Today, Wednesday 21st November could be your last chance to get a share of the gold from the Britannia’s Gold salvage operations.


Well, tomorrow we are due to get an update from the Britannia’s Gold salvage team. It’s been 9 days since the last official update and they promised to update us every 10 days. I believe they have had good weather and with continuous operations 24 hours a day so I would imagine they have made good progress.

We know that on the last update the team had managed to cut through the hull so there’s every chance they may have managed to reach the safe vault where they expect to find around 11 tonnes of gold, worth around $500million. Perhaps they’ve already got there now?

Why are they so confident there is gold there? They have plenty of documented evidence plus an interview a few years back from an eye witness of someone who saw the cargo being loaded on board in 1939.

If Britannia’s Gold do report tomorrow that they have found their “target” (which by they way for security reasons would be a cryptic message) then it may well be that the Angel Business Club will stop issuing any more dividend units (“gold units”) to members after tomorrow. So, if you are still sitting on the fence and wondering if you should join the Club, I’d encourage you to make a decision today.

This is not just a “marketing ploy”. This project has been actively ongoing for the last 2 years and it is simply the reality that at some point (possibly tomorrow) the search will be over and there will be no more chance to get involved.

Remember, your membership with the Club comes with a full 14 day money back guarantee so there is absolutely zero risk to get a live account today. However, if the Club does announce the closing of the offer tomorrow and you haven’t got an active account by then, you will have quite literally missed the boat and there won’t be any more chances. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I really don’t want you to say to me “Graham, why didn’t you tell me they were this close?!”

To join the Club right now go to this page and follow the simple instructions:

Angel Business Club

Very best regards, and fingers crossed for a very positive update from the salvage team tomorrow. I will keep you posted.