This service continues to impress.

I’m struggling to find anything to moan about here and I’m really good and finding a reason to whinge about things.

The figures are astonishing. The Win Only bets have a strike rate of almost 38%, Each Way bets are providing a return of some sort at a rate of around 50%.

He must have a formula he uses for staking because we’ve had a few rather odd amounts, like 0.3 points Each Way or 1.3 point Win Only, Whatever it is he’s doing, he’s doing it right as we’re currently 75 Points up. Ridiculously good for a service that never goes above 2 points outlay.

I think one of the secrets to his success is probably getting bets on the night before the race. You receive a text and an email roughly around 6pm (ish) the night before, the prices have always been available whenever I’ve checked but have often collapsed by the time I check again mid morning.

As I’ve mentioned before, you receive another email around lunchtime (ish) on the day of the race with a full write up on why the horse has been selected. It’s an absolute treasure trove of form reading and good old fashioned racing nowse. I look forward to them these days, this bloke is seriously cluey.