Last year I mentioned Steve Trow’s Bet and Trade Workshop where he teaches people on a one-to-one basis, in his own home, how to make over £1000 a month using risk free and low risk betting. Part of the package included access to his Clear Bonus Profits service and it’s this service in particular I wish to draw your attention to today.

Have a read of the below testimonial from a reader that attended one of Steve’s workshops:

“Last year I went to Steve Trow’s Bet and Trade Workshop and it appears that you really can teach an old dog new tricks! The workshop came with many bonuses and free add-ons but without question one of the best add-ons has been the membership to his matched betting website.

On average, I’ve probably spent a maximum of 2 hours per week following Steve’s posts and strategies and have managed to bank £6,373 of profit during that time.

I’ve made money from things I never thought possible.

Slot Machines = £4,536
Blackjack = £375
Roulette = £153
Bingo = £385
Sports = £924

My 2 hours per week equates to 104 hours for the year. Therefore £6,373 divided by 104 = £61.28 per hour.

I never thought I could earn this kind of money and all risk free too. Best money I ever spent!”

There are dozens of matched betting sites out there and, although I’ve not been on the inside of all of them, I think that any site will struggle to come close to Clear Bonus Profits.

Steve personally completes all of the offers he posts on the site each day which means the guides are easy to follow and, on the odd occasion you may have a query about a specific offer, Steve knows exactly how to help because he’s already completed it.

There’s excellent software and spreadsheets within the site too, all included in the price unlike other services which charge for ‘add-ons’, and the whole package should enable you to make £1,000+ each month risk free without getting your bookie accounts restricted.

Have a look here: