Renowned Big Priced Value  Backing Tipster and Harvard Graduate Carl Nicolson has a new Horse Racing Service: Carl Nicolson’s Racing Diary.

I have been monitoring this service for over six months and it has returned a profit of well over 100 points. Definitely worth conducting an official review here at Cash Master. Tips are given in the evening before the day of the race. There is  usually one or two tips on most but not all days. Tips are mostly win only with occasional each way bets.

Tips also come with the analysis behind the selections as well as a review of the previous day’s results.

The Racing Diary costs £24.99 per month. I will be using a 100 pt starting bank and recording odds available at the time the bets are advised. I will follow the advised staking plan.

This summary covers the period  from April 28th 2016 up to and including July 27th 2016.

The last month of the review was extremely disappointing with only two winners and a loss of 20 pts since the end of the second month. The strike rate for the 3rd month was only 6.7%.

These are the final statistics for the three month review:

Number of Calendar Days: 91

Number of Betting Days: 70

Number of Bets: 87

Number of Winners: 8

Number of Losers: 66

Non Runners: 13

Strike Rate: 10.8%

Winning Months: 1

Losing Months: 2

Starting Bank:  100 pts.

Lowest Bank: 66.71 pts.

Highest Bank: 104.4 pts.

Current Bank:  71.71  pts.

Service Profit/Loss after Three Months:    -28.29  pts.

Return on Starting Bank: -28.29 %


Considering the pre-trial six month period lead to a profit of over 100 pts, this review has been incredibly disappointing with an overall loss of 28.29 pts during this review period. Possibly we hit a poor patch.

However, this has to be a FAIL.

You can try Carl Nicholson’s Racing Diary here:Failed