Hi all,

Graham has asked me to provide a brief review of the Champion Draws service that has reopened with albeit a small 3 day window of opportunity for some new subscribers to this football backing service. This is the brainchild of Andrew Costa who has previously offered to the betting markets : Champion (Racing) Lays & Champion Football Lays.

As you may have already guessed, this service offers to subscribers on a three/six monthly subscription to a football DRAWS selection service. Emails are sent twice a week – one to cover mid-week fixtures and another later in the week for any qualifying/forthcoming weekend matches. This covers not only English but also European league games too.

The staking system employed employs a scheme whereby following a losing bet for a particular league, the next bet is doubled upto and including 4x the original stake. Generally speaking, the selections offered have all been ‘closed’ (with a win) prior to a 4x unit stake being placed. However, if at this level (4x original stake) the stake loses, the loss is simply written off and that league is then reset to an 1x unit stake, once again…. the thinking being that other wins in the other leagues will offset this loss.

A little about the host of this service. Andrews appears to be a very concientous individual – he is always keen and quick to respond to any enquiries that I have had whilst using the service. Personally, I never have and (likely) never will have even a modest interest in football – yet his emails summarise the action for the preeceding weeks selections. These are enlightening and serve to explain why the outcome of the game may / may not, have gone as predicted. His feedback demonstrates that he is actively scrutinising the games to see what tranpsires as the game progresses.

During the trial late last year and with my own subscription that I have had in place since the start of December – the results shown on the webpage do check out and I am pretty confident in the results shown for the PreTrial that ran for 6 weeks, Aug to Oct, that show a profit of almost twice the starting bank (£3,000 -> £8,953)! My own subscription from 1st Dec to the present date (19th January) has shown a less profitable story so far though, with fewer selections due to the Christmas period and poor weather. My own bank is currently showing a strike rate of 35% with a mere profit of 3% on my start bank for a similar 6 week period. However, from what I have seen so far I do have confidence in the system and with improvements in the weather, the selections can only increase in number with further good profits to be made.

To sum up – I think I ought to review the results in a couple of months time when my three month subscription expires when hopefully the profits made will clearly do the talking about what this service will do for you. The subscription currently on offer is for either a three month or six month subscription. Full pricing details avaialble at his website.

A few places have been made available, but I am pretty sure that you will need to sign yourself up very soon as they are sure to go very quickly.
So what are waiting you for… ? Game on!

You can try Champion Draws here: