Ok, here we go for the 4th week.

I’m getting used to the process and it is now very quick for me. I go through the racing section of the Mirror and I have my two charts from the catalyst system printed out. One for flat races, one for hurdles. I scored all 73 races that were listed for this weekend in less than 15 minutes. It appears to be quite common that I have 2 races in joint 4th place on Saturdays as this is the third week when it has happened. So, 5 races for Saturday, but only 3 races scored the requisite number of points from the Sunday races. However, as you will see, both days did not have good results:


So, 5 races today and out of those 5 races (10 bets), only 1 won. That winner had odds of 11/4, so not especially good winnings. So, 9 losing bets (-14 points), 1 winner (+2.75 points), net loss for the day -11.25 points.  More than a 10% loss in one day!!


3 races today, and two of the races provided winners, however with 1 winner being evens favourite and the other at 5/2, again, it didn’t make enough to offset the losses. So, 4 losing bets (-7 points), 2 winning bets (+3.5 points), net loss for the day -3.5 points.

So, a net loss of -14.75 points for this weekend. I think that is the worst results we have had so far.

Running total:

Races 33, losing bets 51, winning bets 15, Bank 67.7 points.