Bonus Bagging does just what it says on the tin.

Having previously tried bagging bonuses I am well aware that this is something that works and is just about as risk free as it is possible to get and make a (good) profit. But, just as Arthur mentioned in his one off review, bagging bonuses can be a faff, especially for a beginner.

This service takes most of the hard work and messing around out of the process. Once subscribed, just send an email to Mike (proprietor), ask for a bet and he will reply with clear, straightforward instructions on what to do. Then just email each time you are ready to proceed. Unless you can get someone to place the bets for you, it couldn’t be any easier.

I joined the service around the time that Arthur posted his review and I have been actively using it for about ten or eleven days. I paid the one off subscription cost out of the first day’s profits. In total, I have made £200 profit, or around £20 per day – I could have made more if I pushed. So, £500 per month looks very realistic to me and £600, or more, looks readily achievable.

For anyone who wishes to build their betting bank, earn a small but worthwhile second income, boost their pension (older readers only), or just likes making a (no-risk) profit, Bonus Bagging is highly recommended.

You can get Bonus Bagging here: