Liam has completed two months of his three month trial of this service and this is what he has to say about it:

“This service continues to impress.

I’m struggling to find anything to moan about here and I’m really good and finding a reason to whinge about things.

The figures are astonishing. The Win Only bets have a strike rate of almost 38%, Each Way bets are providing a return of some sort at a rate of around 50%.

He must have a formula he uses for staking because we’ve had a few rather odd amounts, like 0.3 points Each Way or 1.3 point Win Only, Whatever it is he’s doing, he’s doing it right as we’re currently 75 Points up. Ridiculously good for a service that never goes above 2 points outlay.

I think one of the secrets to his success is probably getting bets on the night before the race. You receive a text and an email roughly around 6pm (ish) the night before, the prices have always been available whenever I’ve checked but have often collapsed by the time I check again mid morning.

As I’ve mentioned before, you receive another email around lunchtime (ish) on the day of the race with a full write up on why the horse has been selected. It’s an absolute treasure trove of form reading and good old fashioned racing nowse. I look forward to them these days, this bloke is seriously cluey.

Well, I received an email today from James Walsh, the Director of Tipsters Empire that run the service, telling me that due to the large amount of people joining this service they are going to have to close the doors soon to protect the prices on the horses for the membership.

Feel free to check out the results via the website where since 21st January 2021 (Start Date), he has made 249 points profit, a strike rate of 42% (win and each way) and a monster 34.41% return on investment. That is with no BOG and all Rule 4s added to results.

You can also view loads of reviews coming in from his customers at TrustPilot via:

James has given me two discount codes you can use too:

£5.00 28 Day Trial (normally £9.99)

3 Months For £50 (normally £87.50)

Here’s what he said:

There comes a point where you have to say Blueblood Racing Tipster is just showing off… Jokes to one side but he has just had another winner today and that is 4 winners on the bounce and he has not had a loser in November from 4 selections. In fact he has had 12 winners from his last 22 tips with 3 each way bets landed. That is 15 from 22 tips giving a return.

Personally I have been in the game for nearly 14 years and have not seen a tipster of this quality in all those years, he is just sensational. Anything I say about him would not do him justice, he is that good.

The profit is just relentless, month after month, week after week and day after day.

A 28 day trial for £5.00 with an exclusive discount code – CASHMASTER5

The level of work he puts in, how professional his write ups are, his experience of being a tipster and above all, the big amount of profit and high return on investment he produces.

One word – GENIUS

As you will already know from his incredible daily write ups, he is a true professional and leaves absolutely no stone unturned. 

Since he started his trial at Tipsters Empire on the 21st January, he has come away with an incredible 249 points profit and a HUGE return on investment of 34.41%. Now add in his MASSIVE strike rate (win and each way) of 41.91% and you have stats which are unrivalled within the industry.

We really believe that Blueblood Racing Tipster could be the best find we have had at Tipsters Empire.

Here is the profit made since he started at Tipsters for each month:

January (started 21st) – 2 points profit

February – 44 points profit

March – 72 points profit

April – 11 points profit

May – 4 points loss

June – 19 points profit

July – 21 points profit

August – 29 points profit

September – 12 points profit

October – 25 points profit

November – 14 points profit


He is just a consistent and professional tipster with an encyclopedia of knowledge. Each month his aim is 20 points profit and he does that by keeping calm and collected and using mathematical processes to get ahead of the trader. Although his target is 20 points, he currently sits at an average of 25.70 points profit per month.

You are going to hear a lot of noise about Blueblood Racing Tipster in the coming months so make sure you are part of the noise which is about to be heard.

How much profit has been made since he started on the 21st January?

249 points profit

34.41% return on investment

41.91% strike rate

How much does that equate to in pounds?

£10 stakes = £2,490

£20 stakes = £4,980

£50 stakes = £12,450

£100 stakes = £24,900


Detailed Results Spreadsheet

£5.00 28 Day Trial (normally £9.99)

3 Months For £50 (normally £87.50)