£1000 a month profit guarantee?

Yes, you read that right. This is unprecedented in this industry and it’s certainly something I’ve never seen in all my years in this business.

But it’s even more exciting than that. To be able to make this sort of guarantee this service has got to be pretty confident, right? Well they are confident because this is the minimum they make on a monthly basis. In fact, they actually average between £4,000 and £10,000 a month at £10 a pip.

So what’s this all about?

Boss Forex Signals is the new signal service from the author of the Boss Trading Method that we’ve reviewed on the Cash Master Blog very favourably. The method made £7,800 profit during our test and has been getting rave reviews around the web.

Well, a lot of people have been asking for Lee to set up a signal service whereby they can just copy his trades live as he trades them. So he has!

And what’s more he’s so confident in his service he’s offered a minimum 100 pips profit a month guarantee. If you follow his signals and don’t make a minimum of 100 pips in a month, you get that month’s subscription fee back!

Now I’ve seen profit guarantees before whereby if you don’t make a profit, you don’t pay anything. But Lee’s guarantee ensures that you make a pretty decent profit or your money back. So if you only make £900 one month at £10 a pip, then you still get your months subscription refunded.

This is great for people who bet in small amounts too. Even if you only bet at £1 a pip, if you make less than £100 in a month, you don’t pay anything.

But we already know how well this method works, and even at £1 a pip you are looking at an average of £400-£1,000 a month profit. It’s a no brainer.

The service is really simple to use too. All you do is log in to the members area and just wait for the signal. You get an audio alert when a trade is signalled so you don’t have to sit staring at charts waiting for a setup to occur… you don’t even need a chart open. When the signal comes you follow the instructions and open your trade with stops and limits in place. It’s easy as pie and requires no previous experience. Some days you get four or five trades and other days there are none (although rare), as Lee is only interested in trades with a good risk/reward ratio, opting for quality over quantity to keep the pip count high.

Lee is also on hand to answer any questions and help you out if you need any. Plus the members area is full of instructional videos that covers everything.

I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Oh yes, one more thing… there is even a 7 day free trial so you can just watch Lee trade and see how it all works before even paying a penny, even though your subscription is profit guaranteed!

Try out the Boss Forex Signal Service for free here:



UPDATE July 14th 2011

A disappointing start to this service with a loss of 329 pips so far on the mid-long term trades and a small profit of 17 pips on the live webinar trades.

This is what Lee had to say about his results:

“Not the start I had wanted…. No excuses as it is my job to call these trades, I will be running live calls showing one of my screens on the webinar for all scalp trades and the longer terms will go through the live feed but I will also show on the webinar and the members blog vids all reasons for entering trades and showing how each decision was made for the longer term trades.

I am very confident in having the best signals site around and I have worked very hard this last week and I am hoping this will pay off.

I have had to give refunds back to many members but I am wanting to start a fresh with the 2 methods one for scalping and the other for mid/long terms.

Anyone who has had a 7 day free trial will be welcome to another one as I will delete the profiles and let another trial be had by any members wanting another look at the new structure.

I will be aiming to help members achieve early goals of 20-40 pips so members will not have to be tied up all day for people only wanting lesser daily targets.

I am also starting a trade copier service this week and I will have an account which can be shown to all that will record all the trades given.

This will mean anyone that has not got time to trade can also benefit. I will give you an update on this next weekend as this will be tested more this week and we will be going live a week tomorrow.

I will welcome any of your bloggers to come and watch the daily webinars and give a real time review.

Looking forward to getting the service going now all the glitches are sorted, the live webinar is a great tool as the delay is only about a second so great for scalping.



Past results for BOSS have always been excellent, however, in light of the recent results I’m going to re-categorise this service as Neutral and ask one of the Cash Master bloggers to run a fresh test on the new service.