For the next month, I am going to concentrate on two new Backing systems.

The systems are very different – CashBooster looks as if it will generate about 1-2 selections per week, whilst First Past The Post should generate at least that amount of selections per day.

The CashBooster e-Book does not inspire confidence – it is only 6 pages long; 2 pages are taken up with the title and copyright, the system takes a full 1 page and the last 3 pages are blank!  The system itself looks fairly simple to follow and checking for selections should take no more than 5 minutes per day. Very few details are given about staking, so I will just use £20 level stakes throughout the trial period.

The First Past The Post manual runs to a full 10 pages. Once again the system is very simple – there are only three rules to follow – but you do need access to both Betair and the Racing Post web sites.  Checking the selections is a bit more laborious than CashBooster but again, it should take no more than 10-15 minutes. Two staking plans are identified in the e-Book, and for the trial I will start with a £500 bank and level stake at 2% of the bank value. I’ll adjust the stakes on a daily basis depending on the size of the bank.