Last weeks results:

Standard method = +£500
All day method = +£100

Final total:
Standard method = +£0
All day method = +£7800

I’m bringing the testing of the updated BOSS method to a conclusion now as I think we have enough information to make a realistic assessment of the strategy.

First a quick recap. The BOSS trading method is a mechanical and very simple strategy for trading the forex markets. It can be used as a morning only system for people who cant be at the computer all day, or it can be traded all day with the potential of much higher profits.

As the test summary shows, we never really made any progress profit wise with the morning only strategy. The test period started particularly badly with a 100 pip loss in the first week, so it did manage to get back to even. The all day strategy on the other hand has performed very well indeed, and we didnt suffer a losing week during the test period. Losing weeks are possible with this strategy but the profit levels shown during this test are very much in line with the longer term data. Infact, there was a +400pip week shortly before I started the test on this blog.

The service itself is well run. You receive a weekly email which has a spreadsheet attached with all of the weeks trades, and there are now weekly videos as well going through each trade visually and showing how you can develop the strategy to improve your profitability as your experience grows. Emails have always been promptly responded too and the author is available on skype each week for anyone having problems.

All in all I think this is a solid strategy for beginner traders which if used correctly will make you consistent profits.

I would have to rate the morning only part of the strategy as neutral for now as although it hasnt lost money, it has yet to prove consistently profitable. The all day strategy however has been excellent, and the overall service is very good, so this is definately going to the approved list.

On a side-note, there is a project being developed currently to make the strategy even easier to use and which will quite possibly allow even people working full time to take advantage of the all day results. I will update in the future if there are further developments.

You can get the Boss Trading Method here: