We tested this service last year and gave it a Neutral rating because of the relatively small profit made after subs, but we noted many near misses that could have made a substantial profit.

One of the best things about Gary’s tipping service is the multiple bets that he includes, although a lot of serious bettors avoid multiple bets thinking that they are only for mugs. The fact is that if the selections all offer value then that value is magnified when they are combined in multiples.

Gary’s biggest bet came a few years ago but is still the highlight of his betting career to date. The 4 selections that made up his winning Yankee were found because they were turning blue on Oddschecker and were priced at 20/1, 16/1, 14/1 and 8/1 when Gary placed the bet.

Can you imagine the high when they all came in and paid a whopping £36,000?

Time for a party!

Gary’s biggest win since he launched his tipping service involved 3 each way selections, that all finished second.
The profit from these 3 horses that were bet as eachway singles and combined in an eachway Trixie was 44.45 points profit.

If the 3 seconds had all of prevailed the return would have been 992 points profit.

The key to Gary’s success with his tipping service is down to the combination of value single bets and the occasional big paying multiple which keeps things interesting.

You can find out more about Gary’s service here: