A one-off review of Cash Flow Football.

This football trading system comes from the same stable as the Smart Racing Trader and Betfair Success Forumla systems that I have reviewed recently and I’m sad to say that it unfortunately is more akin to the latter than the former, in that it is a re-hash of a very well established technique.  Which is a bit of a shame as I’m really quite keen on Smart Racing Trader.

This is a very simple method (not L.T.D.) that virtually all football traders will be very familiar with and, other than the selection criteria being slightly different, there’s nothing new to be gained here.

On the positive side, it is well written and easy to follow. The selection criteria are logical and although I think some of the staking advise is a little aggressive (you are talked through the pros & cons of this) I’m certain that if you followed this system you would make a profit.

You can easily forgive things for being twists on existing ideas, old does not automatically mean bad. The wheel has been around for a while and it’s still pretty decent as design ideas go. The big issue here is that at a price of £70 and with a No Refunds policy, it’s just not good value for money.

I reviewed a trading package last year called “Total Football Trading” (see Approved Systems List on left of this page) and this method is included in that package. Granted, there are slightly different match selection criteria (not hugely different) but other than that it’s the same tried and trusted method. T.F.T. contains a total of ten trading methods and costs less than Cash Flow at around £65. I would suggest that anyone wanting to get into trading, or to find some new filters and stop loss methods to improve their existing arsenal of trading plans would be much better served buying T.F.T than Cash Flow because, as previously mentioned, you get ten methods including the one under review here and you’re therefore effectively only paying £6.50 for it compared to £70 for Cash Flow.

I think that NEUTRAL is the right rating for this one. I’m not going to approve it for the reasons given above but failed would be overly harsh as the method does work, it’s just not good value for money when weighed against other products.

You can get Cash Flow Football here: