I’ve been looking at Bookies Enemy Number 1 from Gary Poole. This is a tipster service that, at time of writing, costs £29.99 per month.

The selections, if there are any, are emailed the evening before in order to capitalise on the bookies early prices, and are also available on a website. Sometimes further selections are posted mid-morning.

A 100 point bank is advised and the email contains staking recommendations. Sometimes doubles, trixies and reverse forecasts & tricasts are advised too.

The trial ended 16 points up. At £10 per point this covers subscription costs with a small profit. It is some indication of the roller-coaster ride of this service that a couple of weeks back we were 112 points up but have been as much as 34 points down too.

Looking at the odds advised, the odds available when I read the emails and Betfair SP, there’s not too bad correlation: Average advised odds is 11.16, I got an average of 10.92 and BSP averaged 11.62. So Betfair prices may be an option, but with many doubles, trixies and forecasts in the service placing bets with BOG Bookies is a viable option too.

The other thing to note is that whilst we have had a poor run since the highs, we have many close misses and with a tad more luck this could have been a very different review.

I am very tempted to go approved; made a profit after subscriptions and very close to a substantial profit. However, because we didn’t get a big profit I am going to go with neutral.Neutral

You can try Bookies Enemy No1 here: