Just a quick update on Classic Racing Gold.

I finished my trial and awarded them an Approved status at the end of July. They’ve carried on in exactly the same fashion and August was another very good month for them.

The bank I started for the trial on 1/5/16 with £1000 now stands at £2449.39, using £10 a point, after racing on 31/8/16.

If you’d recalculated your bank to 100 points each morning, that £1000 would now be £3892.23.

Fantastic results. Only downside continues to be that you have to move like lightening to get the prices quoted in the emails, Irish racing doesn’t have anywhere near as much liquidity as GB, so prices crash fast.

MAY 194.10
JUNE 356.10
JULY 411.64
AUG 487.55