At the beginning of March I told you about the new cryptocurrency exchange, Bitsdaq, and their airdrop where they gave away thousands of their BXBC tokens to help promote the brand.

I know many readers took up the free offer, as did I, and the plan was to wait and see what happens with a view to selling for a profit in a few years.

Well since then they have raised $5 million in a private sale of their platform token BQQQ and the public IEO (Initial Exchange Offering).

They then announced that there will be a short period of about a week when we will be able to swap our BXBC tokens for the platform BQQQ tokens and planned that for sometime in June.

Now is that time. In fact from 7am tomorrow morning (Friday) UK time.

Here is the update:

BXBC- BQQQ swap will start on 21 June, 2019 14:00 (UTC+8)

This BXBC-BQQQ token swap will continue indefinitely, at a ratio of 300:1. To encourage users to participate in the token swap, BQQQ airdrop will be done according to the rules below:

1.The first 10,000 users to swap their token will receive airdrops of double the amount.
For example, the user used BXBC to exchange for 1000 BQQQ, Bitsdaq will airdrop another 2000 BQQQ to the user, resulting in a total of 3000 BQQQ.

2.The subsequent 10,000 (10001-20000) users to swap their token will receive airdrops of equivalent amount.

3.The subsequent 20,000 (20001-40000) users to swap their token will receive airdrops of half the amount.

4.All users that swaps their token afterwards unfortunately will not receive any airdrops.

The BQQQ airdrop will be distributed one week after the token swap is done.

Bitsdaq reserves the right to interpret activity rules and to disqualify and penalise cheaters.

If you have any questions about BXBC-BQQQ token swap, please feel free to contact us and ask for help: [email protected]

KaratGold – IMpulse K1 Phone – Last chance

There are only four days left now on the 200% bonus offer on the IMpulse K1 Phone Package #4.

You might be thinking “why on earth would anyone spend €4,000 on a phone?”

Well, they wouldn’t but that’s not what the €4k is being spent on alone, it’s not even close.

The question is best answered by referring to an individual who within the last week purchased not one €4k package but a mind blowing 75 of them! He spent €300,000 on 75 Impulse K1, 4k phone package deals. But what he will get as a result of doing that (in addition to the phones) is a retirement income that most of us could only dream of.

Here’s how that works:

€300,000 got him €900,000 worth of KCB coins (that’s 6,428,572 coins). This, in turn, enabled him to buy two Full Node positions on the upcoming Karatbars Mainnet (don’t worry if that all sounded like goobledegook, it doesn’t matter if you understand that right now or not).

Acquiring 2 Full Nodes took 6 million coins to set up. Each Full Node requires 3 million coins and will produce 25% of the coins deposited each year as income once the Mainnet is live. And, critically, that is deposited coins – not spent coins – they can be withdrawn at any time and then the annual income simply ceases.

25% of 6 million coins = 1,500,000. If they were to do no more than stay at current value then this equates to €210,000 per annum as an income but anyone who is familiar with where this is all going knows that these coins should be worth much more in time.

I have purchased a Masternode (a smaller version of a Full Node that requires 1 million coins) and that will generate 15% or 150,000 coins per annum. That alone is worth a very nice €21,000 in annual income, at current values. But it could, again, be worth much more.

The short version to the important question of WHY is – he doesn’t care about the phones – although he will of course be able to sell them/pass them on to others – he cares only about the return on his €300,000 input. And he can take his 6 million coins out of the full node whenever he wants and simply sell the lot for a vast profit come the end of the year.

There is no obligation to take out a Node, that is just attractive to many of us for even greater long-term returns from these stunning deals.

The reality here is that many of us will hold on to those coins for a year or more because we firmly believe that they will grow to be be worth whole euros and dollars each. Why wouldn’t they? A coin backed by 24 karat gold…

You can read a press release about the K1 on Cointelegraph here

Don’t leave it to the last day!

If you want to take advantage of this deal it’s imperative that you act now, especially if you’re not already a member of Karatbars or KaratGold.

You will need to sign up as an affiliate to get the deal, and you will need to submit KYC details that can take a day or two to get approved, so if you leave it to the last day there is every chance you will miss out.

Even if you are undecided, at the very least join for free and submit your KYC’s while you’re thinking about it.

Get yours here (join as an affiliate)


At the beginning of March I told you about the new cryptocurrency exchange, Bitsdaq, and their airdrop where they gave away thousands of their BXBC tokens to help promote the brand.

I know many readers took up the free offer, as did I, and the plan was to wait and see what happens with a view to selling for a profit in a few years.

