I’m calling a halt to this trial a little early.

The leagues it targets are all but finished, bar a few play off games here and there, and the chance of making any money has long since vanished.

To recap, this is a Correct Score dutching system that targets matches in most of Europe’s bigger leagues. I am unsure as to how they came up with this list as they include Poland and Croatia but leave out France, Belgium, and Portugal. Each country is alloted a 60 point bank and you place 1 point on each of the specified correct scores for all qualifying matches.

Of the 10 competitions followed, only Scotland made a profit. It ended with a 7 point increase. Every other competition ended with a loss, Spain blew the bank entirely. Interestingly, I did record results for the 3 leagues they leave off the list and both Belgium and France recorded profits.

I think that last finding pretty much nails the problem with this system, it’s too loose and random. The criteria for match selection is just too simple.

As mentioned above, each of the 10 competitions followed is alloted a 60 point bank, so that’s a total of 600 points in the overall pot. We have ended with an overall loss of 171 points spread across the 10 mini-banks.

I’m afraid this one has to go in the FAILED pile.