Ok, so this weekend was the first where we had some selections.

Once a race has been selected according to the criteria, you back two horses in each race, one with 2 points risked and the other with 1 point risk.  So, no matter what happens, you are going to have at least one loss in every race. This might put some people off as there are clearly going to be a lot of losing bets.

We have a starting bank of 100 points. With that in mind, onto the results for Saturday

Saturday 27th April

Out of the 49 races today, there were 7 that met the rules/criteria. It took about 20 minutes to go through all 49 races. I did this whilst cooking on the BBQ so it is pretty easy.

The instructions say to limit the betting to the top 4 selections. The top 3 stood out, but for 4th place there were 2 races that both had the same number of points. So, I decided to bet on both of them.  That meant a total of 5 races for Saturday, backing a total of 10 horses. Out of the 5 races we had a winner in 3 of them. Not bad, however considering that we are always going to have at least 1 loss in each race, that meant that out of our 10 bets placed, 7 lost (-10 points) and 3 won (+10 points). So we ended up flat for the day.

Sunday 28th April

Only 21 races on Sunday, but that was enough to give us our 4 selections for the day. Of the 4 races, we had 6 losing bets (-9 points) and 2 winners (+14 points) providing a net profit of +5 points.

Races 9, losing bets 13, winning bets 5, Bank 105 points.