can have on your bank balance.

Click here to secure your free profitable football predictions before it’s too late!

Slam Dunk Wizard

I must apologise for being a bit late wrapping this one up. I finished recording selections at the end of February, meaning that we’ve been running the trial for around 4 months.

To recap, this is a Basketball tipping service focusing on European Basketball leagues and competitions for both men and women. It is not aimed at the NBA/WNBA.

Selections are obtained via email and arrive early morning and late in the evening, UK times. They are extremely easy to read and understand, the prices quoted are obtainable.

UK members would need to be aware that they often quote prices from Pinnacle and a few other betting firms not available to UK market, I have found that Marathon are almost always at least a match for their prices and cover all the leagues too.

Subscription costs £27 per month, although there are a number of promotional deals on their website, best of which appears to be £40 for 3 months, followed by £80 rebil for the next period.

When it comes to performance, well it was a bit strange….. we went absolutely ages with very little movement, the bank bobbed along never moving more than 6 points into profit, nor below 6 points of loss. Then, in January, we had a sudden rush of profit that shot us up to over 30 points in profit. Since then it has returned to bobbing up and down around the same level, again just going up and down similar amounts.

Earlier in the trial I pointed out that we had an extremely long run of only Home Wins beings selected, there were close to 150 in a row leading up to Christmas time, very strange for a service that is supposed to tip both Home and Away. The return to tipping either way coincided with the big run of profits.

They ended the trial with a total profit of 27.74 points. Which should mean an automatic APPROVED rating, there’s more than enough to cover the subscription price, even if just betting at £10 per point, but it just doesn’t sit right with me.

All the profit was made in that one mad month, January made 33 points on its own, and yet the end figure is 27. For a service to get APPROVED I’d have to be willing to pay for it and follow the selections with my own money, and I’m afraid that’s just not the case here. I’m only ever going to be comfortable with filing this one under NEUTRAL, despite it making an overall profit.



P.G.A. Profit

It’s been 2 weeks since my last update.

The week before last was pretty rough for this service, no winners or places meant a blank week and a loss of another 20 points.

Last week was a bit better. There were 2 tournaments on the go and the service took aim at them both. We landed place money for a big priced each way bet in each tournament but, again, the number of losing bets eroded our profit for the week to a measly 2 points.

We’re now a whopping 83 points down.

I’m going to give it another couple of weeks to see if there is any point in continuing. We’ve already passed our usual 3 month trial period. I was prepared to give it a bit longer because of the style of bet and the fact that our trial started in November and golf tends to go on hiatus during most of December.

To be fair, they’re one win away from being back in profit. They had the joint leader after 3 rounds of the last tournament, sadly he fell away tamely and what would have been around £1000 outright win, turned into a £150 place money win.



Better Than Bitcoin

I am going to wrap up the review here. I started on 1st December so this is around 3 months.

Recently, market conditions have been against us and it has been difficult to find good stocks to BUY. What this has done is made sure that I really concentrate on gold-plated high-probability trades which are the sort of trades I should be looking for anyway. I said last week and in my initial preamble that I would not be looking to SELL stocks as Guy recommends his Options strategy for that.

When assessing an opportunity such as this I try to execute the system as if I was a beginner to the world of stock trading. To that end, I limited myself to a $3,000 start bank, which was roughly £2,300. I also limited myself to a maximum of two open trades at any one time, as this allowed me to gain experience in trade management without too much risk if I messed up. Finally, I did not open a trade if the risk was more than 5% of my total capital; my aim was around 2% if possible. I did identify some trades that were above this limit which were great if they won but decimated the bank if they lost.

The Better Than Bitcoin strategy is very simple. We are looking for four signals that Guy calls “big money footprints”. This could be time-consuming if you had to analyse 1000 stocks each week, but there is a scanner that identifies these stocks for you. All you need to do is check these stocks for a final chart pattern, this is not difficult and there is a tonne of support available to help you. Mentors are available should you do find this all a bit daunting; I did not contact a mentor.

Snapshot of the “scanner” – Stocks TradeFinder

I did not attend the Options Bootcamp.

Even in these adverse conditions, my bank stands at £2,515 so I have made a profit of around £200. If I was continuing I would now consider adjusting my rule to allow three open trades. There is an additional £180 of profit I didn’t make because I couldn’t open that trade as I already had 2 trades open. This is not something to rush into and you’d want to be confident that you understood what you are doing first. Also bear in mind that the value of 2% risk of your capital will increase as your capital increases so the profit potential will grow as your bank grows.

This profit was using a simple exit strategy of closing the trade once the profit target was hit. I did record taking half off at the profit target and letting the other half run looking for a big move. My bank using this strategy is £2,427, however, if market conditions were more positive then we might have caught a huge move. I also looked at just trailing the stoploss but this lost £500, here too I suspect that this strategy could only work in a strong market. In short, keeping it simple and closing at a set profit target is not only the most profitable in my trial but the easiest to manage too.

Whilst I am going to approve this I recognise that you may be unable to cover the seminar cost in year 1 if using a small bank. Opportunities such as this are not about quick returns, and if you think, say, 5 years, building your account and gaining experience then I feel confident that you’ll not be sorry you invested in this.

Join Here

Victor Value

A win and a place this week for a break-even week.

Week 12: Bets 11, Wins 2, Profit 0.4, BSP -1.92
Overall: Bets 231: Wins 33, Profit 17.2, BSP 18.68