As I had already subscribed, Graham has asked me to blog this service and I feel that with a 75 day free trial it is appropriate to run the blog for the full 75 days.

As Graham has already introduced the service I’ll jump straight in.  No bank size has been advised and I shall use £500, staking £10 per selection.  With their suggested maximum lay odds of 7.00 this will limit my risk to £60 per selection.

The first email was sent out on 30th April.  Quite impressive, with an in-depth analysis of each selection.  In the email, there is also a download link to an Excel spreadsheet, purpose designed for the service – makes recording the results very easy.  

Another, email was sent out today, showing the results and again giving an in-depth analysis.  Results, based on the prices at which my bets were matched, rather than the “official” figures available on the Champion Lay’s site, are:

RESULTS Saturday 01 May – Sunday 02 May

Starting Bank £500 
Villarreal v Barcelona – Lay Barcelona – £10 @ 1.60 = -£6.00  LOSS
Real Salt Lake City v Toronto FC – Lay Toronto – £10 @ 5.40 = £9.50  PROFIT
Atalanta v Bologna – Lay Bologna – £10 @ 5.00 = £9.50  PROFIT
Bilbao v Mallorca – Lay Mallorca – £10 @ 4.30 = -£33.00  LOSS
Daily P/L -£20.00
Current Bank £480.00