Second weekend of testing this system, but not such a good weekend. It only took 12 minutes to go through all the races for Saturday and Sunday, so this is getting pretty quick now.

Saturday 4th May

After scoring all the races there were 7 that met the criteria. Like before the top 3 races picked themselves but there were 2 races that had the same number of points for 4th place so I chose to bet on them both. We had 3 winners out of the 5 races, but 2 of the winners were favourites, so the odds weren’t good and they didn’t cover our losers. So, 10 bets placed, 7 losers (-10 points), 3 winners (+5.45 points). So net loss for the day of -4.55 points.

Sunday 5th May

Sunday had 3 races that met the criteria. Unfortunately, all bets lost, so not a good day. 6 bets placed, 6 losers (-9 points).

Running total:

Races 17, losing bets 26, winning bets 8, Bank 91.45 points.