We’re now ten days into the trial and, while it’s way too early for conclusions, I’m certainly very impressed with how this service is run.

In my intro I said that I’d been able to verify that all prices quoted and recorded were available at the time the email was received but that they shorten up quickly after. I found my first anomaly in the selection email for Saturday. The selection was advised as being available at 6/4 with Bet365. When I went to Oddschecker to verify the price, I was a little shocked to see it was only showing at 10/11. I looked back the odds history and saw that it was cut twice in quick succession a short while before our email arrived. I looked around the other bookmaker sites and found that I would have been able to get Evens with a couple of them, that was the best I could find for that time period. I decided to record it at the price I could see.

On Saturday morning an additional email arrived and stated that they had received a few queries about the price and that they had looked into it. They said that the price had been hammered in the time between their preparing the email and the sending of it and that, although they had got their money on at 6/4, the bet would be recorded at Evens.

It really is pleasing to find a service being so open and honest, there’s plenty that would have either ignored customer comments or said “well that’s what I got”. As the vast majority of bets, all but one I think, have been in Ireland, we are going to experience quite volatile markets the night before racing. There just isn’t enough money in the markets to handle biggish wads being put down.

When it comes to performance, well that’s pretty encouraging too. Both win only and each way bets have been doing well and the small loss made over the first few days has been more than recovered.

As of last night, we’re 6.5 points up. Not bad in ten days betting, especially when you consider the problems we’ve had with Rule 4 Deductions.

Getting your bets on the night before racing does give you the advantage of grabbing prices before the majority of punters pile on, but the downside to it is that you’re open to getting walloped when non-runners are declared. Sadly/Annoyingly, we’ve lost a smidge over 5 points in potential profit due to deductions. For example we were given Lofgren to win at 3/1, we were then deducted 45p in the £ for a non-runner and a new market was formed. Another absentee then cost us a further 20p in the £ on the already reduced terms. We’ve had two other winning bets downgraded as well. Obviously, a big deduction like 45p means that one of our horse’s predicted major rivals for the race is out of contention, but that doesn’t lesssen the irritation.

So, all-in-all a very promising start from what looks to be a very professional service that has shown some integrity. Long may it continue.




S/R 41.67%




S/R 57.14%


OVERALL P/L  +6.55






Today’s only bet has landed a 7/1 each way winner. No pesky Rule 4 shenanigans involved. Profit so far now 15 points