I found Champion Racing Lays, to give this service its correct name, an interesting trial. Not for the first time Andrew has given an extended free trial, demonstrating either a lack of any business acumen or instinct for self preservation, or (far more likely I hope) his confidence in the service.

The trial started over three months ago, on 10th August and finished on Monday. Overall it made a fraction under £60 profit using £10 level stakes. Put like that, the performance doesn’t seem particularly impressive and based on what they are now charging, it would have shown a small loss. It is important, therefore, that the results are put into context.

Originally the service did not include NH and lays were at odds up to 20.00. One loss at those odds (and from memory there was one) and the bank is down by almost 40%. Shortly after the start of the trial the bank took a nose dive of around £180 and was taking a long time to recover. By 13th October, over two months into the trial, the bank had struggled back to around £435, £115 off its low, and £65 down from the start. At no time had the bank been in profit.

However, on 13th October the goalposts were moved and version 2.00 was introduced. Had this been a paying service I would have been seriously concerned at this point. However, as this was a free trial there was no harm proceeding to find out what would happen.

Under the new rules maximum odds were set at 10.00 and the service now included NH racing, increasing the number of selections. There were other changes as well, but understandably Andrew has not disclosed what these were. Subsequent to 13th October, the strike rate improved dramatically.

The result of the changes was that the bank began a steady recovery, hit over £600 and was slightly off the top at £559.70 at the end of the trial. Put another way, if the trial had started when version 2.0 was released the final bank would have stood at around £625, an increase of 25% in just over five weeks.

In making my recommendations, I feel that it is important to stick to what was achieved, but also to put it into context. So the bottom line is, to £10 stakes the service made £60, or six points. There were no subscriptions fees so, after BF commission has been taken into account, net profit and gross profit were the same. However, the service really got into its stride once version 2.00 was released resulting in a £125 recovery in the bank.

Through trialling – and using – this service I have gained considerable confidence in it. I have already subscribed to the paid service and I strongly recommend an “Approved” rating.

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