This is a new tipping service being offered by the same people behind The Racing Professionals currently being monitored by Graham and which, judging by his reports, is doing very well.

They’ve now branched out into football and have started BTTS and Win.

For the uninitiated, BTTS stands for Both Teams To Score. The WIN part refers to the added component of the bet, you need to name the winning team as well as having both teams score. It is a pretty common type of bet offered by all the usual bookmakers.

It’s a market I did spend a fair amount of time trying to get right myself but with little to no success, I could get the BTTS part right often enough and I could get the winning team but came up short when trying to get both. It’s a very tricky one to nail down.

You obtain the selections by joining a private Facebook page, they are posted by 12.30. There is a 1 month FREE TRIAL when you sign up and ongoing fees are a very reasonable £14.99 per month. Having a Facebook page is a good idea, it gives you a chance to interact with the owners and other members of the service. It’s all been working very smoothly so far. The bets are advised in a very clear and easy to understand way and the prices they quote are always available, in fact I’ve found better on Oddschecker on numerous occasions. Prices are easy to find on Oddschecker, just go to the named fixture’s main screen and move your cursor over the “MORE” tab. From the panel that appears you need to click on “Match Result And Both Teams To Score”. All bets are straight 1 point win selections from a 50 point starting bank.

I started receiving selections on the 16th September and so far I’m beyond impressed. In those six betting days they’ve won a staggering 33.8 points achieving a strike rate of 45%. It could so easily have been better than that. Three of the losing bets were only scuppered by very late equalisers. Goals in the 86th, 92nd and 96th minutes have meant 3 points lost instead of around 15 points gained. So unlucky, especially the last one in the 96th minute. That’s pushing it even for the now historic “Fergie Time”.

Saturday (20/9) was a brilliant day with 5/5 winners. The combined odds for the acca would have been over 2300/1. Obviously, that’s irrelevant for the bottom line as the service don’t recommend you place multiples but if they keep producing results even close to the current performance, it’s got to be worth £1 or even 50p on an acca just for a bit of fun on matchday.

This really has been a very encouraging start to the trial and we’ll have to expect losing runs to strike at times but, with a healthy average price, I’m hopeful that we’ve really found something here. I can’t see a 45% strike rate being maintained long term but it doesn’t need to be for this service to be extremely worthwhile.

As usual, I’ll post a weekly summary of how the trial is going and provide a link to a spreadsheet showing results in detail. I’m using the prices I find to be available when I check the selections, so far my prices have been slightly higher than those advised.




S/R 45%


ROI 169%