I don’t tend to blow my own trumpet very often, preferring to review other products and services, but yesterday my own service hit a new high and I thought I’d let you know about it.

We are now 102.5 points up so far this year, which is £1025 profit to just £10 level stakes at Betfair SP.

The service is now up to £6,896.36 profit at £10 stakes, or £17,240.90 at £25 stakes overall.

This is all without having to hunt around bookies to get the ‘best price’ as all bets are placed on Betfair at SP. The profit is calculated AFTER 5% commission is deducted too.

A lot of tipping services list their results to £100 level stakes, as this makes the profit look good. If I were to do that my service would be showing a profit of £68,963 in a little over a year and a half. Again, these aren’t inflated ‘advised prices’ but the exact prices anyone and everyone can get whatever time they choose to place their bets at Betfair (so long as it’s before the race of course!).

But I prefer to show the results that most of us would get. I personally bet at £10 stakes although of course you can bet whatever stake you like. You would still make a decent profit AFTER subscription fees betting just £2 stakes!

How many tipping services can claim that?

Have a look at our full results here: