I am going to be looking at Bread and Butter trader from Mark Rose. This trades 6 instruments, although you could do more if you really wanted too, and is a mixture of stock indices (like FTSE) and ForEx.

The manual comes through snail-mail as a printed document. It seems like a comprehensive read and there are plenty of online videos to support the material in the manual.

The system is easy to configure, and so are the alerts.

The system can be traded on any timeframe, although 5 minute to 30 minute is advised. I am going to go for 15 minute as, hopefully, I won’t be tied to a lot of screen time and this timeframe should reduce the number of false signals.

I will trade the six instruments contained in the manual: FTSE, Dax, Dow, EurUsd, GBPUsd and EurGBP.

I will be using the standard £10 per pip as well as a rolling 2% risk on a £2,500 starting bank. Trades with stops of 10 pips or less will use a 2:1 risk/reward target. Trades with a stop of over 25 pips will use a 1:1 risk/reward target. All other trades will use the two targets, removing half the trade and moving stops to breakeven half way between the entry and the 1:1 risk/reward target.

Maximum stoploss is 40 pips.

I will be using the suggested trade windows from the manual but ceasing trading Dow at 5pm London time. NFP and Bank Holidays (US or UK) will be no-trade days.