Consistent Profits

The guy behind this service, John, is the same guy that is behind Victor Value and, therefore, this service has been affected by a bout of Covid. This service look for value at lower odds than Victor Value and should see more frquent bets at a higher strike rate. This report is for the last 2 weeks and 3 wins at an average odds of 5.00 from 17 bets for a small loss.

May I take this oppertunity to wish a Merry Christmas to one and all.

Week 3: Bets 17, Wins 3, Profit -2.25, BSP -2.22
Overall: Bets 70: Wins 15, Profit -8.02, BSP -4.64

Victor Value

Unfortunately, John has been suffering from Covid and this summary represents that last 2 weeks. 13 losing bets is not good, but as John looks for value at larger odds it is not unexpected.

Week 2: Bets 13, Wins 0, Profit -13, BSP -13
Overall: Bets 34: Wins 3, Profit -13, BSP -4.51

Better Than Bitcoin – 2021 Summit

On Saturday 4th December I attended the WiseTraders 2021 Summit at the Courtyard by Marriot hotel at Heathrow.

Ten years ago, I reviewed and endorsed Guy Cohen’s FlagTrader service, and while there are strong elements of the old FlagTrader in the current service, it is abundantly clear that Guy has improved and evolved the service to be:

  • More precise, loading the probability of a successful trade in your favour
  • Faster to find stocks of interest
  • More consistent, follow Guy’s trade plan and you will have a winning advantage

Furthermore, the service is continually improving and evolving so that, year-on-year, it gets better and better.

As with any service like this, when you subscribe you must take some time to learn the strategies and to practice, practice and practice some more, whether by paper trading or on a demo account.  You could be able to hit a strike rate of 70% or thereabouts.  A mentorship program is also available if you want more hands-on help.

The weekend prior to the summit Guy Cohen delivered a ‘Foundation Day’; this training day teaches you the building blocks so that you are full prepared to understand the strategies that Guy outlines during the Strategies Day.  Therefore, the Foundation Day is more important if you are new to WiseTraders.  Furthermore, there is “homework” to teach you the (thankfully few) patterns that are key to using Wise Traders strategies. 

The Three Keys

The entire WiseTraders premise is built upon three logical ‘Master Keys’. 

  1. Market Timing
  2. Stock Selection
  3. Trade Plan

The Stock Selection part of the process depends on several elements:

  • The presence of at least two Big Money footprints (I personally look for a minimum of 3)
  • The OVI is mandatory … more on this below
  • Consolidation
  • Shrinking retracements (optional, in as much as they are not always obvious or algorithmically filter’able). 

The OVI is a patented indicator developed by Guy personally.  This indicator is a powerful tool in finding the stocks to trade by showing the current ‘position-building’ sentiment of options traders.  In simple terms, you only want to consider buying a stock if position-building options traders are showing signs of being bullish.  The OVI is so powerful that Guy’s hedge fund model significantly outperforms the S&P500 using only this indicator and ‘portfolio construction’. 

However, Stock Selection is just one of the three Master Keys.  Market Timing and a robust Trade Plan are also required, and these are fully covered on the Foundation Day.

Further training in helping you to identify WiseTraders setups is available by using time-lapse charts where a stock’s history is replayed at roughly 1 day every 3 seconds.  This helps train your eyes to recognise the setups and is a powerful training tool. 

Filter Selection
I am only using 4 of the 30 fast filters available

The filtering software helps you scan all USA-based stocks into just a handful for the presence of combinations of these elements.  In seconds the TradeFinder application will produce a list of stocks to check for a possible entry.  

The whole process takes less than 10 minutes per day.  Guy provides advice on how to set up trades and one of his Mentoring team, Chloe, has very useful advice on trading small accounts.  In a departure from our standard approach, I will start with $3,000 (roughly £2,300 as I write this).

Why only USA stocks?  Simply, because that’s where the liquidity is for the analytics Guy requires for his OVI indicator!  

Following Chloe’s rules for trading small accounts, I intend to trade this way for the next 12 months:

• A maximum total of 15% of capital being traded
• No single trade to exceed 5% of capital
• Focus is on LONGS (Buys) only.
• Only trade good ‘AAA’ setups. I expect to trade only an average of 1 trade per week.
• Initially I intend to fully close a trade at ‘Profit Target 1’ (aka P1) because:
o Easier psychologically
o Realistic targets for new traders
o With compounding, should still provide a good R.O.I.

