Whilst only in week 8 of the trial, Bookmaker Bashing is trundling along nicely and is well on the way to a very positive review. If you’d like to jump in to this service before the final review, there is a special offer for Easter on two of the services. To quote from the email:

From today until Sunday we are offering 2 very unique packages for our services at below 50% of what you would usually pay.


Bookmaker Bashing – Value Acca Package

This include access to the main Risk Free Bookmaker Bashing Acca Generator selections.

Also access to our Value Acca Generator selections and our Yankee Value Acca selections.

Individually this would cost you £109.99 a month, over the coming holiday period you can get access for just £49.99 a month!

As you can see this is a very special offer and will not remain open for long.

If you wish to sign up we will also recalculate/refund any current subscription payments so you are never out of pocket.

You can sign up using the below link.


[Art: main service £644 up after 7 week, this service is averaging £92 per week, Value Acca up £108 after 7 weeks (£15.43 per week), Yankee is £32 down after 3 weeks but this service won’t win often but when it does £££!]


For those wanting even more value and an extra service we are also offering the below FULL access.

Bookmaker Bashing – The Ultimate Package

This gains you access to all the above services and also our Value Single Selector which has, in only 19 days, added 25% profit to the starting bank.

That’s £250 for every £1000 you have in your bank!

The cost for the Ultimate package is a massively reduced £69.99 a month, a reduction of £70 on full price.

Again this is a special over the Easter weekend so be quick.

You can join the Ultimate package below.


[Art: My £2000 Starting Bank currently stands at £2546 at Day 19]

[Art: If you take the main service as £92 x 4 (£ 368) per month, value acca £15 x 4 (£60) per month and the value singles service as £14.37 per day when adjusted to a £1000 starting bank (£402 per 28 day month) that is £830 per month or thereabouts, so these Easter special prices represent good value.]