The Classic 66 Plan Final Review

So 30 days are up and it is time to give an opinion on “Classic 66”.

The plan costs £25 and for that you get a 22-page pdf eBook. Just over 50% of this book is a table of results. I actually don’t mind this, as it shows some system testing beyond the week shown on the website and increases confidence in the system.

The system itself is based on 5 very, very simple rules. “Oh No”, was my first reaction, “another if it is Friday and it is five-to-five, back any horse called Crackerjack type system”! Here, I must eat some humble pie. This system has demonstrated that sometimes simple rules work!

Level stakes is the systems recommended stake plan, so this is what I used.  A 50 point bank is also advised, so I started with a virtual £200 bank, as a £100 bank at 50 points could dip below the Betfair minimum bet of £2. So my stakes was £4 and I deducted 5% from winnings to allow for Betfair commission.

Finding the selections takes about 10 minutes. The system can be operated the evening before or in a lunch break. However, timing is an issue with this system. I took my odds from Sporting Life live shows, 10 seconds before the scheduled off. I didnt take Betfair prices, SP, BSP or the Racing Post forecast and looking back now I wish I had thought of these earlier. Undoubtedly the source for the odds and the time you take them will provide different selections, and may, therefore, produce different results. For example, I played a race for real yesterday; the selection 1 minute before the off won, but the selection 10 seconds before the off was different and lost. This is something to be aware of.

In 30 days the bank grew from £200 to £321, an increase of £121, easily covering the £25 cost of the system. There were 156 selections, 131 of these were winning bets. A Strike Rate of 84%. The longest winning bet sequence was 23 bets (wow!) and the longest losing sequence was 2 bets! Average odds was 4.69.

Just for a bit of fun I ran the results through The Staking Machine. As this is proprietary software I cannot fully describe the recommended staking plan, but I can state that one of the stake plans made £373!

I have no reservations in giving The Classic 66 Plan a thumbs up.

You can get The Classic 66 Plan here: