We’ve been recording results for Champion Bets for a little over 3 months and it’s time to give a verdict.

Long term readers will know I hate Asian Handicap bets. So when I started this I was expecting the same story we’ve had from every other A/H based service we’ve followed, a couple of weeks of up & down then wheels flying off in all directions. That hasn’t happened with Champion Bets.

The bets usually arrive on a Friday lunchtime and usually contain 6 selections. If a Friday game is included, you get the email on Thursday. The emails are extremely easy to read and understand and a link to a comprehensive explanation on how the bets work and how to place them is provided if you need it.

The vast majority of bets are for 5 points from your starting bank of 100, although we have had a couple of 3 point bets recently, so reading the email thoroughly is important. There was one instance of an English Handicap being advised and one straight win bet was given last weekend. These were clearly highlighted and easy to spot as long as your don’t go on auto-pilot and do actually read the advice properly.

The email support has been excellent on the very odd occasion that I’ve needed it. I have checked, and these tips do run throughout the year and are not dependent on the big European leagues.

A profit was made in each month we covered, except March which suffered a 5 point loss.


BETS  99


S/R 57.58%

AV ODDS 1.67

P/L +39.02 POINTS

As stated at the very beginning of the trial, I only included full wins in the win figure for record keeping purposes. Obviously a strike rate of 57% at odds of 1.67 does not look good but with Asian Handicaps you’re not dealing with straight win/lose outcomes.

At a very reasonable monthly sub of £14.95 (+VAT) I think this is a perfectly decent, slow burner of a service that provides a nice easy weekly set of bets. I will, of course, be keeping an eye on it over the summer leagues but am happy and pleasantly surprised to add Champion Bets to the APPROVED list.




UPDATE 13/7/15

You may remember me giving this an Approved rating and admitting my surprise at its performance, due to my acknowledged dislike of Asian Handicap bets.

After I finished the trial, I issued an update at the end of May saying that the service suffered a terrible week but had recovered enough to allow it to stay on the Approved list.

Since then it has suffered a pretty torrid month. June was very tough and July hasn’t started well, all the profit built up over the trial period has disappeared and my records show it, roughly, back to its starting point.

Whether this is down to the fact that the service providers are not as good at judging the summer leagues as they are the major European winters leagues, or if it’s a case of my long held opinion of Asian Handicaps being borne out, I just don’t know. But it’s clear that this cannot remain on the Approved list after suffering such a downturn.

If they do return to good form and sustain it over a decent period of time I’ll revisit it for another proper trial but for now, this needs to be recategorised as NEUTRAL.

I still think it’s a genuine service that does not set out to rip members off, it is very reasonably priced and professionally run but I cannot leave it as Approved.   Neutral