However, there are other strategies for trade management that I will record.
• Out of the five strategies I am only going to look at bullish (buying) setups using the OVI reversals, post-earnings, and short squeeze strategies.
This means I will only be using fast filters 9, 10, 13a and 25. I will amend these filters to look for a positive OVI and to limit stocks where the stock price is below $100. The $100 cap is all to do with margin requirements as I will be using a spread-betting broker.
As my capital increases, I will increase this price constraint.
• Goal. I have set a target to increase the account by 15% every 3 months. However, I do not expect to be trading real money until roughly Easter. Practice, practice, practice remember!

I will only update the blog once a trade is fully closed.

The benefit of attending the Strategies Day part of the Summit in person rather than via the Live stream was the opportunity to discuss the strategies with folks who already use them and have for several years.  Everybody I talked to was happy with their results and not one of them was a trading mastermind, just ordinary folks like you and me.  This gives me great confidence that this is a high-quality opportunity.

I did well with my FlagTrader review all those years ago and I am really looking forward to this review.  At the end of this review, I hope to resubscribe and become a long-term trader using WiseTraders strategies and software. 

I haven’t talked about using options.  As a new trader, you are encouraged to be successful with the base strategy first.  However, at some point, I hope to jet off to Miami for the Options workshop.  Options done properly, ie. in the way Guy teaches it, will accelerate my account growth.  This may be roughly 5 years hence as it will probably take this amount of time to grow my $3,000 to the point where I have the capital to invest and afford the subscription fees.

You can get Better Than Bitcoin here, but the current discount will end shortly after New year.

A.J. Sports Tipster

We’ve now come to the end of our 3 months trial of this service

To recap; this is a multi sport tipster service from the Betting Gods stable. Emails arrive via email, usually mid to late evening, they are also available via the Betting Gods official app. Everything is very well laid out and is very easy to follow. As with all Betting Gods services, a 15 day trial membership is available for £1.99, and subscription packages start at £27 per month. A starting bank of 75 Points is advised.

On to the figures; it’s definitely been a bit of a mixed bag. The trial got off to a dreadful start, losing around a third of the bank within the first week. Thankfully, things settled down and he built some really quite decent level of profit. We had tips spread across different sports, Baseball was the main target for the first few months, we also had tips on Football, Tennis,and Basketball.

The problem is that the only sport to make a profit for us was Baseball, he did really well with that and things were looking quite good. Then the baseball season ended. For a few weeks, things still looked good as he switched his attention to Basketball and the new NBA season. The bank continued its progress and we hit the high point in mid-late November, we were 20 Points up.

Sadly, things have not been so good since then and the bank has slowly returned to its starting point, we’ve been bouncing around either side of break even for the last month of the trial and have come to the end of the road with a final result of 4 Point loss. When you bear in mind we made a profit of over 30 Points on Baseball, I think it’s pretty clear where his expertise lies.

A bank in negative territory before subscription fees are taken can only result in a verdict of FAILED

BETS 308

WINS 157

S/R 51%

AV ODDS 1.95

P/L -4.7 Points



Crypto with Kash – After Two Months

During November my portfolio gained $167.50. Two new coins have also been added to my portfolio. A high of over $1400 was reached on Nov. 25th.

Here are the stats for the first two months of the review:

Acquisition Cost and Starting Bank for the Review: $1005.31 (September 29th, 2021)

Minimum Bank: $1002.94 (September 30th, 2021)

Maximum Bank: $1428.41 (November 25th, 2021)

Number of Profitable Months: 2/2

Number of different crypto coins in the official portfolio: 18

Number of different crypto coins in my portfolio: 13*

Current Bank: $1396.89 (November 30th, 2021)

Profit/Loss: $391.58

Return on Bank: 39.0%

*This is less than the official portfolio as I joined after the start and some coins had become above the buy range

The graph below shows the daily value of the portfolio from September 29th through November 30th, 2021

Currently, you can snag quarterly membership at £199.97 or yearly membership at £599.97.

You Can Sign Up Here

Crypto Trader’s Academy – Month Nine

Not much movement in my CTA portfolio during November with a slight loss of $19.34.

Here are the stats for the first nine months of the review:

Acquisition Cost: $1160.14 (Completed on February 11th, 2021)

Starting Bank for Review: $1273.27 (March 1st, 2021)

Minimum Bank: $989.26 (June 22nd, 2021)

Maximum Bank: $2197.55 (May 10th, 2021)

Number of Profitable Months: 6/9

Current Bank: $1643.99 (November 30th, 2021)

Profit/Loss Since March 1st: $370.72

Profit/Loss Since Acquisition: $483.85

Return on Bank since March 1st: 29.12%

Return on Bank since Acquisition: 41.71%

The graph below shows the daily value of the portfolio from March 1st through November 30th, 2021

The values each day are Noon amounts.