Well since then they have raised $5 million in a private sale of their platform token BQQQ and the public IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) is due to start this month.

They announced last week that there will be a short period of about a week when we will be able to swap our BXBC tokens for the platform BQQQ tokens and originally planned that for this week. However that has now been postponed until sometime in June (I suspect so as not to interfere with the IEO).

What you need to do.

It seems to me that it would make sense to swap your BXBC tokens for the BQQQ tokens as they will have immediate value (as they have been sold in the private sale and are being sold in the IEO), although I don’t know yet the details of the swap.

If you haven’t completed your KYC’s yet then I’d advise doing this before the end of the month as you can’t withdraw anything until you have, and it may be a requirement for the swap too.

Also, be prepared for the swap some time in June as it appears there will only be a short period of about a week to do this and not much notice!

You can keep an eye on the official updates on their announcements page but I will let you know as soon as I hear anything too.

KaratBank International

Whether you are already involved with Karatbars or if you’ve never had any previous interest, take heed of this current offer as it is astonishing and it expires on 12th May.

In a nutshell, if you buy the Impulse K1 Phone Package #4 for €4000, you not only get the phone, but you get €12,000 worth of KCB. That’s an instant, built in, 200% profit and the phone, effectively, for free.

Now, of course, you will want to turn some, or all, of that KCB back into cash again and you will be able to do that when KaratBank launch their blockchain later on this year. And you can either sell the lot and withdraw the €12k (keeping the phone of course), or sell a bit to recover your original costs and leave the rest to grow in value. Or maybe sell enough to recover costs and make some profit and still leave a bit to grow.

All you do is go to the website below, register as an affiliate (this is just easier for doing certain things in the back office and doesn’t cost anything extra), upload your I.D. and proof of address (this is a fully regulated gold bullion dealer based in Stuttgart, Germany), and then simply go to Product Purchase > Impulse K1 Phone and choose Package #4.

If €4K is a bit too much then Package #3 is €2,850 and that comes with €4,275 worth of KCB, so still a great deal but obviously a 50% bonus isn’t anywhere near as attractive as the 200% bonus you get with Package #4.

This bonus is only available until 12th May, and is the best deal I’ve ever seen this company offer. Even if you never use the phone, you’re still getting a €12K return on a €4k purchase within a few months!

Go here to purchase your phone (join as an affiliate)

Here’s a video giving you full details of the phone, and the offer:

Masternode Opportunity

I mentioned the Masternode opportunity a couple of months ago. Essentially if you have 1 million KCB, you can get a Masternode on the KaratBank blockchain when it goes live at the end of the summer. It’s completely free; you just need to hold your 1m KCB in the Masternode to earn from it. You can withdraw your KCB whenever you like, but if you drop below 1 million KCB then you lose the Masternode.

The Masternode pays out 15% per year, completely passive income, and it’s paid weekly into your KaratBit account.

If you can stretch to 3 million KCB you can get a Full node that pays out 25% per year.

So that’s either 150,000 or 750,000 KCB paid to you every year without you needing to do anything. If KCB becomes worth just £1 a coin, that’s a very significant passive income. It’s a very useful passive income even if it stays at current values!

If you don’t yet own a single KCB, you can get enough to qualify for a Masternode right away by buying just 12 K1 Phones (Package #4). That will cost €48,000 but will instantly give you €144,000 worth of KCB.

And if you change your mind on the Masternode towards the end of the year, or you need the money for something else, you can simply cash it all in and make €96,000 profit in around six months.

The 4th July Guarantee

Those of you that joined this company last year and bought KBC during the ICO for around half a cent are no doubt getting quite excited about the 4th July guarantee.

To remind you, KaratBank have guaranteed that from 4th July this year you will be able to exchange your KBC at a rate of 100 KBC for 1g of gold.

Please bear in mind this isn’t a price guarantee. There is no guarantee on what price KBC will be worth in fiat currency, the guarantee is simply that you will be able to get 1g of Karatbars gold for every 100KBC, should you wish to exchange it.

I don’t know the exact mechanism that will be used to enable this but my hunch is that we will be able to exchange 100KBC for 10 Univals on the KaratBit exchange (1 Unival is 0.1g of gold).

Now there are two ways you can turn this into fiat currency should you wish to ‘cash in’ some, or all, of your profits.

The most straightforward way will be to simply exchange your univals for fiat currency on KaratBit, and then withdraw the fiat. Personally I am going to wait until the KaratBit exchange is launched fully on its own blockchain. At the moment it is still in Beta and so doesn’t have full functionality yet.

Currently there isn’t a mature market for univals but once the exchange launches fully on its own blockchain and they have the Asian gold dealers trading on it, there will be much more volume and therefore a mature market and the gold price should then more closely follow the spot price. It will be at that point we can sell our univals for fiat at around the spot price of gold. So personally I’m going to wait until January when the 75KBC=1g gold guarantee kicks in because by then the Karatbit exchange will be fully up and running meaning our gold will be easy to liquidate.

By then we should also have more fiat currency pairs too, so UNV/EUR and UNV/GBP which would allow us to exchange our gold for our own currency and withdraw it directly to our bank account or even to our own Karatbars Mastercard.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to wait until the full launch of the exchange if you want to cash in some of your gold this summer.

A few CashMaster readers have been researching different avenues for selling the actual physical gold and there is a company in the UK called Bullion By Post that will give you 96% of current market price for your Karatbars gold.

I’ve confirmed this with two different readers, one of whom has spoken to them on the phone and is planning on offloading some this summer.

Here is a copy of an e-mail from Bullion By Post to one of my readers:

“Dear Mr B******,

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm that no matter the brand of the gold bar you are looking to sell we are able to offer 96% of the gold trading price.

We would not quote the scrap price for this bar but rather a better rate for refined bars like the one you have.

I have included a link below to the current prices we can offer.

Please let me know if you have any questions or call me on 0121 634 8060 and I can go through our process with you.

Kind regards,


Jewellery Quarter Bullion Ltd”

So if you wished to go down this route then it would be a matter of withdrawing your univals to your KaratPay e-wallet, unloading them back into your Karatbars account and then requesting delivery of the physical bars.

And remember, when the blockchain launches and KCB merges with KBC, you’ll be able to do the same with those too!

It’s an extremely exciting time to be involved with Karatbars. I’m already well stocked on KBC, I have qualified for and registered a Masternode, and I’m buying at least two (possibly more) K1 Phones this week to take advantage of the sensational offer in which we are essentially getting paid to buy a state of the art Smartphone.

If you’re not in this already then there will probably never be a better time to join. If you are already involved with Karatbars then there will probably never be a better opportunity to profit from simply buying a Smartphone.

Get yours here

Gold Standard Bank

I know a number of you are buying enough Profit Packages to get a Masternode this week, as I am, and it occurred to me after various conversations with readers that even if you’re not going for a Masternode or Full node, the Profit Packages alone already have a built in profit as soon as you buy them.

Let me explain.

I was helping several readers work out what Profit Packages they needed to buy to get enough KCB to get to the magic 1m or 3m KCB number. And as they are buying before the bonus drops on Friday, whichever package they buy comes with a certain percentage of free bonus tokens.

For example, as I write this a €25K package comes with 64% bonus tokens, so you actually get €41,000 worth of KCB tokens for €25K. Now, here’s the clever part…

Even if you were not buying enough for a Masternode and you just wanted to make a quick profit, you will be able to sell your KCB as soon as the Mainnet goes live in September. So you’re looking at a €16,000 profit just on the KCB’s, just from buying a Profit Pack.

But that’s not all… you also get Gold with your Profit Pack. For example, with the €25K pack you get 160g of gold worth around €7000 included which again you can liquidate whenever you like.

Seems like a no brainer to me, even if you just want something to make a good return on this year, at whatever spend level you can afford.

Remember though that the bonus levels drop this Friday so if it’s something that interests you, get in this week to get the maximum profit out of it.

You can buy Profit Packages here (Join as Affiliate)

The K-Phone Launch in Dubai

On 30th March, KaratBank will be launching the world’s first Voice over Blockchain (VoB) Smartphone in Dubai.

Before you e-mail me to tell me there are already blockchain smart phones out there… those are just smart phones with built in crypto wallets. The K-Phone actually makes its voice calls over the blockchain making it decentralised and perfectly encrypted.

This is a world first and they have even patented the technology.

It also includes a removable private wallet to store and move your crypto’s on the move, and is satellite enabled, as well as Wi-Fi, SIM etc meaning you will be able to use it pretty much anywhere on the planet (or in space?).

Of course the profits generated from this phone, which could be absolutely astonishing as telecoms is possibly one of the most lucrative businesses on the planet, will be used to procure more gold to back the GSC (KCB + KBC), which you will own by buying a Profit Pack! At some point every single GSC will be backed with 1g of gold (current value around €44 each). Imagine that!

I will be going to the launch so if any of you have plans on being there, please do let me know as it would be good to meet up and say hello.

You can buy Profit Packages here (Join as Affiliate)