The gold salvage project continues to get ever more exciting. Yesterday Will Carrier was on national Irish television giving a lot more details about the salvage operations.

This news report clearly indicates that the team will be very active with worldwide media when they bring back the gold and as I have said before on previous emails I think there will be a frenzy to pick up the last remaining Britannia’s Gold dividend units as more and more people start to realise this is a very genuine project and there is potentially a lot of money going to get paid out to shareholders. Remember, this is not a one-off project but the first of many over the coming years and even decades.

That is why I also recommend if you haven’t done so yet, you upgrade your membership with the Angel Business club to get as many Britannia gold dividend units as possible, as soon as you can I.e. today!. Once all of the dividend units have been allocated there will be no more to issue, ever!

So there are two options here. Firstly if you are an existing Angel Business Club member you might want to upgrade your subscription payments. To do that just login to your members back office and click on payment methods and you can change your subscription level there. it is possible at the moment to get another 73 Britannia’s Gold a dividend units as a top-level subscriber to the club.

Secondly, if you are not yet a member of the Angel Business club I recommend you join today and you will get your first Britannia’s Gold dividend units within 48hrs.

Go to this page for more details of how to join and the different membership levels available for you:

Britannia’s Gold