Bookmaker Bashing

I am looking at Bookmaker Bashing, a service that costs £29.99 per month. Even though the name of the service sounds like it is exploiting Bookmaker sign up and reload bonuses, this is not that type of service. However the service attempts to exploit Bookmaker offers around accumulator bets.

I will track the recommendations keeping a particular eye on whether the odds are available as advertised. From emails I have received so far the service uses a standard £50 bet which will require a modest bank.

Nothing much more to say on this service. I will report each week once the bets for the weekend have run their course.

The service also offers a laying system which they claim to be a nice steady bank builder. I am not going to expose the criteria around the laying system at this stage; but it will be interesting to see what happens during the trial. I will report on laying system results at the same time as I report on the accumulator results.

So, with that said, it’s on with the Motley!

You can try Bookmaker Bashing here: