Well what can I say, this has to be the most boring system I have ever come across.  The only reason it has taken so long to write the review is that I fell asleep every time I went to check out the selections/results.

To call the system slow would be an understatement. I started the trial on the 23rd September and it took until the 10th October to find my first selection. In the month that I followed the trial there was only 1 other selection (on the 11th October). Both selections lost.

The system itself comes as a 6 page PDF file. Of these 6 pages, two pages are title and copyright, one page contains the system rules, and three pages are blank.  This should have served as a warning as it gives the indication that this system is somewhat unfinished.

The rules themselves are very straightforward and easy to apply. It takes no more than 5 minutes to work out the possible selections each day, but the final odds filter weeds out the vast majority. There are two odds limit’s given in the eBook – one is the strict interpretation of the rules; the other is a slightly relaxed odds value that is supposed to increase the number of selections. However, regardless of the odds filter used, the selections seem to be few and far between.

Level staking is suggested as the best method to use with the system, although the eBook also contains a more aggressive plan that bets 10% of the bank on each selection.

The system is touted as a system for Flat racing (both normal and all-weather), so it could be that the selections/results were affected by the cutover from Flat to Jumps. On reflection, perhaps this was the wrong time to trial this system. However, there is nothing in the literature to suggest that this time of year would be problematic.

Since the official end of my trial period, the number of selections has actually picked up and there have been another 14 selections since the 22nd October.  Unfortunately, the promised strike rate of 54% does not seem to have been borne out during this period, as 11 out of the 14 selections have lost their races.  A total strike rate of 3 races out of 16 (18.75%) for a backing system with small odds does not seem like a long-term winner to me. Given this background, a bank of £500 would be worth a measly £67.95 today using level staking (£50 level stakes), or £190.22 using 10% of the bank.

Overall, I give this system a thumbs down.  Perhaps things pick up during the Flat season, but there is not enough action at this time of year to keep anyone interested, and the losses are simply far too high.

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