Carbine Golf Final Review

I have been following this for 10 weeks. When I started I intended to follow the selections through to the Ryder Cup, and we just won!

For your $50 per month you get an email containing a spreadsheet with the selections. It follows that you must have the software that can open a spreadsheet; Excel in my case. The selections give a suggested Bookmaker, but, be warned: a) Carbine uses a lot of different bookmakers, and b) not all of them are UK based (some American and Ozzie bookmakers were in the mix). It is important to use the recommended bookmakers as different bookies have different rules regarding dead-heats. The spreadsheet also contains a recommended stake. Through this trial I multiplied these recommended stakes by £100.

The service provided 2 winning weeks, 3 weeks at more or less break even and 5 losing weeks. The headline figure is a loss of £874 over the 10 weeks. Normally this would assign this service to FAILED, however, one of the winning weeks won over £1,800 so this loss is within the scope of one good win. Therefore, as this service could still turn around, I will go NEUTRAL.

You can join Carbine Golf here: