I have been meaning to post an update to this service for several weeks, but real life kept getting in the way. However, as I have the opportunity at the moment I am going to grab it.

Bonus Bagging originally received a one off review, but in my opinion it is superb value for money and thoroughly deserves an update. I don’t know if there are any services that charge a one-off fee of £27 and make a profit, I’m pretty sure there aren’t any. As for systems that charge £27, they are as common as muck – and about as profitable!

Of all the £27 offerings (and £37, £47 and £97 come to that), this is the best value I have come across – a one-off fee and excellent support. I know that all the information is available for free, but for anyone who is unfamiliar with bonus bagging or finds it too much hassle, or (like me) simply had not got round to taking advantage of it, this represents an excellent investment. It won’t make anyone a millionaire, but the only way not to make money from it is to do nothing.

If Carlsberg did betting systems…

You can get Bonus Bagging here: