Following Chris’s review of this method, where he made £7800 profit in eight weeks, I decided to have a look myself. I have to say, I’m well impressed with what you get, especially as it’s a one off purchase with no ongoing subscriptions or data feeds etc. And it’s a very reasonable price too, compared with similar products on the market. Included in your purchase you get access to a members website where videos of each days trades are uploaded regularly, usually daily, going through each trade so you can see that you’re doing it correctly.

There is also a members only Skype room with a good bunch of people in there every day. The author, Lee, is usually in there too as he trades the method full time, so there’s pretty much instant support if you need it either from him or from other seasoned Boss traders.

This is an ideal trading package for beginners and seasoned traders alike and the results since Chris’s test have continued to be very impressive, totalling 1544 pips profit for 2011 so far, which is £15,440 at £10 a pip.

If you don’t already use this method, or you are looking for something to get you started in trading, then I highly recommend having a look at this. It’s a brilliant all round trading package.

You can get it here: