The Alpha Method

This service has not really got going as yet. Will only take a few good winners to turn this around. Hopefully next week!

Week 5: Bets 69, Wins 9, Profit -40 (£-400.00),  Forecast -8.95, Tricast -90.84
Overall: Bets 518, Wins 57, Profit -21.91 (£-219.10),  Forecast -9.02, Tricast -215.5

Bankers & Jackpots

I started receiving selections on 19th June so “week 1” is slightly more than 7 days. Not a brilliant start I’m afraid.

Week 1: Bets 48, Wins 9, Profit -12.65 (£-126.50), BSP -28.55 (£-285.50). Accumulators:£-25.45
Overall: Bets 48, Wins 9, Profit -12.65 (£-126.50), BSP -28.55 (£-285.50). Accumulators:£-25.45

Bankers & Jackpots

I am starting a review of a new service called Bankers & Jackpots, a horse racing tipster who seeks to provide steady profits through strong win singles bets whilst seeking to land lucrative multibets.

Setup is simple. Operating off a 300 point bank, you receive an email at around 9 o’clock with your selections for the day. Usually there’ll be 4 horses to be used to place a Lucky15 but if there are non-runners you drop down to a patent. Each week there will be 3 to 4 Banker bets and this is a single bet only. There will be some days without any selections.

As usual, I will use the CashMaster standard £10 per point for the single bets, but as a lucky15 at £1 per point is a risk of £15 I will leave this at £1 per point.

More info here

Ed Culham Tips

No festivals, so back to Saturday only this week and with 3 wins from 4 bets, it was a decent week.

Week 11: Bets 4, Wins 3, Profit 8.6 (£86.00), , BSP 14.28 (£142.80)
Overall: Bets 91, Wins 25, Profit -11.23 (£-112.25), , BSP 3.78 (£37.80)

The Wizard Of Big Odds

Wins at 16/1 and 7/1 are the highlights this week. Unfortunately, these weren’t enough to return a winning week.

Week 11: Bets 21, Wins 2, Profit -7.5 (£-75.00), BSP -8.1 (£-81.00)
Overall: Bets 193, Wins 22, Profit 9.19 (£91.90), BSP -26.08 (£-260.84)

RF Racing Tips

A 5/1 win and 2 places this week for a small loss.

Week 11: Bets 9, Wins 3, Profit -5.1 (£-51.00), BSP -2.99 (£-29.90)
Overall: Bets 111, Wins 41, Profit 45.23 (£452.25), BSP 25.25 (£252.50)

CD Racing

A poor week with 1 place in 11 bets that wiped out the profits.

Week 11: Bets 11, Wins 1, Profit -14.75 (£-147.50), BSP -15.18 (£-151.80)
Overall: Bets 135, Wins 36, Profit -1.8 (£-18.00), BSP -29.64 (£-296.40)

Passive Expert Review

Passive Expert is a completely passive online earning opportunity that invests company profits into a portfolio of financial and crypto related trading and arbitrage programs and then pays it’s customers a cash back bonus of up to 1% per day out of company profits. As Passive Expert put their funds to work in a diverse spread of income producing strategies, risk is reduced significantly and the failure of any particular strategy within the portfolio doesn’t impact the whole fund.

Payments are made daily until 125% of original purchase price is returned.

What you actually purchase are advertising packages that allow you to advertise your business on their platform, but owners of these Ad Packs also receive the daily share of profits generated by the company.

The company is completely transparent and the owner, Lee Merritt, is available to talk to either online, by telephone, or even in person!

I’ve tested the platform for three months and have been paid every day without fail. The advertising platform is really effective, so if you have any websites you wish to promote, either as an owner or an affiliate, then it’s worth using this platform even without the cash back bonus. The fact that you get 125% of the cost of your adverting paid back makes this a no brainer for any business looking to increase traffic.

Of course you don’t need to make use of the advertising if you’re only interested in the passive income opportunity. Simply buying an adpack means you’ll be making a 25% profit on the cost of your ad pack over time and you can buy as many ad packs as you wish. Also, if you re-invest some of your profits, the compounding effect can be really quite dramatic.

You can see a video of my progress so far here:

I’m happy to approve Passive Expert and will continue to use this for the foreseeable future.

You can join for as little as $10 here

RF Racing Tips

With three weeks to go this service is 50 points up, that’s £500 using the cash-master standard £10 per pip so this service is heading towards an approved rating. However, within days, the service is going to have a significant price rise so if you are interested now might be the time to dive in.

You can get RF Racing Tips here.

Here is the email I received:

I’ve just signed off on a price rise with the Betting Gods management. It’s rising from £17/month to £37/month.

Don’t worry though, as an existing member your current rate is fixed, it will never rise as long as your current membership remains active.

But I want to share an opportunity with you before the new pricing does kick in.

Extend your current membership by 6 months for £22.80 (it will then resume on the current rate in six months time) – click here


Lock in for a lifetime membership, only £214.80 when you click here (this will rise to £454.80 in a few days)

Football Index Investor

It’s been two weeks since I posted my introduction to this service.

As expected, not an awful lot has happened but we have added another player to the portfolio. The overall value of our stable has fallen a bit, they say this is partly due to us having quite a few German based players where the season is nearing its end. They expect it all to pick back up in the near future and it is true to say that Football Index do seem to have big plans in place for a very big marketting push for next season.

We’ve done OK on dividends since the last update, we’ve earned £17.92 in total.

From my £2000 budget, I’ve spent £1,789.39 on building my portfolio. As of yesterday it’s currently worth £1,755.85 (using the Bid price, not the Sell Now price) so I’m around £15 down.

The serice are starting to (try) to sell off a few of their Short Term picks, this won’t afftect me as I didn’t buy any of the ones advised before I joined.

The Alpha Method

Unfortunately, this service didn’t have the best time at Royal Ascot.

Despite winning 15 of the 34 races, ended up with a loss and although it also won 10 forecasts and 4 tricasts, none of them, particularly the tricasts, returned the £1000s previously seen.

The service also suffered some incredible seconditis, coming 2nd by the closest of margins in many of the 19 races it didn’t win.

However, Royal Ascot, and similar festivals, is highly, highly competitive so, unlike “normal racing”, it is far more difficult to identify standout horses.

Week 4: Bets 175, Wins 17, Profit -11.27 (£-112.73),  Forecast -26.31, Tricast -106.14
Overall: Bets 448, Wins 48, Profit -18.27 (£-182.70),  Forecast -0.07, Tricast -124.66

On The Tour

Frustration as Hatton led for most of round 4 but had to settle for joint third in the end. What was galling is that last week’s selection Webb Simpson won, and his injury seems to have healed up incredibly quickly. I wouldn’t mind the name of his physio.

What’s clear is with golf just about the only sport on American tv the PGA in conjunction with the tv networks are setting the courses up easy to ensure a birdie fest. Harbour town links and Colonial last week have featured no rough and soaking wet greens which means they have become putting contests.

Week 10: Bets 4, Wins 1, Profit 8 (£80.00), BSP 4.27 (£42.70)
Overall: Bets 61, Wins 7, Profit 85.1 (£851.00), BSP 40.98 (£409.80)

RM Greyhound Tips

Some week that was, 8 out of 10 bets winning for a handsome profit.

Week 11: Bets 10, Wins 8, Profit 18.76 (£187.55)
Overall: Bets 131, Wins 47, Profit 49.39 (£493.90)

Ed Culham Tips

A small profit returned through the Royal Ascot festival.

Week 10: Bets 18, Wins 6, Profit 2.3 (£23.00), , BSP 3.73 (£37.30)
Overall: Bets 87, Wins 22, Profit -19.83 (£-198.25), , BSP -10.5 (£-105.00)

RF Racing Tips

Three wins and two places basically returned a break-even week.

Week 10: Bets 13, Wins 5, Profit 0.89 (£8.85), BSP -0.49 (£-4.90)
Overall: Bets 102, Wins 38, Profit 50.33 (£503.25), BSP 28.24 (£282.40)

CD Racing

Tidy week with winners at 29 and 12 using advised prices, there prices came in so Betfair SP didn’t do so well.

Week 10: Bets 18, Wins 5, Profit 9.05 (£90.50), BSP -7.73 (£-77.30)
Overall: Bets 124, Wins 35, Profit 12.95 (£129.50), BSP -14.46 (£-144.60)

Match Day Profits

It’s been three months of footballers doing home workouts. Three months of scratching about for bets but finally the REAL football is back!

Over the last three months we had the Vysshaya Liga in Belarus which, for a while, seemed to be the only sport going on anywhere.

More recently we’ve had the Bundesliga, which has provided some superb entertainment.

But now we can see the resumption of the action in England and the rest of the top European Leagues, we’re going from a drought of live sporting action to an absolute torrent of wall to wall action.

  • There are 92 games to be played to finish the 2019/2020 Premier League season before they can think about starting the new season.
  • All 92 will be shown live.

That’s before we even start to talk about Cup competitions and the Euro Leagues.

Sky has 64 matches, BT Sport 20, Amazon Prime 4 and the BBC will show 4 live games. Meaning it’ll be the first time since the 1987-88 season that top flight English football will be shown live on the channel.

What this means is that I expect to be bombarded with offers from the bookies, and that it will be a very busy time betting wise with the potential to make a lot of profit.

However it’s not like followers of Matchdayprofits have been doing so badly…

They’ve found a few offers that they’ve been able to absolutely smash over the last few weeks in particular.

Take Betfair Bet £10 get £5 on Multiples offer, for example. Since the 15th May they’ve advised 17 selections for this offer, the £10 “qualifying bets” returned a profit of £16.72. That gave us 17 x £5 Freebets. They found 7 winners with those 17 £5 bets returning £120.54, so we banked £137.26 from this one offer from just 17 bets and 17 free bets.

Now regular “risk free” matched betting would have also yielded a profit from these bets. But taking into account the small losses on the qualifying bets and having to cash out a multiple bet, the profit would have been only about £35.

This is just one offer from one bookie.

Overall they’ve added £464 to the season’s profit total since the start of May. These profits are not unusual – they’ve been doing this season after season.

Now unfortunately not everyone can take advantage of these offers – if you’ve been restricted with a lot of bookies I’m sorry there’s not much in this for you.

BUT – If you’ve not been restricted from these offers – You’re leaving money on the table.

Take the Money!

Seriously, out of all the methods you can make money out of betting this is the fastest and easiest way to do it.

It won’t make you rich, but it will make you a nice profit to add to your portfolio or as a fun additional profit stream.

Join MDP and you’ll get a daily email with the exact bets to place – no searching about or reading terms required, just action the daily email which will normally be in your inbox by 11 am.

They keep things as simple as possible, they target just the “low hanging fruit” and maximise profits from these.

-Get 2 months Free-

Because of the unique situation they’re opening up the 12 monthly season pass option early this year and they’ve decided to just offer the whole summer period for FREE

So for a limited time if you sign up for the Annual pass you’ll get 14 MONTHS access instead of just 12. Taking you right up until the start of the 2021/22 season.

With your discount you’ll be getting access for an effective rate of just £9.07 a month.

If you think this is for you can join here

Each Way Tips

We are starting a new review on Each Way Tips, a horse racing service that claims up to “£6,922 a month” in profit.

Obviously that’s the usual marketing speil and based on £100 bets as the actual profit is 209.7 points since 14/11/2019. Of course at £100 bets that would be nearly £21,000 which is impressive, but even at more reasonable £25 bets, that’s still over £5000, and over £2000 to £10 stakes.

As ever, past results are no guarantee of future performance but I’m certainly interested to see how this review will play out over the next few months.

As part of their launch promotion they are offering a discount on the annual subscription making it £67 for the whole year. This offer expires on Saturday (27th) but even the monthly membership seems very reasonable at just £14.95 per month. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee too.

Have a look here

Profit Sniper 3.0

I received a lot of questions and comments about the Profit Sniper 3.0 review I started two weeks ago.

I’ve just recorded a short update video showing my progress which hopefully answers most of those questions and should give you a good insight into what this incredible bot can do.

Have a look here:

You can get lifetime access here

World Markets

I’ve just started a new review on a passive earning platform called World Markets. I’ve invested £5000 into it in the hope of returns around 20% per month. But I have to admit, it gives me the heebie jeebies!

Have a look here:

You can find out more here