Final Review

We have now finished the 30 day study of Bookie Demolisher. Unfortunately, the system didnt quite demolish the bookies as I had hoped for, or indeed as the past quoted history has provided by the author. We got off to a good start, but quickly entered a long losing streak that wiped out almost half the original bank. The bank did recover in the last two weeks of the trial, but not quite enough to make it a ground breaking system.

The system is easy to use, and takes up very little time to arrive at your selections. You can get your selections from a variety of free web sites on the internet, and you can get them in the morning before work. If you are going to select your bets in the morning before work say, you will need to use a bot to cater for the variable odds laid down in the system, otherwise, you will have to do each race at a time prior to the off.

During the trial, we did make a profit, albeit a small one: –

Starting Bank:                           £1,000.00

Bank at the end of trial:             £1,064.15

I used a stake of 2% of bank for this trial. Although the author doesnt provide a recommended staking level, I thought 2% was probably sensible, based on the authors past result. On hind sight, based on this months lower return, I would place the system in a higher risk bracket, and use a stake of 1%.

In conclusion then, with only a 3 point profit made during the past month, I would have to categorize this system as a neutral system, especially considering the potential risk involved.

Thanks for following this trial, and look forward to running the next one.

You can get The Bookie Demolisher here: