The 8th week has arrived and with a sense of relief I might add.

This week, just four selections – two making it to the post first, further damaging the bank .


10/01/2012 15:25 Ecoaisse STH £9.36 4.4 1 -£31.82
15:55 Bianca De Medici STH £9.36 £8.89
12/01/2012 18:45 Sunset Kitty KMP £8.21 4.1 1 -£25.45
13/01/2012 16:10 Pulsatilla WLV £6.94 £6.59


From the start, this particular system was not one to set my pulses racing … and little else to be honest,  with so few selections making the shortlist, particularly in the later weeks of this trial (39 lay selections over eight weeks!). Maybe the tail end of the  year was not working in this systems favour.

The lay selections are easy enough to find once you get into the mindset using the simple selection criteria.

Of the three staking strategies discussed in the E-Book I chose the most agressive using a 5% rolling bank. This of course capitalises on an increasing balance with the good winning runs, but suffers the long climb back on lesser stakes after a loss.

Refreshingly, this particular system suggests laying at SP on Betfair. It also makes a suggestion of using a price range filter to keep the stake liabilites within sensible levels, (although the prices for these selections will never be much more than 5 and  generally speaking much less than 10).  From compiling of the results over the weeks, there were a number of losers(that would have been winning lays). Had I not been using the price filter, this may  have made the system a little more profitable over the term of the trial.

However, the claimed 80% strike rate we were supposed to reach was never achieved and we find  the bank at a lowly £138.77 after BF commission – suffering a £61.23 loss, the strike rate for the trial was actually running at 69%.

Showing a loss on the bank after eight weeks, I have no option but to send this system to the corner with a must try harder strike on its’ report and serve it as a FAILED system for the Cashmaster blog.

I have no doubt that this system could achieve the 80% strike rate claimed by the author and has done so with great success over previous years,  leading up to this point. The fundamental fact it exploits has been proven before. However, there are other very similar systems out there that exploit a  similar fact and perhaps anyone considering such a system out there should perhaps do their homework and check out other systems that exploit the foibles of the ‘fairer’ / equestrian sex.

You can get Boys Beat Girls here: