Bookmaker Bashing (final)

I have been following Bookmaker Bashing for 13 weeks and it is now time to wrap up the trial. Several different services are on offer and I will review each of those services individually before summing up. The new Each-Way service started at close to the end of the trial so I haven’t any results for this.

Main Service (Cost is £29.99 per month)

With £843 profit in 13 weeks (£65 per week more or less) with very little risk this service gets a resounding thumbs up. A few caveats though:

  • If using max stakes a recommended ‘bank’ is between £4000-£5000 (albeit this is never at risk). Smaller stakes can be used initially and the bank grows you can increase stakes accordingly.
  • Yes, there’s always a risk that the Bookmaker will limit the account. However, the winning strike rate is 11%, most of the accumulators lose! This is not a problem as the hedge betting on the exchanges mean that you don’t! So yea, it is possible but unlikely. I asked Dave to comment on the subject of being limited and this is his reply:“Accounts being limited are a main stay of matched betting, more so on people that use horse racing offers as they are obtaining value prices at big odds on singles.What we do is a lot different especially as we cash out our free bets on accas as well… We look like we are generally chasing losses.The value acca services we are of course looking at value prices on a range of results and we will end up ahead BUT the bookies we bet with changes from week to week so again we look more like an average punter”.
  • Mostly set’n’forget but there are a few occasions where an accumulator has legs on the same day, you need to be able to put the bets on if the previous leg wins.
  • Because this service uses the Bookmaker accumulator offers, £50 is the maximum using a single account (*ahem*) so the profit for this service can’t be ramped up higher by increasing stakes.

You can try Bookmaker Bashing here:

Lay Service (£79.99 per annum)

At £550 down, about half the bank the starting bank of £1k, this would be a failed service if this was a standalone review. However, the strike rate for this service is very high, so I am told, and therefore this service should eventually get back in to profit. During the trial we had 52 bets and 49 winning bets, a strike rate of 94.2%.

I asked Dave to comment on this service too and this is his reply:

“The lays are somewhat of an abstract system to what we generally offer and is for people who are interested in investing over a long period. We are confident over time this will come back to black as we have had similar years with 3 losses in a small period, it is just a shame this happened in the trial”.

You can try their Lay Service here:

Value Accumulators (£19.99 p/m – Bank size of 25 points required)

Just shy of £130 profit in 11 weeks, as this service started shortly after I started trialing the Main service started. 3 wins in 12 bets is a 25% strike rate. Outlay is £10 per bet and it has made a modest profit. I have not investigated whether you could increase your stakes up to the £50 used on the main service, if you could the profit would be close to £680. If this was a standalone I’d probably rate this as neutral tending towards approved.

I’d keep this to small stakes, you want to keep under the Bookmaker’s radar after all; if you could spare the time, it would be possible to bet each leg individually on an exchange though.

You can try the Value Accumulators here:

Value Yankee (19.99 p/m – Bank size of 50 points required)

Only going for 9 weeks as this also started just after the Main service trial began and made £188 profit. There were 7 weeks that lost the full stake, 1 week where we more or less broke even, and then this week where all 4 legs won for a hefty return. You won’t win often on this, but when you do!

Caution, big wins like this week will see your account limited fairly sharpish, Bookmakers don’t like winning punters! I only used £1 per leg for £11 total stake.  This service would also be approved as a standalone service.

Value Singles (£29.99 p/m – Bank size of 10 points required)

Only 7 weeks for this service. 90% strike rate (18 wins from 20 bets) for a very pleasing £885 profit from a stating bank of £2,000. I tend to place on Betfair though, so sometimes I get reduced odds and there is commission to pay, but then I’ll not see my account limited either.

You can try Value Singles here:


Out of the 5 services I followed, three would be approved if I was trialling them as a standalone, one would be at worst neutral. A profit of £1546 in 13 weeks (adjusting for services that haven’t run for all 13 weeks this is £185 per week) for little effort and little risk is attractive too. This figure includes the losses on the lays too! Personally, I’d continue with the Lays as profits in the other systems more than offset the losses.

Looking at the whole package, for £69.99 per month you get a nice steady growth of your bank, so Bookmaker Bashing gets filed as approved.

Special packages Cash-Master readers are as below:


The Value Package – £49.99 p/m with access to the below. (saving £239.76 per year)

Main Service

Value Acca Generator

Yankee Value Acca

Individually this would cost you £109.99 a month.

You can sign up using the below link:


The Ultimate Package – £69.99 p/m with access to the below. (saving £429.63 per year)

Main Service

Value Acca Generator

Yankee Value Acca

Value Single Selector

The Lay System

You can sign up using the below link:


If you don’t want to take up the special offers above You can try Bookmaker Bashing here:Approved2