The email that I have been expecting for quite some time arrived yesterday, Classic Racing Gold are closing their doors to new members at the end of this month.

It’s taken longer than I thought it would, but they’ve decided to act now to try and protect prices for existing members. There’s no exemption for old members who have cancelled and want to rejoin either.

As this focuses (almost) exclusively on Irish racing the prices available and liquidity in the market are very limited and prices react quickly to a number of people all looking to back the same selection. Their selections are almost always at the top end of the market, so bookies start chopping the price aggressively.

I started the trial on 1st of May and after last night’s racing the starting bank of £1000 had risen to £2820.80 using £10 a point. If you’d recalculated your bank to 100 points every evening and used that to calculate your stake, that £1000 would have risen to £5503.17 in the same time period. That’s the theory anyway, I doubt many bookies would have let you get up to that level of staking before pulling down their shutters the moment they see you coming.

So, if you want to join this very profitable service you’ve only got a couple of weeks left to act.

They’ve maintained an extremely high strike rate, the worst month so far has returned 15 points profit and the ROI has sat around 36% throughout my membership.

One word of potential caution, whilst I’m nowhere near as au fait with Irish Racing as these guys, I’m well aware of the vagaries of Irish weather. We’ve had several selection emails warning that bets will be delayed until the weather situation becomes clearer already.

I’d expect the number of bets to be reduced over the winter months but I’m more than confident that the performance level will remain extremely high.