I must apologise for the delay in updating and finishing off this review fully.

At the end of November I filed this under Approved on a provisional basis and was going to give a final review at the end of December. I took the period between Christmas and New Year off from all betting activities and intended to catch up with the results when I returned, the selections are obtained via a forum which cannot be fudged as members can all comment on any discrepancies. A problem occurred when I found that my membership had lapsed, so I’ve been emailing the forum owners since then to get results from the 22nd of December up until the end of the month. I have now been given those results and have integrated them into my previous results.

Now that I can see the whole performance across the entire test period of the 3 months of October, November & December I am ready to give a final verdict. The trial ended with a loss of £188.99 after a disastrous run wiped out all profit gained and sent it into overall loss. You then have to consider that subscription fees have to be paid.

Given that this service works mainly on laying to a set liability it is going to take a fantastic run of results over a lengthy period to recover these losses and return to anywhere near the profit level where we could expect to cover all subs and survive another meltdown month like December.

Obviously this cannot remain in our Approved list. It is a shame that the performance couldn’t continue as it had been as I was very keen on it for a while but I’m afraid it will now have to be filed under our FAILED list as it recorded a loss of three months of the period when you would hope for most profit as all the big leagues are well underway and getting to the mid season point.