During November, there was a further change to the portfolio cash and crypto coins distribution including one new blue-chip and one new moonshot coin purchased.

Moon chips are coins that may rocket upwards in value at some stage (as in going up to the moon).

Blue chips are coins with high market capital (from the game of poker — whereby the blue chips have the highest value).

Currently, the portfolio is 9.8% cash (held as stable coins) and 90.2% crypto coins. This cash is available for future utilization depending on the direction of the market. In addition two of the crypto coins are now being staked. There are currently 20 crypto coins in the portfolio including the major two: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

One can of course sell one’s portfolio at any time, but I will be following the official portfolio and playing the market cycle most likely for at least a year.

You Can Sign Up Here

The Value Machine

It’s been a very busy few days over at The Value Machine and Kieran (the man who invented The Value Machine) has been getting a mountain of questions. He sent me the answers to those questions this afternoon and I thought I’d pass them on to you so here goes:

Q.Will it work if I only have Betfair?
A. Yes. If you run The Value Machine during the day and take advised price or near to it in the live Betfair markets, you will make decent profits in the long term. It won’t be as profitable as betting with Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers but it will make money! These selections will break even at Betfair SP after commission because pretty much all of the value has disappeared by race off time – except at higher prices (20/1+), where a decent profit can be made at Betfair SP.

Q. I’ve only got a few bookmakers accounts. Will I be able to make it pay?
A. Absolutely. It can be done with a very restricted number of bookmaker accounts. Kieran told me of a customer who made more than £16,000 profit in 6 months just following the selections at Bet365!

Q. How many bets does The Value Machine find a day on average?
A. It depends very much on how often you run it and the settings you use. You can easily customise it to find you just 2 or 3 bets a day at very short prices with a high win strike rate. Or you can leave all the settings loose and run The Value Machine multiple times a day to find very large numbers of selections and get your turnover right up. Basically, you can set it up to fit your betting style exactly. And don’t forget, whatever you do, you can get the selections delivered automatically via Telegram alert!

Q. When is the optimum time to run The Value Machine to get the best results?
A. Whenever you are free! The Value Machine will find value bets from around 6am through to half an hour before the last race.

Q. Will it win everyday?
A. No – sadly, nothing does! If you are looking for something that wins everyday in the betting world – you are destined to be disappointed. It won’t win every week either (but it will most weeks!). However, looked at over the long term, these type of value selections will always make a profit – close to 15,000 bets in the last 5 months more than prove the case!

Kieran is monitoring the user numbers carefully to ensure that the system can cope and that he himself can cope with the level of customer service required. It’s getting close to the optimum number of users now and on current projections Kieran won’t be able to keep this offer open any later than this weekend.

He may even have to close it sooner than that.

If you have any interest at all in trying this out, you will need to be quick.

You can try it for just £8 here

Victor Value

I started to receive selections on 25th November so this week 1 report actually covers ten days.

John is struggling with Covid at the moment, so there have been fewer selections in the past 7 days. I wish John well and pray he gets well soon.

The 3 wins from 21 bets had average odds of 9.84 on Betfair for a nice profit if using the exchanges or with BOG if still get this perk. Even to advised prices, the service was break even this week.

Week 1: Bets 21, Wins 3, Profit 0, BSP 8.49
Overall: Bets 21: Wins 3, Profit 0, BSP 8.49

Victor Value

Roughly ten years ago we reviewed and approved a horse racing tipster: Victor Value. This service looks for value at higher odds which does mean that I am expecting some longish periods of losing runs, but when the winners do come ..!

John has started a sister service, Consistent Profits (which I am also trialling), and we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to look at Victor Value again, so we are 🙂

Similar to Consistent Profits, selections are received via email or can be accessed via a web page. The selections usually come with a detailed analysis so you can understand why the horse has been selected. You simply place the bets once the email has been received.

I will be following my normal approach to trialling horse racing tipsters and that is to record results to the prices advised in the email and to BSP with 2% commission deducted on the winners. I have said before that as BOG is a bookmaker perk that I do not use this to determine whether to pass or fail a service.

You can get Victor Value here.

Consistent Profits

John has had a positive lateral flow test and the latest news was that the PCR test results were being awaited, either way, John is poorly. This has resulted in only 9 selections this week, unfortunately, none of these won.

Week 2: Bets 9, Wins 0, Profit -9, BSP -9
Overall: Bets 53: Wins 12, Profit -5.77, BSP -2.42

The Value Machine

£2966 per month.

That’s what you would have averaged in clear profit each month over the last 5 months backing the Value Machine selections to £10 level stakes.

The Value Machine is the (sort of) new offering from Kieran Ward over at Make Your Betting Pay.

It’s the first time he’s made new spaces on The Value Machine generally available in a good few years – and his decision has been prompted by some game changing upgrades and improvements to the software

It is a super simple web based software with nothing to download and it finds ultra-profitable value bets literally at the click of a button.

You can set it up to find exactly the kind of bets that fit your risk profile and you can even get it to automatically send those selections direct to your phone via the Telegram app.

If you feel like being cautious, you can even paper trade the selections it finds for 30 days, safe in the knowledge that if you are unhappy for any reason whatsoever, Kieran will give you every penny back.

And you can ‘suck it and see’ at a massive discount with a 14 day trial

These spaces will not last long so…

Find out more here

Consistent Profits

6 wins with an average odds of 4.29 made for a profitable week.

Week 2: Bets 18, Wins 6, Profit 7.75, BSP 10.24
Overall: Bets 44: Wins 12, Profit 3.23, BSP 6.58

Slam Dunk Wizard

I am currently running a trial on Slam Dunk Wizard.

As the name suggests, this a Basketball tipping service. It is part of the Betting Gods stable of tipsters.

A bank of 75 points is recommended and subscription costs £27 per month, a trial membership is available for £1.99.

Selections arrive via email, you receive one early in the morning (U.K time) and one mid/late evening.

Unlike most basketball services, this one tends to avoid the NBA and the vast majority of bets so far have been on European leagues.

All emails are really clearly laid out and easy to follow, I was briefly a little confused as the selections are given as either Home or Away and that can be a bit abiguous. It can vary whether the Home selections is the first named (as per our football etc) or second as per the “@” method used by the likes of NBA, NFL. But it quickly becomes apparent that the way email is laid out that the first named team is designated “Home”

I have been recording results for almost 2 weeks now and we’ve bounced around the break even mark, by coincidence the most we’ve been in either direction is 5 points. We are currently just over 3 points down.



A.J. Sports Tipster

An up and down couple of weeks for this service since the last update.

He has now switched almost exclusively to basketball. Things had been going quite well, the bank increased to almost 20 points of profit, but sadly he hit a bad couple of days and most of that was given back.

We now stand at around 6 points in the black, with another fortnight of the trial left.

Let’s hope for a big finish.



Jump Jockey Profits

It’s not often I’m impressed by a free betting manual but I can point you towards a corker today.

It’s called Jump Jockey Profits and is the result of weeks of research by Kieran Ward, full time professional gambler and betting blogger at Make Your Betting Pay.

Overall, the angles identified in this manual have made £26,168.122 profit at Betfair starting price – to just £20 stakes!

In previous years he’s produced a similar manual and charged up to £97 for it. For a short time only, he’s giving away the 2021 version, completely gratis.

Get it here

Consistent Profits

The trial started 11th November so “week 1” is actually 10 days.

6 wins this week at an average odds of 3.58, slightly lower than the 5.0 (4/1 using fractional odds) target, for a small losing week.

Week 1: Bets 26, Wins 6, Profit -4.52, BSP -3.66

Consistent Profits

I am starting a 13-week trial of John Burke’s Consistent Profits, a win-only horse racing tipster. It is a companion to John’s Victor value service that we reviewed and approved way back in 2014. This service looks at shorter-priced horses that should win more often.

Consistent Profits Profit Chart
December 2018 – September 26th 2021 to £10 stakes

The average price of selections is 4/1 and as you can see from the chart the profit has been consistent over nearly 3 years. 

Selections are received via email, or you can log in to a member’s area on the website. There is a brief justification of each selection along with an advised price. All stakes are to 1 point.

As per normal for me, I will record the advised and BSP prices. I do not use BOG as it is a perk that can be withdrawn by the bookmaker. Betfair wins have 2% commission deducted.

You can get Consistent Profits here.

Blueblood Racing

Today marks the end of my three month trial subscription of Blueblood Racing.

Anyone who has followed my updates on this service will already know what the verdict is going to be.

