Reviewed by Terry Shepherd 

Graham has taken the unusual course of asking me to contribute a one-off review of the BreakRoulette system. Frequent visitors to this blog will know that the usual review is an appraisal of performance over a minimum of 4 weeks, sometimes more when justified. However, in this case, both Grahams own opinion and my reluctance to undertake a test has suggested this course.

Let me say at the outset, that this is not a test of the system. I don’t consider it worthy of testing, in fact, if it isnt a joke, I wonder at the authors temerity in asking money for it. It’s true that there is a piece of software included which appears as about a 1cm deep window above the roulette table and in which the entire system is encapsulated but this simply exposes the basic nonsense of the method. After the pretentious promo sales page, promising an amazing Random Generator fooling method, this came as something of a shock.

Having run various roulette systems in the past, with varying success, I believe that this is worth an award as the most ridiculous method of which Ive heard. Since the author has gone to the trouble and expense of creating the software tool, I can only believe that  he thinks it is worth the $49 he asks for it. The single mitigating circumstance in my opinion is that it is bought through Clickbank, so that if you escape your minders for long enough to buy it, they can retrieve the money without problems.

I think I’ll suggest to Graham that he places it in the failed column.

You can get Break Roulette here: