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The performance of investment portfolios can vary wildly at the best of times – and this point has become even more pertinent in recent times due to the impact of issues such as the global economic downturn and the ongoing eurozone debt crisis.

However, just because the markets are not particularly stable at the moment, that does not mean it is impossible for traders to make a profit.

Any discerning investor will look to acquire information about current market trends at the start of each day before considering their investment options.

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To put it kindly, many sources of details on the latest goings-on in the financial world can be a little dry.

Of course, traders want every last piece of information they can lay their hands on before committing to any sort of serious investment – and rightly so – but this does not mean they have to be bored senseless by a seemingly never-ending stream of data and statistics.

And that is where the Capital Spreads daily commentary provides the perfect compromise for spread betters and CFD traders alike, as it offers the ideal balance of expertise and knowledge with a great personal slant.

Reading our commentary makes you feel like you’re listening to an actual human being with expertise in the field, as opposed to being bombarded with figures and complicated terminology.

That’s because that is exactly what the piece is. Our Chief Executive Officer Simon Denham puts together the commentary every morning and injects his own personality into every article.

Typically, the round-up will arrive in your inbox around mid-morning and is sure to both entertain and inform you about the day’s most significant financial stories and investment trends.

Whether it talks predominantly about the eurozone debt crisis or the price of commodities such as gold and oil, the round-up represents an essential piece of reading for all traders. It’s free, so what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Capital Spreads daily commentary today.