To re-cap; This service is a racing tipster from the Tipsters Empire stable, subscription costs £34.99 a month with discounts for longer sign up periods. Tips are received via SMS message the evening before racing, this is then followed up by an email within a few minutes and then a further email the next day giving a (very) comprehensive write up of why the horse has been selected.

Staking is very cautious, we have had a lot of half point each way bets at relatively low prices. The biggest bets we’ve had have been two point win bets and we’ve only had nine of those during the trial.

To the figures, Win Only bets have a strike rate of 40%, Each Way bests receive a return of some sort on 49% of bets. The overall Win strike rate is around 30%. A profit of 84 points has been made during the trial, that’s a very handy £840 at our standard £10 a point staking.

Are there any problems with it? Well, I think he’s becoming a bit of a victim of his own success. The prices he quotes in the nightly SMS message ARE available but you have to be quick, they disappear fast. I have checked on Oddschecker and the prices were there but, within 5 to 10 minutes, they’re being cut across the board.

The daily email with write ups is fascinating, I really like them. I really like this whole service.

BB.png (519×259)

This is, to nobody’s surprise, APPROVED with bells on.



UPDATE 20th November 2021

We had a message from Richard, the Blueblood Racing Tipster, regarding this review:

I understand your concerns regarding my service, but in my defence if you don’t mind me touching upon, can I mention a few aspects of my service which isn’t mentioned, just for your consideration, totally respect your opinion if you disagree.

1. it is true that the selections do shorten in price relatively quickly around 5 to 10 minutes after posting as you stated. About a month ago I had asked the company I work for (Tipsters empire) if we could implement a warning system in real time. I now provide a warning message that is sent by text in real time giving customers anything from 10 to 30 minute warning in advance. So technically you are correct, you do have to be quick but If I send a message at 6:30pm which you get in real time on your mobile device to state a tip or tips will be sent at 19:00pm on the dot, that hopefully gives clients some sufficient time in advance to get ready, as they know exactly when they will receive the tips, again reiterated in real time to their mobile device if they activate it at their end, rather than checking their emails, where prices could of course be missed.

2. I would also like to state that the odds advised can often be bettered if acted upon receipt, as I quote the general price available. Today for example I quoted a winner at 12.00 yet 7 bookmakers were offering 13.00 at the time.  The day before I tipped a horse priced up at 3.50 when 3.75 was available to 9 bookies and four bookmakers were offering 4.00, this has been a continued pattern since I started my trial, so I am trying to be fair as possible but yetis is never mentioned amongst  any reviewers that I have read so far regarding my service.

3. I have also  noted that my stakes are cautious as you mention. I do this to protect clients betting bankrolls, in an age where many tipsters are often chasing losses and have no regard for clients for betting banking rolls as if it doesn’t matter is one I’m also against. My job is to not only to try to increase profits for my clients but to protect their investment betting strategy using my methods. This allows clients to increase their capital over time incrementally whilst protecting their betting bank sensibly I adverse times, any adverse period which can happen also in turn means their hard earned betting funds aren’t depleted in quick fashion. As you are aware many tipsters come and ago, often I find through bad betting financial management of their clients capital for such means.

Clients can of course view my spreadsheet/performance and decide based on what is my overall record shows how to stake accordingly should they choose to ascertain whether they wish to operate a higher stake per point pro rata, all dependent on their own personal circumstances and preference.

4. When I started out many years ago the one important aspect that I relied on was sensible staking, knowing how to bet and to what stakes its just as important to knowing what to bet from my past experience, my cautious approach is not for the many, I admit, but I hope a few clients who wish to use my service can at least see that I look after their very hard earned funds which  is treated as if the money they use to place bets is seen as if it was my own, to me that is much more important than staking recklessly with no regard of my clients income which they part invest in me to do my best. I of course appreciate if other tipsters wish to operate differently but this is how I operate because its how I started, building up my betting capital over time and to behave  different with clients funds doesn’t sit morally right with me, whether that’s right or wrong is down to everyone’s personal opinion, which I respect.

I hope you could consider these factors in your next review of my service, there will be a downturn period in any service, we are currently experiencing one now (possibly due to my ill health as I’ve only just been released from hospital earlier this morning) so I have taken evasive action to reducing stakes to 0.25pt each way as a protective measure rather than chasing losses,  normal service will be resumed in due course staking wise when I think it is justified and sensible to do so.

For me it is about creating a service of financial stability  through rational processes rather than requiring a further betting bank fund (I personally operate on an ROC model not via ROI personally, ie; the ability re use funds from one set of betting bank point assignment to each bet and trying to increase profits over time  incrementally and prudently in the interest of all my clients. I have no doubt that their are better staking methods then that I Incorporate but by me at least demonstrating I am prudent with their investment shows I have their upmost interest at heart, that is more important than anything else from my perspective,

All the best

Richard (Blueblood Racing Tipster)

Try Blueblood Racing here

Better Than Bitcoin

As you will know if you attended the webinar or watched the replay, I attended the Better Than Bitcoin webinar last week (10th November 2021).

I reviewed and approved Guy Cohen’s Flag Trader back in 2011, I and can see that the current offering has some of the same DNA but has evolved into a service that is easier, quicker and, I hope, more consistent. The only reason that I didn’t continue with Flag Trader is because I had no money to invest back then!

I have had a peek behind the curtain at the (major) improvements being made to the service this year and I intended to attend the 2021 summit of 4th December. However, the process remains much as I remember it: use the scanner to find stocks of interest and if certain rules are satisfied, trade those stocks. Where there has been a big improvement is that these stocks can be saved to a watchlist. Not only that I can see what stocks are on Guy’s watchlist and also the watchlists of gurus like Chloe. The improvements coming along pull together more data alongside the chart so analysis of the stock is a lot quicker, you don’t have to flip to other webpages to get the detail.

Other changes are the patented OVI indicator. 2011 is too far back for me to remember whether this was available back then, but even if it was it was embryonic. The OVI available now certainly looks as though it improves the probability of getting a winning trade or at the very least help to keep you out of some losing trades!

Likewise, the recently introduced Big Money Footprints strategy also improves the probability of a winning trade.

With all the improvements an excellent success rate of between 70% and 80% was mentioned on the webinar.

When you subscribe there is a lot of training material to view and absorb. I strongly recommend that you take your time over this; I know it is tempting to dive straight in but learning the system will reap the rewards. Training not only covers the system but also bank management, risk control, trade control and much, much more.

It is too early to approve this product, although I am already tempted to do so, but I will want to use it for a few weeks first and that will be after the 2021 Summit; but as you can tell I am very enthusiastic about this opportunity. I hope to meet some of you the at the summit venue in a few weeks time.

Watch the Better Than Bitcoin workshop replay now

Cotswold Racing

Cotswold Racing is a horse racing tipster. Selections are SMS’d or emailed around 8am – 9:30am each morning. A 150-point bank is recommended, therefore £1,500 for the CashMaster standard £10 per point. Stakes are increased when the bank has grown by 75 points.

The data you receive are a write-up of how yesterday’s selections fared and today’s selections with accompanying suggested stake plan and an explanation of why the hore has been selected. Here is a recent example:

1.10 Cheltenham Oscar Elite 1pt win 11-4
We have backed this horse as a hurdler and I always maintained he looked a chaser and we would be on him from the start. He makes his debut tomorrow for a bang in form Tizzard team and this horse is the current apple of Joe’s eye. On decent ground I am expecting a big display, but first time, I shall reduce the stake a touch. He is getting weight from both his main rivals and that is a massive help. I am happy to take on anything Heskin is riding, even if they do win, they don’t offer the value that they should, so Oscar Looks a decent price on debut especially as he always goes well fresh.
Again, we must recognise, even our favourites have bad periods and I would love to put Nube Negra up tomorrow. He was mustard first time up last year, beating Altior hollow at Kempton and should do so tomorrow, but Harry is having a rough time of it and at under 2-1, he doesn’t represent value with the jockey clearing suffering confidence wise. Should he go 2s or over, I will invest, but that just isn’t on offer as I write.

The trial ended with a small loss to advised prices of -5.82 points to which three monthly subscriptions of £34.99 need to be deducted. Note that reduced net monthly rates are available with longer-term subscriptions. The service fared much better using BSP after 2% commission is deducted with a total of 36.32 points; this is £363 to £10 per point, easily covering all subscription packages, including the annual package.

Weeks 10, 11 and 12 were hard and this was the change-over period from flat racing to National Hunt; always a very tricky time.

I am approving this service based on the BSP return. I do not use BOG as it is a bookmaker perk and indeed has been withdrawn from me with several bookies; however, I not that the returns using BOG would be 36.99 points, a rather pleasing £369.90 which also covers the cost of all subscription packages.

You can get Cotswold Racing here.