Today marks the end of my three month trial subscription of Blueblood Racing.

Anyone who has followed my updates on this service will already know what the verdict is going to be.

To re-cap; This service is a racing tipster from the Tipsters Empire stable, subscription costs £34.99 a month with discounts for longer sign up periods. Tips are received via SMS message the evening before racing, this is then followed up by an email within a few minutes and then a further email the next day giving a (very) comprehensive write up of why the horse has been selected.

Staking is very cautious, we have had a lot of half point each way bets at relatively low prices. The biggest bets we’ve had have been two point win bets and we’ve only had nine of those during the trial.

To the figures, Win Only bets have a strike rate of 40%, Each Way bests receive a return of some sort on 49% of bets. The overall Win strike rate is around 30%. A profit of 84 points has been made during the trial, that’s a very handy £840 at our standard £10 a point staking.

Are there any problems with it? Well, I think he’s becoming a bit of a victim of his own success. The prices he quotes in the nightly SMS message ARE available but you have to be quick, they disappear fast. I have checked on Oddschecker and the prices were there but, within 5 to 10 minutes, they’re being cut across the board.

The daily email with write ups is fascinating, I really like them. I really like this whole service.

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This is, to nobody’s surprise, APPROVED with bells on.



UPDATE 20th November 2021

We had a message from Richard, the Blueblood Racing Tipster, regarding this review:

I understand your concerns regarding my service, but in my defence if you don’t mind me touching upon, can I mention a few aspects of my service which isn’t mentioned, just for your consideration, totally respect your opinion if you disagree.

1. it is true that the selections do shorten in price relatively quickly around 5 to 10 minutes after posting as you stated. About a month ago I had asked the company I work for (Tipsters empire) if we could implement a warning system in real time. I now provide a warning message that is sent by text in real time giving customers anything from 10 to 30 minute warning in advance. So technically you are correct, you do have to be quick but If I send a message at 6:30pm which you get in real time on your mobile device to state a tip or tips will be sent at 19:00pm on the dot, that hopefully gives clients some sufficient time in advance to get ready, as they know exactly when they will receive the tips, again reiterated in real time to their mobile device if they activate it at their end, rather than checking their emails, where prices could of course be missed.

2. I would also like to state that the odds advised can often be bettered if acted upon receipt, as I quote the general price available. Today for example I quoted a winner at 12.00 yet 7 bookmakers were offering 13.00 at the time.  The day before I tipped a horse priced up at 3.50 when 3.75 was available to 9 bookies and four bookmakers were offering 4.00, this has been a continued pattern since I started my trial, so I am trying to be fair as possible but yetis is never mentioned amongst  any reviewers that I have read so far regarding my service.

3. I have also  noted that my stakes are cautious as you mention. I do this to protect clients betting bankrolls, in an age where many tipsters are often chasing losses and have no regard for clients for betting banking rolls as if it doesn’t matter is one I’m also against. My job is to not only to try to increase profits for my clients but to protect their investment betting strategy using my methods. This allows clients to increase their capital over time incrementally whilst protecting their betting bank sensibly I adverse times, any adverse period which can happen also in turn means their hard earned betting funds aren’t depleted in quick fashion. As you are aware many tipsters come and ago, often I find through bad betting financial management of their clients capital for such means.

Clients can of course view my spreadsheet/performance and decide based on what is my overall record shows how to stake accordingly should they choose to ascertain whether they wish to operate a higher stake per point pro rata, all dependent on their own personal circumstances and preference.

4. When I started out many years ago the one important aspect that I relied on was sensible staking, knowing how to bet and to what stakes its just as important to knowing what to bet from my past experience, my cautious approach is not for the many, I admit, but I hope a few clients who wish to use my service can at least see that I look after their very hard earned funds which  is treated as if the money they use to place bets is seen as if it was my own, to me that is much more important than staking recklessly with no regard of my clients income which they part invest in me to do my best. I of course appreciate if other tipsters wish to operate differently but this is how I operate because its how I started, building up my betting capital over time and to behave  different with clients funds doesn’t sit morally right with me, whether that’s right or wrong is down to everyone’s personal opinion, which I respect.

I hope you could consider these factors in your next review of my service, there will be a downturn period in any service, we are currently experiencing one now (possibly due to my ill health as I’ve only just been released from hospital earlier this morning) so I have taken evasive action to reducing stakes to 0.25pt each way as a protective measure rather than chasing losses,  normal service will be resumed in due course staking wise when I think it is justified and sensible to do so.

For me it is about creating a service of financial stability  through rational processes rather than requiring a further betting bank fund (I personally operate on an ROC model not via ROI personally, ie; the ability re use funds from one set of betting bank point assignment to each bet and trying to increase profits over time  incrementally and prudently in the interest of all my clients. I have no doubt that their are better staking methods then that I Incorporate but by me at least demonstrating I am prudent with their investment shows I have their upmost interest at heart, that is more important than anything else from my perspective,

All the best

Richard (Blueblood Racing Tipster)

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