ok, so I’ve decided to stop the test now.  I was going to run it for longer, but there is a 30 day money back guarantee where, if you have not made a profit, then providing you can send a list of all the selections, you can claim your money back.  Well, I have been testing this for 4 weeks and I have had constant losers, so now would be that point where I would be asking for a refund.

Over the test period, by following the rules I have selected 33 races in total. It is fair to say that the rules are very easy to understand and it is quick to score the races. Unfortunately, that is the only good thing about this system. From those 33 races, I had 51 losing bets and only 15 winning bets.

My bank which started at 100 was down to only 67.7 points. That is a loss of nearly 35% in just 4 weeks. It would take some big winners to come back from this and I just don’t think it is going to happen.

I think there are a couple of issues with the system  The first is that, because of the staking plan, you will always have at least one losing bet in every race.  That is, you are backing 2 horses in every race, so of course the best you can do is have one winner and one loser.  You have to hope that the winner has better odds to offset the losers, and that simply hasn’t been happening.

Further, the strike rate of just 22% is just not high enough. Obviously this is partly because of the staking plan, but the number of winners simply isn’t high enough. I can see that periodically, you might have a few races where you get a few winners, but I can’t see how the selections will ever provide you with good odds and even if they did, it clearly isn’t happening regularly enough to make this a winning system.

I would have continued the test for longer, but given that the money back guarantee is only 30 days, I think it is fair to stop it now.

So, the Catalyst Horse Racing System, whilst being cheap in the first place and also having a money back guarantee, most definitely has to have a Failed stamp.

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