I have been recording results for Classic Racing Gold for the 3 month period covering 1st May to 31st July.

This is a backing service concentrating (mainly) on Irish horse racing.

Subscription costs £60 per month, with cheaper rates available for longer periods.

Selections initially arrived around 8pm the night before racing via email. This was changed to 7am on the day of the race due to a number of requests made by members.

There is also a “Whatsapp” group that you can join to obtain selections. (I did not monitor this aspect)

I have found the administration part of the service to be very good. Email questions are answered in a timely and courteous manner.

The prices quoted in the selection emails are usually available and the record keeping on the sales website are an accurate reflection of actual performance.

On to the nitty gritty of performance.

I’ve been hugely impressed with this service, we’ve been in profit pretty much the whole time. The only time the bank dipped below its starting point was on the second day of the trial.

There are very few things to complain about, the strike rates are high, the service has been scrupulously honest when it comes to prices available and how results are recorded. Everything works the way it should.

Being really picky, just so I can find something to whinge about, the results published on their website do not take account of Rule 4 deductions. I can partially see their reasoning, not all bookmakers will reduce your winnings for every Rule 4. Some will igonre 5p deductions. I have chosen to take account of all deductions and record prices I can see as being available at the time the email was received. To be fair, they have recorded results to the price they said they would in all emails, even when I’ve had my bet settled at a higher price thanks to a BOG offer. These are fairly rare, as prices for their selections usually head south rapidly but there have been a couple that drfited and still brought home the bacon.

As we are dealing with Irish racing, we have an extra problem not always faced by those betting on the English markets. There’s far less money available on Irish races and prices tumble extremely quickly once the dogs start barking.

The way this service works is that an email is received warning you of the time the main selection email will arrive. You do have to be pretty quick to get your bet on if you want prices around the level quoted in the email. A look at the historic odds grid on Oddschecker will show you that prices move very soon after this email arrives. This is not a criticism, if the service owners want to get their money on before they send the emails out, then that’s fair enough as far as I’m concerned. It’d be very churlish to knock them for that. I just wanted to make sure that you know you’ll have to be ready for action when selections are available.

This is not suitable for those looking to back at a bookie then lay on an exchange due to the liquidity issues mentioned above.

I have noticed that the timing issues are actually getting tighter and it’s more difficult to get the quoted odds than it was at the start of the trial. I think that they may well have to introduce a cap on membership numbers if this continues.

On top of the great performance of the official results, we have been given several “off the record” tips. These have usually been on the big name races both in Ireland and England. We’ve had some fantastic profits from those too, double figure prices on a few.

There’s not really much else that I can add. This is probably the best “straight betting” horse tipping service that I can remember seeing for a while. There’s nothing to do after you place your bet, there’s only ever a few bets a day. None of that 20+ selection faff, the most I can remember having is 4 on a busy Saturday.

The figures speak for themselves. They have almost doubled the starting bank in the 3 months we’ve followed them. That’s at level stakes, no fancy staking or loss recovery. If you recalculated your bank to 100 points every day, they more than doubled it. Another pleasing figure is the ROI. I think it speaks volumes that the ROI we achieved during our 3 months exactly matches the figure they claim since they started the service in November last year.



S/R 46.55%



S/R 70.15%



LEVEL STAKES OF £10 PER POINT  +£961.84 (96.18pts)

BANK RECALCULATED DAILY  +£1455.52 (145.55pts)

ROI 33.75%


Classic Racing Gold is currently closed to new members but CLICK HERE to be added to the waiting list and I will let you know when a position becomes available.

This excellent tipping service is, obviously, APPROVED. (with bells on)