I am going to be recording results for Classic Racing Gold over the next 3 months.

It is a straight forward horse race tipping service. Tips are supplied via email the night before the selections run.

You receive an email sometime between 7-9pm, the first email lets you know if there are any bets and, if so, what time the tips will be sent and which bookmaker’s website you will need to have open. The second email contains all the details you need, including the price available at the time.

So far, I have found that the prices quoted have been available but they drop really quite quickly after the email arrives, so you need to be on the ball to grab it while it lasts. I have been able to check on Oddschecker that all the prices they have quoted me were available at the time the email was sent.

I have also checked that the selections I have received so far are recorded accurately on their site, so no qualms about honesty.

As all bets are supplied with a points value, I asked about recommended starting bank level. I was advised that 50 points should be sufficient as they have not suffered any major drawdowns so far, but that a safety first approach would mean a 100 point bank.

I have gone for the 100 point option and will be recording results using a £1000 starting bank (£10 a point) and will also track the progress using a varying stake method where a point value is calculated daily.

Selections have, so far, been at the top end of the market. Bets are advised between 1-4 points and are a mix of Win Only and Each Way punts. Some of the each way bets have been at prices that are considerably lower than those you would usually expect to see, I have had E/W selection advised at 5/2, this seems counter intuitive to me but they must have their reasons for making these calls, so we’ll see how we get on.

Subscription costs a fairly hefty £60 per month, with average monthly profit claimed to be around 40 points. As stated above, my experience so far has matched exactly with the results claimed on their site. The longer term results shown on the site do look to be realistic, with monthly outlay being roughly similar each month (90-120pts) and returns varying from a small loss to very handsome level of profit. The service has been running since last August and overall profit claimed up to the end of April is around 370 points.

Their website is well worth having a look at as there are some very interesting articles under the “Useful Reading” tab in the top right hand corner.

I started the trial on 1/5/16 and have had 9 bets so far, resulting in a loss of just over 3 points.

I will be back next week with more results and will, as usual, be uploading a spreadsheet showing all details of every bet advised and all relevant stats.