I have been asked to do an interim review of this service as this service is only looking for 50 subscribers initially.

This is another simple yet effective service.

You can’t argue with almost £550 profit in 5 weeks locked in and a potential extra £40 to add. Whilst not entirely risk free, the risk is very small. My biggest single loss was just over £29, but the average loss is £13. These are more than covered by the wins and I haven’t had a losing week.

However, you need to be able to cover the liabilities on a betting exchange (most usually Matchbook with some Betfair) and the liabilities can be quite chunky. The largest potential liability so far was a tad under £850, with an average potential liability of a tad under £350, these funds are not at risk though. I have had weeks with 9 selections running. The maths of this suggests you need in excess of £3k to be able to run this at max stakes and whilst you won’t reach anywhere close to maximum liability, often you will need to cover that week where every accumulator wins. For example last week had 5 (from 8) winning accas and needed over £1600 on the exchanges to cover.

Caveat number 2 is that this is the max profit that can be achieved with one (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) set of bookmaker accounts.

I do not see either of the above two points as negatives; it is just that I feel that you need to be aware of these points if you are going in to this service.

At £140 profit the Lay service is doing nicely too. The staking plan operates off an initial £1000 bank and lays at odds between 30 and 99.9. Yes, my initial reaction was ‘yikes’ too, but the service boasts 99% success rate and therefore even at these odds it should be able to withstand an occasional loss. Famous last words, but I haven’t had a loser yet!

At £40 profit the value accas show promise. The liability here is a maximum £10 and there appears to be one acca per week.

Yankee has only had 1 bet so far, so way too early to judge. However, if one bet lands with all 4 legs winning then this will be another handsome addition to the service. I am betting these to £1 per leg, £11 in total.

Value singles has only just started, so again way too early to judge. 2 bets so far, both won for £80 profit from the advised £2k starting bank.

So £550 + £140 + £40 is £730 profit, if you add in the singles and yankee you could add another £70 for £800 in just over a month. If Wolfsburg win tonight there’s another guaranteed £40 to add too.

There is plenty here to like and if this continues then this is heading for a resounding PASS at the end of the trial.

You can try Bookmaker Bashing here: