Because the NYSE has been closed this week due to the storm, I have decided not to trade Dow this week. I am also wrapping this week up a day early as today is Non-Farm Employment Change (NFP) day, and I do not trade on this day each month.

To £10 stakes:

Week 6 -£ 245.00  £  225.50 -£    86.00  £  395.00  £  230.00  £           –  £     519.50
Overall  £  310.50 -£ 460.50 -£ 137.00  £  1,245.00  £  925.00  £  1,050.00  £  2,933.00


Using 2% rolling bank: This week: £ 142, Overall £ 1,050


Date Time Pair Direction stop pips Pips
2012.10.29 09:30 EURGBPSB Buy 15.3 24.6
2012.10.30 09:45 GBPUSDSB Sell 25.4 -25.4
2012.10.30 11:45 EURGBPSB Sell 15.2 -15.2
2012.10.31 08:15 EURUSDSB Buy 15.7 45.1
2012.10.31 08:15 EURGBPSB Buy 11.4 10.4
2012.10.31 09:30 UK100SB Sell 27.0 79.0
2012.10.31 09:30 EURGBPSB Sell 10.9 -10.9
2012.10.31 10:15 DAX30SB Sell 16.0 46.0
2012.10.31 10:30 GBPUSDSB Sell 21.7 19.7
2012.11.01 10:00 GBPUSDSB Sell 18.8 -18.8


To clarify some trading rules, without describing the system:

When large rapid moves happen during the trading window I scrub attempting to trade for the remainder of that window, EUR/USD at 07:00 (CET) Tuesday 30th November is a good example of that.

I also ignore signals when the signal bar is the wrong colour. For a sell the signal bar has to a bear bar (red on my charts), and for buys a bull bar (green for me). So, I will not take a buy where the signal bar is a bearish red bar.

Trades must trigger within 3 to 4 bars. If the stop-loss value is hit before the trade has triggered then I ignore that signal also.

Any trades open at the end of my trading day (6 p.m. locally) are closed.

Usual caveats apply:

Trading ForEx is discretionary; I’ll see trades other people won’t and miss trades that they take. We all read the market differently; therefore your results will be different from mine. Further, I am experienced trader with over 4 years’ experience. Although I try my best not to colour my trials with this experience it is impossible to remove it completely.

Please also note that for ease of reporting I am using GKFX and not Capital Spreads. There will be some minor differences in the data feed and indicator calculations but the main difference us that the times shown above are London + 1. Please remember to deduct 1 hour if comparing my trades with Capital Spreads.